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CNSMT buy and sell used and new smt Panasonic pick and place machine, we have NPM, NPM-D, NPM-D2, NPM-D3, NPM-W, NPM-TT, CM602, CM402, CM202, CM201, CM321, BM221, BM321, etc, NPM-D3 Panasonic placement machine achieves high unit area productivity in a comprehensive assembly production line. A consistent system for placement & inspection achieves the highest rate and high-quality production.

Customers can freely choose the production line-through the plug and play function, the position of each work head can be freely set, Realize the overall management of production line, production workshop, and factory through system software-Support planned production through production line monitoring, Panasonic NPM-D3 placement machine has lightweight 16-nozzle placement head and 12-nozzle placement head, 8-nozzle placement head, 2-nozzle placement head optional, dual-track printing on the front, Can be directly connected to the NPM-D3 dual-track module machine.


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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Cnsmt setup our smt Panasonic pick and place machine factory in Shenzhen,which is electronics manufacturer service for Chinese people, these machines all bought new from japan, very good condition, you will see the actual machine when you come to our factory

Your Reliable Panasonic Pick And Place Machine Partner in China

CNSMT Prove the below model machines

  1. When the head is equipped with a 16-nozzle head
  2. Mounting speed: The fastest speed is 70 000 cph (0.051 s / chip)
  3. When there are 8 nozzle mounting heads, the range of components that can be attached is 0402 chip-L32 × W32 × T12, the speed is 0.09s / QFP, 40000CPH
  4. The range of components that can be attached when mounting heads with 2 nozzles is 0603 chip-L100 × W90 × T28, and the speed is 0.423s / QFP
  5.  placement accuracy: 0.04mm
  6. PCB size: L50mm × W50mm ~ L510 mm × W 300 mm
  7. Monorail: L50mm × W50 mm ~ L510mm × W590 mm
  8. Substrate replacement time: 4.5 seconds
  9. 9.Power supply for NPM placement machine: three-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480V, 2.5kVA
  10. Air pressure source: 0.5MPa, 100L / min (A.N.R.)
  11. 11.Size: W 835mm × D2652mm * 3 × H1444mm * 4
  12. 12.Weight: 1600kg

The CM602 pick and place machine not only inherits the original module of the Panasonic CM402, but also adds a 12-nozzle high-speed head and a direct suction tray as needed, expanding the function of the original 8-nozzle high-speed placement head, plus The multi-function head with three nozzles with pressure control function makes it possible to combine up to 10 different modules, realizing modularity, allowing customers to mix and match at will



Based on the design of one platform, the three models of CM402 A / B / C can complete high speed by simply changing the head and adding a tray feeder (TRAY).

CM402 adopting a large number of mature reliability designs, greatly reducing downtime to achieve efficient production. The world’s smallest variety of production line racks. A total of 5 racks can be used for all taping components, Realize the intelligence of the taping rack, can automatically select the transmission method according to the component, and has a variety of other intelligent functions, Single machine can mount up to 216 components


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Panasonic Pick And Place Machine

CNSMT is the leading supplier of smt Panasonic pick and place machine in china, our machine service engineers most have over 10years experience in smt field, they know very well smt Panasonic smt pick and place machine, some of them worked for japan Panasonic company before, can solve every issue of smt Panasonic pick n place machine

Currently, npm-d and npm-w are the most popular model of Panasonic surface mount machine, which speed over 60000cph, it’s very high cost-effective for you, you can also choose different heads of the machine, such as 8+8heads,16+16heads, or 3+3heads, 16+16heads is the fastest option, speed can reach to 70000cph, 8heads and 3heads are for big components, which is a lower speed than 16 heads,

Panasonic npm pick and place machine most is dual conveyor,some of them is single conveyor,npm series have npm,npm-d npm-d2,npm-d3,npm-w,npm-tt, cm series have cm602 cm602l,cm402,cm402l,cm202,cm202l,cm201…

Finally, welcome to visit our company when feeling free.


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How to choose the best SMT Panasonic pick and place machine?

In the global SMT market there are vast of various SMT Panasonic equipment options are available. to satisfy customer expectations and latest technology requirements machine manufacturers are constantly upgrading their features. So it’s vital get answer of to the way to select best SMT Panasonic pick and place Machine

Panasonic Placement equipment are the foremost important part of SMT line configuration. Almost 50% cost of total investment must require to get pick and place machines with feeders and spare parts to set up an assembly production line.

The evolution and selection of a Panasonic pick and place machine will be a very complex thing that must do a lot of investigation and residential work to satisfy your production requirements. The selection of machines depends on your PCBA types and the number of parts to be placed, production volume needs for current and future enchantments, and accuracy with repeatability.

If you’re getting to set up a replacement SMT Surface-mount technology assembly production line it’s recommended to form an in-depth set of questionnaire of planned production requirements. this may help to narrow down your list and help to form a sale decision for best fitted suitable equipment selection to satisfy your specific needs.

  • New or used pick and place machine?

If you were considering where to urge a pick and place machine purchasable or what the simplest pick and place machine might be, you only made the proper address the proper place at the proper time.

Again, it’s possible that you simply have a coffee budget, but you’re firmed at getting the simplest despite how small your budget could also be.

Yes, with the proper information from a reliable market place for used machines, you’ll certainly get a second-hand pick and place machine which can serve you perfectly.

Kindly pull up a couch and sit because this post is meant to guide you about what you ought to consider when buying pick and place machines.

Remember, every manufacture tag their machines because the best, but the proper information will assist you to choose what’s best for your need.

So let’s get started!

Things to think about when buying pick and place machines

  • Placement speed

Sure you’ll agree here that the location speed of any P&P machines will have an immediate impact on your production volume. So, for pick and place machines, their speed is measured in components per hour (CPH) even be mentioned as parts per hour (PPH).

The CPH of P&P machines involves the speed at which P&P machines will devour components, inspect such components before placing them on the computer circuit board (PCB).

Many P&P machine manufacturer’s rates their machines supported the IPC 9850 standard. The IPC 9850 may be a general guide for part mix and PCB placement arrays of P&P machines to reinforce the buyer’s comparison of 1 machine to a different.

So, actually , when considering what the location speed of a P&P machine is going to be, it’s best to de-value the manufacturers’ IPC 9850 CPH rating by about 20%.

Where a manufacturer’s CPH rating isn’t IPC 9850, devalue the location rate by about 30%.

Based on what your requirement for CPH rating could also be in terms of budget and productivity, the table below will guide you

Table 1: P&P machine, average CPH range, and price range.

  • Parts size

Many P&P machines accompany various components size, and therefore the minimum-maximum component dimension each machine can handle. When considering a machine’s part size, it’s important to think about your production needs for CSP, BGA, and odd form parts also.

Also, where your machine can handle different component parts, various alignment methods must be installed on your P&P machine.

Get this right! For machines with one alignment method, they provide more precision and faster components placement on the PCB. Also, thanks to the size of their narrow parts, there’s usually an alternate system for alignment to carter for larger component sizes.

Before you dash bent purchase a machine with the power to put larger components, get this fact clear. it’s not every machine with the power to put larger components that can inspect such components.

So, buying a machine with the capacity to put large components may leave you with a machine that will be placing merely defective large components.

Concern about minimum size devour, inspection, and placement? Many P&P machines can pick 0402, 0201, 01005 component sizes. Don’t forget this – any components size smaller than 0402 may require a further feeder or nozzle which is specially designed for such components. Your vendor should guide you right in this aspect.

  • Feeder slots

Another thing to think about is that the number of 8mm tape feeders (feeder capacity) which will be loaded on your P&P machine at an equivalent time. For larger parts/components, larger feeders will work perfectly, and you furthermore may get to inquire from your vendor the possible amount of slots a bigger tape feeder like 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, and above can occupy.

Also, if tubes or trays (such as waffle or matrix) are what you’ll need, it’s knowing to know the capacity of the feeders on your machine and therefore the number of individual 8mm spaces in which they’ll require to function effectively.

This is important because waffle and matrix tubes/trays are known to occupy plenty of space.

  • Component lead pitch

If you ask us, we’ll suggest a 0.012 fine pitch for your P&P machine. Why? 0.012 are seen because of the standard lead pitch for today’s P&P machines.

Hello! Here is a neighborhood where many manufacturers and vendors may get you fooled. Making regards to the motor accuracy or specification are often an inexpensive thanks to deceive buyers. The efficiency of a machine to select up, inspect, place, fine pitch lead, and ball-grid parts have nothing to try to to with a machine’s motor accuracy or specification.

  • Feeder rack specification

For feeder racks and their sizes, it’s best to form serious investigations and ask many questions regarding this. Reasons being that feeder rack has the tendency of reducing the available panel/board area on your P&P equipment. When this happens, loading more feeders as you’ll require is going to be difficult – if not impossible.

In simple terms, make sure that your P&P machine board size isn’t supported by the specification of one feeder rack that has been installed on the machine.

Panasonic Pick And Place Machine2

  • Accuracy and repeatability

Our candid recommendation when it involves the accuracy of your P&P machine is that you simply look for a machine with an accuracy of 0.0001” with a fine pitch lead of 12mil repeatedly.

However, for smaller budgets, many low-cost P&P machines won’t give such accuracy and fine pitch.

That notwithstanding, regardless of how considerably low your budget could also be, you’ll always find a second handpick and place machine which will give such results.

Furthermore, another thing which you stand to realize once you purchase a second-hand pick and place machine is that the incontrovertible fact that you’ll buy the simplest pick and place machine that comes with a computer and software which can handle the aspect of component placement repetition.

Panasonic Pick and Place

CNSMT Manufactured Machine


CNSMT is one of the best sellers of Panasonic Pick and Place that can be found in Shenzhen, China. It has introduced its newest models of Panasonic Pick and Places for enhanced productivity in the assembly production area.


With this product, you can experience plug and play action and giving you all the freedom to set the options according to your preferences.


It has different variations that you can choose from depending on your needs. This is why CNSMT is here to provide you with the best options to ensure that your needs and satisfaction are truly met.


How to choose the best Panasonic Pick and Place?


Panasonic Pick and Place must be consistent to provide the best results.


It should have all the modern features to ensure that the process will be much easier compared to its counterparts.


In CNSMT, we see to it that our products will give you the best outcome for maximum user satisfaction.


What makes our Panasonic Pick and Place the best?


In CNSMT, we have over 10 variants to choose from that will provide you with the right features to make your business successful. This is important in making every project become a reality, with its efficiency you’ll never go wrong.


The Panasonic Pick and Place have all the modern features that are essential in having an increased output without compromising quality. Furthermore, here are some remarkable models on our Panasonic Pick and Place line:

  • NPM
  • NPM-D
  • NPM-D2
  • NPM-D3
  • NPM-W
  • NPM-TT
  • BM221
  • BM321
  • CM201
  • CM202
  • CM321
  • CM402
  • CM602


The design is elegant as well because of its classy exterior. The topnotch durability provides stability making you get the most out of it.


How do you ship Panasonic Pick and Place to our place?

We make sure that there will be no troubles while the equipment is in transit. This is a guarantee that the product will not have any damages once it reaches its destination.

Do you have spare parts for the Panasonic Pick and Place?

It is a must for us to ensure the availability of spare parts of our products. This is an assurance that if there is a need for repairs, it can be carried out easily and quickly because there are spare parts on hand.

What spare parts come with the machine?

It depends on the decision of the buyer. They can choose what spare parts they would like to have along with the unit.

How many days we can receive the Panasonic Pick and Place?

Mostly, the arrival of the equipment might be less than a week depending on several factors such as weather and location.

Does it support the English system?

Yes, it is made to ensure that the Panasonic Pick and Place will be easier to use as the language can be understood globally.

How long a Panasonic Pick and Place could last?

Depending on how the machine is used and if it is maintained well, it can last for extended periods even 10 years or more.

We have more products that not upload on website,If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information!

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