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Cnsmt is a leading nozzle cleaning machine manufacturer in China. It offers the best nozzle cleaning machine. The machine is used to clean the dirt of nozzles through the high-pressure jet technology. The fine water mist particles of the machine pressurize the water to produce water mist of about 3-10um particles by generating kinetic energy.

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nozzle cleaning machine is manufactured from quality material. That is why; it is perfect to use for the long term. The machine will save your time, money and energy. The stainless steel is used in the preparation of the parts of the nozzle cleaning machine in contact with water. The Stainless material makes the machine rust-proof, anti-corrosive, firm and stable.

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CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines


When the chip is mounted, the nozzle of the placement machine will cause frequent throwing and failure due to solder contaminants, dust clogging, etc., which will have a great impact on production and lead to a reduction in production efficiency. Maintenance becomes an urgent problem to be solved


The automatic nozzle cleaning machine adopts a cleaning method that does not cause damage to the nozzle. This amazing cleaning method makes the nozzle refresh. It can thoroughly remove the dirt that cannot be removed by ultrasonic cleaning, and use a cleaning solution that is not harmful to the environment. At the same time, using the touch panel, easy to operate

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nozzle cleaning machine

Cleaning nozzles is no harder job in the technological era. The walls of nozzles get blocked and dirty most of the time. Dirt may reduce its efficacy and operational speed. The pulsed pressurized cleaning method is considered as perfect to clean the nozzles.

The streamlined design of the nozzle cleaning machine is so beautiful and generous. Its beautiful outer look and appearance will make it attractive to see. We do not compromise on the quality of the material.

You will surely love to make the nozzle cleaning machine part of your stock or usage equipment. That is perfect for domestic usage as well as industrial usage. You can save your money as that highly coasts effectively.

nozzle cleaning machine is designed that is easy to operate. Its functions are highly human-friendly. You will not feel any difficulty to use it. Cnsmt believe in your safety in any condition. That is why; overload protection system is fixed in the nozzle cleaning machine. The system alarms during the emergency to save you. The machine is 100% environmentally friendly. It does not produce any kind of pollution.

So, keep your nozzles clean and do not hesitate to invest in the nozzle cleaning machine.

Nozzle cleaning system (Automatic Nozzle Cleaning System). With the event of SMT, the miniaturization of components and high-density placement has become a trend. along side this, the suction nozzle of SMT placement machine is more precise and features a greater impact on the location quality. within the actual mounting process, the nozzle is clogged thanks to the nozzle being contaminated with solder, flux or other contaminants, which is straightforward to cause material throwing. Earlier, we couldn’t solve the matter by employing a steel pin or ultrasonic vibration.
The nozzle cleaning machine developed for this example adopts a replacement cleaning method, which may remove the dirt on the nozzle that would not be removed during a short time. and therefore the nozzle won’t be damaged during the cleaning process. Because the utilization of non-toxic and harmless cleaning fluid, the whole process is more environmentally friendly.
Product advantages


Why choose nozzle cleaning machine

The development needs of the electronics manufacturing industry:
1. Miniaturization of components: The rapid development of the industry has made components more and more miniaturized. 0402 and 0201 components are getting more and more popular and utilized in large quantities. Smaller components will soon appear. The miniaturization of components will inevitably require that the corresponding nozzles of the location machines even be miniaturized, which poses a drag for the cleaning of the nozzles. If the massive nozzles also can be washed by alcohol, fine needle through holes the tiny nozzle features a pore size of only a couple of microns. When the jam occurred, it had to be scrapped.
2. Smaller pitch: Electronic devices require smaller size and more powerful functions, therefore the components on the circuit card are getting denser and denser, and therefore the pitch is getting smaller and smaller. If there’s a small flat difference within the past, it’ll not affect much it’s going to have set foot on the neighbor’s site, leading to a rise in product defect rate.
3. The effect of lead-free: thanks to the great activity of lead, if there’s a small deviation during the patch, it are often corrected after reflow soldering, but after the lead-free, the activity of copper is greatly reduced. there’s no chance for correction. 4. In summary, the wants for placement accuracy are becoming higher and better , and therefore the difference could also be thousand miles away. the planning accuracy of the location machine is sort of high, but thanks to various factors, its performance is greatly reduced, and therefore the dirty nozzle is additionally a crucial factor.
Economic benefits:
1. Reduce the value of nozzle purchase
The scrapping of the nozzle is usually caused by excessive dirt or related accidents. the matter are often solved fundamentally after using this machine. Original nozzles are expensive, most of them are quite 1,000 yuan, and therefore the economic benefits are considerable within the end of the day .
2. Reduce unnecessary labor
The traditional cleaning method requires tons of manual processing. After using the nozzle cleaning machine, no special person is required , and every one are handed over to the machine to finish .
3. Reduce the defective rate of the merchandise The unclean suction of the nozzle isn’t strong, it’s easy to cause the sliding of components and therefore the phenomenon of throwing material, leading to a rise within the defective rate of the merchandise .
4. Improve SMT production efficiency
Proper cleaning allows the nozzle to figure during a completely new state, avoiding identification errors and greatly increasing productivity.
Traditional nozzle cleaning method
1. Alcohol + air gun
Disadvantages: use tons of labor, and may not clean the lumen of the suction nozzle. If alcohol penetrates into the glue of the reflective plate, it’ll cause the reflective plate to fall off and fade.
2. Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Disadvantages: The nozzles will hit one another , causing damage to the important black coating on the surface. The penetration of the cleaning liquid also will cause the reflection plate to fall off. The nozzle lumen can’t be cleaned.
3. Piercing the through hole of the nozzle with a steel needle
Disadvantages, the inner hole of some nozzles is not any longer through, and therefore the steel needle is straightforward to wreck the nozzle


How to choose a good nozzle cleaning machine

Some contaminants within the nozzle are easy to cause the nozzle to dam , such as: contamination with solder, flux or other substances. the normal nozzle cleaning method is to use ultrasonic cleaning, but this method is gradually eliminated because The nozzle of the specification can’t be cleaned in the least . At this point , a replacement generation of nozzle cleaning machine is especially important. Faced with numerous brands within the market, how can we choose an honest nozzle cleaning machine?

Tools / raw materials

Nozzle cleaning machine
Industrial microscope

Method / Step

When choosing an honest nozzle cleaning machine, you want to first clarify your needs, and know the dimensions , material, etc. of the nozzles you commonly use. for normal specifications, the nozzle specifications are basically fixed. If the nozzle specifications are small, the automated series should be selected, and therefore the cleaning effect are going to be better.

Select the model consistent with the frequency of using the nozzle cleaning machine. the 2 specifications of the common nozzle cleaning machine within the market are 40 nozzles (left) and 30 nozzles (right). you’ll choose the acceptable nozzle cleaning machine model consistent with your actual situation.

The operation function of the nozzle cleaning machine; this is often a requirement for a useful nozzle cleaning machine, like whether the operation interface of the merchandise is straightforward and straightforward to use, whether it’s drying, whether it’s an emergency stop switch, and therefore the design of the nozzle cleaning work area Whether it’s reasonable, and whether the operation authority is distinguished.

The importance of the nozzle cleaning effect is certainly self-evident. Our use of the nozzle cleaning machine is to make sure that the dirty nozzles are often cleaned, thereby saving the corporate more labor costs. are often checked with an industrial microscope.

Nozzle cleaning machine price: consistent with the amount of disposable cleaning nozzles and equipment materials. the worth is additionally one among the standards for judging whether a nozzle cleaning machine is straightforward to use. The degree of intelligence of the equipment is additionally a crucial factor affecting the worth , and therefore the cleaning effect of high-end equipment is best .

Although the after-sales of the nozzle cleaning machine manufacturers seem to possess no direct relationship with the utilization of the nozzle cleaning machine, in fact, a corporation with good after-sales service is extremely helpful to you. this is often mainly reflected within the later maintenance it’s recommended that you simply still got to consider now within the process of choosing the nozzle cleaning machine.


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