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CNSMT Is a high-tech company specializing in R & D, production, sales and service of PCB magazine loader and unloader machines, and SMT peripheral types of equipment, we can customize different types of smt loader and unloader, Normally,250mm width is the standard PCB loader size, but if your PCB larger size, then we can make the fit size accordingly

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Out dimension

Magzine size355*320*563mm535*460*570mm535*530*570mm
PCB Size350*50~250mm530*50*390mm530*50~460mm
Air supply5kg5kg5kg
Power voltageAC220V 50/60HzAC220V 50/60HzAC220V 50/60Hz
PCB Thickness0.4~8mm0.4~8mm0.4~8mm
Transport directionL to R;R to LL to R;R to LL to R;R to L


Interval choice1-5(10mm pitch)1-5(10mm pitch)1-5(10mm pitch)
Transport Height900±20mm900±20mm900±20mm
Transmission motor15W constant speed motor (3 sets)
Lifting motor120W brake motor (1 set)

Product Features:
1. Research purpose: to realize the automation of SMT, suitable for other similiar PCB in loading&unloading.
2. Decrease the pad oxide in manual operation, and therefore the labor
3. Apply to import PLC Controller, high automation, make sure the stability
4. Can set the function of single-up, Max. Times up to 10
5. The frame is applying to the superior aluminum material, superior selection, strong and sturdy
6. Apply to high precise SMT handspike exported from Japan, make sure the in-putting without mistake.
7. we will produce all dimensions of machine consistent with clients’ PCB size.

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Your NO1 PCB Magazine Loader Supplier

As a professional supplier of PCB Magazine Loadermachines, CNSMT provides both new and used PCB Magazine Loadermachines from a variety of brands… Our mission is to provide the best solution for every budget. 

Your Reliable PCB Magazine Loader in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

250mm PCB Magazine loader

250mm PCB Magazine loader is a standard loader machine, which pcb max width is 250mm, if your pcb width more than 250mm, then must choose the larger size of the loader.

460mm PCB Magazine loader

300mm PCB Magazine loader is a mid-size loader, which support max 300mm width pcb, if you need to order this size loader, must inform us advance, we need to arrange our engineer install it after confirm the order.

350mm PCB Magazine loader

350mm PCB Magazine loader usually used for bellow 350mm pcb width, which must use 300mm width pcb magazine to fit this model pcb loader.

300mm PCB Magazine loader

460mm PCB Magazine loader is a large size pcb loader machine, this model loader support max 460mm width pcb, and its a customiz loader, lead time need  6-10days,

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Automatic PCB Magazine Loader

Are you looking for the best quality PCB magazine loader? Well, you are on the right platform for your search. Here, you are going to get the complete detail about the best PCB magazine loader – SMT PCB Load Machine.

There are times when we are in need to load the PCBs automatically to the conveyer. It is essential to carry on the downstream process. Hence, in those cases, it is vital to have a PCB magazine loader to deal with it.


The primary purpose of the PCB magazine loader is to load the PCBs automatically on to the conveyer for the downstream process. Hence, it is efficient and effective for you.

Hence, there is no need for you to put in manual attempts in dealing with the PCBs.

Product Specifications

  • Origination: China
  • Name of the Brand: CNSMT
  • Model:SMT Magazine Loader
  • Weight: 260 Kg
  • Power:110V/220

Advantages of Use

  • It can save your time in while the downstream process.
  • It reduces your workload in transferring the PCBs to the conveyor system and completes all the tasks automatically.
  • PCB magazine loaderis an efficient and effective measure to uplift the downstream process.

Shipment Details

The maximum order quantity that you can put at once is one. The delivery of this product is in the wooden box to ensure maximum safety. You are going to get your product in about five to seven working days.

The SMT PCB magazine loader also called a PCB loader,smt loader, which is a manufacturing technology designed to load or push the magazine into your processing line.

On the other hand, the PCB magazine unloader is used for unloading the PCBs from the processing line into the magazine,which is using a uniquely designed pusher installed into the machine.

You can either get the single or multi magazine loader and unloader.

Our PCB loader unloader’s main features include a PLC controlling panel, touch screen control a variety of pitch selections and directional buttons. the entire bare board loader machine is also made of good quality aluminum to ensure strength and durability.

So that we will be your best quality PCB magazine loader supplier in china.

Additional PCB loader machine includes the PCB bare board loader and PCB magazine holder.

Normally,cnsmt magazine holders used with the PCB loader and unloader machines.

This anti-static high-quality PCB magazine holder can be adjusted smoothly and is available in a full range of sizes with a temperature of up to 200°C, which can be adjusted depending on the customer’s requirements.

It also a surface resistance of 104-106Ω and is compatible with all brands of PCB loader unloader machines.

Through our highly experienced team of professionals, we ensure that our provided range of SMT loader is of high quality and that all complementary machines are compatible with each other.

This not only increases the efficiency of your PCB loader machine but also creates more value in your manufacturing process.

What models we have in stork?

PCB size(L*W)-(L*W)50*50-350*25050*50-460*33050*50-530*39050*50-530*455
Dimension (L*W*H)1200*780*12501450*860*12501550*920*12501650*1120*1250
Magazine size355*320*563460*400*565535*460*565535*530*565
Weight (Kg)145Kg185Kg220Kg230Kg
Loader pcb timeApprox 6s
Container replacement timeApprox.20s
Power and load100-230V AC (user specified), single-phase, maximum 300 volts
Air pressure and air flow4-6bar,10 l / min
Transport height900±30mm(Or customer specified)
Transport directionLeft → right or right → left
PCB thickThinnest 0.4 mm
Number of bins1 upper conveyor, 1 lower conveyor (or customer specified)
Step choice10mm,20mm,30mm,40mm
Number of fully loaded storage boards50pcs


1. How are you able to guarantee your products’ quality?

⇒A: We guarantee that each set of our products is under rigorous test before delivered to you and ensure excellent performance of all products.

2.What quite payment method your company accept?

⇒A: We accept most of the payment methods,but mainly accept T/T.

3. i might wish to ask you is it possible to possess my logo on the product?

⇒A: Our company support customized logo service perfectly and it’s very free.So just tell your requirements to us.

4. MOQ ?

⇒A: 1 set machine or mixed order is additionally welcome.

5. How am i able to buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and versatile !)

⇒A. you’ll consult us about the merchandise on line or by e-mail.
B. Negotiate and ensure the ultimate price , sort of transportation , payment method and other terms.
C. Send you the proforma invoice and ensure your order.
D. Pay the bill consistent with the tactic placed on proforma invoice.
E. We’ll prepare your order consistent with the proforma invoice after we receive your total payment.And we’ll give throughout inspection of the merchandise before shipping.
F. Send your order by air or by sea by your requirements.

Our Services

1. We’ll have an honest check and test before shipping out.2. we offer you professional user’s manual in English or operating videos for free;
3. 24 hours technical support by email ,Skype ,Trade Manager, telephone,etc.
4. Machine parts under at some point warranty changed for free of charge without malicious damage
5. Engineer is out there to service machinery overseas.Welcome your engineers come to our factory for professional training.

CNSMT is a professional SMT company who is aiming to be a leading manufacturer of SMT line machines. We are supply bellow SMD machines :

1, Fuji, Juki, Panasonic, Samsung, Yamaha, and Chinese brands SMD Pick and place machines, etc;


2, SMT Screen Solder Paste Printers of Yamaha, Dek, GKG, MPM, GKG, CC, Right, DESEN, and our own brand, etc.


3,AOI/SPI inspection machine of Saki, VCTA, TRI, and CNSMT our own brand,etc.


4, SMT Reflow ovens of ETC, Heller, Vitronics Soltec XPM2,JT, and  Chinese brand, etc.


5, Other SMT periphery machines and spare parts, such as laser marking machine, PCB washing machine, nozzle cleaning machine, solder warm-up machine, SMT conveyor, wave soldering machine, SPI, glue dispenser, PCB conformal coating machine, PCB cutting machine, SMT feeder cart, PCB trolley, solder paste mixer, PCB conveyor, PCB magazine loader and unloader, SMT nozzles, SMT feeders, etc. We focus on both production and sales.


Also, we provide professional SMTtechnical supports and lifetime online after-sales supports for you


Overall, choosing and trust us will save your time and greatly improve the efficiency of your SMT production line.



PCB loader machine, also referred to as falling PCB machine, stacking PCB machine, lifting PCB machine,Smt PCB loader machine, smt loader, automatic loader machine
Machine principle as :
Used for the SMT assembly line [frist step],
In response to the wants of the Follow-SMT equipment’s demand for PCB movement, Move PCB stored within the turnover box to the assembly line one by one. After the PCB boards within the turnover box are all transferred, the empty turnover box is automatically downloaded and replaced by a full-load turnover box.

Automatic Magazine Loader

SMT Automatic Magazine Loader is designed to load  PCBs into the Process Line from piles or magazines. This item loads and unloads the Production line automatically by pressing PCBs out of Magazine onto the conveyor of the downstream machine. PCB Magazine Loader is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

It is manufactured according to the need of loading PCBs. It helps to solve all problems related to the loading of PCBs and provides full SMT line solutions.

Automatic magazine loader, PCB magazine loader, PCB loader, SMT loader, and unloader are available as quality and customized products to meet your standards.

Due to automatic ability, it is easy to operate and is user-friendly. This product will provide you top-notch satisfaction to do your work most efficiently.


How to choose Best PCB Magazine Loader?

While choosing the best SMT loader one should keep the following points in mind:

  • The machine should be less space-consuming.
  • The unit must have efficient working on daily use.
  • The product must be durable and should not collapse even after long use.
  • It must handle the workload and massive weight.
  • It should load more than one PCB magazine at a time.

All mentioned qualities are present in our product which helps you to do your work. We guarantee you that our product will provide you the utmost satisfaction in this regard. There is least chance of risk while it loads and unloads PCBs.


What makes our PCB loader the best?

Among all SMT products, you can choose any of them because all of the items are manufactured after passing many quality standards. And quality of the product is excellent, after going through all the manufacturing processings.
This product has so many characteristics that make it the best PCB loader. You will get these mentioned qualities in this package:

  • Modern, strong and, compact design
  • Durable
  • Touch LED lights with touch screen control
  • Self-identifying error display
  • PLC control system
  • Easy to handle
  • Specially designed top and bottom clamps for safer loading and unloading.
  • Pressure regulated system
  • Special ball screw and high carbon steel pillars are installed to minimize noise and vibration and to keep better positioning
  • Resistant cable
  • Long service life
  • A special gas circuit is designed to eliminate PCB damage
  • High and repeated positional accuracy
  • Automatic printing and stencil cleaning
  • A programmable motor control system
  • SMEMA compatible

By availing these benefits your company will be able to apply to new strategies and success because all mentioned attributes are present in this one unit.

The PCB Magazine Loader has all the desirable features and shape that allows it to last for a long span, without replacement of the whole product or parts.


Why SMT?

  • SMT is one of the best brands among China that manufactures and sells the best products in the world.
  • The process of SMT is faster when compared to other technologies.
  • The products are lightweight and have compact designs.
  • It enables higher circuit speed.
  • SMT enables low resistance and provides high-frequency performance.
  • SMT is great in controlling noise reduction.
  • It has controlled manufactured processing.
  • It is efficient in minimizing material handling costs.
  • Due to the automatic system, it is user-friendly.
  • It has multiple sounds and lights alarming functions.
  • It can adjust lifting distance according to PCB.




What is the best quality of this product?

The best quality of this product is its automatic operation that minimizes the risk of error that might happen,if a human would operate. Secondly, automatic operation speeds up the process of loading and unloading.
Is Automatic Magazine Loader affordable as compared to other Magazine Loaders?

According to some famous technicians, Automatic Magazine Loader is affordable as it reduces operational cost and is worth buying.
Does this product ensure high productivity?

Yes, this SMT Magazine Loader ensures high productivity and yield because PCBs are loaded with alignment and regular checks are maintained when it comes to orientation.

What kind of variations are there in SMT Loader/Unloader?

SMT Magazine loader works into two variants. One machine is performing either loading or unloading. While the second machine is performing both the functions.

Is this unit environmental friendly?

SMT Loader Unloader is environment friendly because no harmful chemicals of parts are present in this unit and it is safe to use.


Do you provide customer support?

We provide local customer support which ensures immediate response in case of any failure related to the machine.

How much time will it take to deliver an order?

Usually, it takes 10 days to deliver any product within the country and almost 35 days out of the country. But, delivery of the order may be affected due to weather conditions.

Do you offer a warranty for Automatic Magazine Loader?

Yes, we offer a warranty because we believe in the fact that your money should not be wasted in case of any mishap with the product.

How long will this Magazine Loader last?
Well, it has a warranty of almost 1 years. But it also depends on how you handle and keep the product. A better handling, proper check, and cleaning increases the age of SMT loader/unloader.

Does this machine detect the English Language?

Yes, it enables English language due to worldwide selling of PCB Magazine Loader. Moreover, the manual is in English for a better understanding of the product.

How do you do a quality check of PCB Magazine Loader?

Like all other SMT products, we do proper quality and standard checks before launching our product for public use. Quality is our specialty and we never compromise on it.

Are spare parts of the SMT Loader Machine are available?

Yes, In case of any damage to the product you may replace one part with the new one so that you can use this unit for a long time without any tension.

  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,
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