YAMAHA YS12F Pick And Place Machine

YAMAHA YS12F is a multi-chip mounting machine, with a high-effective electric feeder. It can handle from 01005 to 55mm IC components, and option ATS will greatly save your labor cost, its the best choice for start-up business

  • Multi-Mounted chip shooter.
  • 5Nos heads nozzle
  • Support from 01005-100mm QFN.
  • PCB Max Size:510(L)  x  460(W).
Target substrate L50 × W50mm ~ L510 × W460mm
Mounting accuracy *** Accuracy (μ + 3σ) ± 0.05mm / CHIP
Placement efficiency 20,000CPH (Our company’s *** conditions)
Component supply methodTape and tray supply
Component type: Tape package: 106 types (*** / converted to 8mm tape)
Disk packaging: 15 types (*** / converted to JEDEC tray)
Target components 0402 ~ 45 × 100mm, including ball electrode components ※ □ 32mm or more, special nozzle assembly is required
15mm mounting height
Power Specifications Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V ± 10%
Air supply above 0.45MPa, clean and dry
Dimensions L1,254 × W1,755 × H1,475mm (when ATS15 is assembled. Except for protruding parts)
Body weight Approx. 1,370 kg (when ATS15 is assembled.)

20,000CPH (equivalent to 0.18 seconds / CHIP)
Supports 0402 ~ 45 × 100mm components
Supports large substrates, L size L510 × W460mm
Various types of tray-type packaging elements, also compatible with automatic exchange type
Tray feeder (ATS15)


Cnsmt offers the Yamaha YS12f. It helps to handle the capacity for mounting 20,000CPH that is approximately equivalent to 0.18sec/HP. The machine is perfect for you whatever business you are running.

The high flexibility of components is the most unique features of the Yamaha YS12f. It will make you feel relaxed.

You will grab the chance to have high components such as 0402 to 45mm, and the height up to 15mm. Ball-type electrode components are also included in the magnificent features of the product.

The machine is perfect and applicable to large size PCB, L510 x W460mm. You will really love to make the machine part of your collection for industrial usage especially.

You will be comfortable to have the machine as it contains the various kinds of tray packaging components by ATS15 Automatic Tray Supply Unit. The tray is operated automatically.

You need not fix in and pull out the tray again and again. Because of its automatic functions, you will just give the command and the tray will perform its functions as per your need and given command.

Built-in Tape cutter is another important feature of the machine. Special types of nozzles can be adjusted just for the best ever performance of your daily work efficiently.

You need not worry about the quality of the machine because it is made up of 100% quality material.

The usage of quality material makes it perfect for long time usage. Enjoy the internal dimensions of the Yamaha YS12f like L1,254 x W1,755 x H1,475mm.

Cnsmt offers the best and most suitable machine of Yamaha for the best cause of its customers. Your all work will be done in more efficient ways.

Reduce your daily human resource expenditures by installing the machine and save money to secure your more and more economic benefits.

Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine

YAMAHA YS12 Pick and place machine as we all know is a vital component in manufacturing printed circuit boards or also known as PCBs.

The strenuous process becomes so much easier with YAMAHA YS12 machine. It is a robotic machine that will help to lift and integrating even the tiniest components on the circuit board.

YAMAHA YS12 will do its function accurately and at the same time safely without compromising the safety of the components.

The components must be safely attached to the tip of the machine while it is transported to the PCB. The goal is not to drop it and at the same time make it intact on the PCB to avoid errors on the board.

About that, we would like to introduce to you the Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine. It is a world-class machine that is manufactured by one of the best brands in the world.

We are selling this one of a kind machine at a very competitive price that you should not miss.

But before selling we see to it that YAMAHA YS12 has passed extensive standard checking to ensure that it is in its top shape when you buy it.

The quality of our products and the value that we give to our customers are truly our way of doing business. We want to make sure that you are in good hands and will never regret any of our products.


How do a YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place Machine works?

It is powered by both mechanical and electronics. Its exterior is somehow has a resemblance with a robot from a sci-fi film.

It is completely functional and can handle even the smallest type of components. YAMAHA YS12 can mechanically detect what to pick up accurately and place it on the PCB as gentle as possible without compromising quality and safety.

The tip is powered by a vacuum which has just the right power to pick up electronic components without damaging it.

YAMAHA YS12 is the best for handling very fragile PCB components so that it can be integrated on the board securely.

But before it gets YAMAHA YS12 place on the top of the circuit board, it knows how to determine the right orientation of each component.

As a result, there will be no problems in the manufacturing phase and at the same time prevent serious defects of the PCB once it was already in the market.

Aside from that, YAMAHA YS12 makes the assembly phase significantly faster which will increase the production for more profits.


Why should you buy the Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine?

There is no doubt that this YAMAHA YS12 pick and place machine has all the features and functionalities that you need to make the production of PCB much faster and better.

Since it is a brand that is made by the pioneers in the industry Yamaha, will give you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong while you are using it.

With its extreme durability and reliability, it will not let you down when you need YAMAHA YS12 most.


Do you offer a warranty for your Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine?

Yes, we value your trust well that is why we make it sure that you are still covered even after buying the YAMAHA YS12 machine.

This will keep you protected in case you found any problems with the YAMAHA YS12 machine. Rest assured that our team will solve it to the best of our abilities.


Does the machine have English language support?

Absolutely yes, since we cater to global clients, we ensure that every people around the world will completely understand how to operate the YAMAHA YS12 machine.

This will also make things easier for foreign users to have a complete grasp of what the machine is all about.


Do you provide after support on your Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine?

Yes, we ensure that we are open to any communication even after you bought the YAMAHA YS12 machine. This will allow you to ask any inquiries related to the machine and to the other products that we are selling.

This added support will allow you to have peace of mind that we are still here to help with the  YAMAHA YS12 pick and place machine in case you need it.


How do you perform quality checks on your Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine?

Before we mark any products as for sale, we see to it that it has undergone tremendous quality checks to ensure that everything is functioning according to its use.

This is to ensure that customer satisfaction will be met accordingly.


Do you also sell spare parts of the Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine?

Yes, that is why you have the peace of mind that you can have a reliable source of spare parts for your Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine when you need it.

This will make you save a lot of time from sourcing out parts on third-party sellers.


How long will the Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine will arrive after ordering?

After ordering, the machine might arrive in less than a week. It just depends on several factors but mostly on the location of the buyer. But we see to it that your orders will arrive on time.


How long will the Yamaha Ys12 Pick and Place Machine last?

It primarily depends on how you will use it. Once the machine is well-taken cared of then most probably it can last for even 10 years or more.

You just have to perform proper maintenance on it and use the machine according to the right use.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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