SMT Label Feeder

We’ve developed that an automatic SMT label feeder can solve all these problems. It is the same as a feeder for your existing placement machines have, it can peel and present the label stock, your placement machines can pick and place these labels from this label feeder. Automate your process while improving placement accuracy, speed, and quality.

  • For all kinds of SMT pick and place machine
  • For all different size of the label.
  • With an auto touch screen.
  • Label width adjustable.


1: The label containing the QR code information is supplied to the placement machine (or similar proprietary equipment such as labeling machine) and attached to the PCB board, which is used to realize MES online management of SMT production.


2: Supply roll accessories such as instant noodles, double-sided adhesive, protective film, conductive adhesive, etc. to the attached machine (or similar special equipment such as chip mounter) to realize high-speed and high-precision automation that can replace manual line.


3: Supply various types of roll-type reinforcement steel sheets to the reinforcement machine (or similar equipment modified by the placement machine) to realize the FPC flexible circuit board reinforcement process.


4: Combine various types of roll materials with a robotic arm to realize automatic production instead of labor.

Label Feeder

There are multiple types label Feeders. These feeders are perfect for the smt machines. These feeders can pick and place different types of labels, paper, plastic, copper, and alumina heat sink. The feeders have thickness more than 10mm.

These are perfect for the identification of devices. These feeders also help for the traceability and controlling process flow. Usually, people do all the work on the PCB board by their hands. It costs very high because of the engagement of labor.

There are many apprehensions of users regarding the exact placement with accuracy when such complicated processes are done by hands. But the feeders are perfect to save your time and money amazingly.

You need to worry about the accuracy of the work of the machines. These are perfect for your work. These all steps which are done by hands can be performed by the machines.

The machines make the steps more effective and perfect for long term usage. The machines help you to pick and place the labels ion very refined manners and ways.

It will reduce your labor expenditures as most of the functions are performed automatically. The web width of the feeders fluctuates from one to the next.

These are as 50mm, and 85mm. Even customized sizes are also offered as per the desire and requirement of customers.

Even, the label feeders have peel and present more than 2 labels at the same time. So, you will enjoy magnificent efficiency as well as work performance of the machines.

You will love to add the SMT Label feeder for your smt machine, such as the label feeder for yamaha yv100x yv100xg yg12 ys12 ys24 ysm10 ysm20 ysm40r, panasonic npm npm-d npm-w cm402 cm602 cm202, samsung sm411 sm421 sm471 sm481 sm482plus sm320 sm321, juki ke2010 ke2020 ke2050 ke2060 ke2070 ke2080 JX100 JX300 JX350 FX-1R FX-3R, FUJI NXT FUJI XP…ETC.

Get the variety and choose the best one for better working and save your time by trusting Cnsmt.

CNSMT are supplier from china who manufacturing precision parts and automatic equipment for auto insert or AI and service mount technology or SMT.

Mainly we develop and sell SMT pick and place machines, printing presses, reflow welding, wave solder machine, loader and unloader, conveyor, AOI, SPI, and peripheral auxiliary equipment. With the 15 years of automated R&D and manufacturing experience, we are one of the most professional and trustworthy supplier.

With those said years, we earn lots of experience so you can count on us when dealing with it. Rest assured that you’ll get a good service and a great deal at your price, we can do not just better but the best.

For we always make priorities for our clients who want to have a good service from us, you won’t regret having a partnership with CNSMT. We can’t wait to have a partnership with you.

Label feeder is used with different brands of machines and different models of the machines. We are offering you different kinds of Label feeder for SMT machines such as Fuji, Panasonic, Yamaha, Juki, Samsung, Sanyo, Philips, Assembleon, Hitachi, Mirae, Universal, Topaz and so on.

label feeders can pick and place different kinds of labels, copper, plastic, and paper. We also develop an automatic label feeder it is almost the same as your feeder at pick and place machine but the thing is the productivity is fast with improving placement accuracy, speed and of course the quality.

We also do customization when you are looking for a label feeder that will fit with your pick and place machines.

What model feeder do you supply?

  • YAMAHA YV100X label feeder, yv100xg label feeder, ys12 label feeder, ys24 label feeder, ysm10 label feeder, ysm20 label feeder
  • JUKI KE2050, KE2060, KE2070, KE2080, FX-1R, FX-3R, RS-1, LABEL FEEDER
  • FUJI NXT label feeder, fuji xp243 label feeder, fuji xpf-l label feeder
  • SAMSUNG sm321 label feeder, SAMSUNG sm411 label feeder, samsung sm421 label feeder, samsung sm471 label feeder, samsung sm481 label feeder, samsung sm482 label feeder
  • IPLUSE M1, M3Label feeder
  • SIEMENS label feeder
  • SONY label feeder
  • mirea label feeder
  • SMT other brand pick and place machine label feeder
  • Customiz all kinds of SMT label feeder


We manufacturer most makes of SMT label feeders available at very competitive prices. we’ll not compromise on quality and every one our SMT label feeders are checked through our internal control before shipping.

Our new SMT label feeders are sold with a 12-month warranty. We wish to think we provide the simplest deals around but if you get a far better quote then allow us to know and that we will do our utmost to beat it.

We can supply custom made label feeders for many major machines makes and models. the automated marking per label feeder may be a cost-efficient and straightforward solution which may be utilized in several applications. Conventional label feeders have a width of around 60mm albeit most label size requirements are typically 10mm or less.

The Slim Line Label Feeder is that the perfect solution for little labels, with a width of just 30mm it uses half the feeder positions.

CNSMT are proud to be China representatives for the Slimline Label Feeder – a singular slimline feeder for label placement which, at 30mm, is around half the width of other standard label feeders, maximizing deployment of component feeders.

We also carry a full range of vibratory feeders for many major makes and models of SMT machines.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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