KIC2000 Reflow Oven Temperature Profiler

Product Name: Reflow oven Temperature Tester

Product model: KIC 2000

Number of channels: 9/12 channels

KIC2000 furnace temperature tester is a revolutionary test instrument. The software is now updated to Profiling Software. At the same time, more process curve application projects are added on the basis of the original, which gives users more relaxed work requirements.

Processing customization: Yes Brand: United States KIC Model: KIC2000

Measuring range: -150-1050 (°C) Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C

Dimensions: 9 channels 260*76*20 (mm) 12 channels 260*101*20 (mm)

  • For all brands of smt reflow oven
  • 9channels .
  • Measuring temperature range:-150℃  ~1050 ℃
  • Precision :+/-1.2℃
Precision :+/-1.2℃
Resolution :0.3 ℃  ~  0.1 ℃
Internal operating temperature :0 ℃  ~105 ℃
Suitable for thermocouples:9/12  K-type thermocouple
Measuring temperature range:-150℃  ~1050 ℃
System compatibility:Personal computer
Power requirements:9 Volt alkaline battery
Dimensions (with standard insulation sleeve):Length 323* width 86* height 26 (mm) 9 channels

Length 323* width 108* height 26 (mm) 12 channels

System minimum requirements400MHz processor, 1GB available hard disk storage, 1024*768 resolution/16-bit, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP3



  1. Automatic thermocouple position setting import.


  1. Automated temperature curve evaluation.


  1. Automatic visual operation instructions.


  1. When the instrument is overheated or the battery is too low, it will automatically give an indication to stop the temperature curve test.


5, automatic retrieval can ensure the integrity of the temperature curve data.


6, the production process stability is automatically confirmed.

Kic 2000 is the most suitable machine. It is perfect as it has multiple features that make it perfect for you to use. The features are as reflow profile check, temperature tester, thermal profiling, reflow profile, KIC temperature thermal, and KIC temperature profiler. You can run its functions automatically. The optimal process of the machine is so simple to operate. Human beings can operate it easily. There is no high level technicalities to run the machine. The software is the paste supplier’s thermal profile specs. All the process of the software is operated automatically.slim kic2000

Color-coded signals are added in the Kic 2000. It alerts the operator to any out-of-specification conditions. Through the kic 2000, you can not only make your profile attractive but also more eye-popping. It will make profiling processing easier. Technical Specifications Accuracy of Kic 2000 are as ±1.2C. The resolution and variable are as 0.3C to 0.1C.

The internal operating temperature is as 0C to 105C. The thermocouple compatibility makes the kic 2000 perfect for you. It will make the interface of your profile more eye-grabbing as well as attractive. You will love to add the Kic 2000. It will profiling process easier. You are highly suggested to invest in the Kic 2000. You will be appreciated by others who will see the addition of Kic 2000. Do not put away the Kic 2000. Always invest in the Kic 2000. Invest in the machine, provided by Cnsmt, for better results and outcomes.

The SlimKIC 2000 is a real-time solder reflow process system and optimization device. It is an excellent, 9 channel data-logging thermal profiler, which is cost-effective, and easy to operate device; used for the temperature curve testing or temperature profiling. It can be used with many processes including Reflow Oven, wave soldering, glue curing, and rework stations.

Integrated features in SlimKIC 2000 guarantees that every profile run is up to the mark and it will never be required to halt the production to run a second profile. Besides all this, SlimKIC 2000 profiler features the best hardware configuration available on the market.


Temperature profiling 

This data informs you about the temperatures your product reached, for what period, and at what time of the process. Operation engineer knows the exact profile for their product and variations in ideal value signifies a possible problem-or poor quality. Analyzing the thermal profile, enables you to test and enhance the product quality, boost, and solve production problems.

The fundamental elements of an efficient temperature profiling system include:

  • Thermocouple sensors to collect temperature data
  • Data retrieval loggers to secure the information
  • Thermal barriers to shield the data loggers, and most important of all, temperature profiling software for the study and archiving of all temperature data.


Advantages of Temperature Profiling:

  • It gives you improved product quality
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduces power costs
  • Certified process control
  • Fast new process setup with great efficiency
  • Fast troubleshooting


Minimum System Requirements For SlimKIC 2000

  • Dual-Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available storage
  • Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
  • 1 USB port (for data download)
  • 1 USB port (for software key)
  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit or 64-bit)


SlimKIC 2000 Features:  Makes Profiling So Simple, That Anyone Can Do It With Ease.

  • Robust Hardware, Yet Simple Structure
  • Innovative, patent-pending Technology
  • Automated processes for easy profiling
  • Easy to use software platform
  • Process Optimization
  • Word Class Customer Support

slim kic2000 profile

The SlimKIC 2000 simplifies profiling by reducing the process to PWI (Single Number) — so you exactly know how good the profile is. The PWI calculates the usage of the available process window by a given profile concerning its process specifications. The simple user interface supervises the executive during the profiling operation and reduces the chances of improper oven set-up and yield-reducing bugs.

SlimKIC 2000 is designed to give the maximum value and a quick payback by streamlining your thermal processes. Investing in SlimKIC 2000 is a step toward the quality management and excellent process control.


Why Choose CNSMT

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, CNSMT is one of the most famous SMT Reflow Oven Temperature Profile Calculator manufacturers in China and have our development team in beautiful city-Shenzhen. We will provide you the best price, reliable shipping, and best services with a 100% quality check before shipping. We provide at least one year warranty on all our profilers, and after that, if there is an issue with your profile, we also provide you hassle-free assistance, completely free of cost.

repair reflow oven temperature profile

CNSMT provide repair service

  • CNSMT not only sale new slim kic2000 reflow oven temperature profile, but also provide repair service for all types of the profile, So if your current device has any issue while operating,  and don’t want to buy a new one, then you can send to us help repair.
  • Regularly, repair cost includes round-ship cost+repair charge+duty, about the repair cost, we will charge depends on your device damage level, if it only a small bit issue, then it will cost few, if its big problem, and need to exchange some core parts, then will cost a little more.
  • Lead time: our engineer can work it out in few days after receiving your profile, some small problem will finish it within 1-2days, so don’t worry about the lead time, we have a stong develop team about repair and after-sales
  • CNSMT has a complete system from development to the last step of assembly, we have a strict rule of quality control, we test every step before shipment.
  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information
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