YAMAHA YS24 Pick and Place Machine

YAMAHA YS24 pick and place machine is a stable and reliable high-speed chip shooer, with max 20 nozzles heads, and 72000CPH.

CNSMT provide used smt YS24 equipment and perfect condition machines for you.

  • High Speed 72000CPH.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Double arms
  • Support from 01005-55mm QFN.
  • PCB Max Size: 700(L)  x  460(W).
Applicable PCBL50xW50mm – L700xW460mm
Mounting Capability72,000CPH (0.05 sec./CHIP: Optimum conditions established by Yamaha Motor)
Mounting Accuracy+/-0.05mm (μ + 3σ), +/-0.03mm (3σ)
Applicable Components0402 to 32x32mm MAX (Height 6.5mm or less)
Component Types120 types (Max./8mm wide tape reel conversion)
Power SupplyThree phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V +/-10%
Air Supply Source0.45MPa
External DimensionsL1,254x W1,687x H1,445mm (Excluding protrusions)
WeightApprox. 1,700kg



The Brilliant Yamaha YS24 Pick And Place Machine


What is the motive behind the Yamaha YS24 pick and place machine?


Yamaha started the YS series with the initiative to provide the world with unparalleled machines.


Yamaha Motor Company has been producing a large plethora of inventions that mankind has taken advantage from.


We have seen Yamaha’s logo on so many inventions, from motorcycles to guitars!


You name it, they got it!


They have been the pioneers of manufacturing technological innovations and are now set to offer us their precious line of yamaha ys24 pick and place machines.


For flawless mass scale productions and exquisite high-quality results.


What are the mechanics and principles of the Yamaha YS24 pick and place machine?


The Yamaha YS24 contains a set of 10 heads that are arranged in a linear fashion.


These heads are set up on a dual set of beams .


And all of this resides within a 1.25 metre surface that is arranged in a horizontal fashion.


With progressing advancements in Yamaha’s intelligence hub, they decided to incorporate their unique ‘Dual Stage Conveyor’.


The purpose of this conveyor is to yield a whopping productivity of 34,000 CPH chips per square meter.


This alone is a fact that stands unparalleled to date, as Yamaha has now achieved the largest productivity in the world!


It also has a mounting capacity of 72,000 chips per hour, which means only 0,05 seconds are spent on a single chip.


And it doesn’t just end here.


Their SS feeder is controlled by a microcomputer and is tagged as an electrical tape feeder.


This technology takes the manufacturing efficiency sky high.


The SS feeder is light in weight but heavy on function.


A perfect blend of balance and efficiency can be demonstrated by this supreme ys24 pick and place machine by Yamaha Motors Company.



What is so special about the YS series by Yamaha Motors Company?


Yamaha took into consideration the escalating demands of chips and mounting needed in the electronic industry.


A lot of brands came up with their take and so did Yamaha.


Yamaha decided to launch the YS24 series which is designed for today’s era of innovative and fast paced escalation.


Time is a major factor when it comes to skyrocketing a brand into the competitive market.


Which is why Yamaha brought out a contender to satisfy all your massive production needs with their premium YS24  series.


The best part about this series is that it is interchangeable or connectable with other products in the YS24 series.


This means you get to have the ultimate experience of performance and convenience!




What are the brilliant tech and specs of the Yamaha YS24 pick and place machine?


  • Printed circuit board compatibility: 50×50 – 700×460
  • Mounting efficiency and capacity: 72000 chips per hour (CPH)
  • Mounting speed per chip: 0.05 second per chip
  • Component compatibility: 6.5mm or less in height
  • Accuracy of mounting: ∓ 0.05 milimeter ∓0.03 milimeter
  • Types of Components: 120
  • Power supply: three phase alternating current
  • Air supply pressure: 0.45 megapascal
  • Weight of the machine: 1700 kilograms


What are the most superior features of the Yamaha YS24 pick and place machine?


  • Area productivity:


It is ranked as the world’s highest productivity area, thanks to its unique dimensions.


A 1245x1687mm dimension is designed to yield you a massive productivity of 34000 chips per hour (CPH) per square meter!


  • Correlation with the size of the printed circuit board:


Usually, YS24 pick and place machines are not compatible with larger printed circuit boards, which means lesser efficiency.


More surface area yields better productivity.


The Yamaha YS24 is compatible with circuit boards as large as 700×460 mm!

That is really large for a printed circuit board!


  • Enhance mounting capacity to fulfill today’s demands:


It only takes 0.05 seconds to mount a single chip.


Meaning that you can get 72,000 chips mounted per hour onto your printed circuit board!


  • The Multiple Accuracy Compensation System:


This is a technological innovation designed to transition the accuracy as per need.


This results in almost perfect and uniquely accurate mounts!


This technology also includes a ‘self nozzle diagnosis’, that knows where to go at what time!


  • Blow station:


No need for you to worry about contaminated and stuffy SMT YAMAHA YS24 nozzles.


The blow station will render all YAMAHA nozzles clean at regular intervals.


  • The unique SS feeder:


This lightweight component is in high demand due to its capability of installing 120 units with ease and convenience.


Since the technology involves the feeder to be associated with a tape, an automatic tape disposal mechanism is incorporated to shed off used and finished tapes without hindering the system.


  • Easy to use but perfect for complex functions:


The integrated software is geared with easy to understand graphics, so that almost anyone in the related industry can use this machine.


It also has a very smart feature of offering a range of four languages.


So depending on the location where this yamaha ys24 pick and place machine will ultimately get installed, a desired language can be generated as per requirement.


The languages offered are: Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English.


Lesser confusion, better function!


  • Not hazardous in nature:


Working in an industry can put forth great harms to the environment and the labourers too.


But the Yamaha YS24 pick and place machine is at par with safety standards and is deemed safe.


Why choose CNSMT line for your purchase of the Yamaha YS24 pick and place machine?


CNSMT deals with not only Yamaha as their only brand for pick and place machines but also offers a wide array of different brands.


CNSMT has a very good reputation with their customers.


Our response time and good pricing makes every customer a returning customer.


CNSMT is specialized to deal with not only the massive industry level machines but their smt spare parts as well.


We understand the ordeals of quality and authenticity, which is why we aim to provide you with the best products in the market at extremely reasonable rates.


Our instant quotations and response time will make your purchasing experience convenient and satisfactory.


If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information











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