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Automatic optical inspection machine is a PCB inspection equipment in the smt production line, Short name is AOI, it’s widely used in the smt factory, Aoi automated optical inspection usually work after smt stencil printer machine or after smt reflow oven, when it is placed after smt solder paste printer and before smt pick and place machine

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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The AOI PCB will inspect solder paste, such as Insufficient Solder. Solder Bridge., excess solder…when the AOI automated optical inspection system is placed after the reflow oven, it will inspect the electronics components, such as lack of parts, WRONG PARTS, EXCESSIVE PARTS, short, open, or cold solder…so if this problem is checked out before ship to your customer, it will greatly reduce your defective rate

Your Reliable AOI Automated Optical Inspection in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

Online AOI-7001

CNSMT supply high-end online AOI machine in China, Online AOI is a fully automatic optical inspection machine, which is used for inspecting after smt printer machine or before reflow oven, no matter where it is placed, its main function is inspected solder paste or components whether soldered well or mounted well.


offline aoi

Offline AOI is a machine that put aside smt line, not online, As offline aoi more cheaper than online, so most of the customers choose offline when using offline aoi, you must arrange worker take PCB to offline aoi place, then inspect one by one, after that take to the next step.

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Aoi Automated Optical Inspection

Our Automated Optical Inspection AOI PCB is a machine used to test and evaluate Printed Circut boards for potential risks while the PCB producing.

Besides of this,cnsmt is a famous automated optical inspection manufacturer in china, we developed high-quality china made automated optical inspection manufacturers Aoi PCB machine, we both product offline and online(inline) .

Aoi PCB machine, such as online vcta a410 is the most popular model in china, at the meanwhile,cnsmt deal with foreign brands new and used aoi automated optical inspection machines, such as jutze aoi,tr7500,tr7700,tr7700SII, TR7700SIII, TR7500SII, TR7500SIII,v-7xi, SAKIAOI, BF-PLANET-X, BF-FRONTIER, BF-18H, MIRTEC AOI, VIT AOI,…

CNSMT provide professional AOI Automatic optical inspection machine technical support for you after you order from us, and free technique support within 2 years, we have a 12people engineer team for you, so please don’t worry about our aftersales service.

Please contact us now if you are interested with our aoi Automatic optical inspection machine

Aoi automatic optical inspection is the best machine that improves the efficiency and efficacy of the working regarding the inspection.

It improves quality. You will also examine the rapid improvement in process control and operational efficiencies. Establish repeatable and verifiable standards are the most important features of the machine.

We are much vigilant about the time-sensitivity of our customers. That is the reason; reduction in training time is another fruitful aspect of the machine.

Circuits are more complex. It is almost impossible to inspect the boards manually, and thus AOI has a pivotal and important role for checking printed circuit boards after assembly. I

t will surely assist you to attain the desired product quality in the production line.

You need not worry about the complexity of the functions because the whole process is fully automated. You will be able to perform all its functions automatically.

Their coast is kept low to facilitate you in more effective ways. The costs of work reduction will help you to save money and invest in another project to grow up in a highly competitive market.

If you are looking for a reliable inspection machine to make your working examination more effective, then the AOI automatic optical inspection is perfect for you. That is more reliable.

Most of its functions are automated. You need not engage large human resources to perform the function regarding an inspection. This aspect will surely save your money as well time.

You must make the machine part of your collection. Enjoy the automatic functions of the machine and increase your production.

In the early PCB production, the inspection was mainly completed by manual inspection combined with the electrical inspection. With the development of electronic technology, the PCB wiring density continues to increase,

There have more and more difficulty of manual inspection, the false positive rate increases, and manual inspection is bad for Health, electrical test programming is more cumbersome, the cost is also higher, and still, a lot of defects cannot be detected. Therefore, AOI automatic optical inspect machines are increasingly used in PCB manufacturing


Aoi Automated Optical Inspection application in SMT factory:

  • PCB inspection , PCB defects can be roughly including short circuits (including base copper short circuit, thin wire short circuit, electroplating open circuit, dust short circuit, pit short circuit, repetitive short circuit, stain short circuit, dry film short circuit, insufficient etch short circuit, plating short circuit, scratch Short circuit, pleated short circuit, etc.), open circuit (including repetitive open circuit, scrape open circuit, vacuum open circuit, gapped open circuit, etc.) and other defects that may lead to PCB scrap (including over-etching, electroplating scorch, pinhole), produced in PCB In the process, the production of the substrate and copper plating may produce some defects, but the main defects are generated after the etching. AOI is generally detected after the etching process, mainly used to find the missing parts and excess parts on it
  • Solder Paste printing inspection,Solder paste printing is the initial link of SMT and the source of most defects. About 60% -70% of defects appear in the printing stage. If the defects are eliminated at the initial link of the production line, the loss can be minimized and the cost can be minimized. , Many SMT production lines are equipped with AOI testing for printing.There are many types of printing defects, which can be roughly divided into insufficient solder paste on the pad and too much solder paste; scratching of the solder paste in the middle of the large pad, sharpening of the solder paste at the edge of the small pad; printing offset, bridging and Contamination, etc.  The causes of these defects include poor solder paste rheology, improper template thickness and hole wall processing, unreasonable printer parameter settings, low precision, improper choice of scraper material and precision, poor PCB processing, etc., through AOI Can effectively monitor the quality of solder paste printing, and analyze the number and type of defects to improve the printing process
  • Surface Mount inspection,The component placement process has high requirements for equipment accuracy. Common defects include missed placement, wrong placement, offset skew, and opposite polarity. AOI inspection can monitor the above defects, and can also inspect the solder paste on the pad connecting the close pitch and BGA components here
  • Reflow inspection, In the back-end inspection of reflow soldering, the inspection system can check for missing, offset, and skewed components, as well as all defects in polarity, and must also be correct for solder joints and insufficient solder paste, short-circuit soldering, and tilted feet. Defect detection, reflow soldering back-end inspection is currently the most popular choice for AOI, this location can find all assembly errors, providing a high degree of security

What Aoi Automated Optical Inspection machine can inspect?

  • Measurement items:
  • missing parts,
  • offset,
  • rotation,
  • three-dimensional polarity,
  • reverse parts,
  • OCV,
  • warp,
  • side,
  • tombstone,
  • poor welding

Solder joint inspection items:

  • solder tip,
  • percentage of solder volume,
  • more tin,
  • less tin,
  • bridging,
  • plugging,
  • tin climbing,
  • pad contamination

Minimum detection element: 01005

What models Aoi Automated Optical Inspection do you have?

  • TR7500SII
  • TR7730
  • TR7700
  • TR7710
  • TR7500SIIi
  • TR7550
  • VCTA-A410
  • VCTA-A586
  • ALD510
  • ALD515
  • ALD520
  • ALD625


Do you sell used Aoi Automated Optical Inspection machine?

Yes, CNSMT has a lot of used smt machines in stork, including used smt printing machine,used  smt conveyors,used smt pick and place machine, used smt reflow oven, used AOI, used SPI, used unloader and loader…ETC,

All of our used smt machines is good working condition, we will test and calibrate it before shipment, ensure good quality to your hand

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