PANASONIC CM402 Pick And Place Machine

Flexible wiring method, based on the design of one platform, Panasonic CM402 high-speed placement machine A / B / C three models can complete the high-speed machine / universal machine only by replacing the head and adding the tray feeder (TRAY) / Comprehensive machine changes


  • Product Name:PANASONIC CM402 Pick And Place Machine
  • Head option:8/12
  • Model option:cm402 cm402L
  • Mount component range:0402-5050mm

• A large number of mature reliability designs are adopted to greatly reduce the downtime of failures to achieve high-rate production.
• The fewest production line material racks in the world. A total of 5 kinds of material racks can correspond to all the tape components
• Realize intelligent taping material rack, can automatically select the transmission mode according to the component, and have a variety of other intelligent functions
• Stand-alone *** can mount 216 kinds of components
• One-piece trolley exchange connection / tape / feed frame and other enriched peripheral devices realize non-stop refueling, the actual production utilization rate reaches 85% -90%

Detailed parameters of Panasonic CM402 high-speed placement machine:
High placement accuracy:
• High-precision placement 50μm (Cpk ≧ 1.0) high-precision base-machine, and with high-precision calibration function
• Flexible combination of various ways to meet various production needs
Perfect software system:
• Simple process software, complete single machine optimization and production line balance optimization at one time
• Adopt LINE COMPUTER management method to constantly monitor production management information and material usage status
• IPC smart component *** system, not only can *** PCB ID and prevent refueling errors, but also can always monitor the quality of the entire production line
Control and feedback (including monitoring of printing presses and reflow ovens).
Mounting head type High speed, universal
Number of nozzles 8 nozzles / head × 4 3 nozzles / head × 4
Placement speed 0.06 sec / Chip 0.21sec / Chip
Mounting accuracy ± 0.05mm ± 0.035mm
Number of racks placed *** Can be placed 216 stations (8mm double) rack
Corresponding element size 0603C / R–L24mm × W24mm 0603C / R–L100mm × W90mm
Substrate size L50mm × W50mm ~ L510mm × W360mm
It can achieve the rapid transfer of substrates and convenient product switching, which can reduce the loss of production utilization rate to ***.
High production capacity:
• Realize high-speed production capacity of 60000 CPH (after system upgrade can reach 66000CPH)
• The fastest substrate transfer time reaches 0.9 seconds. Flexible substrate transportation, reducing the time of transportation loss
• CP / CPK self-checking function, customers can check the accuracy of the device during the use of the device
• 0603 Narrow-pitch placement component absorption rate and one-time pass rate of the product in the entrepreneurial world ***, such as the current mass-produced Ipod MP3
• Programmable precision pressure insertion to achieve 100% automatic insertion of hand-inserted components. For example: I / O Port, shaped Connector, copper pillar, etc.

Product Name

Panasonic cm402

Desiring for more quality and working efficient gadgets or machines is the desire of every person.   Panasonic cm402 is the most important machine. It is the journey of the electronic industry from ultrahigh-speed to multi-functionality. You can enjoy the vibrancy of work by adding the machine in your industrial collection. It possesses the feature of multi-functionality.

The Panasonic cm402 has the features of dual-lane capability and 216 feeder exchange. It has the capacity to place up to 60,000 components per hour. The machine supports wide range of chips. The range of the machine is from 0201 chips to 24mm square components in high-speed mode and 0201 chips to 90mm X 100mm in multi-function mode.

The CM402 is the high-speed interchangeable platform. The machine must be your choice. The modular placement machine must be added if you want efficient working. It can help you to grow your business at a very rapid pace.

The Panasonic cm402 can place up to 60,000 components per hour with ±50 micron accuracy onto boards as large as 18″ x 20″. The multi-function head can place 17,140 CPH with ±35 micron accuracy.

Not only fast and flexible, but the CM402 also offers other economic benefits. Its user-friendly operation makes programming and operating the machine less labor-intensive. Plus, by delivering a fast, efficient product changeover, the work stoppage is minimal. The CM402 was developed to allow customers to add incremental capacity as their production needs progress. The benefits of the machine are as wide range of chips, placement of more than 60,000 components in an hour, 216 feeder inputs (using 8mm dual), gang feeder exchange, and dual-lane capability.

The range of chips of the machine is from 0201 chips to 24mm square components in high-speed mode and 0201 chips to 90mm X 100mm in multi-function mode.

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