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CNSMT is a stong Stencil Inspection system Machine Manufacturer in China, which has 100 unit capacity of this machine per day.  we can export to all over the world, with a professional production team and sales team to provide you the best service.

With solder stencil inspection system machine, you can find the stencil defects within a few minutes, and greatly save your time. cause solder stencil inspection machine installed with a high precision ccd camera, that will help you inspect the stencil more clearly.

  • Stencil size: 736 * 736mm max
  • With CCD camera function
  • Power supply: 220V/110v
  • One-stop-shop SMT equipment

Steel mesh size: 736 * 736 steel mesh
Backlight at the bottom: 600MM * 600MM, 48W LED tube
Display: 14-inch LCD display
CCD: 2 million pixels
CCD: with camera function
Lens: 21X-137X
Power supply: 220V/110v
Testing table size: 900mm (L) * 900mm (W) * 900mm (H) (excluding ccd moving part)
Moving direction: the lens X / Y / Z can move
The X direction of the steel mesh fixing plate is adjustable to suit the size of the steel meshC

This Stencil Inspection system Machine is applied to the detection of SMT stencil, screen printing screen, film negative film and SMT, circuit board, printing, LED mobile phone touch screen cover and other industries.

This solder stencil inspection table is equipped with electron microscope equipment, which can help customers intuitively detect defects on the product As well as defects to facilitate timely resolution of problems.

solder stencil inspection machine is an economical stencil inspection system. As the production of electronic products becomes more and more precise, the popularity of some ultra-small components requires the printing process to become higher and higher, and the cleaning quality of the stencil plays a very important role in the printing process.

At present, it is no longer possible to check the cleaning effect of the stencil openings of small components by artificial naked eyes, and the solder stencil inspection machine manual inspection machine is equipped with a high-definition industrial camera.

Combined with a flat light source, the captured opening image is transmitted to the monitor for discrimination, which reduces the difficulty of detection, Improve the detection accuracy and efficiency



solder stencil inspection machine specification
1. Material; steel plate paint or stainless steel
2. Light source: customized LED energy-saving lamp
3. Size: 1200 * 900 * 950MM (customizable size)
4. Microscope: 1-10 million pixels (customizable)
5. Display: 7-19 inch HD display


The stencil inspection system machine constitutes

  •  visual unit:
    1. The camera is an important part of the stencil inspection system equipment, which is mainly responsible for hole detection.
  • stencil inspection system Backlight is very important, it will directly affect the clarity of the test, please do not adjust the brightness of the light source at will, the light source is white.

Visual unit
Auxiliary unit (backlight)

  •  XY structure:
    XY uses screw & slide rail, hand drive positioning.
  • Steel mesh fixing:
    The steel mesh is placed directly on the test platform and fixed.
  •  Appearance structure:
    Press the switch after the power is turned on, and the green indicator lights.
    Light source switch:
    When using stencil inspection system, please turn the switch to [NO] state, the test light source is turned on.
    The front and back are in the Y direction, and the left and right are in the X-direction. The manual movement position moves the CCD test mechanism to the test position, and the stencil inspection system visual display interface is used for manual judgment.
    remote control:
    Control [visual display interface] to zoom in/out.

stencil inspection system Machine function

Operation steps:

  • Turn on the stencil inspection system power and press the [Power] key.
  • Place the steel mesh to be tested horizontally on the [test bench].
  • Turn on the [light source switch], the backlight works (white light).
  • Manual movement control XY direction, make [CCD test mechanism] move to the test position.
  • Observe [visual display interface] to make manual judgment



What is stencil inspection system?

SMT Stencil inspection machine is a system that helps you inspect the solder stencil quality well or not.It can inspect the following stencil issues:

  • SMT Stencil inspection machine can check whether the stencil hole dust or not
  • SMT Stencil inspection machine can check Whether the steel mesh is deformed and scratched
  • SMT Stencil inspection system can inspect the stencil frame well or not

Stencil Inspection Machine

CNSMT Manufactured Machine


CNSMT is one of the best sellers of the Stencil Inspection Machine that is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It has launched its latest models of Stencil Inspection Machine for the automated and hassle-free cleaning, creation of stencil, and much more.


With this product, you will not experience any problems with stencil management to ensure that it brings out the best output at all times. The motor has the best accuracy to ensure that it does not damage the stencil on the process. It perfectly does its functions without the need to be expensive.


It has various models for you to choose from to cater to the needs of every enterprise. This is why CNSMT will only sell world-class equipment today and in the future to promote growth in various enterprises.


How to choose the best stencil inspection machine?


Stencil Inspection Machine must be accurate and fully-automated to give you the best experience.


It should have the capacity to inspect the stencils in the keenest possible way.


In CNSMT, we promise that our products will give you an amazing user experience that will ensure error-free results.


What makes our stencil inspection machine the best?


In CNSMT, there are various models that you can choose from for our stencil inspection machine line that will provide extreme satisfaction. This is essential in every business to make their production higher.


The stencil inspection machine has all the desired features that will give you the best outcome that you want in the most comfortable way possible.

The design is extraordinary too because of its exceptional looking exterior. The outstanding durability as well will give you the best value for your money.


How do you ship the Stencil Inspection Machine to our place?

We see to it that we handle the machine with care to ensure that no damage will occur on the item while it is on the transit.

Do you have spare parts for the Stencil Inspection Machine?

Yes, we have all kinds of spare parts for the stencil inspection machine. This is the reason why you do not have to worry in case you have to replace some parts of it.

What spare parts come with the machine?

It primarily depends on the customer. You can choose what spare parts you want to purchase along with the unit.

How many days we can receive the Stencil Inspection Machine?

It primarily depends on various factors. But mostly, it will arrive less than a week after you have placed your order. So you will not have to wait longer before you can use the machine for your business.

Does it support the English system?

Yes, the manuals and the inscriptions are written in the universal language. This will ensure that everyone will understand how to operate it properly and smoothly.

How long a Stencil Inspection Machine could last?

It is reliant on the way you use the machine. If the machine is properly taken care of then the machine could last for extended periods.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information,

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