PANASONIC CM602 Pick And Place Machine

Panasonic CM602-L high-speed placement machine, CM602 placement machine not only follows the original module of Panasonic placement machine CM402 but also adds a 12-nozzle high-speed head and direct suction tray as needed, expanding the original 8 nozzles The function of the high-speed placement head, combined with the 3-nozzle multi-function head with pressure control function, makes it possible to combine up to 10 different module combinations, truly modularization, allowing customers to mix and match at will

  • Product Name:PANASONIC CM602
  • Head option:8/12/3
  • Model option:cm602 cm602L
  • Mount component range:0201-5050mm
Model name: CM602-L
Model: NM-EJM8A
Substrate size: L 50 mm × W 50 mm ~ L 510 mm × W 460 mm
High-speed placement head: 12 nozzles
Placement speed: 100,000 cph (0.036 s / chip)
Mounting accuracy: ± 40 μm / chip (Cpk ≧ 1)
Component size: 0402 chip * 5 ~ L 12 mm × W 12 mm × T 6.5 mm
Universal mounting head: LS 8 nozzles
Placement speed: 75 000 cph (0.048 s / chip)
Mounting accuracy: ± 40μm / chip, ± 35μm / QFP ≧ □ 24 mm, ± 50μm / QFP <□ 24 mm (Cpk ≧ 1)
Component size: 0402 chip * 5 ~ L 32 mm × W 32 mm × T 8.5 mm * 8
Universalized Ver.5 Option: 0402 chip * 5 ~ L 100 mm × W 50 mm × T 15 mm * 6
Multi-function placement: 3 nozzles
Placement speed: 20 000 cph (0.18 s / QFP)
Mounting accuracy: ± 35 μm / QFP (Cpk ≧ 1)
Component size: 0603 chip ~ L 100 mm × W 90 mm × T 25 mm * 7
Substrate replacement time: m0.9 s (when the optimal conditions for substrate length below 240 mm)
Power supply: Three-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V, 4.0 kVA
Air pressure source: 1m0.49 MPa, 170 L / min (A.N.R.)
Equipment size: W2350 × D2290 × H1430 (mm)
Weight: 3400 kg

1. The XY axis adopts the latest linear motor to provide the strongest power for CM602.
2. The new design and materials of the sports arm beam and head not only reduce the weight, but also greatly strengthen the rigidity, making it more stable during the movement
3. The movement of X and Y axis adopts high-speed and low-vibration design.
4. The linear motor adopts a new cooling design scheme, which can cool down faster and more effectively than other equipment using linear motors under high-speed movement, ensuring the motor
Operating efficiency and increase its lifespan.
5,7 kinds of material racks can correspond to all tape packaging components from 8mm to 104mm, which is the most versatile and widely applicable equipment in the industry. And according to customer needs
Qiuxin added an 8mm single feeder.
6. Material rack exchange during operation, overall exchange trolley design, overall exchange support pin design, etc. can greatly improve equipment operation efficiency and model switching time

Panasonic cm602

If you are looking for a high-speed pick and place machine that you can use to increase your production then this is for you.

This Panasonic CM602 is the best thing that you can have. Most especially, pick and place machines must be precise to ensure that there will be no errors on the PCBs after the production.

Regarding that Panasonic CM602 is a must-have. It is a world-class pick and place machine that promises ultimate efficiency. It performs quick, versatile, and very oriented on its functionalities.

So this is your key if you are looking to increase your production without compromising quality. But before you proceed to buy, let us now discuss more of its features and advantages.


Key Features:

  • The heads are multifunctional that is why it will cater to different kinds of PCBs and components. As a result, you’ll be able to accommodate more workloads which leads to more profits.
  • The precision of its components such as its light head, linear motor, and the high-speed camera is superb. This makes sure that you’ll get better outputs every time.
  • Despite being high-quality and excellent in all aspects, this pick and place machine remains to be very affordable.
  • It is highly-durable that is why you can expect that this machine will last long. This is why you can save a lot of costs by buying a new machine from time to time.
  • The design is great as you will be able to add up some style to your workplace. It will also make the machine to be desirable to use at all times.
  • Easy to maintain: It does not have any complex mechanisms that are why maintaining it will be fairly easy. As a result, you can save significant time, money, and effort in maintenance.
  • The price is super competitive. If you will compare it to its counterparts. It will help you spare some of your budget which you can a lot on other things.PANASONIC-CM602


  1. Do you offer a warranty on this Panasonic CM602 machine?

Answer: Yes, we offer warranty both for new and used machines that we sell. This will be your guarantee that you are protected in case there are issues with the product. The warranty can be in the form of product replacement or service.

  1.  Do you sell spare parts for this machine?

Answer: Yes, because we believe that due to the daily use parts can get wear and tear damage. So it is always better to have spare parts ready so that your production will not get interrupted at any point in time.

  1. Does this Panasonic CM602 machine has English support?

Answer: Yes, because we cater to audiences from different countries that is why it is only fair if the machine will support the English language. It will allow English speaking people to understand every part of the product.



Well if you are looking for a decent high-quality pick place machine then Panasonic CM602 is a must-have. It will surely fir your budget and at the same time provides you with the best user experience that will increase your productivity.

Do you want to stay updated about the ongoing technological evolutions? Prove yourself as an efficient and modernized man by having the know-how of industrial inventions. Panasonic CM602 is a multi-functional placement machine.

It is designed in a way that will lead its users to the achievement of the highest throughput. This pick and place machine possesses awesome qualities. Panasonic CM602 is an SMT placement pick place machine with a light head, high-speed recognition camera and linear motor.

Being completely compatible with the CM series, it is known as the single platform solution which can place up to 100,000 components per hour with its extraordinary high-speed level. Let us have a brief look at its peculiarities which prove Panasonic CM602 different from other products.


The Printed circuit board dimensions of this pick place machine are described as L 50 mm x W 50mm to L 510 mm x W 460mm. It has the maximum speed of 1000000 cph whilst the placement accuracy is +- 40um/ chip cpk> 1. The component dimensions of Panasonic CM602 are 0402 chip to L 12 x W 12 x T6.5 with the LS 8 nozzles of high flexibility head. 0.9 S (board length up: 240mm x under optimum conditions).

This machine is the one platform solution for any sort of production along with the 3-phase AC 200, 220, 380,400, 420, 480 V, and 4.0 KVA electric sources.
The pneumatic source of Panasonic CM602 is 0.49 kPa, 170 L/min (A.N.R). This most reliable technological development offers wide component capability from 0402 (01005) chips to 90 x 100mm on up to 18″ x 20″ boards.

The linear motor device in it is a sort of source which increases its reliability. The high speeded pick place machine with a huge number of specifications must be your choice now.


Technological products, as well as electronic things, are becoming famous in the ongoing era because of the efficiency of work. The Panasonic cm602 is the best machine. It is highly suggested.

The Panasonic cm602 is fully automatic. The specifications of the Panasonic cm602 is mind-blowing. It is specially made up as per the demand and requirement of customers. That is the Panasonic cm602 type of machine that is perfect for your business amazingly.

You will really love to add the machine to your industrial collection for the fastest work ever.

You will enjoy high-speed. If you really want to make your work more efficient, you must have to make the Panasonic cm602 machine part of your industrial collection.

That is the fastest machine because of the addition of the latest technology. The machine is also reconfigurable. For the best cause of your business, next-generation components are added to the machine for extra working and support.

USED-SMT-EQUIPMENT- dek-stencil-printer

The elements of the machine support an extraordinary solution. It enhances the working efficiency and quality of production in amazing way.

The machine is multi-functional. Linear motor and high-speed cameras are important features of the Panasonic cm602. Cnsmt provides the machine at affordable rates.

The most important feature of the Panasonic cm602 is as fully compatible with our successful CM series feeder units, nozzles and operation, and many more. This single machine has the ability to place up to 100,000 components in an hour.


It also selects the best components automatically. The best components are selected on the base of the best-suited combination of high-speed as well as multi-functional heads.

The Panasonic cm602 machine is fast, flexible, and intelligent. You will really love to enjoy the cm602 machine because of its highly impressive working ability.

You will find solutions of multiple things in one cm602 machine. The machine has a wide component capability from 0402 (01005) chips to 90 x 100mm on up to 18″ x 20″ boards.

If you are interested in Panasonic cm602, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information


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