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We are a well-reputed exporter of over 200pcs Juki pick and place machines to all over the world. We not only deal with new machines but also with the used machines just to facilitate you within your range. You will get the SMT Juki Pick and place machine with a highly cost-effective price and in perfect condition to use for a long time. These machines will ensure your working more efficiently as well as reliable. You will find a rapid growth in production by adding the branded machines in your stock.

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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CNSMT deal all models of smt juki pick and place machines in china, we have rich experiences in the smt juki industry, each of our Juki pick and place machine engineer has over 5year experience, So we have confident give perfect SMD machines for you.

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FX-3 JUKI pick and place machine also a high-speed smd machine, depends on different request of machine size, we provide FX-3, FX-3L, FX-3RL, you can choose the correct model for your product.


JUKI JX-350LED is mainly used for mounting LED PCB,Max support 1500mm length PCB, So if your factory products most are LED, Its better choose this model smd machine, it both can install mechanic and electric feeder, if you have enough budget, then use electric feeder is a good choice.


Juki rs-1 is a latest high-speed pick and place machine nowadays, standard feathers are single side feeder base, fix feeder base, scan camera without multi-camera, some foreign customers like movable feeder trolley and double side feeder position with multi-camera, if you must need these functions, then we can install them additionally

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Cnsmt is a professional Juki pick and place machine supplier in china, Juki brand chip placer machine is one of the most popular brands all over the world, Juki pick and place machine founded in 1987, at the beginning Juki developed KP series, KP-560, KP-620 is the oldest model.

Juki picks and place machines have been recognized as the most widely used and efficient smt chip placer equipment. such as KE2000 KE2010 KE2020 KE2050 KE2060 KE2070 KE2080L FX-1R FX-2 FX-3L KE750 KE760 JX-100LED JX-300LED RS-1 RX-6, RX-7…we have all of these models in stork in our factory, welcome to visit our company!

CNSMT is a company with over ten years of experience dealing with SMT Juki pick and place machines for the electronic manufacturer. Targeting all the major markets in the World, our company has become one of the leading experts in this field

JUKI medium speed pick and place placement machine perfect speed is 0.28sec / chip: placement accuracy: within +/- 0.15mm, placement range: 1005 ~ 23.5QFPs, loading rack: 80 + 20 feeder stations, also have high-speed Juki pick and place machine, its about 0.01sec/chip.

Last but not least, please note that SMT inspection is an important step to improve the quality of SMT Juki pick and place machines. This can reduce the overall input cost drastically.

JUKI pick and place machine history:

  • 1938
    Founded of the JUKI Manufacturers department in Tokyo
  • 1999
    Founded of JUKI Automation Systems through acquisition of Zevatech
  • 2013
    75-year-milestone anniversary of JUKI company
  • 2016
    30,000+ juki pick and place machines delivered to worldwide
  • 1987
    Launch of the primary Pick and Place machine
  • 2012
    Launch of the primary „Total Line Solution“
  • 2014
    Integration of SONY EMCS into the JUKI Corporation
  • 2017
    JUKI Automation Systems GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany, assigned as European headquarters

CNSMT supply bellow JUKI pick and place machines:

  • RS-1

Smart Fast Modular Mounter
JUKI’s RS-1 stands for the subsequent generation of surface mount! this versatile well-rounded system makes product changes easier, increases smt factory productivity and as a result, helps achieve optimal line utilisation. The revolutionary pick and place head with its unique perfect design offers a high degree of flexibility and displays a secure investment for future demands in smt juki production line

Revolutionary Head Design
JUKI’s RS-1 includes a groundbreaking new head design that’s currently unique within the smt pick and place industry! It includes a totally fully-automated, height-adjustable centring system that permits for the individual adjustment of the top system. This increases throughput to a maximum no matter the merchandise . The Z travel distance is therefore reduced to the specified minimum while customers intervention is not any longer required.

High Speed
The machine’s highest speed of up to 42,000 CPH (optimum) is achieved by one pick and place head with 8 nozzles, supported by the unique head design that reduces time period and path for every pick and place operation.

High Flexibility
The RS-1 supports a broad range of electronics components with sizes between 0201 (mm) to 74 mm (square) or 50 × 150 mm (rectangular). the quality component hight of up to 25 mm punctuates the high flexibility of the juki RS-1 pick and place machine.


  • RX-6

High Productivity
JUKI’s RX-6 specialises in the high-speed component surface mounting machine of up to 52,000 CPH (optimum). Each juki rx-6 pick and place machine comes with two placement heads, one at the front of the machine and one at the rear. This increases versatility also as productivity and ensures the effective placement of components.

High Quality
Installed with a laser system also as an optical system the RX-6 operates with 2 centring technologies which ensure an uninterrupted optical detection of electronics components at high speed. the quality RX-6 feature of a placement monitor and other features like EPV – Embedded Process Verification, CVS – Component Verification System or OPASS – Offset Placement After PCB Solder Screen-printing machine – recognize possible sources of error quickly and reliably.

High Flexibility
JUKI’s RX-6 is the ideal machine for SMT line solutions, processing components from 0402 (01005) up to 50 × 50 mm. the top with three nozzles supports a good larger section: from 0402 (01005) chips with plugs up to lengths of 100 × 100 mm or 50 × 180 mm. the utmost component height which will be processed is 33 mm. computer circuit boards of sizes up to 905 × 590 mm are often processed as standard.




Maximum Productivity
JUKI’s RX-7 achieves a mounting speed of up to 75,000 CPH (optimum) /hour, because of its intelligent design with two ultra-fast parallel rotational heads which will each delay to 16 vacuum nozzles.

High Quality
The two built-in cameras – one per rotational head – create real-time images during the location process: within the course of the feeder uptake also as while the component is being placed. The RX-7 cameras regonise whether components are positioned and soldered correctly, thus preventing mounting errors and defective circuit boards beforehand .

User Friendliness
Owing to the integrated touchscreen, JUKI’s RX-7 is provided with a simple to work user surface, which allows an intuitive computer operation . As a result even users with none extensive technical knowledge can easily created pick-and-place programs.

Board Size
50 × 50 mm ~ 510 × 450 mm (single mode)
50 × 50 mm ~ 510 × 250 mm (dual mode)
Component Height
3 mm (P16 × P16 nozzles)
10.5 mm (P16 × P8 nozzles)
10.5 mm (P8 × P8 nozzles)
Component Size
P16 × P16:
03015 ~ 5 mm
P16 × P8:
03015 ~ 5 mm (P16 nozzles)
0603 (0201) ~ 25 mm (P8 nozzles)
P8 × P8:
0603 (0201) ~ 25 mm
Placement Rate
75,000 CPH (P16 × P16), 54,900 CPH (P16 × P8), 34,800 CPH (P8 × P8)
49,000 CPH (P16 × P16), 38,000 CPH (P16 × P8), 12,800 CPH (P8 × P8)
Placement Accuracy
± 0.04 mm (Cpk ≥ 1)
Feeder Inputs
max. 76
Power Supply
200 – 430 VAC, 3-phase
Apparent Power
3.3 kVA
Operating Air Pressure
0.5 ± 0.05 MPa
Air Consumption
20 L / min
Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)
998 × 1,895 × 1,530 mm
Mass (approximately)
1,950 kg


High Productivity
The high-resolution camera enables high-precision inspection of components like QFPs with 0.2 mm to lead pitch.

High Quality
A non-contact laser sensor measures the peak of the PCB to stop excessive force on components and reduce the danger of injury. This height measurement function sensor also can measure the pick height more accurately and faster than other methods.

Board Size
L size:
410 × 360 mm, Application of long PCB*1 800 × 360 mm
L-Wide size:
510 × 360 mm, Application of long PCB*1 1,010 × 360 mm
XL size:
610 × 560 mm, Application of long PCB*1 1,210 × 560 mm
Component Height
6 / 12 mm (KE-3010)
12 / 20 / 25 mm (KE-3020)
Component Size
0402 (01005) ~ 33.5 mm (Laser recognition)
3 mm*2 ~ 33.5 mm (Vision recognition, Standard camera)
1.0 × 0.5 mm*3 ~ 20 mm (Vision recognition, High-resolution camera)
0402 (01005) ~ 33.5 mm (Laser recognition)
3 mm ~ 74 mm / 50 × 150 mm (Vision recognition, Standard camera)
1.0 × 0.5 mm*3 ~ 48 mm or 50 x 120 mm (Vision recognition, High-resolution camera)
Placement Rate

Optimum:23,500 CPH (KE-3010),

20,900 CPH (KE-3020)

IPC9850:18,500 CPH (KE-3010),

17,100 CPH (KE-3020)IC*4:9,000 CPH*5 (KE-3010), 9.470 CPH*5 (KE-3020)Placement Accuracy

KE-3010:Laser recognition ± 0.05 mm (± 3 σ),

Vision recognition ± 0.04 mm

KE-3020:Laser recognition ± 0.05 mm (± 3 σ),

Vision recognition ± 0.03 mm (MNVC ± 0.04 mm)

Feeder Inputsmax. 160 in case of 8 mm tape (electric double tape feeder)*6

Power Supply200 – 415 VAC, 3-phaseApparent

Power2.2 kVAOperating Air Pressure

0.5 ± 0.05 MPa

Air consumption

50 L / minMachine

Dimensions (W × D × H*7)*81,500 × 1,690 × 1,500 mm (L size)1,800 × 1,690 ×  1,500 mm (L-Wide size)2,131 × 1,890 × 1,500 mm (XL size)

Mass (approximately)1,900 kg (L size)2,250 kg (XL size)


We have more products that not upload on website,If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information!

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