Samsung SM482 Pick And Place Machine

Samsung SM482 is enhanced based on the platform of high-speed placement machine SM471 for the corresponding capabilities of special-shaped components. It is a universal machine equipped with a cantilever and 6 shafts. It can mount a maximum of 55mm IC and support Polygon identification. It also provides optimal solutions for complex-shaped components.
In addition, the use of electric feeders has improved actual productivity and placement quality. And it can be shared with SM pneumatic feeders to maximize customer convenience.

  • Best Condition 28000CPH.
  • 6Nos Head Shafts
  • Support from 0402-55mm QFN.
  • PCB Max Size:460(L)  x  400(W).


SM482 parameters
Positioning: Flight Camera + Fixed Camera
Mounting shafts: 6 shafts x 1 cantilever
Placement speed: 28,000 CPH (optimal conditions)
Corresponding components:
0603 ~ □ 55mm (H 15mm), 0402 (Option)
PCB size (mm):
460 (L) x 400 (W) 510 (L) x 460 (W) (optional)
610 (L) x 510 (W) (option) 740 (L) x 460 (W) (option)
PCB thickness: 0.38-4.2mm
Number of feeders (8mm benchmark): 120ea / 112ea
Energy consumption:
Power supply AC200 / 208/220/240/380 / 415V (50 / 60HZ, 3Phase)
Air consumption 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf / cm2) 180N / min
Dimensions: 1,650 (L) x 1,680 (D) x 1,530 (H)
Weight: about 1600kg

High speed. High precision electric feeder
-Automatic alignment of the suction position
-SM pneumatic feeder can be shared
▶ New vacuum system and suction/mount mode are optimized
▶ SMART Feeder
-The world’s first automatic material receiving and feeding


Samsung sm482

The Samsung sm482 is the pick and place machine that is manufactured following the vision of flying. It maximizes the pickup and placement motion in very efficient manners. It is a fully automatic machine. You need not to go again and again to start and resume its operations.

You will have to give the command once or twice and the operations will be performed automatically.

The machine is equipped with a head. The most important feature of the addition of one gantry and ten spindles make the machine perfect for you.

If you are really looking for a machine that has the fastest working speed, then the Samsung sm482 is the right and perfect one. Component placers and placement accuracy correction system (head offset,C/V offset etc.) have the highest speed, too which make sure the highest speed.

The machine is manufactured with quality material. The material makes the machine perfect to use for a long time.

The applicable in the machine up to 0402~42mm (H=15mm) is optional. It means that is up to your discretion to add and use it or not. LEDs and displays are added to the machine for the longboards of PCBs. The machine will improve actual productivity as well as placement quality amazingly.

You will love to add the machine to your electronic machines. High speed and high precision-driven feeders make the machine suitable for you. These feeders are driven electrically.
The production of your business will increase amazingly. You should not worry to add the machine as it will be perfect for your work 100%. The thickness of the PCB of the machine is 0.38mm~4.2mm. The external dimensions is 1650(L)*1680(D)*1530(H).

Every person desires to have a machine that is easier to move. So, they may move it independently as per requirement. You should not worry about the transportation direction while investing in the machine. The machine has PCB Standard Transport Direction.

Thus, it can be moved easily from left to right and right to left. Enjoy the advanced high-speed flexible mounter and increase your production to grow in the competitive market with the help of Cnsmt.

Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine 

CNSMT Manufactured Machine


CNSMT is one of the trusted sellers of Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine which is located in Shenzhen, China. It has all the features that make a perfect pick and place machine.


With this product, you can integrate surface-mount devices on PCBs. It can function in lighting speed and topnotch accuracy. It can also be used for other electronic components.


Its modern and reliable features could take your business to new heights. This is why CNSMT is here to offer you this product as it will be a great investment in your business for the long-term.


How to choose the best Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine?


The machine must be fully-functional without any defects. This will be an assurance that nothing will go wrong while you are using the machine.


The features must be up-to-date so that it can reach or even exceed your expectations providing you the productivity that you need.


In CNSMT, we see to it that our products will give you the best value because we believe that the right equipment can bring a significant difference in the workplace in a positive way.


What makes our Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine the best?


In CNSMT, our products are crafted to perfection. This is because we do not want any mishaps to happen every time you are using this product.


The Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine have all the functionalities and best features to ensure that you can achieve the best possible outcome.


It also looks elegant with its exquisite exterior. This is why it will be a great addition to your business.


How do you ship the Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine to our place?

We see to it that the equipment is transported safely. It will avoid any damage that might occur while the machine is in transit.

Do you have spare parts for the Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine?

Spare parts must be available at all times. This will make you ready in case the machine experienced some malfunctions.

What spare parts come with the machine?

You can choose what spare parts you want to purchase along with the unit. Since you will be the one who will use the machine, you have the idea of what parts that needs regular replacement.

How many days we can receive the Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine?

Expect the machine to arrive within a week or a few days. The shipment is fast and safe so you just sit back and relax while you are waiting for the machine to arrive.

Does it support the English system?

Yes, the machine needs to have an English system. This will ensure that all users will understand how the machine is used.

How long a Samsung Sm482 Pick and Place Machine could last?

It is all reliant on how the machine is used. It must be handled with the utmost care and must undergo regular maintenance to ensure that it will not deteriorate easily.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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