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In the world of technology where PCB Magazines are used to store PCB, there must be a place for them to be placed. PCB Magazine Rack brings to you the ease of putting your important and fragile magazines into it. You can store a bundle of magazines in this rack without any confusion about finding them. The SMT Magazine Rack is made up of a strong and attractive material that keeps your PCB safer. 

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PCB Magazine

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As there are different sizes of magazines, this rack can be adjusted according to the size of your PCBs. If you have not so wider PCBs, the rack can be adjusted accordingly with the help of its adjustable sidewalls. The inner sidewalls can be dragged and brought together to the least nearer distance. Similarly, if your magazines are wider, the rack can be stretched back to a wider range of PCB to adjust the magazines.

Your Reliable Pcb Magazine in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

355-320-563mm Pcb Magazine

355*320*563mm Pcb Magazine is a standard size of the magazine, Which is top1 sales model globally.

355*320*563mm is the outside dimension, it supports max PCB width 250mm, length 350mm, So when you are ready to place an order, you must confirm the max PCB width of your product. This is most important, otherwise it won’t fit.

535-460-569mm Pcb Magazine

460*400*563mm Pcb Magazine Rack is a middle size of the magazine, Its not a standard size, This size supports max 330mm width of pcb width, and total storage 50pcs pcb one time, if your pcb width all less than 330mm, This will be your best choice for your smt magazine loader.

460-400-563mm Pcb Magazine

535*460*569mm Pcb Magazine is a large size of the magazine, it supports max 400mm width pcb, so if your products have this size or less than 400mm, 535*460*569mm Pcb Magazine is necessary for your to purchase, as this size is not a normal size, so please discuss with us advance before place an order.

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PCB Magazine Rocket your business!


Our PCB magazine rack is known as the world-renown because of its multiple features.

Generally, It is used for storage pcb into PCB loader and unloader machines

Cnsmt offers the racks in multiple sizes, shapes, and types only for the best cause of its customers.

These are highly compatible for your needs as it is fully equipped with the SMT standards. T

he smt surface mount technology magazine is perfect for both high and low temperatures to maintain the originality of aluminum and plastic material.

Usually, the screw locking pattern is followed that tightens the grip on the magazine by holding it firmly.

Cnsmt only produce high-quality smt PCB esd magazines, we have several different sizes of the esd magazine rack, such as 355*320*563mm,460*400*563mm,535*460*569mm,535*530*569mm, we also can customize depends on your requirement, Normally the PCB magazine can be store 50pcs PCB each one, High-temperature resistance from 80-200+ for choose.

cnsmt is a leading machine manufacturer in China that has highly professional teams of engineers and experts that prepare the SMD magazine perfectly following the latest technological innovations.

Our recognition is to maintain quality as we use high-quality material that makes the Magazine PCB perfect to use for a long time.

How to Choose the best PCB Magazine?

  • As the PCB Magazine is mostly used for smt factory, so it must be anti-static, and this value should be between 104~109Ω
  • It must be Heat-resistant temperature,  Regularly, this value has 80,100,120,150…, Depends on your needs
  • It must be high-precision, and stable, good quality
  • Choose the manufacturer of PCB magazine, ensure you will get the best price
  • This supplier should provide perfect after-sale service
  • They must provide customize PCB magazine
  • The supply should be has a professional team that can communicate with you skilled
  • PCB Magazine must test before shipment
  • They must supply all the magazine spare parts, ensure provide replace parts once it has broken
  • The supply should be know well how to export and good package


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What models CNSMT provide?

Best Material for PCB Magazine!

  1. CNSMT PCB Magazine made of high clean, non-polluting, anti-static natural material, without carbon black ,  and will never pollute other products, Our material is very suitable for products that with high cleanliness requirements turnover.
  2. Diversified colors, can be applied to different processes and different products Division and different customers, etc.
  3. Our material With permanent anti-static function, safe, and reliable. We promise that CNSMT ESD PCB Magazine will not fail due to scratching, breaking, and washing!
  4. CNSMT can customize any kinds of  color and any difference of size box

Why buy PCB Magazine from CNSMT?

  • CNSMT is a stong manufacture of PCB Magazine in China
  • CNSMT has a strict quality control rule for producing high-quality products for you
  • CNSMT always use the lowest cost to produce the best quality pcb magazine for you
  • We provide the most competitive price for you
  • CNSMT has over 10 years experience of export smt machines and spare parts
  • We know all the knowledge for exporting pcb magazine
  • We can help solve most of the problems while you are using the pcb magazine
  • We provide door to door service of shipment
  • We have a perfect sale team for you to place an order
  • We have a professional engineer team solve all the problem that you meet when using the pcb magazine
  • We have over 600+customers all over the world
  • Over 60+countries customers are using our pcb magazine
  • We can guide you all the steps , if you dont know how to use it

How to install the assembly PCB Magazine?

PCB Magazine

  • First install the gear bar on the upper and lower metal bottom plate, and then fix it with a hammer
  • Fix the four corner posts and the bottom plate with screws, and place a gasket under each screw
  • Align the fixed side plate and movable side plate with the gear and install it
  • After making the side panel, install another side panel
  • Move the movable side panel up and to the right by hand
  • Finally, install the stopper, a complete PCB Magazine rack is completed

CNSMT is a premium seller of PCB Magazine Rack that is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is offering branded PCB Magazine Racks that are made for surface-mount stapling precision.


With this product, you will not have any problems anymore in terms of mounting and perfect for board handling systems. The plates are there to provide better handling on a huge range of kinds and sizes. It can be mounted there safely without any worries of getting anything damaged.


We sell various brands of PCB Magazine Rack that will help you have a choice on what to buy. They are catered in providing you top-notch satisfaction that will lead to better production in your company.


How to choose the best PCB Magazine Rack?


PCB Magazine Rack must save space and at the same time durable enough to handle tremendous weight and workload. This will assure you that it will not deteriorate even with daily use.


A PCB Magazine Rack should be effective storage and mounting with added security because as we all know PCB magazines are pretty fragile materials.


In CNSMT, we guarantee that our products will give you the utmost satisfaction and confidence at all times. It is a guarantee that there will be no mishaps that will happen especially when the production of PCBs takes place.


What makes our PCB Magazine Rack the best?


In CNSMT, there are various brands that you can choose from and all of them have passed tremendous standard checks that will guarantee superb quality. With the PCB Magazine Racks that we have expected the following attributes that you can get.

  • Durability
  • Elegant design
  • User-friendliness
  • Affordability


Those are only a few of the many benefits that you can get once you buy our PCB Magazine Rack. It will bring your company to new heights of productivity and that is expected.


The PCB Magazine Rack has all the desirable features and built that will allow it to last for extended periods without buying a new time quite often.


The design is super exceptional as well because it has a clean look and modern concept as well. It will make your factory a more amazing workplace with our products.


Why choose CNSMT?

  • CNSMT is one of the best Chinese brands that manufactures and resells high-quality equipment globally.
  • We provide several warranty options and unending support to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
  • We ensure that we provide the utmost support to help you out if you have some issues with the products.
  • The PCB Magazine Rack that is sold by CNSMT will meet or even exceed your expectations because of the tremendous quality that it has.
  • The modern features and look of this PCB Magazine Rack will allow companies to reach their goals in terms of productivity. It will also make the job of your employees easier saving you costs from labor.






How does a PCB Magazine Rack work?

It is equipped with sturdy materials that are built to perfection. Its exterior is filled with exquisiteness due to the unbelievable appeal that it has.


It is filled with additional safety features to guarantee that the materials placed in there are completely secured at all times. The whole body has unmatched stability that is made to carry heavier loads.


It is a secured storage tool for your printed circuit boards to ensure that they are safe all day long.


Why should you buy the PCB Magazine Rack?

As we all know PCBs are very sensitive that is why it is important to have a place to store them. It will give you the confidence that the PCBs will not get damaged even if they are just sitting aside.


Do you offer a warranty for your PCB Magazine Rack?


Yes, because we believe that you spent money on things that must be functional and we do not want you to feel bad if something goes wrong with the item. We would like to help you with that. We provide full support for our products that is why we are giving a warranty on them.


Does the product have English language support?

Yes, because we cater to clients globally that is why it is a must that they fully understand all that is written in the product and its manual.


Do you provide after support on your PCB Magazine Rack?

Yes, because we need to give you the ultimate satisfaction and the best value for your money. In case you have questions, we will gladly reply and answer all those inquiries.


How do you perform quality checks on your PCB Magazine Racks?

Same as the other products that we are selling we follow the standard checking procedures to ensure that our products meet the standards of quality that it must have.


Do you also sell spare parts of the PCB Magazine Rack?

Yes, for you to continuously use your PCB Magazine Rack for many years to come. So the next time there is a part that needs replacement you’ll never have to worry.


How long will the PCB Magazine Rack arrive after ordering?

It usually takes less than a week before the product arrives. It all depends on the location of the buyer and the courier. The weather and other current happenings are also factors that must be taken into consideration.


How long will the PCB Magazine Rack last?

It is all reliant on how you will use the item. If you want it to last longer then you should take good care of it by using it properly.

  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,
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