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An improved universal solder paste printer with basic functions and specifications

Rugged frame and high rigidity printing table ensure high quality, stability and durability of printing

Print production line beat 15.2 seconds

Ultra high speed printing performance

Repeat alignment accuracy ± 0.010mm

Printing inspection camera

Automatic cleaning system

Product name: YAMAHA YSP20 printing machine
Model YSP20
Target substrate size L510 x W460mm to L50 x W50mm
Printing head 3S scraper head (3S: Swing Single Squeegee)
Printing accuracy Printing accuracy (3σ): ± 0.025mm
Repeat alignment accuracy (3σ): ± 0.005mm
The cycle time of the printing production line is about 5 seconds (standard printing: good conditions of our company)
Supported screen size 750 × 750mm, 736 × 736mm
750 × 650mm, 650 × 550mm
Power supply specification Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400 / 416V ± 10%
Supply air source 0.45MPa
Dimensions L1,779 x W2,410 x H1,520mm (except protrusions)
Weight about 2,900kg
Model YCPⅡ (Model: KHU-100)
Image substrate L50 × W50mm ~ L330 × W250mm
※ With automatic board width adjustment function
Printing head Double scraper head (choose metal scraper or (rubber) scraper)
Printing speed: 2 ~ 200mm / sec
Accuracy Repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.010mm
Production cycle time 15.2 seconds (normal printing: the best conditions for using L180 × W130mm substrate)
12.4 seconds (non-printing time: carrying substrate + fixed substrate + identifying substrate + carrying substrate + resetting standby position)
Supported screen size (Note 1) L650 × W550mm L600 × W550mm L550 × W650mm
Power supply specification Single phase AC 200 ~ 230 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Supply air source above 0.55MPa, clean and dry state
Dimensions (Note 2) L1,315 × W1,580 × H1,310mm (above the cover)
Body weight about 1,200kg

YAMAHA Printers

This is the twenty-first century which can be claimed as the progressing century of scientific and technological evolutions. With the days passing, we hear about something unbelievable, surprising, and incredible. These innovations compel us to think at least once that what we are hearing can be possible anyway?

Here we are to introduce you to some of the amazing technological evolutions. Yamaha printer presents a variety of products for your convenience. Automatic Yamaha stencil printers, Yamaha YSP20 automatic solder paste printers, High-performance compact printer YCP 10, Yamaha YSP 10 printer, and much more exciting. Printing machines have become so trendy and required that people have started keeping theses printing machines in their homes.

They want to get more easy ways. That is the reason that we are so much concerned with the companies, and stuff which perhaps you are going to have either in your homes or in your business field. Yamaha presents the best ever quality of the printing machines with such an amazing quality that you will love to use it. Let us have a bird  eye view on the distinct varieties of printers presented by Yamaha Printers. Yamaha YCP 10 is a high-performance compact printer.

It is compatible with large circuit boards too. It also contains a wide variety of stencil frames. This delivers a highly efficient production. On the other hand; Yamaha YSP 10 has been featured with 3S heads and stencil suction mechanisms. Besides, its cycle time is upgraded by 20 % for the better quality as compared to the previous models.

This improvement will enable the users to produce their required stuff earlier than the other printers do. This product of the best ever quality by Yamaha Printers delivers the fastest production of work. The machine also includes the feature of an automatic solder transfer function.

Now it is your turn to prove best by getting the printer from CNSMT!

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