YAMAHA YSM10 Pick and Place Machine

YAMAHA placement machine YSM10 features:

1. The world’s fastest in the same level of 1 beam and 1 placement head ※ The entry model of surface mounter with 46,000CPH performance;

2. Compared with the previous models, the speed is increased by more than 25%, realizing the world’s fast placement capability in the same level, equipped with HM placement head, which uses a new scanning camera that improves the component response-ability;

3.Flexible support the production site;

4. Achieve the function of stable production;

5. Multi-module high flexibility production.

  • High Speed 46000CPH(best condition)
  • High-end SMD Placement Equipment.
  • Support from 03015~W55 x L100mm.
  • PCB Max Size: L510 × W460mm.
Yamaha small block placement machine YSM10 parameters:
1. Target substrate size: L510 x W460 mm ~ L50 x W50 mm. Supports L610mm substrate with optional accessories
2, placement capacity: HM placement head (10 nozzles) specifications HM5 placement head (5 nozzles) specifications. 46,000CPH (under our good conditions) 31,000CPH (under our good conditions)
3. Components that can be mounted: 03015 ~ W55 x L100mm (over W45mm is divided and recognized), and the height is below 15mm. ※ If the component height exceeds 6.5mm, or the component size exceeds 12mm x 12mm, a multi-vision camera is required (optional configuration)
4. Placement accuracy Our company’s good conditions (when using standard components for evaluation): ± 0.035mm (± 0.025mm) Cpk ≧ 1.0 (3σ)
5. The number of feeders that can be installed: fixed feeder rack: 96 more (converted by 8mm tape) tray: 15 kinds
6. Power Specifications: Three-phase: AC 200/208/220/240/380/400 / 416V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
7. Supply air source: above 0.45MPa, clean and dry
8. Dimensions: L1,254 x W1,440 x H1,445mm
9.Body weight: about 1,270kg


Your best YAMAHA pick and place machine supplier in China

CNSMT supply all the models of SMT YAMAHA mounting machine in China,If you are looking for the best surface mounter to run your work in more efficient ways, the Cnsmt is the right place for you. We are serving you with the Yamaha ysm10.

It is the perfect machine for the purpose of picking and placing. It is a newly manufactured machine that is based on the concept of three in one?

Three are as

1) a combination of a mounting speed which is fastest in its speed,

2) a one-head-solution that is free of replacement, and

3) an integration of three models of the YS12 in one model.

So, you will invest in the one machine but will enjoy the functions of multiple other machines whose functions also have been incorporated in the Yamaha ysm10 machine.
Usually, other models have less speed than the Yamaha ysm10.



YAMAHA YSM10 is one of the most latest models of SMT equipment

It is upgraded with the addition of new technology. The Yamaha ysm10 has more than 25% speed of other machines and conventional models. You must enjoy the fastest speed of the machine.

A new scanning camera is also fixed in the machine for component sizing compatibility.
You should not be worried at all while choosing the machine. It is extraordinary. You must make it part of your collection in order to make your industrial work more efficient.

The most important thing about the machine is that it is manufactured by compiling multiple features of the previous models of the machines of the same category amazingly.

You will never feel ashamed when you will make the machine part of your collection. That is an automatic machine. So, you need not move again and again for picking and placing things again and again.

Thus, the automatic functions reduce your human resource by saving money. Save money and time by buying the machine.


Yamaha Ysm10 FAQs


Why Choose YAMAHA YSM10?

YAMAHA YSM10 is one of the most high-end pick and place machine in the world, which is made from Japan, with 5 or 10 nozzle heads, the best condition is CPH 46000/Hour.

CNSMT provide you both new and used YAMAHA ysm10 SMT machine in China, we also have a professional engineer team support your business any time.

Also, the following benefits were YAMAHA YSM10:

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Quick engineering tests
  • Enhanced quality assurance

Does the YAMAHA YSM10 with multi-camera?

Yes, CNSMT provides the YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place machine with a multi-camera, but if you need the fix camera, the price will be higher than a non-camera machine, this is an option part.

if you have a component size more than 15mm, or big BGA electronic component, then we suggest you install the multi-camera, this camera will help you recognize larger range of the components

Is there a way for fast but effective training on assembling circuit boards?

Yes, you can learn the basics quickly because it is not too complex. There are lots of training centers both online and offline that can help you with that task.

As a result, you can manage to figure out how the whole process works in a short amount of time.

Do you need big floor space for a Yamaha YSM10?

The dimensions are not that big. Let’s just say that you just have to put an extra 3 sq. ft. on its dimension to compute if it will fit the room.

The operator must have complete access to the machine while being comfortable.

In this way, they can perform their tasks without being enclosed in a very tight space.

How long will it take for a Yamaha YSM10 to start its operation?

After the equipment is installed and employees are educated, it might only take less than a month to start the operation.

You need more time in case there are glitches in the following components:

  • Boards (raw)
  • Component inventory
  • Stencils

What other criteria you should look for in finding a reliable Yamaha YSM10 supplier?

You must perform deep research about the reviews of other customers.

In this way, you’ll know if it is worth it to trust that particular Yamaha YSM10 supplier.

Can you get benefits on an automatic pick and place machine?

Yes, it is known that automatic pick and place machines do have a lot of advantages, particularly with the Yamaha YSM10.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from a manual pick and place machine:

  • Superb control
  • The operator will not experience tremendous tiredness after work
  • Better yield and lesser chances of rework
  • Reduction of errors

What are the 4 ways for pickup and placement of PCBs?

  • Zero centering mechanism
  • Centering with the use of laser
  • Mechanical
  • Centering of vision

What is the most accurate centering method?

We can say that the best method for centering is the look-up vision method.

The component is initially picked from its position then placed to a camera station that stares at the component’s bottom part and estimates its center position.

What are the advantages of the look-up vision method?

There are few but very solid advantages of this look-up vision method. Here are the benefits that we are talking about:

  • Odd-shape and sensitive components are handled with the utmost care
  • The accuracy of this method is +/-.001 which is considered extraordinary
  • Genuine touchless centering

Does the look-up vision method have any disadvantages?

Although the disadvantages of this are just a few, it always supersedes its benefits.

To give you an idea, here are some of its disadvantages:

  • It needs tremendous time in installation
  • You’ll need to spend more compared to the mechanical method

What is the size range of the look-up vision method?

The size range of the look-up vision method is up to 15mm. You can be comfortable on that range already thus resulting in better outputs.

What are the 3 methods utilized for positioning?

3 methods are available in the process of positioning. They are easy to grasp, the following are:

  • Positioning with zero feedback
  • Positioning with linear encoders
  • Positioning with rotating encoders

What are the types of YAMAHA YSM10 feeders?

The types of feeders are important when it comes to selecting a pick and place machine.

To give you an idea, here are the YAMAHA YSM10 feeder types that you can encounter.

  • Cut strip holders: It is specially made for lesser volume workloads.
  • Tube feeders: It lets you distribute components that are in tubes.
  • Matrix tray holders: Components that are not ready for tape are using this.
  • Electric tape feeders: It is more expensive but great in terms of overall functionality and quality.

It comes in sole units with various ranges and sizes.

What kinds of warranty do you offer for your Yamaha YSM10?

There are different options that you can choose from when it comes to warranty.

It’s either you get a replacement or let the machine serviced by our highly trained professionals to help you in case there are issues with the product.

Does a Yamaha YSM10 difficult to maintain?

When it comes to maintenance there is no doubt that this equipment will not give you difficulties.

Since it is made with modern components, everything is simplified compared to its predecessors.

In this way, maintenance becomes super easy and manageable which will allow your technical team to do it in a significantly lesser amount of time.

Is the price worth it for its features and functionalities?

There is no question that the features and functionalities of this Yamaha YSM10 are all worth it for its price.

Furthermore, the features are all aligned to the current needs of the industry.

In this way, the operators will have a more hassle-free usage of the machine.

Does the YAMAHA YSM10 machine consume that much electricity?

Believe it or not, this particular machine by YAMAHA YSM10 does not consume that much electricity.

They have a power-saving technology that will reduce the consumption of power.

As a result, you’ll be able to save money on operating costs.

How long is the expected lifespan of a Yamaha YSM10?

Depending on use and how it is handled, a Yamaha YSM10 will last for extended periods.

You can get your ROI back quickly though because there is an unending demand for PCBs due to the widespread use of electronics.

Does the Yamaha YSM10 have a decent operating speed?

This machine is specifically designed to meet the production requirement of companies.

Regarding that, we can say that this particular brand and model is true to its promise by having decent speeds to promote faster production.

Do the spare parts of Yamaha YSM10 easy to find?

Yes. Since it is made by Yamaha, you can expect that the spare parts are widespread.

This is why you will not have problems in case you need to find parts for the machine.

CNSMT provide you most of Yamaha ysm10 spare parts in China, both used and new feeders and nozzles available

Is a good software interface crucial on this Yamaha YSM10 machine?

When buying a pick and place machine, it is mandatory to have a good software interface machine.

Some functionalities come along by using a software interface just like the following:

  • Making the usage more comfortable
  • Improved versatility
  • For the improvement of performance

What are the skill sets required for the operator of the Yamaha YSM10 to successfully do their job?

The person needs to have the following to be efficient on their job as an operator:

  • Being organized in the documentation
  • Had been trained regardless if it is online or hands-in
  • Has the ability to figure out the components, routines, and basic troubleshooting

Does PCB production an easy to learn business?

Despite the complexity that this business has, believe it or not, learning it is superbly easy.

You just need to learn things one step at a time and be sure that all the standard operating procedures are followed.

What are the other factors to be considered when choosing a quality pick and place machine just like the Yamaha YSM10?

If you are looking to have the best pick and place machine might as well consider the following factors.

  • The availability of factory training must be present
  • The manufacturer or seller of the Yamaha YSM10 must give an online support
  • Its software updates must not be taken for granted at all times

Do the entire Yamaha YSM10 pick and place machines come with a computer?

Not all, it depends on the model and the manufacturer if they will already include a computer with software already installed on it.

The great thing is when there is a computer included in the package, configuring will be much faster and easier.

What is the recommended rating of accuracy when it comes to YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place machines?

It is said that pick and place machines should have an accuracy rating of +/- .001.

You can see this rating mostly on premium models as their lower counterparts do not cope up well with the standards.

What is the suggested repeatability rating of a YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place machine?

The machine must have the power to produce 12 mils repeatedly.

Is it recommended for a YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place machine to have an all-welded steel frame?

As much as possible, it is better if the machine was constructed using a solid frame.

This is because it will provide superb stability while the machine is under operation.

How much is the recommended price range of a pick and place machine like this Yamaha YSM10?

The prices vary because it primarily depends on the brand and model.

However, depending on the type of pick and place machine, there is a suggested retail price.

This is the price list according to types:

  • Manual by hand – 300 to 400 USD
  • Manual by machinery – 2,000 to 7,000 USD
  • Semi-automatic – 15,000 to 25,000 USD
  • Fully-automatic benchtop for low volume – 10,000 to 35,000 USD
  • Fully-automatic free-standing for medium volume – 40,000 to 60,000 USD
  • Fully automatic modular (high-speed) – over 100,000 USD

What is the recommended CPH for each kind of pick and place machine?

When it comes to PCB production, CPH is very important that is why you must know the recommended CPH for each type.

Here are the lists of the CPH of each type of pick and place machine:

  • Manual by hand – 0 to 50
  • Manual by machinery – 75 to 150
  • Semi-automatic – 300 to 1000
  • Fully-automatic benchtop for low volume – 1,200 to 10,000
  • Fully-automatic free-standing for medium volume – 10,000 to 30,000
  • Fully automatic modular (high-speed) – 30,000 to 200,000

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