KICSTART Reflow Oven Temperature Profiler

Product Name: Furnace Temperature Tester

Product model: KIC Start

Number of channels: 6 channels

Brand: US KIC

Measuring range: -150 °C ~ 1050 °C

Measurement accuracy: +/-1.2 °C

Custom processing: Yes

Dimensions: 260*76*20 (mm)

Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 °C

Suitable for thermocouples: 6 K-type thermocouples

  • Product Name:KIC START Reflow Oven Temperature Profiler
  • 6channels .
  • Measuring temperature range:-150℃  ~1050 ℃
  • Precision :+/-1.2℃
Resolution:0.3 ℃~ 0.1 ℃
Internal operating temperature:0 ℃~105 ℃
Suitable for thermocouples:6 K-type thermocouples
Measuring temperature range:-150 °C ~ 1050 °C
Computer requirementsPersonal computer
Power requirements:9 volt alkaline battery


1, the price is cheap


2, can quickly, easily and accurately draw a map


  1. Instant and objective overview analysis


4, easy to use software


5, reliable and stable hardware


24-hour customer support

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Anyway, KIC START is one of the most popular temperature profile, which is widely used for smt reflow oven, and price is more cheaper than other models, its a high cost-effective choice for start-up small factories.

It has bellow feathers


computer configuration

 Minimum system configuration requirements

400MHz processor, Celeron / 128MBb RAM

1GB of available hard disk storage (for product history)

Display resolution 1024×768/16 bit

1 available USB port (for data download)

1 available USB port (for dongle)

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

When KIC’s software is running other applications on your computer, you may need more CPU and memory.



Instrument Insulation Cover Data Sheet (Maximum heat resistance at specified temperature, expressed in minutes)

ConfigurationDimensions (mm): length * width * height150℃200℃250℃300℃350℃400℃
KIC START without insulation260.4*76.2*
LOWRIDER insulation cover260.4*76.2*19.913.
Insulation sleeve 1/8 (3.2mm)323.9*86.4*26.417.611.08.06.4
LOWRIDER plus insulation sleeve 1/8 (3.2mm)323.9*86.4*26.422.615.110.78.7
Insulation sleeve 1/4 (6.4mm)330.9*95.3*26.424.615.511.59.8
LOWRIDER plus insulation sleeve 1/8 (6.4mm)330.9*95.3*26.430.722.616.412.2
Durable insulation sleeve381.0*139.7*76.262.842.233.129.7
Lead-free insulation343.9*88.9*25.418.612.710.

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