DEK Horizon 03IX SMT Stencil Printer

CNSMT is one of the well-known sellers of DEK Horizon 03IX printer machine in China. This printer is suited for both big and small enterprises. With our DEK Horizon 03IX smt stencil printer machine you will be able to have the best productivity rates.

  • DEK is fully automatic SMT printer.
  • High-speed moving camera.
  • Advanced upper/lower vision system.

Device alignment accuracy > 2cpk@ +/ -12.5 microns, 6 sigma
Process alignment accuracy > 2cpk@ +/ -25 microns, 6 sigma
Core printing cycle time 12 seconds (up to 11 seconds with HTC)
Scraper pressure mechanical system Software control, motor drive
ISCANTM equipment control Operation control using CAN BUS network
interface Color tablet touch screen, keyboard and trackball, DEK InstinctivTM V9 user interface
Screen orientation Manually load using the mesh frame depth regulator
Maximum substrate handling size 510 mm (X) X 508.5 mm (Y)
Minimum substrate handling size 50 mm (X) X 40.5 mm (Y)
The thickness of the substrte From 0.2 mm to 6 mm
Base board weight 1 kg
Rail type Use a 3 mm round belt integral transmission system
The visual system Cognex
Camera lighting Software controlled programmable LED lighting

CNSMT is one of the most trusted sellers of DEK Horizon 03IX SMT Stencil Printer in Shenzhen, China. We sells the best SMT Line Machines to give you an extraordinary tool to print solder paste on printed circuit boards.DEK Horizon 03IX automatic solder paste printer with advanced visual/K as the visual system, independent control and adjust the lighting, high-speed mobile lens, a precise PCB printed circuit board and halftone counterpoint, thus will solder paste or red glue under-screen hole precise coating on printed circuit boards.

DEK Horizon 03ix automatic solder paste printer to ensure the accuracy of the six sigma + 25 microns. High precision servo motor drive and PC control to ensure the stability and precision of printing, as well as image pattern recognition repeat positioning accuracy.

Cantilever type printing head, with a specially designed high rigid structure, scraper pressure, speed, stroke are controlled by computer servo, to maintain uniform and stable printing quality; Scraper beam through special optimization structure design, light and beautiful appearance.

DEK03iX automatic solder paste printing machine automatic, no auxiliary screen bottom cleaning function, programmable control dry, wet or vacuum cleaning, cleaning interval can be chosen freely,

DEK Horizon 03IX automatic solder paste printing function thoroughly remove the residual solder paste in the mesh, ensure the printing quality. DEK Horizon 03IX full-automatic solder paste printing machine multifunctional plate handling device can automatically position and clamp PCB of various sizes and thickness, with removable magnetic thimble and side clamp device, effectively overcome the deformation of the plate, ensuring uniform printing process.

DEK Horizon 03ix automatic solder paste printer has InstinctivTMV9 operation interface and abundant software functions, DEK03iX automatic solder paste printer has good man-machine conversation environment, operation is simple, convenient, easy to learn and easy to use.DEK Horizon 03IX has the function of self-diagnosing sound and light alarm and reminding the cause of fault. No matter single/double PCB printed circuit board can work.


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