YAMAHA YV100X Pick and Place Machine

YAMAHA YV100X is a high cost-effective SMT LED Pick and place machine, you just need to invest 10000USD can start up your smt factory, and it’s very easy to operate, YAMAHA YV100X is dos system, if you need windows system, you can choose yv100xg, they are similar function, provide English and Chinese and Japanese languages, you can exchange it accordingly!

  • High Speed 18000CPH(best condition)
  • High-end SMD Pick And Place Machine.
  • Support from 0402~100mm.
  • PCB Max Size: L457 × W407mm.
1. Manufacturing site of yamaha medium speed mounter (Japan)
2. YV100X factory year 1999-2004; YV100XE general year: 2004-2006 (now discontinued; only used equipment is on the market)
3. This model is a medium-speed multi-functional chip mounter, which can stick larger chip components such as 0402.0603.0805.1206.3528 and IC.QFP.SOT.SOP.SOJ.PLCC.BGA. Components.
4. The theoretical speed of this model is 0.20S per point and the theoretical speed is 18000 points per hour. The actual running speed is around 10,000-12,000 points per hour.
Five. The maximum can be attached to the PCB: max457x407mm. Minimum pasteable PCB: min50x50mm
6. At present, according to different customer needs, it can be changed to paste 1.2 meters long LED and other boards.
7. The thickness of the substrate can be attached to the PCB of 0.4mm-3.0mm
8. The conveying direction of the substrate is generally from right to left, and the direction of feeding the plate can be changed as required.
Nine. There are generally 90 types of components that can be placed, which refers to 8mm feeder.
10. In addition to the feeder can be pasted, tray; tube; bulk can be pasted
XI. There are 90 kinds of thousands of domains, referring to 8mm feeder.
10. In addition to the feeder can be pasted, tray; tube; bulk can be pasted
XI. Overall dimensions of the machine L1650xW1450x1450mm
Twelve. Three-phase AC200V; AC380V;
Thirteen. 0.55MPA
15. Weight: 1580KG


YAMAHA YV100X Mounting Machine


Yamaha yv100x is the multifunctional Pick and Place Machine. That is fully automatic which is easier for every person to operate by getting simple guidance.

No matter what is the nature of your business, the important feature of the machine is that it is perfect for every business. It is suitable for all types of industrial applications including electronics, automotive, electrical manufacturing, and many others.

The Refurbished Machine comes with multiple sizes only for the best cause of our customers. The latest technology is applied to the model YV100X. Different PCB sizes along with multiple conveyors are also provided in the model to facilitate you for extra comfort.

Usually, 0.4mm ?3.0mm is the thickness of the PCB in the model. The transportation direction of Yamaha model is very convenient for you because it can be left to right or right to left.

So, you can change direction as per your needs and adjustment. Low power consumption by using the machine makes it perfect for you.


It will save your money as well as time amazingly. Screen Monitor is fixed in the model. You can touch the screen to run your work in more efficient ways. The machine can be run on your fingers.

You will give the command to the functions of the machine, and it will run as per your order. You need to order again and again.

That is the reason; you need to engage fewer human resources that will, of course, save your money by completing desired tasks quickly.

Cnsmt offers you the best yamaha yv100x at highly economical rates. You will really love to make the machine part of your business.

Quality material in the preparation of the machine makes the machine perfect for long term usage. Always pick and place your products through the automated machines, yamaha yv100x.



Substrate size ATS20 (end orientation) W-AT assembly L460*W250(Max)/L50*W50(Min)
Substrate thickness0.4-3.0 SMD components can be placed 100 kinds (8MM)
Board transfer direction right-left/left -right
Mounting accuracy±0.1mm/CHIP ±0.08/QFP
Mounting speed 0.20 seconds/CHIP 1.7 seconds/QFP (with 4 flying nozzles)
Yamaha YV100X original types Ribbon components 100 types (MAX, 8MM tape conversion) 0402–CHIP, MELF, SOT, PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and special-shaped electromechanical components, pin spacing ≥ 0.4mm
Original pallet 80 kinds (used for TMAX, YTF)
Original supply form8-56mm wide, rod, bulk, pallet
Mounting original0603-32mm original, long plug-in, CSP, BGA, QFP
Power supply Three-phase AC220/208/230/240/380/400/416V ±10%, 50/60HZ
Air pressureabove 0.55MPA, 350MIN
Dimensions L1650*W1408*H1850
Weight 1570KG



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