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CNSMT will be your best SMT PCB conveyor supplier in China, we can customize all kinds of PCB conveyors for you. Not only standard model PCB conveyor, even unusual size of conveyor, but We are also always here support your business.With a much more competitive price than other PCB conveyor suppliers.

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Outline size500*670*880 mm600*670*880 mm800*670*880mm1000*670*880mm1200*670*880mm1500*670*880mm
PCB width500*50~350 mm/460MM600*50~350 mm/460MM800*50~350 mm/460MM1000*50~350 mm/460MM1200*50~350 mm/460MM1500*50~350 mm/460MM
Transfer speed0-12m/Min
Power supplyAC220V/110V 50/60HZ
Main motor Power15W
Track Fiexed Edgefront fixed(back fixed)
Transport Height900±20mm
Net weight41kg48.7kg48.9kg55KG60KG60KG
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PCB Conveyor expert in China

CNSMT has dedicated experience in produce PCB conveyor in China, our goal is to reduce your cost and improve our conveyor quality. actually, we produce a lot of SMT periphery equipment in our factory, such as PCB conveyor, PCB loader and unloader, PCB buffer machine, Solder paste mixer machine, warm up machine, SMD component counting machine, SMD pick and place machine, Solder paste printer, SMT reflow oven. if you need a full line SMT machine, We can provide you a perfect solution.

CNSMT also provide you more SMT equipment

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines


Most big SMT factories start to use this PCB magazine loader machine, as it can reduce your production cost, no need to hire too many workers, by using this PCB magazine loader, you will greatly save your budget.


PCB unloader machine is used for after SMT reflow oven machine, Normally, if you dont have this PCB unloader, you must arrange a worker unloader pcb one by one from the reflow oven machine. after installed this PCB unloader machine, it will unload PCB automatically.


The PCB Stacking Machine is used for stack many pcb automatically

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PCB Conveyor FAQs

There are lots of PCB Conveyor manufacturers out there but only a few of them give out complete FAQs about the product.

On this page, we will tackle all about the FAQs that you have regarding PCB Conveyors.

This will help you understand the conveyor more which will help you in your buying decision.

pcb-conveyorThe conveyor has problems starting. What might be the main cause?


There are several causes of this problem. PCB Conveyor manufacturers have successfully identified the causes of sudden difficulty in starting.

Here are the possible reasons that comprise it:

  • There might be a serious problem with the circuit breaker such as being tripped or some components of it are not functioning.


  • Some of the fuses might get blown already due to wear and tear or factor defects.

As a result, there will be no enough power to sustain the running voltage of the PCB Conveyor.


  • Lack to complete lack of power from the I/O PCB to the motor.

Usually, a multimeter is used to determine if the motor is getting the right voltage.


  • The conveyor motor capacitor is not functioning to its full capacity.

You can easily spot if there is already a problem with the caps.

They are usually bloated, bubbled, or deformed.


  • The oscillation between FWD and REV happens. This is because of the buildup of chips that is happening inside.


  1. What is the key advantage of using our conveyor?

It is known that PCB Conveyors can provide you with a stable control panel to ensure that you will get the maximum potential of the machine in your production area.


What are the main safety features of PCB Conveyors?


To keep you safe, there are two main features on PCB Conveyors that you should lookout.

The first is the “Locking Cylinder”.

This particular feature will avoid the unwanted opening of the cover during the transfer of PCB.

It will keep the operator away from injuries.

Also, the auto-shutoff feature is another safety feature that you can expect from our PCB Conveyors. In case there are power spikes or irregular current, this feature will automatically shut the PCB Conveyor off to avoid damage to the operator and your property.


Is the transfer speed of the conveyors adjustable?


Yes, the chains are made to be adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

So if you are in a rush, you can turn the knob which is located somewhere on the PCB Conveyor’s body.

The location may vary but you never have to worry because the user manual will be there to guide you along the way.


What is SMEMA?


It is the acronym for Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Once a PCB Conveyor was certified by SMEMA, it only means that it has surpassed standard checks that will guarantee safety, quality, and satisfaction.


What are the different reliable and top PCB Conveyor brands in the market right now?


There are lots of PCB Conveyor brands available in the market and the following are tend to be the most significant when it comes to quality and features:

  • Panasonic
  • FlexLink
  • Asys
  • JOT
  • Conveyor Tech
  • Simplimatic
  • Nutek
  • Universal


Is it necessary for a PCB Conveyor to have a heavy bottom design?


Yes, as much as possible the heavy bottom of the PCB Conveyor will act as a safety feature to ensure that no shifting or tremendous vibration will occur while the PCB Conveyor is in use.

Also, the heavy bottom provides stability that will give the operators peace of mind.

As a result, higher efficiency will be met leading to better outputs.


Can you replace the belt of the PCB Conveyor by yourselves?


It is recommended that it will be replaced by a licensed technician to ensure that it will be properly installed.

Although it is user-friendly to change such parts, it is always great if you are on the safe side.

There are two kinds of belts that you can encounter with PCB Conveyors one is round and the other is flat.


What are the different lengths of PCB Conveyor available?


When it comes to length, it always comes to what kind of PCB Conveyor that you have.

To give you an insight here are the different lengths and widths for every kind of conveyors that you can encounter.


  • Single rail conveyor: The lengths can be in the range of 500mm to 1500mm while the width has 350 to 460mm range.
  • Dual rail conveyor: The lengths can vary from 500 to 1000m while the width is 250 to 350mm.
  • Conveyor with cover and cooling fan: The length can be at 500 to 1000mm while the most efficient width is measured at 200mm.


What are the advantages of high-end PCB Conveyors?


When it comes to advantages, there is no doubt that premium PCB Conveyors in the higher price range will have more advantages.

Here are the advantages that you can expect from it:

  • It is built around a specialized thick aluminum.

This will be a guarantee that it is sturdy enough which can make the equipment last for a long time.

  • The steel laser is much more accurate compared to the cheaper counterparts.

It is more oriented with cutting which will provide better results.

  • The structural design is more stable which is a guarantee that the operator will be much safer while they are using the machine on the daily operations of your PCB production.
  • You have the assurance that the PCB Conveyor is certified by SMEMA.


What are the different variations of conveyor machines?


Having a grasp of the different types of conveyor machines aside from the PCB Conveyor will give you an idea of what the different conveyors can do.


  • PCB Loader and Unloader: Mostly, this type of machine can be able to handle 400 pieces of bare board in a matter of approximately 10 seconds of cycle time.

There is also a vacuum type model that is made as a feeding mode to acquire more options for clients.

  • Buffer Conveyor: Although there are 4 different types of buffer conveyors, the most common among them is the magazine buffer conveyor.

It has 6 buffer modes that are available and can function as a vertical type buffer as well for more flexibility.

  • PCB Flipper: It is used for flipping double-side PCB board or turning the direction of the PCBs to feed it exactly on the next guide rail of the machine.

The direction can be turned up to 180 degrees from the default 90 degrees.

  • PCB Up-Down Lifter: It is used for putting the PCBs to the vertical height direction approaching the guide rail.

There is a width adjustment system that adopts the screw elevator for better usage and precision.

  • PCB Turning Machine: With this machine, you can turn the PCB to 90 and 180 degrees using a horizontal transmission.

It will help the PCB to fit the proceeding guide rail to make the transport of the PCB smooth.

pcb-inspection conveyor

Is it necessary for a PCB Conveyor to have lighting?


No, a PCB Conveyor doesn’t need to have its lighting.

However, it is better to have such a feature because it will make the job of the operator to become easier.

Also, working in low lighting conditions or dark areas will not be a problem for your operators anymore.


What are PCBs and why a conveyor is a useful machine in manufacturing them?


PCBs or also known as printed circuit boards are laminated composite that is produced by non-conductive substrate materials.

Layers of copper are purged inside it, which can contain 50 or more layers.

This is why highly-delicate and precise equipment such as PCB Conveyors are used to handle this very fragile component of electronics.


A person must be trained when operating a PCB Conveyor?

Yes, since you are handling delicate materials such as PCB, it is only fair that methodologies in handling them are done right.

This is not only for the safety of the materials but also for the welfare of the employees as well.

pcb-link conveyor

Are PCBs toxic?

Yes, it is true that PCBs are toxic materials and will always be.

This is because it is made of materials that are very hard to recycle.

As a result, it is being dumped on landfills even though they are non-biodegradable meaning they will just pollute the quality of the soil.

Are there components in the PCB that can be recycled?

Despite that PCB is considered as toxic materials, there are still components of it that can be recycled.

Some examples of the recyclable components inside it are the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Tin

The main material that is considered extremely toxic is the FR4 epoxy glass laminate.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your products?

We have a warranty on the machines that we are selling particularly with our PCB Conveyors.

There are two types of warranty that you should look out for.

It’s either you get a service warranty or a replacement warranty.

It all depends on several factors on what kind of warranty you’ll get.

Replacement warranty if you are still under the required period while service warranty if it is already passed that period.


What are the factors that comprise the pricing of your PCB Conveyors?

When it comes to pricing, we consider several factors to determine it.

Some of the most important factors that we are talking about here are the following:

  • Features
  • Year model
  • Brand
  • Condition (If second hand)
  • Efficiency

Those are the main determinants of how the PCB Conveyors are priced.

Are the PCB Conveyors that you are selling are sensor-controlled?

This feature is just optional, there are PCB Conveyors that do not contain this feature.

Although it is always preferred by many to have such a feature, a PCB Conveyor can remain efficient without it.

So it is safe to say that it is not a mandatory feature to look out for.


Is it hard to maintain a PCB Conveyor?

It is safe to say that maintaining a PCB Conveyor is super easy.

It does not have too many mechanisms that will give people a hard time in keeping it to its tiptop shape.

As a result, your company can save a lot of time in terms of maintenance.

Can an SMT Conveyor last for a long time?

Yes, it can surely last for extended periods as long as you take good care of it.

It must be properly used by your operators so that there will be no damages will occur on each component while in use.

It is also recommended for you to use an AVR or power surge to protect the equipment in case of unstable grid power.

Panasonic Pick And Place Machine2

Why should you go for automatic conveyors?

When it comes to PCB handling equipment, automatic conveyors do have a lot of advantages.

It lessens the amount of time and effort needed to complete such a task.

Also, manual conveyors tend to be less accurate compared to their automatic counterparts.

So it is much better to opt for automatic ones as they are more efficient at all costs.

Those are the FAQs that you should take into consideration when you are about to buy a PCB Conveyor.

It will help you understand the thing more which will result in the better usage of the machine.

We have more products that not upload on website,If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information!

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