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SAMSUNG PICK AND PLACE MACHINE also called Hanwha to pick and place machine, Its a very famous Korea brand of smt surface mount machine, models include Samsung SM471 SM481 SM482 SM411 SM421 SM321S SM431S SM320 CP45NEO CP45FV CP40 CP33 SM168 DECAN and Hanwha sm481plus, sm471 plus, most of them we have in the stork

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Cnsmt have our factory which makes feeders and nozzles, conveyors, so we can supply very competitive price Samsung pick and place machine parts for you, we are one-step smt Samsung smt pick and place machine supplier in China.

Your Reliable Samsung Pick And Place Machine Partner in China

CNSMT Prove the below model machines


Samsung SM411 adopts Samsung’s patented On The Fly recognition method to achieve the fastest mounting of medium-speed machines, and a dual cantilever structure, thereby achieving chip components 42,000 CPH and SOP components 30,000 CPH (IPC9850 standard). Placement speed. Besides, it can also implement 50-micron high-precision placement at high speed, so that it can be implemented from the smallest 0402 chip to the largest 14mm IC component.


Samsung SM481 and 481Plus are the same models, after the 2018year all changed name which is Samsung 481plus, Samsung SM481 is the fastest device which is enhanced for the VISION system based on the high-speed placement machine SM471. It is equipped with a cantilever 10 axes, a new flight camera, and an optimized Material/placement action to achieve the world’s fastest 39,000CPH in its class. Besides, it can support the smallest 0402 components to 42mm IC, and by applying the electric feeder, it improves the actual productivity and placement quality. It can be shared with SM pneumatic feeders, thus maximizing customer convenience.


Samsung SM482 plus is based on the platform of high-speed placement machine samsung SM471 to enhance the corresponding capabilities of special-shaped components. It is a universal machine with 1 cantilever and 6 nozzle shafts. It can mount a maximum of 55mm IC, support Polygon identification scheme, and Provide optimal solutions for complex-shaped components. Besides, electric feeders have improved actual productivity and placement quality. It can be shared with SM pneumatic feeders, The original SM3 / SM4 series feeders, so it will be more convenient for old customers and save the configuration of the feeders.

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Samsung Pick And Place Machine

Cnsmt supply both electric and mechanic feeder for Samsung pick and place machine, electric feeder have original and china made, the mechanic feeder can be replaced china made electric feeder, cause electric feeder higher precision than mechanic feeder,

CNSMT also provide kinds of SMT feeder parts, such as Samsung feeder cylinders, SMT feeder reel, SMT Samsung pick and place feeder screw and springs, these parts must be replaced monthly, ensure that your feeder smoothly working

Every year hundreds of customers visit our company, also hundreds of SMT Samsung pick and place machine exported to all over the world, so please trust us we can support the best service for you



In a world where everything and everyone is leaning towards technology at an incredibly fast pace, it becomes necessary to shift towards innovations that serve the right purpose.

It is important to understand that Samsung pick and place machines have taken over the market like a thunderstorm.

The future is looking at you in the eye and the Samsung pick and place machines are the ultimate portals for mass production of everything grand and trendy!


What is a Samsung pick and place machine?


A Samsung pick and place machine is an avant-garde of technological innovations.

This machine would enable you to produce a wide array of electronic products and gadgets on a mass scale level.

It works on the principle of SMT which stands for Surface Mount Technology.

These efficient robots are configured to integrate a surface mount device(SMD) into a printed circuit board.

This process is carried out at a highly accurate and precision based skill so that your industry gets to manufacture the best quality electronic gadgets out there at a very high rate.

This amazing pick and place machines would enable any industry to mount chips at a bolted rate of 75000 CPH!

A speed this high remains unmatched till date.



What is the science behind the Samsung Pick and Place Machine?


To simplify the process, you can think of it as a micro-excavator.

It sweeps through narrow passages to gain access to reels and tubes.

It then places a variety of electrical micro-components like resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits and more onto the printed circuit board.

This is necessary to activate and make the device that you intend to manufacture into a functional state.

Printed circuit boards are the soul of any machine, so creating a high quality circuit board would be directly proportional to the gadget’s performance.

Printed circuit boards are used in computers, automobiles, mobile phones, communicatory gadgets and more!

How does the Samsung Pick and Place Machine operate?


The machine has two major components. So let us simplify this for you.

One is known as PICK.

The other is known as PLACE.

The pick components are responsible for extracting or picking the micro-components.

Whereas the place components are used to make sure that the picked components are properly placed onto the printed circuit board.

The Samsung Pick and Place Machine is equipped with a unique pneumatic suction-cup technology.

This allows the machine to grip the small and delicate micro-components with vacuum like suction power.

Each cup has the ability to rotate in three dimensions.

And each cup has nozzles that can rotate and move in a completely independent fashion.

So you can imagine how many complex movements can be generated by this powerful Samsung Pick and Place Machine.

What are the unique parts of a Samsung Pick and Place Machine?

  1. FEEDER:

The components are adhered onto a reel made out of plastic, paper or even tape, in the form of a reel.

This reel is then inserted into the feeder.


This belt is the medium upon which the printed circuit boards are sent forth.

The nozzles in the feeder would now feed their electrical components after rotating them to a desired degree or position.

And then place them onto the printed circuit board.

The printed circuit board thus receives these components in the most precise and accurate ways possible.


This unique technology is based upon taking snapshots of the silhouettes or shadows of the integrated components from beneath.

Any malplacement or poorly inserted component will then again become vacuumed by the nozzle heads in a very delicate manner.

After that, it will place it onto the desired and correct position.

This component is very important and makes sure that each and every component is in its proper position.

This will ultimately lead to extremely precise and high quality products in a bulk amount.

Perfect for quality high scale manufacturing!


What are the tech and specs of the Samsung Pick & Place Machine?


The Samsung Pick and Place Machine is one of a kind!

Let us unfold its astonishing features together.


  1. Placement speed: 75000 chips per hour (the highest speed in its category!)
  2. Automatic
  1. 10 spindles and 2 gantrys will allow the machine to work at extremely high precision and speed.
  2. A feeder that is integrated with amazing auto splicing and auto loading ability
  3. Placement accuracy: 50 plus/minus 3 m
  4. Range: H 12MM

Lead Pitch 0.4mm

Ball pitch 0.4mm

  1. Feeder capability or capacity: 120ea/112ea
  2. Power: Upto 5kVA
  3. Dimensions: 1650x1690x1485
  4. Weight: Upto 1820 kilograms
  5. Air suction capacity: ranges from 0.5 to 0.7 Mpa
  6. Board dimensions: 50×40-510 x460x610x460

Samsung has a long dated history of producing the best electronic gadgets available to mankind.

From mobile phones to laptops and televisions, they have now become pioneers of mass production.

Their SMT machines are not only reliable but updated with new and innovative features to satisfy you with the best quality product outcome.

Why choose CNSMT as your solution partner?

CNSMT is the largest and oldest provider of SMT Samsung pick and place machines, chip mounters, modular surface mounters, printers and more.

We offer you the best customer services in all of China.

We deal in new and used machines that will be readily available to you by us, just a call or email away!

We ensure in delivering state of the art products that will satisfy all your industrial and manufacturing deals.

We are the largest providers of spare parts for the SMT machines as well. So if you have an issue of dealing with worn out and old parts, CNSMT will come to your rescue and offer you a valuable solution.

We deal in the largest brand line for serving SMT machines.

From Panasonic, Juki, Yamaha, ASM, Fuji and more!

We also deal in a large plethora of other product ranges such as Printers, Reflow Ovens, Heller Ovens, SPI, AOI and more.

You will never regret purchasing from us!


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