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CNSMT is one of the most famous smt Reflow Oven Temperature Profile Calculator manufacturers in China, we have an own development profile team in Shenzhen, both have sale department and develop department, we can provide at least one year warranty for all of our profile, if you profile to have some problem when used for one or two years, we can repair them for you free.

Reflow Oven temperature profile Calculator is widely used for all kinds of industry, especially in smt field. Now we have KIC2000, SLIM KICSTAR, KIC X5, BATHRIVE V6, FBT10, 12, 24, 60, 61, 80, etc, with competitive rate. If you are the first time using it, we can guide you on how to measure and operate, by video and photos or call. So don’t worry about it, it’s very easy to operate.

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6 channel, 9 channel, 10 channel, 11 channel, 12 channel,


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Your No. 1 Reflow Oven Temperature Profile Calculator Supplier

Cnsmt is the biggest supplier of smt reflow oven Temperature Profile Calculator, the reflow oven thermal Temperature profile used for an smt reflow oven, smt wave soldering machines, and other relative types of equipment,

Your Reliable Reflow Oven Temperature Profile Partner in China

CNSMT Prove the below model machines

  1. Cheap price
  2. Quick, easy, and accurate sketching
  3. Instant and objective overview analysis
  4. Easy to use software
  5. Reliable and stable hardware

KIC2000 furnace temperature Calculator is a revolutionary test instrument. The software is now updated to Profiling Software. At the same time, more process curve application items are added based on the original, which brings more relaxed work requirements to users.



KIC X5 is available in 7-channel, 9-channel and 12-channel models for you choose, all installed with standard K-type thermocouples. More data sampling is just the beginning. The industry-leading KIC X5 can obtain more accurate data to identify every temperature curve and process in the factory. The temperature reflow oven or wave data can be easily transferred to a computer via a USB connection.


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Reflow Oven Temperature Profile to Rocket Your Business

SMT Reflow Oven Temperature Profile Calculator mostly used for test reflow oven or soldering wave machine Temperatures, normally can test up to 300+temperature, now we have 6channel,9channel,10channel,12channel,…different types of smt reflow oven temperature profile, you can choose the model depends on your different product.

Currently, we have bellow models in stork: kickstart, kic slim 2000, KIC Explorer, Kic x5, kic k2, Bathrive v6, Bathrive FBT60, Bathrive FBT61, Bathrive FBT62, Bathrive FBT80, Bathrive FBT10, Bathrive FBT12, Bathrive FBT24..KICSTART AND KIC2000 are the most popular models in the world, we exported about 1000+sets of smt reflow oven temperature profile per year to all over the world

Cnsmt gives you 2-year warranty for our smt reflow oven temperature profile Calculator, we also provide KIC Reflow Profiler, KIC X5 Thermal Profiler,kic2000 profile repair service, our engineer can solve most of the reflow oven temperature profile problems, such as power not work, profile software issue, temperature graph not appear…..


After received your issue reflow oven thermal profile, we can finish repairment within 1-2day, then share the working videos and photos for you to confirm

Cnsmt is your strong technical support team for SMT reflow oven temperature tester machine. We are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week service for you. If you have any need, please contact us immediately!

Time and temperature are very vital variables in soldering printed circuit boards. It is essential to bring the circuit board assemblies up to a high enough temperature for prolonged period to efficiently solder the components to the board. Attaining very high temperature or heating the assembly too quickly can result in the damage of the component.

CNSMT Line manufactures an assortment of instruments to help you precisely monitor the time and temperature variables in your electronics manufacturing processes. This process is called Thermal Profiling and our reflow oven temperature profile is the one that can help.

The SMT reflow oven temperature profile is a precision instrument for sensing the temperature profile of a turbulent furnace in the surface mount industry. Our 6-channel, 8-channel, 10-channel, 12-channel, and 14-channel temperature tester meets the requirements of multi-point testing and has a test range of 0-500 ℃.

The guide rail fixture can be adjusted freely according to the width of PCB without adjusting the guide rail width of the furnace body. This SMT Line Reflow Oven Temperature Profile is highly sensitive making it suitable for reflow soldering and wave soldering. It has a Windows operating system, temperature curve contrast, temperature, time, slope list, a single curve analysis, and other advanced analysis functions to offer quality work. It needs to be placed in a thermally insulated box or bag so that temperature measurements can be made in a variety of high-temperature industrial furnaces.


The profile comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that can work for 12 hours continuously when fully charged, with high production efficiency.


Brand – CNSMT

Weight – 3 kg

Model – SMT Line Temperature Tester

PCB Width – 50-350 mm

Power – 3 phase 5 Wire 380V

Battery – 3.5 V rechargeable battery

Test Channel – 6CH, 8CH, 10CH, 12CH, 14CH

TM Test Range – 0-500°C

Uses – SMT Full Line

Certification – CE

Warranty – 1 year

How to choose the correct reflow oven profile model ?

  • Send your pcba photos to us, our professional engineer will advise which model fit your product,if your pcba require high precision and with accuracy component , then must choose at least 9channels reflow oven profile caculator, KIC 2000, KIC EXPLORE, BATHRIVE V6 can fit it,  if your product min component is 0805 or above, and without big BGA,then KIC START 6channel will meet your demand
  • Share us your budget about purchasing reflow oven profile, some of company financial department has a budget for it, we will suggest you the suitable model depends on your budget, if you don’t have too much budget, then kicstart is your best choice, cause it is a most cost-effective model all over the world, and it also works very stable.
  • CNSMT is a professional manufacturer smt reflow oven profile calculator in China, we not only sale all kinds of the profile, but also has a profession develop team in our factory, so dont worry about after-sale service, our engineer can provide all the problems that you meet while using the reflow oven profile, As we are the manufacturer of the profile, so can ensure provide you the best price
  • Instrument stability:The stability of the reflow oven profile calculator is most important for you
  • The humanized design of the software:The simplicity and intuitive operability of the software interface is an important indicator of the humanized design of the software
  • Measuring the accuracy of the instrument
    The instrument’s temperature measurement accuracy is acceptable within ± 1.5 ℃
  • The advantages and disadvantages of measuring thermometers are mainly from three aspects: instrument stability, software humanized design, and temperature measurement accuracy

How to calculate the SMT reflow oven temperature?

  • The reflow temperature tester inserts a K-type thermocouple temperature measurement line so that the end of the temperature measurement line is distributed at different desired temperature measurement points, and the same time, temperature and corresponding change data of each point are collected. ,
  • And then stored in the storage chip inside the instrument,
  • Then from the instrument data to the PC or other equipment,
  • Finally, analyze the results from the special action,
  • so as to obtain the real situation of the reflow oven temperature changes, so that the engineer can control the reflow temperature Environment, set qualified process parameters to ensure product quality meets requirements.

We provide repair all brands and all models of Reflow Oven Profile

CNSMT has a professional technical service team support all your requirement,including:

SLIM KIC START Reflow Oven Profile repair service

SLIM KIC 2000 Reflow Oven Profile repair service

SLIM KIC EXPLORE Reflow Oven Profile repair service

KIC X5 Reflow Oven Profile repair service

Repair FBT10,12,24,60,61 , etc

We can make sure repair rate above 95%,and mostly can finish with 1-2days

So, if your profile is broken and don’t want to buy a new one, you can contact us discuss the repairment service

Reflow Oven Profile repair


There is a variety of Reflow Oven Temperature Profile in the market today.

CNSMT, in particular, offers a number of these that including:

KIC START reflow oven temperature profile
KIC START2 reflow oven temperature profile
KIC X5 reflow oven temperature profile
KIC 2000 reflow oven temperature profile
KIC Explorer reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive S6 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive R6 wireless reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT60 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT61 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT80 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT10 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT12 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT16 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive FBT24 reflow oven temperature profile
Bathrive V6 reflow oven temperature profile
DATAPAQ DQ1860 tester
DATAPAQ DQ1810 tester
DATAPAQ DQ1862 tester
DATAPAQ DQ1812 tester
reflow oven temperature profile accessories
reflow oven temperature profile repair
Custom insulation box


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Best Material for Reflow Oven Temperature Profile

  • Stencil material for the cover, hard and good quality, not easy broken
  • High-temperature resistance tape with the profile
  • High-quality connector test wire
  • The standard and perfect package
  • Long-life battery
  • Complete instruction document

Why buy Reflow Oven Temperature Profile from CNSMT?

  • We are the manufacturer of the device, you will get the best service and best rate from us
  • over 10 years of Reflow Oven Temperature Profile development and export experience
  • We export over 2000+ sets of Reflow Oven Temperature Profiles per year
  • We have a perfect after-sale team support the best service for you
  • We have a professional sales team, ensure communicate with you well and immediately, so that save more time for both of us
  • Fast delivery, we have most of Reflow Oven Temperature Profile in stork and can ship them within 1-2days
  • Well and perfect package, we customize the special box for each model of Reflow Oven Temperature Profile, so that it can deliver to you safe and not any broken
  • 24/7 online service support your business
  • We have hundreds of customers all over the world and be trusted by them for our products and service

We have been providing high-quality temperature curve testing systems for global SMT manufacturers, electronics, powder coatings, inks, automobiles, plastics, heat treatment, billet heating and many other industries. Currently, thousands of customers have used this system to understand, control and calculate their reflow temperature and benefit from it.

The reflow oven temperature profile calculator system is famous for its extraordinary accuracy, reliability and ease of use, and it is the best choice in the temperature curve test. We will continue to provide customers with value-for-money furnace temperature tester systems.

How to calculate reflow oven temperature?

Operating procedures:

1 Reflow temperature test environment: temperature: 22 ~ 28 ℃; humidity: 45 ~ 75%.

2 Test frequency: once every 6 hours; test once when changing the product type (except when there are abnormal conditions). Test timing: model switching, reflow furnace startup, solder paste brand replacement, program change, major quality issues

3 Selection of test board: The semi-finished product of the PCB board of the corresponding model of the Profile and the SMD parts to be tested can be tested (the scrap board with complete parts is also available).

4 Test board placement direction and test status:

4.1 The customer has requirements on the direction of putting the board, which is subject to the customer’s requirements

4.2 The customer has no requirements for the direction of placing the board: the positioning hole is leaned towards the middle of the track of the reflow oven temperature profile.

5. Selection of test points:

5.1 If the customer has a designated test point, the board must use the customer-specified test point for reflow oven temperature profile.

5.2 The customer does not specify a board to select test points, and the selection of test points must comply with the following requirements:

5.2.1 According to the number of PCBA points and components, 4 to 6 points are selected as test points. When there is BGA, the BGA test point is not less than two points, and the BGA solder ball and BGA surface temperature are tested one point each. Select a point on the IC pin pad to test the temperature of the bottom of the IC pin, a test point for the PCB surface temperature or the temperature of the CHIP part. If there are several QFPs on a PCB, the larger one is preferred as the test point. Generally, the order of temperature measurement components is BGA, QFP, PLCC, SOJ, SOT, DIODE, and CHIP.

5.2.2 When there are higher components on PCBA such as SMD electrolytic capacitor and SMD coil inductance, the temperature should be measured first.

5.2.3 Welding of special test points: If there are some special materials, when selecting test points, priority must be given to selecting test points on the material pad to ensure the welding effect of the material.

5.2.4 Welding points of fixed temperature measuring line The size of welding points of fixed temperature measuring line shall be as small as possible without affecting the firmness and temperature test.

5.2.5 Material for fixing the reflow temperature measuring wire The material for fixing the temperature measuring wire must be: high temperature tin wire or red glue fixed above 380 degrees, in order to ensure the firmness of the welding and the accuracy of the temperature.

6. The reflow oven temperature measured by the monitoring temperature tester each time is confirmed and approved by the engineer before the reflow temperature curve becomes effective; IPQC checks the furnace temperature curve measured by the furnace temperature tester each time, if not, the furnace is required The warm tester readjusts and tests until qualified.

7. Temperature setting standard:

7.1 When the customer has requirements, the curve provided by the customer shall prevail.

7.2 When the customer has no requirements, it is set according to the requirements of “Lead-Free Furnace Temperature Curve Standard Book”.

7.3 The PWI value must be less than 90%.

7.4 Setting range of reflow furnace speed: the range of solder paste technology patch product reflow furnace is 60 ± 10cm / min; the red glue process patch product reflow furnace speed setting range is 70 ± 10 cm / min

8. Exception handling:

8.1 When the reflow temperature is too high or too low, the board cannot be passed when it does not meet the set temperature requirements, and the board cannot be passed when the speed of the chain does not meet the requirements. After the engineer resets the reflow oven temperature and the furnace temperature tester retests OK After passing the board, the quality of the previous board can be tracked.

8.2 When the PCB board or furnace temperature tester is stuck in the reflow furnace, press the emergency stop button and notify the engineer to deal with it.

9. Matters needing attention:9.1 The furnace temperature tester must wear electrostatic gloves and electrostatic rings when carrying out the test operation. When the board needs to be taken, the board edge must be taken, not the board surface.

9.2 The furnace temperature test board is used 30 times, and the furnace temperature test board must be re-made after more than 30 times.

9.3 After the qualified profile curve is tested for each new model trial production, it is tested twice continuously to check the stability of the reflow oven.

9.4 If the customer provides a Profile curve, debug the furnace temperature according to the Profile curve. If the customer does not provide the Profile curve, then adjust the furnace

temperature according to the requirements of the solder paste composition. Adjust the furnace temperature and chain speed after OK, fill in the “Reflow Furnace Parameter Setting Standard Table” and “Oven Temperature Test Report”.

9.5 When the material and manufacturing process are changed and the parameter version needs to be upgraded, the “Furnace Temperature Revision History Sheet” must be filled out

9.6 Before testing the reflow oven temperature, make sure: whether the parameter setting of the furnace conforms to the “Standard Table for Parameter Setting of Reflow Furnace”, but the set temperature parameter and the setting value specified in the “Reflow Table Parameter Setting Reference Table” are not Beyond 5 degrees,

if you want to carry out a large commissioning of the reflow temperature, you must make an analysis and record it on the “Rev. of Furnace Temperature Modification”. The adjusted reflow oven temperature must be measurement and verified before there is no problem.

Welding, air welding, lifting and other problems, whether the temperature measurement line is broken, short circuit and other defects, only after confirming that there is no problem, the normal reflow oven temperature profile can be performed.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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