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CNSMT is one of the most trusted seller and manufacturer of Electronics Component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet in Shenzhen, China. We provide the best Moisture Proof Cabinet Of electronics components and great storage for your factory and other delicate things.

Some things are not responsive to moisture and it will never be. So you will have our dry box to be safe at all times. We can customize all kinds of size Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet for you,Humidity range:from 20%~60%,and 0%~40% option.



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Your No. 1 Automatic Electronics Component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet Supplier

The Component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet has various models that you can choose from.  It will let you have the best size and features of the Moisture Proof Cabinet that you need.

Your Best Automatic Electronics Component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet

CNSMT is well-known for its high-quality Electronics Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet. It is essential to buy products that will boost your productivity.


We provide 1%-40% Humidity range Dry box for your business, this Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet can use for your smt electronics components and PCB or other usages.

This Humidity range:20%-60% is middle humidity storage,  if your product is a normal one, and no need high requirement of the humidity, then this range will be your best choice.

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CNSMT will only sell the best Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet Box. They are built to give you the best service in terms of storage. You’ll surely want this product for your workplace.


How to choose the best Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet?


Determining a good Electronics component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet is a pretty easy thing to do. There are several factors that you can consider in buying one such as the following:


  • Size
  • Materials used
  • Compartments


Rest assured that when you store your tools and other delicate belongings to our Moisture Proof Cabinet storage, it will be secured not only from moisture but on external factors as well. It will also make your workplace as organized as possible.


In CNSMT, we ensure that we will only have the best of Moisture Proof Cabinet storage. Before listing a particular product, we see to it that it is already up to the standards and everything is functioning well .

What models do you have ?

Model No.

Storage CapacityOuter Size(mm)RH RangePowerShelves QTYDisplay





What makes our Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet the best?


We have this goal to provide you with topnotch products. As a result, we see to it that our customers will be satisfied with what they will be getting. From top to bottom, it is guaranteed that our Electronics component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet will be up to your standards.


In CNSMT, we value our customers well and treat them as family members. This is why we have a good reputation in the industry. We have repeat customers because of the satisfaction that they got from our products.


All of the products that we are selling particularly this Moisture Proof Cabinet for electronics storage is in its tiptop shape. So you do not have to worry because you just have to use it once it arrives at your place.


Since workloads can be heavy at times, the way we organized things is getting compromised. This is why you will need storage your components or PCB to have those tools in one place. So the next time you will use them, they will never get misplaced.


The Electronics Moisture Proof Cabinet will give you all the privileges to secure your belongings with style. It is sealed and will not let you down as it offers maximum protection to the things inside the cabinet.


Why choose CNSMT?


CNSMT is well-known for its high-quality SMT equipment and other peripheral machines in Chin. It is essential to buy products that will boost your productivity. The following are some of the benefits that you can get if you will buy a Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet from us.


  • Our team of experts has thoroughly the units to ensure that the standards of quality are met. As a result, you will get a brand new feel and experience on the Electronics Moisture Free Cabinet storage that you will be getting.
  • You can secure all your tools and belongings in the workplace making everything easier and more organized on the production floor.
  • You will have a more desirable looking production area which will result in better performance of your employees at work.


For more inquiries, please send us a message or give us a call.




How does an Electronics Dry Cabinet work?

The Electronics Dry Cabinet is not just your usual storage box. It is completely sealed and has plenty of room for storage. This will allow the cabinet to accommodate a lot of things inside.


It is loaded with safety features that will make you at ease. The essence of having such a great storage tool like this will make your workplace more professional. It is a tool that you will never regret having.



Why should you buy our Electronics Dry Cabinet?

There are tools and things that you are using in the workplace which is considered fragile. So you want them to be at a safe place to avoid any damages that can cost you money. You might want to minimize those scenarios and save up costs in the long run.


Do you offer a warranty for your Electronics Moisture Proof Cabinet?


Although Electronics Moisture Proof Cabinet does not usually get defects because it is just a mere storage box, we still offer warranty terms for it. We want to make sure that we have met your expectations and enjoying the benefits of the said product.


Does the Electronics Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet have English language support?

Yes, this is because we know that there are international customers that we should cater to. So having English support is essential. It will make all people from all parts of the world understand the ins and outs of the products.


Do you provide after support on your Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet?

Yes, it is our mission to give you the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

So we are always here for you to help you out in case there are issues with the components Moisture Proof Cabinet. You will surely have a helping hand that will help you in troubleshooting issues with the product if necessary.


How do you perform quality checks on your Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet?


We have standard operating procedures that we follow to give you out the best products as possible. This will assure you that you have gotten the best value for your money as the quality checks will check if there are errors in the exterior and interior of the product.


Do you also sell spare parts of the Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet?

Yes, because there might be a time wherein you’ll need some replacement on the parts due to the wear and tear of the product because of daily use. So if you want to have it maintained regularly, you’ll never have to worry.


How long will the Component Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet arrive after ordering?

You will not have to wait for too long before you enjoy your Moisture Proof Cabinet of electronics component storage box. This is because we have couriers that are dedicated to providing quick and safe delivery of your packages.


How long will the Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet last?

Since Our automatic electronics Moisture Proof dry Cabinets are typically the manual type of storage boxes, you do not have to worry about physical components to break down easily. So it is only fair to say that Moisture Proof Cabinet can last more than a lifetime as long as you maintain it properly through proper use and cleaning.

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