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MPM Solder Paste Stencil Printer is a very famous brand smt pcb printing machine in the world, especially the model MPM UP2000HIE/MPM MOMENTUM/MPM125/MPM100 are sell well in the market.

Even though these models already stopped production, used MPM Solder Paste Stencil Printers are still well known for smt customers.CNSMT has over 11years of experience in MPM Printer field, we buy and sell, and repair mpm pcb printing machines.

  • MPM Solder Paste Stencil Printer
  • Camera precision”±0.025mm.
  • Automatic printing
  • With clean stencil system.
Specifications of MPM UP2000 HiE automatic solder paste printer:
Substrate processing
Minimum / maximum size 2 “x 2” (50.0 mm x 50.0 mm) to 20 “x 16” (508 mm x 406 mm) (16 “or larger substrates require special fixtures)
Thickness range 0.015 “to 0.500”
Bottom component clearance 0.50 “(1.0” optional)
Substrate transfer speed programmable, up to 60 “/ sec (1524 mm / sec)
Adjustable track height from the ground, 34.5 “to 41” (876 mm to 1041 mm)
Pins during printing / visual cycle, special fixture support method is optional
PCB fixing method: bottom vacuum suction board, Y-direction support and Z-Grip finger
The fixed edge of the track is determined by the manufacturer at the front end or the rear end
User setting of track feeding direction
Printing speed: (6.35 ~ 305) mm / sec
Printing cycle: <11sec (excluding printing stroke)
Image registration accuracy: ± 0.025mm
Printing range: 50x50mm ~ 457x406mm (x, y)
Dimensions: L1875 × W1695 × H1965 (mm)
Weight: about 872kg

MPM Solder Paste Stencil Printer
If you are looking for the best MPM Screen Printer, then the SPM is the most accurate as well as an efficient machine. A perfect screen printer is built for precision batch printing and prototype work.

The standard magnetic tooling and PC-based control system are the most important features of the machine. These features allow for quick changeover and maximum flexibility. You need not waste your time and energy for the purpose of the changeover.

The most important thing about the machine is that it has multiple options for the sake of turning the base SPM into an ultra-fine pitch printer with print sizes down to 12 mil pitch, or better.
The maximum frame size of the machine is 29″ x 29″ (737 x 737mm). Print Area up to 20″ x 18″ (508 x 457mm) with trailing edge squeegees or 20″ x 19″ (508 x 483mm) with single edge squeegees. The printer has a comprehensive and most reliable feature of the control system.

The system setups parameters and control functions for more than 200,000 substrate files. These files can be saved for the quicker changeover.
The SPM printer has the flexibility that can meet any printing need. Multiple vision systems are also added in the printer which increases the efficiency of the printer as well as working. An automatic stencil wiper and pneumatic paste dispenser are also important parts of the printer.

These parts help engineers and operators complete process control. This aspect will also help to save time and money in an amazing way.
Balanced Control Print head helps perfect closed-loop print pressure for repeatable as well as precise printing.

Automatic Vision System with fiducial correction quickly process fiducials “On-the-Move” that helps to capture images in more efficient ways. CNSMT offers the best MPM Screen Printer at highly economical rates. Invest in the printer for efficient work.

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