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Cnsmt brings to you the facility to cut down any kind of PCB boards to your desired size with the help of a PCB cutting machine. we have a lot of circuit board cutter machine in stork, we also can customize all types of pcb cutting machine depends on your facotry requirement, with competitive price and best quality pcb cutter, we always online support your business, anywhere and anytime we provide you the best smt machines and service for your smt production line.Just ask for a quote from us now!

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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It enables you to meet the needs of the required parts of any chips and aluminum plates of pcba. PCB Cutting Machine is specially designed to cut different kinds of pcba into smaller or larger pieces without any rough cutting. 

Your Reliable Pcb Cutting Machine in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

PCB Depaneling Machine

Full automatic PCB cutting machine is a high-end pcb cutter machine in the world, while using this type of cut machine, you only just need to prepare the program and fix the correct position of the pcb JIG, the rest of process will hand to the full automatic pcb separator machine, It is absolutely automatic and no need any worker to operate it

PCB V Cut Machine

Manual pcb cutting machine is one of the most popular pcb cutter in the world, as this price very cheap and easy to operate, you just need to spend 1 or 2 hours, you will know how to use it

If you dont have too much budget of purchase the pcb cutting machine, then this manual pcb cutting machine will be your best choice


LED PCB depaneling machine is mainly used for LED Printed circle boards if your products are most LED, then buy this type of manual PCB cutter will be the better choice

This cutting machine used for 600mm, 1000mm 1200mm,1500mm LED pcb, and speed very fast than any other equal pcb cutting machine, and most important, price lower that most of customers can afford it.

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Pcb Cutting Machine

PCB Cutting machine works as a sharp knife to help you slit down the pcba to use them according to the need. These machines can be used for cutting aluminum PCB as well which are hard to cut off.

The smartly manufactured automatic PCB Depaneling Machine is high at its efficiency to work faster and smarter. Cnsmt has launched PCB Cutting machine to bring a difference in working techniques that will surely maximize the working efficiency. It will also save time for the laborers. This is a lifetime investment that will help you to have quality work under the minimum budget with perfect efficiency.

Pcb Board Cutting Machine/Equipment is an electronic device that does not take a huge place to make it part. It can be placed anywhere. It doesn’t consume any physical energy of the worker.

The Pcb Lead Cutter machine can be used by anyone; there is no need for any specific training for using this machine. It can be used without any fear of danger.

Although there are many kinds of PCB cutting separator machines in the market which are dangerous for daily usage, that is human-friendly because of friendly automated function.

Cnsmt is committed to the safety of people using the PCB depanelizer machine more than anything. A complete set of instructions is given with its purchase for a better understanding of its usage.

That is available at an affordable price. Decide to add the PCB Cutting machine in your domestic or industrial usage equipment and feel pride.

Most of the PCB cutting machines have the issue of an accident. People are much sacred about cutting. It can cut any part of your body. That is the reason that people always prefer to have a machine or cutter that has a minimum ratio of an accident.

Thus, we provide the best PCB Cutting Machine that has the lowest ratio of an accident. It protects from the accident. To avoid any danger or accident, a plastic safety guard is added in the cutter just for the protection from the possibility of accidents.

pcb depaneling machine

The extraordinary feature of the machine is efficient to work. It helps you to cut things in very efficient manners. You will love to add the machine to your collection.

It will not only save your time but also money. You will have to engage a few people to perform work. The machine is provided at a highly affordable price.


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circuit board cutter

How to choose your best PCB cutting machine?

There are a lot of types of PCB cutting machine in China, and different manufacturer with different quality, and its important to know how to choose the suitable model of circuit board cutter before you place an order, bellow some suggestion for you reference:

  • If the supplier is manufacturer of the PCB separator, if they are a manufacturer of the PCB depaneling machine, they will be more professional than traders, and the price will be more competitive than any other suppliers
  • Is it manual PCB cutter or full automatic PCB cutting machine
  • If the supplier have the ability to export the pcb lead cutting machine to worldwide
  • confirm which type of the pcb cutting machine need?

1. Walking knife splitter.
2. Punching plate separator
3. Milling cutter-type board separator.
4. Laser board separator
5, guillotine type plate separator

  • You must to tell us how much of your budget for purchasing the PCB depaneling machine, as we have different price range of the machine, and them prices are big difference
  • If this is your first time to use the pcb cutting machine, then we can provide free training in our factory
  • The supplier must have professional after-sale service for you, otherwise you wont have any guarantee after you purchased it
  • The supplier should be know well about the product, then you can communicate with each other smoothly
  • They must pack with hard wooden box, and standard export packing before shipment

pcb separator

What CNSMT supply?

We CNSMT is an expert of SMT full line solution supplier and manufacturer, who not only manufacturer PCB cutting machines in China, but also make SMT reflow oven, SMT pick and place machine, SMT solder paste printer machine, SMT PCB conveyors, AOI, SPI, solder wave machine, solder paste mixer, solder paste warm-up machine, PCB magazine loader, and unloader, Components chip counter machine, and other SMT peripheral machines, we also can customize all kinds of special machines depends on your request.

  • CNSMT is a professional PCB cutting machine manufacturer in China, who has rich experience in the smt industry
  • CNSMT both supply used and new PCB cutting machines with the best price for you
  • CNSMT buy and sell used smt full automatic PCB cutting machines
  • CNSMT provide smt full line solution for all the customers
  • We both supply smt machines in China and oversea countries
  • CNSMT has a skill sales team and after-sales team, we always provide you the best service and best price for you
  • CNSMT provide door to door shipping service for you if you don’t know how to import PCB cutting machines from China
  • Just place an order to CNSMT, we will hand the rest for you, please ask for a quote now

As we all know PCBs are very delicate materials that is why superb precision and handling must be practiced at all times. In its production, there must be no room for errors because it can compromise the results.

The PCBs can be damaged if there is one wrong move that you have made. Most especially when the cutting process is done because the manufacturing of PCBs is mostly comprised of cutting and soldering of components.

The printed circuit boards are cut accordingly to their corresponding size. This is because every electronic device has its specific size which is related to the prototype that is done on the pre-production process. So they must be cut with thorough care with no room for errors.

This is why we are offering only the best PCB Cutting Machines so that businesses will have useful equipment that can carry out their tasks very well.

We only sell branded PCB Cutting Machines that are proven functional and efficient on their PCB cutting tasks.

It can speed up and at the same time prevent unwanted scenarios from happening while the onset of PCB cutting is happening.

The Benefits of Our PCB Cutting Machines

There are lots of advantages that you can experience when you use our PCB Cutting Machines. We will try to unlock them individually so that you will know what to expect on the PCB Cutting Machines that we are selling:

  • Precise on its Functionalities: Our PCB Cutting Machines are made out of the best materials that are why there will be no chances of errors that will occur while the process of cutting is ongoing. This will give you peace of mind that there will be no wastage on PCB materials that will happen.
  • Saves You a Lot of Resources: The prevention of errors in PCB cutting can surely refrain you from wasting PCBs and other components that comprise it. So it is extremely important that you only use the best PCB Cutting Machines because it will save you from a lot of headaches and most especially spare you from going over budget.
  • More Refined Results: Expect much better-looking PCB boards because their edges are more refined as they were processed by the best cutting equipment. This truly makes a difference because it increases the value of your products resulting in higher profits.
  • Safe to Use: There is no doubt that our PCB Cutting Machines are very safe to use. This is because we only sell the ones that have passed tremendous standards of quality checks.


  1. Why should you buy PCB Cutting Machines from us and not from anyone else?

Answer: This is because we have the best PCB Cutting Machines in the industry. This will assure you that you’ll only get the very best equipment.

  1. Do you offer a warranty on your PCB Cutting Machines?

Answer: Yes because we want to make sure that you have the peace of mind when you buy the product Because we know that there are times wherein we find some issues on the products that we are buying so consumers must be protected from it.

  1. Do your products have English Language Support?

Answer: Yes, because we are aware that there are international clients that we cater abroad who are buying our products. So it is important they fully understand the terms and manuals of the products to ensure that there will not have any difficulties using them.

  1. Do you offer spare parts for your PCB Cutting Machines?

Answer:  Yes, because there will come a time wherein you will need to replace some parts due to wear and tear of the equipment. In this case, you will not have to worry anymore because we sell such spare parts for your PCB Cutting Machines.

  1. How long will our PCB Cutting Machine last?

Answer: It can last for a long time as long as you will put tremendous care and will not use it ruggedly. As a result, it can reach or even exceed its lifespan.

  1. Does your PCB Cutting Machine need a trained operator for its usage?

Answer: Even a newbie can use our PCB Cutting Machines without any difficulties because it does not contain any complex mechanisms. But it is strongly advised that a trained operator will use it to be more efficient and safer.

  1. Why do your PCB Cutting Machines much cheaper compared to your competitors?

Answer: This is because we only leave a very minimal margin for profit as we are aware that products should be affordable and at the same time efficient.

  1. Do your PCB Cutting Machines easy to maintain?

Answer: Yes, we only sell the ones that are noncomplex so that maintaining them will not be a hard thing to do for its users.

  1. Do you repair PCB Cutting Machines?

Answer: Although, we do not repair such machines, we offer warranty terms in case you have bought a PCB Cutting Machine from us whenever it has issues.

  1. How long does the delivery time take for the PCB Cutting Machine to arrive at your doorstep?

Answer: It depends on the location. You can choose if you will pick up the equipment or let it be delivered by a courier. It usually does not take that long for the PCB Cutting Machine to arrive.


Now you know that our PCB Cutting Machines are the best in the market right now, it’s time to take action. You’ll surely want to have this PCB Machine on your business as it can surely spark up productivity.

It will make your business become a very profitable one. We offer the best products and support to ensure that you will only get the best experience and truly a value for your money.

  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,
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