SMT CNSMT-A5 Automatic Stencil Printer Manufactuer in China

CNSMT-A5 smt stencil printing machine is a popular china brand automatic printer, Which is made by CNSMT company, so we are the first-hand machine resource.

We deeply make sure to provide you the best price and wonderful technique service, whether you are in China mainland or Asia or Europe or America countries, CNSMT always provide the best smt printer for you.

  • Belt Can bear 9kg objects for transportation
  • Stable Mark point recognition.
  • Manually adjust platform
  • With clean stencil system.

Machine specification parameters


Screen   Frames


Min  Size470×370mm
Max  Size737×737mm
PCB   Min Size50×50mm
PCB   Max Size400×340mm
PCB   Thickness0.4~6mm
PCB   Warpage<1%
Transport   Height900±40mm
Transport   DirectionLeft-Right;Right-Left;Left-Left;Right-Right
Transport   SpeedMax   1500mm/s(Programmable)
Board   Location

PCB The positioning

Support   SystemMagnetic   Pin/Up-down table adjusted/support block
Clamping   System


Side   clamping,vacuum nozzle


Printer   HeadTwo   independent motorised printhead
Squeegee   Speed6~200mm/sec
Squeegee   Pressure0~15kg
Squeegee   Angel60°/55°/45°
Squeegee   TypeStainless   steel(standard),plastic
Stencil   Separation Speed0.1~20mm/sec   (Programmable)
Cleaning   SystemDry   、Wet、Vacuum (Programmable)
Table   Adjustment RangesX:±10mm;Y:±10mm;θ:±2°
Repeate   Position Accuracy±0.01mm
Printing   Accuracy±0.025mm
Cycle   Time<7s(Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Product   Changeover<5Min
Air   Required4.5~6kg/cm2
Power   InputAC:220±10%,50/60HZ1F3KW
Control   MethodPC   Control
Machine   Dimensions1220(L)×1355(W)×1500(H)mm
Machine   WeightApprox:1000kg

CNSMT-A5 Automatic Stencil Printer to Rocket Your Business

CNSMT-A5 Stencil automatic position system is added in the automatic Stencil Printer. It has also an Independent cleaning system. The printer has a very easier user interface. It is humanized with English and Chinese.

You can opt for any language of both to operate. Image capture system and PCB transfer and position system are also added in the printer which makes the working of the printer more reliable.

The unique features of the CNSMT-A5 printer are as 2D inspection & SPC, CCD stencil alignment, automatic PCB thickness adjustment, 3 stage conveyor, and the CNSMT-A5 Automatic Solder paste dispenser and Vacuum Feature. These extraordinary features of the printer make it perfect for usage.

The automatic dual-vision alignment system of the printer makes sure the element of accuracy. On the other hand, the linear-guided movements of the printer and vertical stencil separation offer the best ever high precision and repeatability.

You will really love to add the printer to your collection. The ultra-fine-pitch printing capability of the printer for component pitches is down to 0.3 mm (12 mils). You will enjoy quick setup and changeover.

Adjustable power sweep squeegee for printing with single or dual passes of the automatic stencil printer makes it suitable for your usage. You will really enjoy the magnificent feature of the printer of a dual squeegee for clean and convenient application of solder paste.

If you want to grow up your business with efficiency and accuracy then, you must experience the CNSMT-A5 printer once in your life. You will never even think to replace it with the other one. CNSMT offers the printer at highly affordable rates. You will not only save your money by adding the printer but will also save your time.

PCB vacuum hold-down the option is the perfect one. The printer is operated automatically. You will need not to operate it again and again for further functioning. Its ability to print flex circuits with a vacuum option is the perfect feature.

CNSMT-A5 FULL Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machine

CNSMT-A5 stencil printing machine


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CNSMT offers unlimited possibilities with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the SMT Solder paste stencil printing machine industry.

We offer customiz different solutions for all models of smt printing machine by providing CAD drawing, smt full line solution, and tolerance control.

Our CNSMT-A5 printer are trusted by over 600 companies in the world, as our perfect quality control, fast communicattion and well technical support.

CNSMT has rich experience in producing standard and custom SMT full automatic stencil printing machine, and we all make sure it works well after reach to your place.

If you have any questions or urgent orders for CNSMT-A5 printer, CNSMT is ready to support all the help.

Talk to us today; our support is available 24/7.

CNSMT-A5 Solder paste Printer

CNSMT supply bellow models:

Model:PCB Max sizeStencil Max SizePCB Direction
CNSMT-A5 SMT Stencil Printer400*340mm737*737mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-ASE SMT Stencil Printer400*340mm737*737mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-A6 SMT Stencil Printer510*340mm737*737mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-AT SMT Stencil Printer510*510mm737*737mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-L6 SMT Stencil Printer650*340mm850*750mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-L8 SMT Stencil Printer650*610mm850*850mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-L9 SMT Stencil Printer900*600mm1100*900mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-L12 SMT Stencil Printer1200*350mm1500*750mmLeft to right/Right to left
CNSMT-L15 SMT Stencil Printer1500*350mm1800*750mmLeft to right/Right to left

Why buy SMT full auto-matic stencil printing machine from CNSMT?

  • CNSMT is an expert of SMT full automatic stencil printer machine manufacturer in China, Who has over 50+development machine teams in our factory, and 100+installation workers currently, so we provide smt printer machine in a very short time.
  • CNSMT can provide a competitive price for you, as we are the manufacturer of smt printing machine, we always work on how to reduce customers cost and make the best quality smt machines for you
  • Our factory located in Shenzhen city, which is near to Shenzhen international airport, and HK airport, it’s very convenient visit to our factory
  • CNSMT has over 10 years export smt printing machine experience, our people know all the product and shipment rules, just place an order to us, CNSMT will handle all the rest for you, from test machine to shipment to installation and training, CNSMT can provide all these services for you
  • CNSMT not only make smt printing machines but also supply all the printing machine spare parts, like smt squeegee, smt blades, smt clean papers, smt solder paste, smt stencil, smt solder paste printing machine support pin, smt printer camera…
  • CNSMT manufacturer both standard and customized types of smt printer machine, if current machine model cant meet your requirements, just tell us the exact demand or send PCB photos to us, our engineer will design the correct model depends on your needs
  • Welcome to visit our factory check the CNSMT-A5 printer, we will show you how did we manufactured the machine and introduce  to you all the details of the machine
  • CNSMT provide the responsible after-sale service for you
  • CNSMT will be your best business partner and good friends
  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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