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CNSMT is one of the strongest SMT feeder trolleys manufacturer in China, we make all the kinds of SMT trolleys, PCB hanging trolleys, SMT feeder calibrates jigs, and other SMT perhaps equipment.

So if you have any need of the YAMAHA pick and place machine feeder trolley, CNSMT will be your best choice. Ask for a quick quote and get more details immediately.

  • Easy installation
  • Fast delivery
  • Competitive price than other suppliers
  • Customize SMT feeder cart/trolley



Application:YAMAHA YV/YS pick and place machine

Exporter: CNSMT


In this page, you will find the affordable and suitable YAMAHA feeder trolley, as we are the manufacturer of SMT equipment, you will get the best price and perfect service from CNSMT.

Let us introduce you the main types of the YAMAHA FEEDER trolley:

  1. YAMAHA CL/FV/FT/FS feeder storage/cart
  2. YAMAHA SS/ZS feeder trolley
  3. YAMAHA YS machine trolley
  4. YAMAHA tape reel trolley

YAMAHA CL/FV/FT/FS feeder storage/cart


This type of feeder cart normally used for YAMAHA YV100X/YV100XG/YG200/YG12 these pneumatic feeders, Standard model is total of 2 layers, and each layer capacity 40pcs 8mm feeder, total 80pcs 8mm feeder.

If you have a lot of CL FEEDERS in your factory, and not have a good device to storage them, our YAMAHA CL feeder trolley will help you save your space and place your YAMAHA feeders at a safe device.

And our YAMAHA cl feeder cart is stainless steel, the material is hard enough to hold your YAMAHA cl FEEDERS.So don’t worry about the quality.


YAMAHA CL series feeder cart
1.Uesd for YAMAHA CL/FV/FT/FS pneumatic feeders
2.Material: Stainless Steel
3.Structure:Total Two layers,40pcs 8mm feeder per layer
4.Dimension:L920*W600*H1160MM(L x W x H)
5.Wheel:4Omni-directional wheels
6.Weight:About 15 kg
7,Its assembly

YAMAHA SS/ZS feeder storage/cart/trolley


YAMAHA SS/ZS feeder trolley is used for storage YAMAHA electronics feeders, its a different type with CL feeder trolley, So if you both have mechanic and electronics YAMAHA feeder in your factory, you must buy 2 nos for them.

They are looks same as CL trolley, but actually, the feeder base is different, So if you want to buy CL or SS serials FEEDER trolley, please contact us to get more information by mail. Our professional salespeople will explain to you all the technical specification and feathers to you.

Our YAMAHA FEEDER trolley support all the models of your feeder, such as 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm/32mm/44mm/56mm/72mm/88mm YAMAHA FEEDER, 8mm feeder will use one feeder slot space, 12/16mm ss feeder will occupy 2 feeder slots space, 24mm feeder will use 3 slots space, and the like.


YAMAHA YS series feeder cart
1.Uesd for YAMAHA YS12/YS24/YSM10/YSM20 Electronics feeder
2.Material: Stainless Steel
3.Structure:Total Two layers,40pcs 8mm feeder per layer
4.Dimension:L920*W600*H1160MM(L x W x H)
5.Wheel:4Omni-directional wheels
6.Weight:About 15 kg
7,Its assembly

YAMAHA YS machine trolley


This type of FEEDER trolley is the same as the original YAMAHA YS feeder trolley, this is too much different as the last 2 types. It’s used on the machine, not put aside of the machine, last 2 types of trolley cant used on the pick and place machine, just used for storage of the YAMAHA feeders.

This trolley is used to put the tape reel while the machine working. cause ys electronics feeder not with a tail, it must with the use of the trolley together and the meanwhile, it also can storage feeders on the top layer, the bottom can storage tape reel.

So if your ys pick and place machine not with this feeder trolley, it’s necessary to buy one.

CNSMT has a lot of this trolley in our factory, with good price and quality product. we use the best material to ensure you will get the perfect products from us.


YAMAHA Tape Reel trolley


This type of tape reel trolley is similar with the last ys feeder trolley, its function is to store the tape reel 0n the machine, but it without a feeder base for storage feeders, So the price the cheaper than that one.

If you dont have too much budget, you can choose this type of trolley, it both can store small and big tape reels. with 2 layers, one layer is for small tape reel, another is for big tape reel.

this type of trolley support every model yamaha pick and place machine, you just need to tell us your machine model, we will quote you the suitable size of the trolley.

Why use a YAMAHA feeder trolley?

  • To save your factory space and keep your room clean, you must use the YAMAHA feeder trolley and tape reel for your machines and feeders
  • To keep your feeder safe
  • Fast change your production line, by using the trolley, you can prepare your materials advanced, and just need to exchange the trolley with the next materials is ok. it will greatly save your time and labor.
  • Easy to know the number of your feeders, you can put the issue feeder on one trolley, and the working feeders on the others
  • The trolley is movable, you can easy to move them to another place
  • Its affordable for all of you.

What trolley else do you supply?


Who is CNSMT?

SMT Full Line Solution Expert
1, Manufacturer of SMT Conveyor & Loader and Unloader & SMT Printer & SMT Reflow    oven&AOI SPI& PCB Coating Machine& Wave soldering Machine
2, Supply New and Used SMT pick and place machines
3, Tens of thousands of SMT Spare Parts & SMT FEEDERS & SMT NOZZLES
4, Other SMT And THT Equipment and Devices

How to buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and flexible !)

  1. Send us about the YAMAHA FEEDER trolley online or by e-mail.
  2. Confirm the correct model of the feeder trolley what you need
  3. Negotiate and confirm the final price, shipping, payment terms, and other details.
  4. Make the final proforma invoice for your purchase department.
  5. Your purchase people confirm the order and send PO to us
  6. Make the payment to our bank account or other methods that put on proforma invoice.
  7.  We prepare for your product and contact forwarder ready to ship to you.
  8.  inspection by engineer again, 100% quality check before shipping.
  9. After ship to you, share you the tracking number as soon as possible.

This is the first time I use this feeder trolley, is it easy to operate?

Yes, it’s very easy to install and operate, if the trolley is assembly type, we will send an install drawing to you, then you arrange for your engineer to assembly it according to the drawing is ok. It just only several simple steps, if you still have any more questions, you can ask us by mail or online, we will guide you by videos or messages step by step until you solve all the problems.

So please don’t worry about this, we are always here to support you any time and anywhere.

If YAMAHA feeder storage cart/trolley has any problem after I receive it, how can I do?

As we always give some warranty about our products, So if it has any problem after you receive it, we will do our best to help you solve

If any part of the SMT feeder storage cart is broken, we can send you a new part free if within the warranty period

And our engineer will guide you on how to replace the new part online or video

Why choose CNSMT?

  • CNSMT is one of the best Chinese brands that manufactures and resells high-quality equipment globally.
  • We provide several warranty options and unending support to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
  • We ensure that we provide the utmost support to help you out if you have some issues with the products.
  • The YAMAHA feeder trolley that is sold by CNSMT will meet or even exceed your expectations because of the tremendous quality that it has.
  • The modern features and look of this Yamaha feeder trolley will allow companies to reach their goals in terms of productivity. It will also make the job of your employees easier saving you costs from labor.

Do you provide after support on your YAMAHA FEEDER trolley?

Yes, it is our mission to give you the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

So we are always here for you to help you out in case there are issues with the YAMAHA trolley. You will surely have a helping hand that will help you in troubleshooting issues with the product if necessary.


How do you perform quality checks on your YAMAHA FEEDER trolley?


We have standard operating procedures that we follow to give you out the best products as possible. This will assure you that you have gotten the best value for your money as the quality checks will check if there are errors in the exterior and interior of the product.


Do you also sell spare parts of the YAMAHA FEEDER trolley?

Yes, because there might be a time wherein you’ll need some replacement on the parts due to the wear and tear of the product because of daily use. So if you want to have it maintained regularly, you’ll never have to worry.


How long will the YAMAHA FEEDER trolley arrive after ordering?

You will not have to wait for too long before you enjoy your YAMAHA FEEDER trolley. This is because we have couriers that are dedicated to providing quick and safe delivery of your packages.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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