PANASONIC NPM Pick And Place Machine

Panasonic npm pick and place machine is a lastest high speed smd machine in the world, Its made from Japan, and its sells very well recently years.If your products need high precision surface mounting machine, Then Panasonic npm is your best choice.

  • Product Name:PANASONIC NPM Smd machine
  • Head option:8/12/3/16
  • Model option:NPM NPM-D NPM-D2 NPM-D3 NPM-TT NPM-W
  • Mount component range:0201-5050mm
NPM placement machine parameters NPM-D3 placement machine specifications Second-hand new NPM placement machine
1. When the mounting head is equipped with a 16-nozzle mounting head
2. Mounting speed: the fastest speed is 84000cph
3. The range of components that can be attached when there are 8 nozzle mounting heads is 0402 chip-L32 × W32 × T12, the speed is 0.09s / QFP, 40000CPH
4. The range of components that can be attached when two nozzles are mounted is 0603 chip-L100 × W90 × T28, the speed is 0.423s / QFP
5. Mounting accuracy: 0.04mm
6. PCB size: double rail L50mm × W50mm ~ L510 mm × W 300 mm
7. Monorail: L50mm × W50 mm ~ L510mm × W590 mm
8. Substrate replacement time: 4.5 seconds
9. Power supply used by NPM placement machine: three-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480V, 2.5kVA
10. Air pressure source: 0.5MPa, 100L / min (A.N.R.)
11.Size: W 835mm × D2652mm * 3 × H1444mm * 4
12.Weight: 1600kg

1. Highly functional & highly reliable DNA inherited from Panasonic ’s mounting characteristics: ** CM series compatible hardware has the capability of 0402-100 * 90mm components. With functions such as component thickness inspection and substrate bending inspection, it can greatly improve the placement. Quality, and fully meet customer needs for POP, flexible substrates and other difficult processes. 2. Simple operation adopts humanized interface design, and the model switching instruction can greatly shorten the exchange operation time of the material trolley.

Panasonic NPM


The modern technological era has evidently produced a huge number of inventions which can surely sort out the biggest puzzles of modern man’s life. Similarly, this technology has embraced the man with such remarkable developments which have been proved time-consuming and very much productive.

We intend here to introduce you to all those products shaped on a modern basis to solve your problems in work field. And here we go!

Panasonic NPM is one of the startling products you have ever seen. It is available in different models such as NPM D3, NPM W2, NPM-TT2, and NPM-WS2. Along with so many models, it meticulously contains a lot of credibility to resolve problems related to high-level work.

Panasonic NPM is directly connectable to NPM-W2. In order to make you more convenient and comfortable, we tell you that this amazing machine is selectable from lightweight 16-/12-/ lightweight8-/3- nozzle head V2. Moreover, it is capable of a max placement load of 100N. However, all the models of Panasonic NPM do have different capacities, qualities, and specifications.

Panasonic NPM-W2 has the ability of higher productivity and quality with printing which is, however, depending over the PCB that you are producing. This is helpful to the larger boards and larger components.

Its features encompass the component range down to the 03015mm microchip and yet preserve the capacity up to 120x90mm components up to 40mm tall and nearly 6” long (150mm) connectors.

Its fabulous functions provide the facility of handling PCBs up to 1,490 x 550 mm (58.7 x 21.6), which is fantastically ideal for industrial boards and long LED panels. Besides, increased placement accuracy of Panasonic NPM is 25um (cpk ≥ 1.0). Its quick-change feeder carts and nozzle banks also prove it different from other innovations.

So, this is the best you can have for your business.

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