YAMAHA YSM20 Pick and Place Machine

CNSMT is a professional SMT YAMAHA YSM20 YSM20R pick and place machine supplier in China, we sell and rent YAMAHA high-end surface mounter machine with a competitive rate for smt factories, if you need large capacity production smt assembly machine, then YAMAHA YSM20 is your best option, which is 90000CPH per hour in the best condition, and electric feeder ensure stable mounting.

  • High Speed 95000CPH.
  • High-end smt machine.
  • Support from 01005-14mm QFN.
  • PCB Max Size: L810 × W490mm.
projectYSM20R TypePVYSM20R TypeSV
The object of substrate sizeMonorail   type: L810 * W490 * W50 ~ L50
Two models: the transfer station only X axis for the double beam   specification models
Transfer 1 substrates: L810 * W490 * W50 ~ L50
Transfer 2 substrates: L380 * W490 * W50 ~ L50
Mount / head mountable componentsHigh   speed universal (HM) head * :
0201 ~ W55 * L100mm, 15mm
The mount on the 0201 element, please consult.
Special (FM) head: 03015 ~ W55 * L100mm, 28mm
High   speed universal (HM) head:
03015 ~ W55 * L100mm, 15mm
Special (FM) head:
03015 ~ W55 * L100mm, 28mm
Mount abilityX:   high speed universal shaft double beam (HM) head x 2      95000CPHX:   high speed universal shaft double beam (HM) head x 2
Placement accuracy0.035mm   (+ 0.025mm) Cpk = 1 (3 sigma)
The best conditions of the company (the use of assessment standard   components) when
Feeder capacityFixed   feeder rack: up to 140 (8mm tape conversion)
One car refueling: 128 maximum (8mm tape conversion)
Automatic pallet feeder: 30 layer (fixed type: sATS30, with up to 10   layers), (type: cATS10, skip with up)
Power supply specificationsThe three-phase AC   200/208/220/240/380/400/416V + 10% 50/60Hz
The supply of gas sourceAbove 0.45MPa, clean and   dry
Dimensions (projections except)L 1374 * W 1857 * H1445mm   (body only)
Body weightAbout 2050kg (only subject)


Are you looking for the world fastest machine to run your work more efficiently in order to increase your production as well as growth?

If yes, then yamaha ysm20 is presented with full of new and highly extraordinary features. The machine is a high efficiency modular surface mounter that is the most suitable for you.

It is versatile in its nature to perform multiple production processes. It is the perfect one to enjoy the world fastest mounting speed at 90,000 CPH.

The most appealing thing in the machine is the combination of the four models. The four models are as 2-beam, 2-head compact super-high-speed modular mounter YS24, compact high-speed flexible modular mounter YS24X, single-beam high-speed general-purpose modular mounter YS100, and the multi-functional wide-range modular mounter YS88. 1 head solution is another magnificent feature of the machine. It is added just for the sake of delivering an ideal mounter to provide fastest speed along with versatility.

The YAMAHA  YSM20 SMT Machine is highly suitable for you. If you have wide business, then you must try the machine at least once in your life. Your industrial work will be performed in more efficient ways if you add the machine in your collection.

Component Mounting Speed (CPH), CPH (Chips Per Hour), and tape feeder are the important parts as well as features of the machine. These maintain the accuracy and efficacy of work in more reliable way.

Cnsmt is the leading provider of electronic machines in the industry in China. We offer the world fastest machine – Yamaha ysm20- for your growth. It is made up of quality material for the feature of durability. You will invest once, but will enjoy its benefits for a longtime.

Latest technological innovations and ideas are applied to the machine to increase its working ability significantly. Enjoy durability, work efficiency and reliability by buying the machine.

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