JUKI RS-1 Chip Mounting Machine

JUKI RS-1 Chip Mounting Machine is a high-end and high-speed PCB Pick and place machine, which mainly for chip components mounting.

Here have front and rear feeder station option, or fix and movable feeder plate option


  • Product Name:JUKI RS-1 Surface mounting machine
  • PCB Max size:650×370mm
  • Speed:40000CPH
  • Mount component range:01005-5050mm
Operating system: WINDOWS XP (Chinese, Japanese, English language switching)
Substrate size
Standard substrate (650 × 370mm)
Twice splint (1200 × 370mm)
Mounting component height: 25mm
Mounting component size: laser recognition 0201 (008004 inch) chip ~ □ 74mm / 50 × 150mm
Image recognition (optional 3 types 10mm / 27mm / 54mm)
Standard camera: 3mm ~ 74mm square element, or 50 × 150mm
Precision camera: 1.0 × 0.5mm ~ □ 48mm, or 24 × 72mm
Mounting speed: the most piece of components (the best conditions): 0.0857 seconds / chip (42,000CPH)
Mounting accuracy: Laser laser recognition: ± 0.035mm Image recognition: ± 0.03mm
Types of mounted components: up to 112 types (converted to 8mm)
Device size (W * D * H)
Standard substrate: 1,500 × 1,810 × 1,440mm
Device weight: about 1,700Kg

High-speed chip machine and universal machine function

The head unit is closer to the substrate, the suction time is shortened, and the speed is improved quickly

Optimal deployment speed 42,000CPH * for high-speed deployment

The best line balance to achieve the highest throughput
No need for head replacement, device replacement, to achieve the best line body line body balance to achieve the highest throughput

Juki RS 1

Technological machines and inventions are playing a pivotal role in the progress of this modern century. They have inevitably made human beings’ life much easier as compared to that of the past centuries. But it is not done yet. The creative minds are still utilizing their intellectual powers to pave more easy ways in the prosperity of technological history.

Juki RS 1 is one of those impressive and unbelievable newly invented machines. It contains such remarkable qualities which makes it different from other machines. It holds an optimum 42000cph speed. Its available size is of 50*50mm-650*370 mm (single clamping).

Besides, the available components of this machine are a minimum of 01005-38*38*8.5mm (48*48 Optional). Approx.1810KG is the weight of the pick and place robot machine. 50×50mm to 1,200×370mm is the board size of Juki RS 1.

All these aforementioned qualities will surely help you out in producing high quality as well as quantity of work. Such machines are created to provide relief not only to the industrialist but also to the workers in the load of work. Here, we do intend to play our fair role in suggesting you exactly a stress-free way in your business affairs.

Juki RS 1 has the credibility of maximum speed and flexibility of the high-quality production of any PCB. The wide component range of this pick and place machine is superbly able to make you relaxed and calm from work stress.

The component height of RS 1 is 25mm. However; the component size is 0201※~□74㎜/50×150 ㎜.

Smart machines are getting so much trendy in this scientific and technologically rich era that the industrialists yearn to have modern products. We are introducing Juki RS 1 which is the smart pick and place machine.

This product is prepared with a wide range by keeping the requirements of current reign in mind. This amazing 8 nozzle headed machine can meticulously prove your choice one of the best decisions of your life as it contains a high capacity of 40,000 CPH.

Juki RS 1 is available in a wide size of 50×50mm 650×370mm single clamping. Being modern men, most of you will be looking for a product that can meet your standards and necessities. Only that is the reason that we have launched Juki RS 1 which has a component height of 25 mm, and its component size is 0201 74 /50×150 mm. along with many other unique qualities.

This product does have the capability to improve the speed by up to 70%. More interestingly, the smart look in which Juki RS 1 is shaped surely attracts others’ glance. It is also a solution to those companies which are seeking easy placement of such machines.

This revolutionary product is available at an amazingly affordable price. Its highly adaptable design and size is an evidence of its being prepared on modern standards. In double clamping size, this machine is accessible with 950 mm × 370 mm maximum size.

This contains a maximum of 112 feeder spaces, whereas the power supply is 200 – 415 VAC, 3-phase. After trying this invention, you will experience its flexibility and high speed with specialties perhaps you have been looking for. So, this is the right time to try something new, flexible and innovative.

So, try it and enjoy it! Cnsmt provides the machine at economical rates.

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