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CNSMT provide you all models of  SMT manual and automatic stencil clean machine in China, we are the strong supplier and manufacturer of SMT stencil cleaning machine in Asia.

We provide you both electric and mechanic stencil cleaning machines, and we have a professional technical after service teach support your business.

You no need worry about our machine quality, we will test all well before shippment.

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SMT Automatic Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine CN-S750
Max stencil size :  745 × 745 × 40 mm
Clean method360°rotation spray clean + compressed air blow dry
Compressed air pressure 0.45~0.7Mpa
Air flow rate400~600L/min
Liquid tank 40L
Clean time 2~4min
Dry time 2~5min
First Filter system: 10μm (Filter impurities and labels)
Second Filter system: 5μm (Filter solder paste and rosin particle)
Third Filter system:1μm (Filter solder paste and rosin particle)
Machine size :950 X800X1680 mm
Machine weight :228KG

1.High quality raw metiral:SUS 304 structure,Acid and Alkali corrosion resistance,10 years lifespan.
2.Economy clean method:Only driven by compressed air, no use electric power at all.
3.Easy operate:One button easy operation, clean and dry complete automatically.
4.Patent 360°rotation spray rods on both sides, ensure good cleaning quality and stable stencil tension. 5.Liquid recycle use, low consumption.
6.Inner-lock safety door and safety valve, once open, machine will be stopped immediately.
7.3-level precise liquid filtering system.Liquid used repeatedly.
8.Super well-known Pneumatic parts from all over the word manufactures.
9.Modular design, easy maintenance.

SMT BStencil cleaning machine

Because of environmental concerns, it has become difficult in selecting the best stencil cleaning machine. The stencil-cleaning equipment manufacturers soon realized the dilemma and tried to remedy the situation by incorporating other chemistries, such as alcohol and trepans, for cleaning PCBs. CNSMT has designed multiple automatic machines and a stencil cleaning machine is of them. The machine can be used for cleaning Solder Paste as well as SMT Adhesive stencils.

All wet-able parts are in Stainless Steel. Spray in air technology works with low-pressure spraying nozzles (less than 1 bar) for cleaning the stencil. In this article, we are going to share some features of the stencil cleaning machine that makes it the best stencil cleaning machine. So without wasting time let’s start!


  • High-quality machine:

CNSMT stencil cleaning machine is made up of much-defined material that makes it a highly attractive and high-quality machine. As we know almost all machines need electronic power to complete their work.  Electric power is the rate of the transfer of energy.

The electric power is produced by the generator and can also be supplied by the electrical batteries. But CNSMT stencil cleaning machine does not need electronic power to complete its work. It performs its function without causing any detonation.

  • Simple operation and software:

The software used for the CNSMT stencil cleaning machine is of high quality and comes up with tremendous features. This software supports the machine in every way and helps in performing the function with great efficiency. The process of starting up, stopping, and restarting the machine is very simple.

The machine consists of three buttons on it if you want to start the machine then click on the start button, if you wish to stop the machine click on the stop button. If you want to restart the machine then click on the restart button on the stencil machine. CNSMT stencil machine does not require you to perform any long process to start the machine. The buttons are already available on the machine to make it easier for you to perform your task.

  • Ensures safety:

While using a machine it is important to know whether it is safe to use or not. Sometimes it is dangerous to use some machines as they can harm the human body or other environmental factors. One of the best features of the CNSMT stencil cleaning machine is that it ensures the safety of consumers. We can use the machine without any concern as it is highly stable. It has a strong ability to clean the stencils at a rapid rate and occupy a small space.

  • Low-pressure nozzles are used:

CNSMT stencil cleaning machine uses low-pressure nozzles that produce a high flow rate. These nozzles are simply designed and are ideal for a high-rise of level operations. Because of the presence of low-pressure nozzles the stencil cleaning machine performs its all functions including the dry process very efficiently without causing any damage to the stencil.


I currently use 3 different solder pastes. Do I need three different stencil cleaners?

No! With the CNSMT stencil cleaning machine you will be able to clean any type of solder paste in the same machine at the same time.

Other stencil cleaners use chemistries that only selectively clean a few types of solder paste. They may clean RMA well but fail when attempting to clean no-clean or lead-free. (Alcohol is a good example of a selective or “vertical” type of chemistry).

What size stencil can be cleaned?

CNSMT stencil cleaning machine is designed to clean up to a 29-inch (750mm) stencil. Larger stencils can also be cleaned with great modifications to the machine.

What is the normal cycle time for cleaning a solder paste stencil?

Wet solder paste will clean in 1 – 2 minutes, depending on the flux type. Drying can be accomplished naturally, or expedited by using hand-held low-pressure dry compressed air (approximately 2 minutes). The total cycle time to wash, rinse and dry a stencil, when using hand-held dry air is approximately 3 – 4 minutes.

What is stencil cleaning?

Cleaning the Stencil as it comes from the printer is necessary to remove trace levels of solder paste from the apertures. Automated stencil cleaning machines are highly effective at thoroughly cleaning stencils.

How do I clean a PCB stencil?

Every 4 hours we remove each solder paste stencil and wipe both sides using IPA lint-free wipes and then blow-drying.

Is it necessary to clean the stencils after the printing process?

To improve the life and performance of stencils, they must be cleaned after use by removing any solder paste on them or within the apertures. The cleaned stencils are stored away in a protective area. Before usage, stencils are inspected for wear or damage.

What is stencil thickness?

The recommended stencil thickness is 0.005” (0.125 mm). It is also recommended to use a no-clean type 3 solder paste.


What is stencil SMT?

Framed SMT stencils or “glue-in” stencils are laser-cut solder paste stencils permanently mounted in a stencil frame using a mesh border to tightly stretch the stencil foil taut in the frame. Framed stencils are designed for high-volume screen printing on printed circuit boards.


What material is used for stencils?


The most common material for stencils is Mylar – and for good reason. It is flexible, durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. 10mil Mylar is our preferred thickness for its flexibility, durability, and versatility.

Stencils are made of stainless steel or nickel and can be categorized based on the manufacturing process (the process by which an aperture is formed on the stencil foil), which follows. Electroforming: This is an additive process by which stencil foil is created by electroforming nickel.


What type of plastic is used for stencils?


Fluted Polypropylene (Chloroplast) and high-impact styrene are two plastic materials that are widely used in these types of applications. Some stencils are used with permanent or removable adhesives to ease the application process in cramped or challenging locations.


What is a high-pressure nozzle?

High-pressure nozzles are ideal for pressure washing, robotic spraying, sealant, and adhesive spraying, paint spraying, road paint stripping, and more. The entire line ensures superior performance and precision while minimizing downtime.


How do you remove solder paste from the stencil?

By using a large amount of IPA it will soften any paste in the apertures and blowing it dry may clean out the solder paste from the apertures. The other way of doing this cleaning is to use a stencil cleaner and place the stencil in the washing machine and clean off all the solder paste.

What is the most important factor for any stencil cleaner?

  • Reaction with the contaminant and cleaning ability
  • Environmental impact
  • User health and safety issues
  • Operational cost
  • Presence of odors
  • Cleaning cycle time
  • Ability to clean different solder pastes
  • Requirements for heat
  • Maintenance requirement
  • Special storage and transportation requirements
  • Waste management
  • Machine design and specification
  • Ability to close the process

What is the stencil process?

Stenciling, in the visual arts, is a technique for reproducing designs by passing ink or paint over holes cut in cardboard or metal onto the surface to be decorated.

What is stencil manufacturing?

Stencil printing is the process of depositing solder paste on the printed wiring boards (PWBs) to establish electrical connections. It is immediately followed by the component placement stage. The equipment and materials used in this stage are a stencil, solder paste, and a printer.

What is a laser stencil?

A laser stencil is a type of stencil used for assembling components in PCB manufacturing. There are three stencil types according to different processes: laser cutting, chemical etching, and electroforming.


What is the purpose of a stencil?

Stenciling produces an image or pattern by applying pigment to a surface under an intermediate object with designed gaps in it which create the pattern or image by only allowing the pigment to reach some parts of the surface.


What are the types of the stencil?

  • Craft and Hobby Stencils.
  • Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Stencils.
  • Quilting Stencils.
  • Acrylic and Latex Paints.
  • Fabric Paints.
  • Spray Paint.
  • Glass Paints.

Does alcohol clean flux?

The most common way to clean flux residues from a repair area is to saturate a cotton or foam swab with isopropyl alcohol or another cleaning solvent and rub it around the repair area.

What is the best way to clean stencils?

Run the stencil under warm water and lightly scrub with a dish brush. Mostly, pay attention to the paint around the edge of the graphic. If the paint is caked on or the paint has fully dried, soak the stencil in warm soapy water, or latex cleaning solution, for an hour (or overnight).

What is stencil cleaner?

Stencil Cleaner is a water-based, neutral pH, and non-corrosive cleaner designed to remove a wide array of solder pastes from SMT stencils and out of apertures. The stencil cleaner is also effective in removing solder flux, uncured adhesives, and board misprints.

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