Your Best SMT 3D AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection machine)

3D AOI is mainly used in PCBA mounting, component height detection, component floating, lead component tilting, coplanarity, 01005 and other small component inspection, etc.

We provide you the latest version and high-quality China brand 3D Automatic Optical Inspection machine at a competitive price,no matter you are in China or in other countries in the world, we can export to worldwide and aftersale services.

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  • 3D inspection
  • High-end 3D Automatic Optical Inspection machine.
  • Support from 01005~100mm.
  • Inspection Speed:0.45 SEC/FOV
Technical Parameters
Technology PlatformSingle Lane Type CDual Track Type CLarge Platform
ModelC510 / C630C510DL / C630DLC900 / C1200 / C1500/C



Measurement                                     Sine white projection PMP inspection

Items MeasurementsMissing parts, offset, rotation, three-dimensional polarity, reverse parts, OCV, upright, side upright, tombstone, poor welding, etc. (Missing parts, offset, rotation,

three-dimensional polarity, upside down, OCV, side standing, tombstone, poor soldering, etc.)


Detection of Non-Performing TypesSolder tip, solder volume percentage, more tin, less tin, bridging, hole plugging, creeping tin, pad contamination, etc.

(Solder tip, solder volume percentage,

excessive solder, insufficient solder, bridge, hole plugging, solder filet, pad contamination, etc.)


Lens Resolution6.5M 13.5μm / 16.5μm optional; 12M 12μm / 15μm optional (6.5M 13.5μm / 16.5μm option ;12M 12μm /15μm option)

Accuracy                       XY (Resolution): 10μm

Repeatabilityheight: ≤1μm (4 Sigma); volume/area: <1% (4 Sigma

Detection repeatability/

Gage R&R                                   <<10%                                      <<10%                               <10%

Inspection Speed0.45 SEC/FOV0.45 SEC/FOV 0.45 SEC/FOV

Quality of Inspection Head

Mark-point Detection Time/Mark-point Detection Time0.5sec/piece

Maximum detection height                                                         15mm

Maximum height of element on PCB40mm40mm40mm

Maximum Measuring Height of PCB Warp

Minimum element010050100501005
Maximum Loading PCB & Detection Size (X*Y)450 x 450 mm 600 x 686 mm450 x 310 +

450 x 310 mm

600 x 3 10 + 600 x 310 mm

850x650mm / 1200x630mm 1500x480mm / 2000x500mm
Conveyor SetupFront orbit (back orbit as an option)

PCB Transfer Direction                                                  Left to Right or Right to Left

Conveyor Width AdjustmentManual & automatic
Engineering StatisticsSPC: Production Trend; Xbar-R Chart; Xbar-S Chart; CP & CPK; Gauge Data; AOI Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports
Gerber & CAD Data ImportSupport Gerber format (274x, 274d), manual Teach mode, CAD X/Y import (support Gerber format(274x,274d), Artificial called the pattern, X/Y import CAD)

Operating System Support                                           Windows 10 Professional (64 bit)

Equipment Specifications/Equipment Dimension and WeightW 1000 x D 1174 x H 1550 (510), 985 Kg

W 1180 x D 1330 x H 1550 (630), 1180 Kg

W 1000 x D 1350 x H1 550 (510 DL) , 1200 Kg


W 1180 x D 1350 x H 1550 (630 DL) 1400 Kg

W 1430 x D1320 x H1580(900), 1450 Kg

W 1780 x D 1450 x H1580(1200), 1750 Kg


W 2120 x D1320 x H1580(1500), 1800 Kg


W 2620 x D1450 x H1580(2000) ,2200 Kg


3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

cnsmt 3d aoi

  The most effective tool for coplanarity and volumetric inspection.

CNSMT provide you the best SMT 3D AOI to worldwide, the 3D Automatic Optical Inspection is our new develop PCB inspection machines,

We invest a lot of fund and time for developing this 3D inline AOI machine, and an experienced a long time testing the functions, so now we are starting to sell it to market, it already worked well in our demo customer SMT factory. you don’t need to worry about the quality, we will always here support your business, make sure your smt machines everything works smoothly.

Why are you choose our 3D AOI Automatic Optical Inspection machine?

  • We are the manufacturer of 3D AOI SMT inspection machine
  • We provide you the good price and perfect after sale service
  • Our 3D AOI machine can export to worldwide
  • We not only have 3D AOI but also make 2D AOI, 3D SPI
  • We can support the full SMT production line solutions
  • Laser profilometry systems: Using a combination of line lasers and area scan cameras, in this method the sample or laser beam must be moved to complete the profile scan. This imaging speed is relatively slow and is more suitable for testing a single object
  • Stereo Camera System
  • Phase-shift projection system: includes a projector, standard telecentric lens and an area scan camera. Often, multiple projectors placed at different angles can reduce cast shadows.


Optional accessories: Barcode Scanner; Badmark Function; three-point function; offline programming; Repair Station


As we all know, SMT electronic components are getting smaller and smaller, the density is getting higher and higher, and the quality requirements are also increasing.

The speed and quality of manual inspection cannot meet the requirements, and various AOI equipments are produced. AOI equipment has the characteristics of precision, speed, stability and reliability. So what is the working principle of AOI equipment?

How 3D AOI devices work?

1. How AOI equipment detects PCB boards

The SMT-AOI device uses hardware devices such as cameras to obtain the image of the detected object, and then uses software to compare, analyze, and determine whether the detected object is OK. That is to say, the process of AOI detection of objects is to simulate the detection of objects by human eyes, and to automate and intelligentize the detection of objects manually.

Image acquisition is to use a CCD camera to convert the light signal on the surface of the object into an electrical signal and send it to the image acquisition card. The frame grabber digitizes the image into the computer, and the process is intuitive and easy to understand.

2. How AOI equipment detects the quality of components

How does AOI check the quality of components? When people judge whether the quality of an object is qualified or not, it is always necessary to set a standard. If the standard is met, the object is considered qualified.

If the standard is not met, the object is considered unqualified. Similarly, AOI judges whether a component is OK or not, and also sets a rule. If the rule is satisfied, it is OK, and if the rule is not satisfied, it is NG.

AOI uses different rules for different components. The most commonly used rule is the standard image, which is to assign a standard image to a patch in advance. If the image of the detected patch is very similar to the standard image, then we consider this patch. It is OK. If it is not similar, it is considered NG

In the image processing industry, we call this rule image comparison or template matching. In addition, there are some specific rules, such as specifying that ICs cannot be bridged.

This is not by specifying a standard image, but a method of calculating whether there is a connection between the two ICs by some algorithm to determine whether the IC has a bridge phenomenon.

3D AOI Core Technologies

Technology and Features

(PSLM) Programmable Structure Grating

The programmable structure grating (PSLM) technology developed and manufactured completely independently forms a full-spectrum structure grating, Compared with the traditional fixed glass moiré grating, the structured grating is Software modulation and control; Greatly improve the detection capability and application scope of the equipment


AI Intelligent Seamless Puzzle Technology

3DAOI adopts innovative AI intelligent seamless puzzle technology, reaching the level of indistinguishability to the naked eye; for traditional AOI’s FOV and FOV joints encountered in the image uneven, uneven, uneven color, image distortion, and other issues, have been perfect The solution; improves the positioning accuracy of the detection frame and reduces the program debugging time.

The image processed by intelligent seamless splicing technology is invisible, uneven color, and image distorted.

3D AOI--

Enhanced Super RGB Pro 2D light source

3DAOI adopts a self-developed enhanced multi-angle, multi-area, modulated RGB+W+ coaxial 2D light source design; it is suitable for the detection of components, solder joints, and text in various situations

Low angle light: text silk screen            High angle light: PIN feet              Pad light: pad, etc.             Solder spotlight: solder spot, etc.

Intelligent Program Editing: Simple and Fast


3D+ 2D Body Positioning Technology

3D AOI adopts 3D body positioning technology and 2D positioning technology as an aid to ensure accurate positioning of the bodies and PIN pins of components such as Chip and IC and the positioning of special components such as black. 

High Frame Rate CXP Camera Solution, 4/8 Projection Head Detection Solution

The 3D AOI camera uses CoaXPres s ( CXP-6) standard, 1200W resolution, frame rate up to 188 frames, to ensure industry-leading test speed.

3D AOI adopts optional 4 projection heads + 8 projection heads and PSLM multi-frequency projection capabilities to achieve the best detection scheme, covering all SMT applications.

Key technical parameters:

  • Each projection head has multi-frequency projection capability
  • Programmable structured grating technology (PSLM)
  • Four heads can achieve the effect of glass moiré eight heads
  • Eight projection heads for higher precision measurement capabilities

Spc Analysis Software And Closed-Loop Control Settings

3D AOI has complete SPC analysis software and closed-loop control to ensure that 3D AOI test data can be completely counted and analyzed, and can be easily traced; 3DAOI three points in one function, using 3DSPI and 3DAOI can be Query the specific measurement value of a single PAD.


Is a proud supplier of the best 3D AOI machine in Shenzhen, China.

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Question: What does a 3D AOI machine really do? Is it important to have if I already have an inspection machine?

Answer: A 3D AOI machine makes thorough and proper inspection on printed circuit boards. It carefully inspects the X, Y and Height. This will give you the peace of mind that a full inspection is done on your circuit boards.

3D AOI machines are considered the newest and most powerful inspection machines of today.

Question: If I am going to order a 3D AOI machine today, when will I get it? I am outside China. Do you ship worldwide?

Answer: Yes, we ship worldwide via sea and air. For us to give you a proper estimate for the lead time of your order, we would like to ask for your exact shipping address first and the type of shipment you prefer.

Shipping via sea will take longer days compared to shipping via air. Thus, the cost may also differ.

Please contact us via email so we can give you a proper quotation for this.

Question: Do you have the 3D AOI machine ready for shipping already?

Answer: Since the AOI machines are very much in demand nowadays, we keep several units in stock in our warehouse. However, we work on a first come first serve basis. If you are sure of ordering the unit from us, kindly communicate via email so we can process your invoice.

Only paid clients will be served. Once your order is paid, we will proceed to doing the final quality check on your machine before we pack them and hand it to our shipping partner.

This process will require days. We will give you an update once the machine is ready for shipping. We will also provide you with a tracking number once your order leaves our warehouse.

Question: This is our first time purchasing a 3D AOI machine. Is there someone who can help us to understand the machine first before we make the final purchase?

Answer: If you require a demo of the machine, let us know. We have a team of professional engineers who can show you a demo of the machine. You may also ask the team your questions to help you make an educated buying decision

If you are able to visit our warehouse, the team is ready to conduct the demo personally. You need to schedule your visit with us, so that we can properly arrange it for you.

If you are based overseas, you can request for an online demo.

SMT FULL LINE MACHINEQuestion: Is there a minimum order requirement for the 3D AOI machine?

Answer: There is none. You can place an order for one machine only and we will be more than glad to process the order for you.

Question: If the machine malfunctions after the warranty period, and our engineers need parts replacement, can we order it from your company again?

Answer: Yes. If you need parts replacement, all you need to do is contact us back and we will work hard in finding the part/s that you need. We will also give you a discounted rate for being a loyal customer.

Question: Is the 3D AOI better than the common AOI machines we already have in our assembly?

Answer: AOI machines work by scanning a printed circuit board and capturing the image of it. The image will then be matched with the right image set in the machine, to ensure 100% quality copy is made every single time.

A standard AOI machine can scan boards as simple as that. But a 3D AOI makes a scan in three different dimensions, such as the X, Y and height.

Doing so will simply produce better and higher quality results in your assembly.

Question: Some people say combining 3D AOI and 2D AOI is the best. Is that true?

Answer: In general, the answer is yes. While 3D AOI does the best scanning and inspection on boards, the additional layer of inspection will obviously add more to the time needed to complete a cycle of inspection.

Therefore, if you combine 2D and 3D and use the machines according to what boards are being inspected, then you can manage the time better and produce results within the fastest time possible.

Question: I want to place an order for the 3D AOI machine. Do you price match?

Answer: We understand that you may have talked to several suppliers of the 3D AOI machine already and you have received several quotations too. Here at CNSMT, we are very much open to negotiations. Let us know more about the quotation that you received and we will try to price match it and to give more value to your money.

Question: Are the machines covered with warranty especially to those that will be shipped overseas?

Answer: Yes. All orders from our company are covered by warranty. We also offer coverage to keep your machine safe during shipping. Just to let you know, we ship machines overseas on a daily basis, and we are happy to say that we seldom get concerns about it.

But for your peace of mind, all orders are covered with warranty and you should be able to see that from the email that we are going to send you prior to making your payment, so that you can review all details first.

Question: Do you give discounts on multiple orders?

Answer: If you have plans on ordering more than 2 units of the 3D AOI machine or if you plan on ordering other machines / equipment / accessories together with your 3D AOI machine, let us know.

We will give you a quote and give you the best price for each of the machines you wanted to order from us. So far, our company provides the best and most competitive price in the market today.

These are the common questions raised by our clients before purchasing the 3D AOI machine.

If you cannot find the answer to your question from the information above, contact us directly so that we can assist you further. We will be more than happy to answer your questions directly for faster communication.

Here at CNSMT, we take pride in being one of the most trusted suppliers of all SMT needs here in Shenzhen China. This is because we make sure to take good care of our clients not just during the sale, but after sales as well.


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