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CNSMT is a trusted seller of DEK Solder Paste Printer Machines in Shenzhen, China. We offers the best Dek Stencil Printers to give you the best value for your money.

DEK Solder Paste Printer can do its tasks and functionalities more efficiently and faster compared to other brands giving you excellently PCB print process in the soonest time possible.

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Your NO1 DEK Solder Paste Printer Supplier

In CNSMT, we provide the best DEK Solder Paste Printer that will provide you with the reliability and functionalities that you need. Just like this DEK Stencil Printer, it has modern features and topnotch quality that you deserve

Your Reliable DEK Solder Paste Printer in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines


CNSMT provide you used and refurbish DEK stencil printing machines in China, with competitive price and good working condition printers.

if you don’t have enough budget about purchasing a new DEK solder paste printer, Used SMT equipment will be your best choice.




CNSMT not only sell used SMT equipment, but also deal with new smt machines for you.

If you need to set up a new smt line with a new DEK solder paste printer machine, we will always be your trustable supplier with the best service and price.

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The DEK Solder Paste Printer has various models in line that will make you finish up your projects. By doing so, you will be able to gain more profit which is essential in growing your business.


Furthermore, CNSMT will give you only the best DEK Stencil Printer. They are built to provide you with the best and long-lasting service that you can wish for.


How to choose the best DEK Stencil Printer?


DEK Stencil Printer will be able to put up solder paste on PCB for functional PCB connections. The combination of keen attention to ensure that the PCBs are 100% functional when the processes are all finished.


After the stencil printing has ended, it must be able to dissipate the heat on the stencils down.


In CNSMT, we ensure that we will only sell the best products. Before we put the items for sale, we see to it that it has passed tremendous standards of quality.


What makes our DEK Stencil Printer the best?


We wish to give only the best products possible that is why we see to it that the only products that we will sell are all high-quality and worthy of your time. This DEK Stencil Printer will surely increase your productivity

All units are aligned with the expectations that you have. We assure you that it will not break down easily. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the DEK Solder Paste Printer for extended periods.


Your job is to reflow delicate components that is why there must be no room for errors. About that, this DEK Solder Paste Printer is the best one to buy.


The DEK Stencil Printer is perfect if you want to take everything to the next level. The materials used in making the DEK Stencil Printer are only high-quality meaning you’ll get the most out of it.



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Why choose CNSMT?


CNSMT has been selling various SMT DEK Solder Paste Printer for a very long time already. It is beneficial in making the company more productive which will result in more profits. Here are some of the factors why CNSMT is the best of its kind:


  • With the company’s team of experts, you’ll surely in good hands. They can determine if the products are still good especially if they are used DEK Solder Paste Printer equipment. So before it reaches the market, the products have undergone thorough inspection to ensure credibility.
  • We also ensure that customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is because we want you to get the most out of every piece of equipment that you will buy from us.
  • The DEK Stencil Printer is one of the best brands out there that you should not miss.
  • You will gain a lot of good benefits once you buy this product from us.


For more inquiries, please send us a message or give us a call.




How does a DEK Stencil Printer work?

It is crafted with the best materials to ensure quality is met. Its exterior is elegantly designed to provide a lot of style to your factory. Aside from style, the functionalities are also superb to accomplish the projects quicker than usual.


DEK Solder Paste Printer is packed with functionalities that make everything automated. The whole body is so stable that you do not have to worry about mishaps which are an added safety feature.


It is safe and efficient equipment to use to place electrical connections on printed circuit boards to ensure that they are safe all day long.


Why should you buy our DEK Stencil Printer?

As we all know PCBs are fragile that is why they must be handled with thorough care. With our DEK Stencil Printer, you will be able to achieve your desired metrics in no time increasing the chances of getting more clients in the near future.


Do you offer a warranty for your DEK Stencil Printer?


Yes, we offer a warranty on the products that we are selling. This is to ensure that you are protected if there are some issues with the DEK Solder Paste Printer which happens rarely.


Does the product have English language support?

Yes. For people from across the globe to understand the overall operation of the machine, it will need English language support. This is why you do not have to worry because we offer English support to all the products that we are selling.


Do you provide after support on your DEK Stencil Printer?

Yes, because we value your trust us our customers. So in case you need some help, do not hesitate to contact us for support. This will give you peace of mind that we will not let you down as we can accommodate your needs.


How do you perform quality checks on your DEK Stencil Printer


We have a meticulous way of checking the quality of our DEK Stencil Printer. In the process, we make sure that the DEK Stencil Printer will perform perfectly while in use.


Do you also sell spare parts of the DEK Stencil Printer?

Yes, because we foresee that there might be a time when you will need to replace some DEK Solder Paste Printer parts due to wear and tear. As a result, you’ll never have to worry if it breaks down suddenly.


How long will the DEK Stencil Printer arrive after ordering?

It will not take too long before the DEK Stencil Printer reaches your doorstep. This is because we have the best couriers that promise quick and safe delivery of your orders.


How long will the DEK Stencil Printer last?

The DEK Stencil Printer that we are selling can last for a significant amount of time. Just make sure that you are using the DEK Solder Paste Printer properly and maintain it according to the manual.

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