Samsung SM421 Pick And Place Machine

SM421 uses Samsung’s patented On The Fly identification system for fast placement, which can support from 0603 microchips to 22mmIC components. It is also equipped with high-pixel vision in the Stage Camera, so that 45mm cameras can recognize standard precision micro-pitch components of 42mm and 0.4mm.

  • High Speed 21000CPH.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Support from 0402-55mm IC.
  • PCB Max Size: 460(L)  x  400(W).
Samsung SM421 parameters
Placement speed: 21,000 CPH / Chip (IPC9850 benchmark)
5,500 CPH / QFP (IPC9850 benchmark)
-Mounting degree: ± 50μm @ 3σ / Chip, ± 30μm @ 3σ / QFP
-Component range: Max, 0402 (01005) Chip ~ □ 55mm
0603 (0201) Chip ~ □ 55mm (standard)
460 (L) x 400 (W) mm
510 (L) x 460 (W) mm (option)
610 (L) x 510 (W) mm (option)
-Feeder: Max. 120 (8mm feeder)
-Feeder: Max. 60 (8mm feeder) SM421S
-Appearance size: 1650 (L) x 1690 (D) x 1485 (H)

SM421S powerful function advantages:

1: Maximum PCB support: 750X500 optional standard: 610×400 Greater PCB adaptability (LED lighting)

2: High precision and low noise design, stronger and faster device library

Three: Powerful Chinese and English Windows NT operating system

Four: Bad board and bad point recognition system

Five: The smallest device 0402-22MM / 32MM (35MM fixed camera)

Six: Non-stop electronic feeder system


Samsung SM421 Machine

The Samsung SM421 is based on the fly identification system that makes the machine perfect for your business. It also has the feature of high pixel vision in the Stage Camera that helps to identify standard 42mm, and 0.4mm precision micro-pitch components with a 45mm camera. Components with complex shapes also give you the best ever performance at the same level.

The production capacity of the machine is amazing. You will really love to use the machine for your business purpose. It will not only increase your production but will also help to save time. At this level, the production capacity of the machine is 20-40% higher than the previous level.

A non-stop refueling feeder is added to the machine in order to improve the efficiency of work. Other important features of the machine are as semi-electric operation, stability and high reliability. Samsung SM421 Machine is very easy to operate.

It is made up following very human-friendly manners and operations just for your ease. Offline programming, line balancing, and other software functions make the machine perfect for your industrial usage and purposes.

If you do not have the machine in your collection, then your industrial set up is incomplete. Cnsmt offers the Samsung SM421 at highly affordable rates with Chinese display less wearing parts. It is highly economical for you as it has very low maintenance costs.

Low noise, low energy consumption, and cost savings are the most important features for you to afford the machine.

The mounting Speed of the machine is 21,000 CPH / Chip (IPC9850 Reference) and 5,500 CPH / QFP (IPC9850 Baseline). The component Range of the machine is 0402 (01005) Chip ~  55mm and 0603 (0201) Chip ~  55mm. The PCB size of the machine is 460 (L) x 400 (W) mm.

Take the decision to have the Samsung SM421 Machine and enjoy magnificent features to grow up.

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