BATHRIVE V6 Reflow Oven Temperature Profiler

BATHRIVE V6 SMT Reflow Oven Temperature Profiler is a high precision furnace tester, which measurement accuracy within +/-0.5℃, This is higher than kic2000 and kic start, kic2000 and kic start accuracy is +/-1.2℃ if your products need high accuracy, then Bathrive v6 is a good option.

  • Product Name:BATHRIVE V6 Reflow Oven Temperature Profiler
  • 6channels .
  • Measuring temperature range: 0~+500℃
  • Precision :+/-0.5℃
Product Specifications:
1 The model of the instrument V6 V6
2 Dimension of the instrument 20 * 53 * 100 mm (H * W * L)
3 Measured accuracy +/- 0.5 ° C
4 Temperature resolution 0.1 ℃
5 sampling frequency sampling rate 0.1 second / time ~ every hour
6 Storage space 4M 4M
7 The number of channels 6 6
8 The number of storage groups The number of storage groups 10
9 Battery capacity Battery capacity 1200MA
10 Start method Start button trigger, temperature trigger, delay trigger
12 Working temperature of the instrument -40 ~ + 85 ℃
13 Temperature measurement range 0 ~ + 500 ℃
14 Type of thermocouple Type K
15 Bytes of processor 8 bits


1. Small in size and powerful in function, the designed service life exceeds 10 years
2. High measurement accuracy +/- 0.5 ℃, fast speed, the fastest 0.1 seconds / time, easily meet the challenges of any temperature measurement field
3. High-speed USB interface communication and charging are integrated, no additional charging is needed forever
4. Three trigger start / stop modes can be optimized and matched at will to achieve intelligent start and stop without manual intervention
5. 1200MA polymer rechargeable battery power supply
6. Overlap analysis of more than 100 groups of curves
7. Complete firmware information prompt, users can view the instrument’s usage records, status and hardware configuration information at any time
8. Intelligent PWI index analysis
9. Automatic curve optimization function
10. The instrument time can be set or calibrated and synchronized with the computer
11. Powerful curve editing function

CNSMT has a long history of manufacturer smt reflow oven temperature profile, which include KIC2000, KICSTART, KIC EXPLORE, BATHRIVE V6, BATHRIVE S6, BATHRIVE R6…etc

We not only develop these devices, but also have a strong service team for you, even you are not in China, we also provide you technical support.

Bathrive v6 is a high-end smt temperature profile tester in all over the world, as its high precision, and another great development is USB interface communication and charging are integrated, no need additional charging forever, This will greatly save your cost, and more convience.

And we will give at least 2 years warranty for all of Bathrive v6 and other profiles, if you meet any problem within 2years , we can exchange the broken parts free, or help repair it free, if over 2 years, we also can provide free technical support,only charge parts cost.

  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,
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