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Smt Loader is used at the start of the SMT production line for loading PCBA to the line. Here the loading of print circuit boards onto an SMT stencil printer takes place automatically. Operators place the print circuit board inside the magazine and then load it to the PCB loader. On the other hand, the loader sends the print circuit board onto the Stencil Printer.

  • Stable and reliable integrated control system
  • Easy touch LED buttons or touch panel interface
  • Pneumatic clamp in four points (two in upper part, two in lower part) can ensure feed box is exactly located.
  • Good push design can prevent PCB being damaged while in pushing
  • Real-time fault monitoring of the whole machine
  • Solid and stable design
  • Compatible SMEMA port
NameL shape PCB Loader
Main functionThis unit used to send PCBs out from   magazine to SMT production line
Charging timeAbout 3 seconds
Duration of feed box changeAbout 30 seconds
Power Supply100-230V AC (user specified), single   phase, Max 300 VA
Air Supply  4-6 bar, 10 liters per minute at most
Transport Height(mm)920±20mm (or user specified)
PCB DirectionLeft to right(opention:right to left)
The thickness of the PCBMin 0.6mm
Number of feed boxUpper conveyor: 1; Lower conveyor: 2 (or customized)
Step Pitches(mm)1-20 (10mm step pitches)

SMT Equipment Magazine PCB Loader Unloader used in Production Line


The L-type loader is applied to the plate collection work of the SMT production line, which has the characteristics of saving space, no interference when leaving the frame, and stable electric push plate. The design with a length of less than one meter can meet almost all SMT production sites. Therefore, the L-type loader is also known as a small fully automatic plate unloading machine.




This L shape PCB magazine loader(Magazine pcb loader)provides automatic magazine change-over for continuous line loading PCB into the SMT assembly line using an upstream pusher conveyor,the magazine conveyor are positioned at a 90 angle,which results in a shorter length for the SMT automatic line,this L-type pcb magazine loader is very popular to use for save more space on the production workshop.


  • Automatic magazine change-over and ESD magazine chain.
  • This L shape PCB magazine loader with short machine length.
  • With the optional width adjustment automatically for the Unmanned intelligent production line*With one set of 0.7M PCB conveyor and pneumatic clamping structure
  • Automatic magazine alignment by upper and lower pneumatic clamping.
  • button and LED touch screen operation options available
  • Can with multiple magazine loading capability
  • No PCB breakage guaranty during loading &unloading
  • 90W brake motor drive with ball screw make Magazine,step into the elevator.
  • With SMEMA communication interface, can be connected with other automation equipment.
  • Four step pitches selection(12340mm)
  • Can with the multiple magazine rack Safety cover
  • If you need,please contact us.
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