Hanwha SM482 Plus Pick And Place Machine

(Samsung)Hanwha SM482(PLUS) assembly smd machine is a famous brand of SMT pick and place machine in the SMT market. It is made from Korea,Recently , it is become more and more popular in SMT field.as Hanwha sm482 plus is a very stable and high precision surface mount smt machine.

Once you use it, you will love it and want more this model machine for your SMT assembly line, you wont need to worry about the machine quality, it works well and few problems during mounting your PCB boards.

  • High speed  about 40000CPH.
  • 8Nos Head
  • Support from 01005-42mm QFN.
  • 45mm camera
  • PCB Max Size:460(L)  x  400(W).
  • SM482
    Multi-Functional pick and place machine

    ▶ Speed : 30,000CPH (Optimum)
    ▶ Structure : 1 Gantry x 6 Spindles/Head
    ▶ Parts : 0402(01005″)~ㅁ55mm(H15mm)
    ▶ Accuracy : ±40㎛@±3σ/Chip
    ▶ PCB Size : L460xW400(Standard)


Choosing an ideal pick and place machine is pretty confusing nowadays. Market in full of a variety of pick and place machines. Choosing among those options would be a hard task for you. Well, you are looking for a pick and place machine, so we have a great option for you. On this page, we are going to share an honest Hanwha sm482 review.

In this review, we are going to explain Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine in detail. We are going to discuss its features, its size, how it works, and much more. Moreover, we will also let you know interesting facts and the advantages of this machine.

In addition to the product discussion, we have also mentioned FAQs at the bottom of this page. These FAQs are well-researched by our team of experts. Even we have also shared details about the company behind this machine. Let’s start exploring this page to check whether the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine matches your expectations or not.

What is Hanwha sm482?

Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine is a robotic machine that uses a vacuum to place a surface-mount device onto a printed surface board. It has a very high speed and high accuracy, so you will get accurate results in less time. This SMT samsung/hanwha pick and place machine is extremely flexible; due to their flexibility, they are easily programmed and handled.

Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine is safe and easy to use. If you further want to know about the features of the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine then check out our next section. In the next section, we have discussed the features of this machine in-depth.

Why should you choose the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine?

Before reaching this review, you might have gone through various similar products. Now, you might be thinking about what is special about this product. Well, in this section, we are going to discuss some of the interesting features of this machine that makes it one of the best SMT pick and place machines.

  • Built-In vacuum pump:

Hanwha sm482 pick and place is made up of high quality and robust vacuum pump. The metallic material that is used in the manufacturing of vacuum pump is stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum.

Sealing material is also used in it that includes elastomeric seals and metal seals.

The vacuum pump plays a very important role in this pick and place machine. It makes air consumption About 50 NL/ min. In simple words, the pick and place function is performed by this vacuum pump.


  • Easily identifiable feeders:

Identification of feeders in pick and place machines is quite difficult. The problems in the feeders of pick and place machines can easily be ignored, but they might lead to big problems. Due to the high speed of the feeding mechanism, the feeders can become worn. In such cases, it should be repaired or replaced. But feeders in the Hanwha sm482 machine are easily identifiable and because of that, you don’t need to face such type of problem.


  • Accuracy:

Accuracy plays an important role when a machine is programmed to move from its current position. And because of its great importance, the buyer must know about the accuracy of the machine before buying it.

Hanwha sm482 machine consist of accuracy of about (μ + 3 σ) + 0.05mm/chip. Due to its high accuracy, it is worthy to use. The high accuracy helps the machine to move on the right dimensions and helps it to maintain the track. The accuracy of this machine was measured after performing several different tests.

Other options:

Hanwha sm482 comes with a lot of interesting options. Following are the most common options of this pick and place machine:

  • Ups
  • Tape cutter box
  • Docking carts for a quick job change
  • Intelligent feeder system including bar code reading of PCB and parts, lot tracking
  • Various large board options
  • A smart feeder with auto splicing
  • Safety area sensor
  • Multi-story tray feeders


Till now, we have learned a lot about Hanwha sm482. Well, now we are going to report on the advantages of this product.


If you are tired of the slow speed of your pick and place activities, then you must be giving a try to the Hanwha sm482. This product features some high-quality components that enhance the working speed of the product. This machine will boost your manufacturing process. Moreover, it is also very accurate, so not only you are going to perform the tasks quickly, but also accurately.

High precision:

We have briefly discussed the accuracy of the product in the previous section, so let’s discuss it further. Hanwha sm482 consists of high precision and accuracy. Due to its high precision, the machine works so fast that human assembly can never match it. This high precision of Hanwha sm482 pick and place ensures better performance of the machine.

The reason why the precision and accuracy of Hanwha  sm482 is very high is the key to it is an optical sensor. Optical sensors are widely used to detect trace levels of pesticides. Optical sensors are divided into various subclasses such as resonance, dispersion, refraction, etc.

So, optical sensors play a very important role in the high precision and accuracy of the Hanwha  sm482 machine. Moreover, we also found that the optical sensors used in this machine are of extraordinary quality.



Hanwha sm482 is highly flexible and a user can use it easily. Whatever plans, dimensions, specifications, or movements a consumer has in his mind, they are easily programmed and handled without any sort of problem.

They make a room for a wide range of components and operations. Due to its amazing and robust design, it can handle products of different shapes and types.



One of the best advantages of the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine is that it consists of automation mode. Because of automatic mode, it is easy for consumers to use this machine, and in this manner, it is time-saving as well.

With the usage of the automation mode, the consumers will see a serious uptake in their productivity. Moreover, the machine wastes less material, which ensures that companies can get more out of their investment.



Safety is one of the most important parts of a workplace. One should ensure safety before working. Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine is safe to use. The heavy products or objects that are difficult for workers to move, the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine can move it very easily. In this way the workers don’t get tired, the time is saved, and the overall cost is also reduced.


Low maintenance:

It requires minimum attention for maintenance. Mostly its nozzles and feeder need to be repaired or replaced if needed because they play a vital role in the high precision and accuracy of the machine.

Usually, this machine doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. But, during maintenance, make sure to use best practices to avoid any kind of damage.


User guide-How to choose the best pick and place machine:

Well, we have shared a review of the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine with you, but the game doesn’t end here! Here we brought a complete guide purchasing the best pick and [lace machine. If you don’t have much experience with purchasing the pick and place machine, so all you need is to follow this user guide.

In this section, we have shared some of the most important things that you should keep while purchasing a pick and place machine. There are chances that you might have questions in mind after going through this section. You don’t need to search for your questions separately because we have mentioned the FAQs section at the bottom of this page.

Things to consider while buying pick and place machine:

Component placement speed:

The first thing that you consider while buying a pick and place machine is the component placement speed. Knowing how fast your component placement is essential because it affects your productivity rate. So, never forget to check for the component placement speed of the machine.

Component types and their sizes:

To buy a pick and place machine you must consider the type and size of the components. Precision can be achieved with minimum and maximum dimensions. Tubes and components may also be found in some parts so it is important to consider these details while buying a pick and place machine.

Feeder slot:

Another thing to consider while buying a pick and place machine is the feeder capacity. For larger components, larger feeders will work perfectly. In two ways the feeder slot is used inside the machine. The first method is to assign feeder slots based on the conversion between components.

The second method starts with the initial slot and recognizes the interchange between the pairs of the slot that cause improvements in the objective function.

Accuracy and repeatability:

The best pick and place machine that will work perfectly and will produce accurate results should be of the order of 0.0001 with a fine pitch lead of 12mil repeatedly. Even if you have a low budget you can always find a used pick and place machine that is going to produce the same results.

Feeder rack specification:

For feeder rack and their sizes, it is better to make serious research and ask many questions from the seller. The feeder rack tends to reduce board area. When it reduces the board area, it will become difficult for you to load the feeder.

About company:

CNSMT is one of the best companies in the electronic manufacturing industry of china. CNSMT develops SMT equipment and spare parts and supplies SMT full-line solutions. CNSMT goal is to provide high-quality and flexible equipment in an affordable range to the customers.

CNSMT aims to provide the customers with the best and high-quality products. It features teams of experts that collaborate to produce the products.


Hanwha sm482 plus pick and place machine is one of the fastest pick and place machines in the market. In this article, we have discussed its features, advantages, and many more details. Before ending this article, let’s conclude everything. Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine is made up of a high-quality vacuum pump.

Its feeders are highly identifiable. This machine has very high accuracy and speed. Hanwha sm482 benefits you in several different ways. There is an automatic mode in it that performs automation tasks. These automation tasks reduce the task performing time. As the time is saving, so of course, the labor cost will also reduce.



Is Hanwha sm482 pick and the place is easy to use?

The biggest advantage of using Hanwha sm482 pick and place is that it is easy to operate. The structure and function of many machines is complicated, but the Hanwha sm482 pick and place machine is easy to operate. Moreover, tutorials for operating this machine are also available. If you face any problems while using this machine, you can follow the tutorials.

If the machine has any problem after you receive it, what can you do?

The company offers a warranty for the machine. If you face any problem after receiving the machine, you can simply contact the customer support service. The customer support service is very quick, and they will help you out to solve your problems.

How can you buy this machine?

The steps that are involved in buying this machine are very easy and flexible:

  • Discuss with the company about this product online or by email.
  • Arrange and confirm the final price, shipping payment methods, and other terms.
  • For confirming the order, send your Performa invoice so that company can ship your order.
  • Send the payment according to the method, but according to the Performa invoice.
  • The company will prepare your order based on the Performa invoice; you must send your deceleration, so they can ship your order.
  • 100% quality check before shipping, there is no need to worry.
  • Order will be
  • sent via air or sea.







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