Fuji NXT SMD Pick And Place Machine

Fuji NXT SMD Pick And Place Machine is a high-precision surface mounting machine, we have both used and new FUJI NXT SMD machine now, NXTIII have new machine, NXTI and nxtII are used type, cause they are already stopped production

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  • Product Name:FUJI NXT pick and place machine
  • Head option:1/4/8/12
  • Model option:NXTI NXTII NXTIII
  • Mount component range:01005-5050mm
Image board size (L × W)48mm×48mm~250mm×510mm(Dual transport rail specifications)48mm×48mm~534mm×510mm
48mm×48mm~250mm×610mm(Unit handling rail specifications)48mm×48mm~534mm×610mm
※ Maximum 280 mm for double conveyor rails (W), and for single conveyor rails when it exceeds 280 mm.※双搬运轨道(W)时最大280 mm, 超过280mm时変为単搬运轨道搬运。
Component typeMAX20 type (8mm material conversion)MAX45种类(8mm料帯換算)
Board load timeDouble handling rail: O sec during continuous operation, single handling rail: 2.5 sec (M3 III modules between modules), 3.4 sec (M6 III modules between modules)
Mounting accuracy / coating position accuracyH24:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00H24:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
(Based on the reference anchor point)V12/H12HS:±0.038(±0.050) mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00V12/H12HS:±0.038(±0.050) mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
※ The placement accuracy is the measurement result under the conditions of our company.H04S/H04SF:±0.040mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00H08M/H04S/H04SF:±0.040mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
H08/H04:±0.050mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00H08/H04/OF:±0.050mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
H02/H01/G04:±0.030mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00H02/H01/G04:±0.030mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
H02F/G04F:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00H02F/G04F:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
GL:±0.100mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00GL:±0.100mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
CapacityH24:35,000 cphH24:35,000 cph
※ The numerical value of production capacity is the measurement result under the condition of our company.V12:26,000 cphV12:26,000 cph
H12HS:24,500 cphH12HS:24,500 cph
H08:11,500 cphH08M:13,000 cph
H04:6,500 cphH08:11,500 cph
H04S:9,500 cphH04:6,500 cph
H04SF:10,500 cphH04S:9,500 cph
H02:5,500cphH04SF:10,500 cph
H02F:6,700cphH02:5,500 cph
H01:4,200 cphH02F:6,700cph
G04:7,500 cphH01:4,200 cph
G04F:7,500 cphG04:7,500 cph
GL:16,363 dph(0.22sec/dot)G04F:7,500 cph
OF:3,000 cph
GL:16,363 dph(0.22sec/dot)
components sizeH24:03015~5mm×5mmheight: Max 2.0mm
V12/H12HS:0402~7.5mm×7.5mmheight: Maximum 3.0mm
H08M:0603~45mm×45mmheight: Maximum 13.0mm
H08:0402~12mm×12mmheight: Maximum 6.5mm
H04:1608~38mm×38mmheight: Maximum 9.5mm
H04S/H04SF:1608~38mm×38mmheight: Maximum 6.5mm
H02/H02F/H01/0F:1608~74mm×74mm(32mm×180mm)height: Maximum 25.4mm
G04/G04F:0402~15mm×15mmheight: Maximum 6.5mm
Module width320mm645mm
Machine sizeL:1295mm(M3 III×4, M6 III×2) / 645mm(M3 III×2, M6 III)
W:1900.2mm H:1476mm
Intelligent feederCorresponding to 4 ・ 8 ・ 12 ・ 16 ・ 24 ・ 32 ・ 44 ・ 56 ・ 72 ・ 88 ・ 104 mm width material
Tube feeder4 ≦ component width ≦ 15mm (6 ≦ material tube width ≦ 18mm), 15 ≦ component width ≦ 32mm (18 ≦ material tube width ≦ 36mm)
Feeding plate unitCorresponding tray size 135.9 × 322.6mm (JEDEC specifications) (reel unit-M), 276 × 330 mm (reel unit-LT), 143 × 330 mm (reel unit-LTC)
  • H08: 0402 ~ 12x12mm high: MAX: 6.5mm
  • H04: 1608 ~ 38x38mm high: MAX: 13mm
  • H01 / H02 / OF: 1608 ~ 74x74mm (32X180mm) High: MAX: 25.4mm
  • G04: 0402 ~ 15.0mmx15.0mm high: MAX 6.5mm.

Fuji NXT


Are you looking for novelty in machines and such sort of other stuff? And do you really want to have something attractive with certain qualities and specifications for your industrial work?

No worries! Fuji NXT is purely designed by keeping the current century’s requirements and needs in mind. This machine available in various and distinct models such as Fuji NXT II, Fuji NXT III, and so on.

The perfect usage of this amazing product will let you know and acknowledge its capabilities and credibility. Fuji NXT is the kind of smart and pick and place machine which can be used with its high speed. In fact, you can obviously find several accessories for Fuji NXT.

These accessories include Fuji NXT Keyboard, Fuji NXT feeder of different ranges and models. Once you buy this wonderful and startling machine, it will not let you regret your decision of having this extraordinary machine.

This is significant evidence of ongoing progress in the field of technology. Fuji NXT not only offers machines and this kind of stuff but Fuji NXT mark camera smart machine is available too.

Fuji NXT III has the patch accuracy of H12S / H08 / H04: 0.05mm (3sigma) cpk≥1.00. Though these machines are different in models, they are exactly similar in their high quality, speed, flexibility, and capabilities. These are shaped in marvelous ways for marvelous people.

As far as its patching speed is concerned, so the Fuji NXT III has the patching speed as H12HS: 22,500; H08: 10,500; H04: 6,500 and H01: 4,200. Likewise, Fuji NXT II also offers certain specifications that are different in range, patch accuracy, speed, etc.

but similar in the manners of quality and solid stuff. Overall, Fuji NXT is made with sincere longings to sort out your industrial and technological issues.

Technological products, as well as electronic things, are becoming famous in the ongoing era because of the efficiency of work. If you are one of those who direly need such an amazing and extra-ordinary invention, so definitely your wait is over.

Let us introduce you to the incredibly innovative machine. Fuji NXT-III does possess remarkable mounted Specifications. That is the NXT-III type of machine which is perfect for your business amazingly. You will really love to add the machine to your industrial collection for the fastest ever work.

In order to provide you the better information regarding your most required machine, we are mentioning the PCB size of the machine which is as minimum 48mmx48mm and maximum 510mmx534mm. Moreover, the patching speed of the Fuji NXT III is as H12HS: 22,500; H08: 10,500; H04: 6,500 and H01: 4,200.

If you are worried about the patch accuracy of the machine, then you must experience this machine at least once in your life. Its patch accuracy is H12S / H08 / H04: 0.05mm (3sigma) cpk≥1.00. While the patch range is H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5×7.5mm high: MAX: 3.0mm.

All these unique specifications ensure high quality as well as high productivity in your usage of Fuji NXT-III. Additionally, attractive designs or shapes result in motivation and hard work. Its exclusive, distinct and attractive designed shape and high-speed level deliver a large amount of work production.

Such high-performance electronics have made things much easier than they had been. That is the reason that we are offering you such kind of time-saving and exceptionally marvelous machines to help you out in your business and fieldwork. Cnsmt provides the machine at affordable rates.

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