SMD Reel Counter Machine

The SMD counter machine is usually used to count electronics components for short and long time. That is widely used in electronic factories. But to count the exact smd reel components capacity is the desire of every factory in a more reliable way.

  • High Speed.
  • Cost-effective.
  • AC220V/110V Option.
  • Capability:5000pcs/10s.the best
VoltageAC110V/220V, 50/60Hz(convertible)
Capability5000 pcs /10s/13s/25s
Power consumption30W(2 Motors)
Counting volume-99999 ~ 99999pcs
Net Weight10kg
Reel DiameterSuitable for SMD Reel with any diameter
Reel Interval Distance2,4,8,10,12,16,24,32,44,56mm
Reel Width8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm


1.Full automatic counter, high accuracy, no error.


2.No risk of damaging the tapes, special design to prevent SMD reel from dropping.


3. Count forward and backward, double-checking ensures accuracy, built-in memory allows you to preset count quantity.


4. The counter used drafting LCD screen, easy operation, full English display.


5. Use patent reflector, humanized operation platform.


6.Optional bar scanner and code printer, convenient for component management.


  1. The optical sensor can detect empty components. The motor will stop working when detected leak.


CNSMT Reel Counter Machine 

SMD counter machines are machines that help in ensuring a fast and reliable process of counting electronics, such as capacitors resistors and other small parts. The device is used primarily by factories of SMD parts and other industries that produce similar or related electronic components. 


Also, electronics industries that process, manufacture, and service other industries for SMD parts can also make use of the CNSMT-801 SMD Reel Counter Machine. It’s easy to use and provides near to accurate parts counter and packaging counts. 

tailings stopnot supportnot supportnot supportsupportsupportsupportnot supportsupportsupport
running speed 25S 13S 10S25S13S10S10S10S10S
Motor adoptsCHINAForeignForeignCHINAForeignForeignForeignForeignForeign
processorsingle coredouble core8 coressingle coredouble core8 cores8 cores8 cores8 cores
Voice broadcastnot supportsupport
Fixed point materialsupport
Multi-speed speed regulationsupport
scan printsupport
Positive and negative countingsupport
Scope of useTape-type parts are suitable for all sizesThe maximum REEL diameter that can be put down is 460mn
weight10kg10kg10. 5kg10. 5kg10. 5kg11kg11kg11kg11kg

Specifically, the features and specifications of the CNSMT-801 SMD Reel Counter Machine include the following:

  • Easy to operate with access to an LCD draft counter and a full functioning control panel in English.
  • The machine is fully automatic, which helps in ensuring that the tapes are safe and undamaged. 
  • Functions are easy to set and included in the manual to ensure accuracy.
  • Fast and accurate counting machine for up to 5000 pieces in 30 seconds.
  • Tapes are fully motorized, and the counter automatically stops once it reaches the end of the tape. 
  • The machine also has a built-in memory that records the forward count and allows you to count backward to ensure accuracy.
  • The machine runs with virtually no noise at all. 

SMD chip Counter Machine

Another feature of the CNSMT-801 SMD Reel Counter Machine is that you can add a bar scanner and code printer to the machine to help manage components conveniently. 


Moreover, a fiber sensor detector can also be attached to the machine to detect empty components. The indicator will send a signal to the device to stop when it detects a leak or hollow parts. 


If you are looking for an accurate and reliable supplier for CNSMT-801 SMD Reel Counter Machine, you came to the right place. Talk to one of our expert customer service personnel now and get the best price!

Cnsmt prepares the SMD Counter Machine for the purpose of counting the electronics components capacity of each reel. Smd counter machine is the latest innovation in the field of information and technology. Its important feature is that reel counter machine is a fully automated machine. It provides 100% accurate results. You should not even think about any errors during processing and results. You will really love to add the component counting machine to your usage.

SMD chip Counter Machine3

There is not any risk of damaging the tapes. Another appealing feature of the smd chip counter machine is that it ensures double-checking. Smd reel counter machine can be used by aligning with multiple other electronic devices for the purpose of counting storage capacity and quantity of data.

The optical sensor of the SMD Reel Counter Machine tells you the exact place that is empty. If there would be any sort of leakage, there is a motor in the machine to stop it for further processing. The smd chip Counter Machine is offered by Cnsmt at affordable prices.

You can make it part of your domestic or industrial usage. Zero tolerance policy is adopted during manufacturing the machine just for the best cause of our customers. Its functions are so human-friendly. Anybody can operate and run the SMD Counter Machine without any hurdles and difficulty. The machine could be placed anywhere in a house as it is prepared in a very unique manner.

It occupies a very small space. Enjoy the unique and the most desired features of the component Counting Machine and count the accurate storage capacity of SMD cards.

This will helps you and the fast way to count components on the reel.

To keep your SMT production line running smoothly as much as possible you need an accurate SMD component count on every reel. A precise SMD component count will make production flow better and give you more production. This makes an SMD components counter very smooth so choose the right SMD component counter.

SMD chip Counter Machine1

Component Counters
Provides the high-speed optical fiber, the user-friendly design may cut examines knows the spatial material to stop two conditions, the former convenience assembly line work quality control. Aside from easy to operate it is so convenient that it can set several components.

CNSMT bragging this proudly that we gain over 500 customers’ trust and buy SMD Counter Machine. We still have lots of machines with different kinds of models at our factory. We are a well known and respected supplier in China. Place the order and leave the rest to us.


What is SMD Reel Counter Machine
What SMD Reel Counter Machine used for
What Model do you have in stork
Do you have new or used SMD Reel Counter Machine
Can you provide installation and training service
Can you export to oversea?
How to place an order
How to make payment
How do you ship SMD Reel Counter Machine to our place
What is delivery time of SMD Reel Counter Machine
Do you also have spare parts for SMD Reel Counter Machine
What spare parts with the machine
How many days we can receive SMD Reel Counter Machine
Is it support English system ?

What is SMD Reel Counter Machine?

SMD Reel Counter Machine is used for count smd electronics components in smt factory, which calculates the number of parts in a fully automatic way, and it is convenient for counting materials, sending materials and counting inventory.

Low operating noise. The original design of anti-banding design. Both forward and reverse can be counted, and the number can be preset. With LCD display, easy to read, operation panel in English and Chinese, simple operation Humanized operation platform design.

High precision and no counting error. It is really a good helper for materials management


What SMD Reel Counter Machine used for?

1. Fully automatic parts counter IQC feed inspection
2. The SMD Reel Counter Machine is used in electronic production picking, issuing and preparing materials
3. Components tape counting and missing parts inspection
4 Components counting operation is very convenient
5. Parts counter inventory management and other operations
6. Electronic components type  (resistor, capacitor, diode, transistor, IC, etc.)

What Model do you have in stork?

  • Non-Leak detection type
  • Leak detection type

Do you have new or used SMD Reel Counter Machine?

Normally, we sell new SMD components reel counter machine, as price is not cost too much, most of the customers can afford it, So buy a new one is better than used one.


  • Counter Range (Counter Range) -99999 ~ 99999
  • Power (Power) AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 15W
  • Noise rank (Noise rank) <65dB
  • Weight (Weight) 9kg
  •  Dimension (Dimension) (mm) (L) 450 * (W) 270 * (H) 220 *

SMD chip Counter Machine2

SMD Counter Machine FAQs

How reliable is your SMD Counter Machine?

Since our SMD Counter Machine is made of high-quality materials, expect that it will provide you with the best results. It will give quick and accurate details in counting electronic components. And most importantly, the machine will not breakdown easily.

How do you ship SMD Counter Machine to our place?

We ensure that your SMD Counter Machine is completely safe while in transit. It is properly sealed to ensure that no damages will occur and it is handled carefully by our staff. Moreover, we offer the quickest possible way to ensure that your SMD Counter Machine will be there just in time.

What is the delivery time of SMD Counter Machine?

It depends on the location but you can expect the arrival of your SMD Counter Machine a few days after you place your order. We make sure that it can reach the destination as soon as possible.

Do you have spare parts for the SMD Counter Machine?

Aside from manufacturing the units, we also create spare parts. We are aware that there will be a point in time wherein there is a need to replace some parts on your SMD Counter Machine. In case this happens, you are ready.

What spare parts come with the machine?

It depends on what you need. You can choose what spare parts that you think will be useful for you soon. This will ensure that you are ready whenever there are unforeseen scenarios.

How many days we can receive the SMD Counter Machine?

It only takes less than a week before your order arrives right in your given address. In this manner, you can easily make use of the machine as quickly as possible. It is an assurance that you can profit right away as it will make your production more efficient.

Does it support the English system?

Yes, the manuals are written in different translations as well as the inscriptions in the machine. This will make international users use the machine without any difficulties since English is the universal language.

How long a SMD Counter Machine could last?

It depends on how you use the machine. If the machine is well-maintained expect that it could last even for more than 10 years. It’s just a matter of how you take good care of the machine.


Our SMD Counter Machine is the best value for your money. It provides results and reasonable pricing making you get the best of both worlds when it comes to automatic counting of electronic components. This user-friendly equipment will take your business to new heights. As a result, higher profits due to better productivity will be achieved.


CNSMT is the best go-to place if you want to buy an SMT Reel/Parts Counter Machine. We are located in Shenzhen, China. We sell high-quality SMT Reel Counter Machines that will best fit your needs. It will help you count up the components easily.


The gauges of this reel counter are there to provide you the accurate measurements. In this way, you’ll never have to worry about incorrect measurements that can compromise the project as a whole.


How to choose the best SMT Reel Counter?

Choosing the best SMT Reel Counter machine can be tricky if it is just your first time, but do not worry. Here are the several factors that you can keep in mind if you want to know the best attributes of an SMT component/Parts Counter Machine:


  • Size
  • Added features
  • Accuracy
  • Complexity


So if you will buy an SMT Parts Counter Machine, you’ll not be surprised by what you will be getting. This will give you an idea of what to expect on an SMT Reel Counter. The bottom line is you’ll get a machine that is perfectly running and right there to provide you with the best experience.


In CNSMT, we assure you that you will get the best product. With our meticulous way of checking the quality of our products, you’ll never go wrong for sure.


What makes our SMT Reel Counter the best?


We assure you that we only sell the best SMT Reel Counter that you can surely use for the long-term. Since we treat our customers as they are our own family members, we ensure that they will get the most out of the products.


In CNSMT, we only sell topnotch equipment such as SMT Reel Counters. They are crafted to perfection and undergone thorough inspection to ensure that they are up to the mark.


We only offer products that are useful for your enterprise. As a result, production rates will increase which leads to more profits.


There are times wherein the workload rises and what we must do is to respond. In times like that, you’ll need a reliable SMT Reel Counter. This will help you reach your metrics resulting in larger profits.


Why choose CNSMT?


CNSMT is one of the well-known sellers of SMT Reel Counter. The products are suited for both big and small enterprises. As a result, you will be able to have the best productivity rates.


  • We have a passionate team that does their job in ensuring that the SMT component/Reel Counter that you will get is high-quality and ready to use.
  • We only sell fully-functional products because we believe that you only deserve the best.
  • The loyal customer base that we have is absolutely the manifestation that our parts counter machines are truly world-class.


For more inquiries, please send us a message or give us a call.




How does an SMT Reel Counter work?

The equipment has an integral ruler that measures the component count. It is essential in the production room as you can be able to determine the number of components that are needed in PCBs. This is perfect if you want to have better results.



Why should you buy our SMT Reel Counter Machines?

Precision is important when it comes to PCB production. This is why it is important to have an accurate measurement of everything. About that, SMT Parts Counter Machines are the best ones to consider buying.


Do you offer a warranty for your used SMT Reel Counter Machines?


Yes, because we want to give our buyers an assurance that they are completely secured in case there are issues with the SMD Component Counter Machine.


Does the product have English language support?

Yes, this is perfect for international clients as we are a global seller of SMT equipment. Also, the English language support will allow the users of this SMD Component Counter to understand how the machine works.



Do you provide after support on your SMT Parts/Reel Counter Machine?

Yes as we value after-sales support well. This is because we want to make sure that our customers will get the best value out of their money.

How do you perform quality checks on your used SMT Reel Counter Machine?


We are serious about checking out if our components are up to the mark. So when the product reaches the doorstep of the buyer, there will be no problems that will arise.


Do you also sell spare parts of the used SMT Reel Counter Machine?

Yes, this is an assurance that you will have a sufficient supply of spare parts when you needed it most.


How long will the used SMT Reel Counter Machine arrive after ordering?

Our couriers are work hard for you to receive your package the soonest possible time so that you can use it immediately to speed up your production.


How long will the SMT Parts Counter Machine last?

Just the same with other SMD machines, the SMD Component Reel Counter can last for a significant amount of time as long as you maintain it properly. It can last for a minimum of 5 years up to 15 years.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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