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The GKG GSE is an economically efficient, stable, and high-performance solder paste printer made in China. As a standard SMT printer, it offers excellent value for money, making it an ideal choice for various manufacturing needs. The GKG GSE combines reliability and affordability, ensuring consistent performance in solder paste printing applications. We have ample stock available in our warehouse, ready for immediate delivery to meet your production demands. This printer is perfect for businesses looking to balance quality and cost-effectiveness in their SMT production lines.


  • Max PCB Size :400*340mm
  • Board thicknes: 0.4~6mm
  • CCD FOV:10*8mm
  • Transport direction:One stag
  • Fast delivery.

Printing Parameters
Snap-off  0~20mm
Print Mode  One/Twice
Queegee Type Rubber/Squeegee Blade (angle 45/55/60)
Print Speed :10~200mm/sec
Print Pressure 0.5~10Kg
The template frame size 370*370mm~737*737mm
Cleaning System   Ireinforced vacuum absorption
Dry, Wet Vacuum three modes
Maximum board size 400*340mm
Minimum board size 50*50mm
Board thickness 0.4~6mm
Maximum board weight 3Kg
Board edge clearance 2.5mm
Board height 15mm
Transport speed 900 ± 40mm
Transport speed  1500mm/s (Max)
Transport direction One stage
Patented over the top clamping
Board clamp   Side clamping
Magnetic Pin
Support System Support Block
Automatic Up-down table

Repeat Position Accuracy  ±0.01mm
Print Accuracy  ±0.025mm
Based on the third party test
system(CTQ)verify the actual solder paste printing position repeat precision
Cycle time  <8sec


The GKG GSE is one of the best-selling SMT solder paste printers in China, known for its exceptional performance and reliability. Its popularity extends not only throughout China but also globally, thanks to its stable performance, which allows for years of use without malfunctions. This high level of stability and durability significantly reduces maintenance costs, enhancing production efficiency and saving substantial time and money for enterprises.

The GKG GSE solder paste printer’s market dominance can be attributed primarily to its advanced technology and superior design. It employs high-precision printing technology to ensure optimal results with each print. Both the printing speed and accuracy are outstanding, meeting the demands of various high-requirement production tasks. This makes it the preferred equipment for numerous electronics manufacturing companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large manufacturers, all of whom highly commend its performance.

Moreover, the GKG GSE is incredibly user-friendly, allowing operators with minimal experience to quickly master its use. Its ergonomic design and intelligent operating system enable users to effortlessly accomplish complex printing tasks. This not only boosts production efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of operational errors, further enhancing the overall efficiency of the production line.

To cater to different user needs, our company offers both new and used GKG GSE solder paste printers. Whether brand-new or meticulously tested and maintained second-hand units, both ensure exceptional performance and reliability. We maintain a substantial inventory, ready to meet customer procurement needs promptly and ensure quick delivery.

In terms of pricing, we hold a significant competitive advantage. We provide high-quality equipment at reasonable prices, allowing users to enjoy high-performance devices without financial concerns. Our pricing strategy aims to offer the best value for money, ensuring every customer has a satisfactory purchasing experience.

Beyond providing high-quality equipment, we also boast a comprehensive after-sales service system. Whether during installation, debugging, or later maintenance, our professional team offers extensive technical support to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Our after-sales service covers the entire lifecycle of the equipment, offering users a worry-free experience.

In conclusion, the GKG GSE solder paste printer, with its outstanding performance, stable operation, and excellent value for money, has become a popular choice in the electronics manufacturing industry in China and worldwide. Our company offers both new and used equipment and is equipped with comprehensive after-sales service, dedicated to providing the best products and services to our customers. We welcome your inquiries and are ready to provide detailed product information and quotations to help your production line achieve higher efficiency and better product output.

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