Samsung/Hanwha SME-56 FEEDER

  • condition: new
  • Brand: Samsung/Hanwha
  • model:SME-56
  • application:SMT PCB Assembly Production Line
  • Quality:100% Tested Workable
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What is Samsung/Hanwha SME-56 feeder?

Samsung/Hanwha SME-56 feeder

Samsung/Hanwha feeder is a part of SMT machine .Spectrum SMT stock replacement Hanwha Samsung SMT Feeders at very competitive prices. We can supply new or refurbished feeders. Our new SMT feeders are sold with a 12 month warranty. We will not compromise on quality and all our used SMT feeders are checked through our quality control prior to shipping. Click on any Hanwah Samsung Feeder part numbers for more details and to obtain a quote.

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SMT patch (Surface Mount Technology, surface mount technology) Feida refers to the equipment used for surface mounting of electronic components, also known as placement machine or placement machine. The main function of the feeder is to accurately place electronic components on the printed circuit board (PCB) to complete the assembly work of the circuit board.


Part Name: ZSY 4mm Feeder.

Part Number: KLJMCN00-200.

Machine Model: YSM40R YRM20.

  • Original new and used or China made available
  • Used for SMT Yamaha ysm10 ysm20 ys12/24 pick and place machine
  • Fully auto electronics/smart YAMAHA feeder
  • Lead time: in stock.
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Export to worldwide
  • Free after-sale service
  • Fast delivery
  • Smart of YAMAHA feeder
  • Electric YAMAHA FEEDER
  • JAPAN made
  • For ysm40r/yrm20
  • Fast delivery.
  • Variety models of YAMAHA feeder
  • The free standard package for export
  • Original new&used&copy.
  • 4MM-104MM Available
  • Fast delivery.
KLJ MC200-001

YAMAHA ZS 44mm Tape feeder-KLJ-MC600-000
Innovative parts supply
Auto feed of tape-mounted parts
Superb operability-Anyone can at any time easily operate it for a smooth supply of components
without having to stop the machine

yamaha klj mc500-011
  • KLJ-MCN00-200/KMV-MC100-000/KLJ-MC200-000/KLJ-400-000/KLJ-500-000/KLJ-600-000/KLJ-MC700-000/KLJ-MC800-000/KLJ-MC900-000/KLJ-MCA00-000
  • Innovative parts supply
  • Auto feed of tape-mounted parts
  • Superb operability

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Common chip components used in SMT include resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, and more. These components are usually supplied in tape and placed by feeders or other automated placement equipment.

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Samsung/Hanwha SME-56 feeder


The general steps for mounting using Feeder are as follows:

Preparations: Confirm the components and PCBs to be mounted and prepare them. Components are usually supplied in tape and reel, while PCBs require pre-processing, such as tinning, etc.

Set the feeder: According to the requirements of placement, adjust the parameters of the feeder, such as the device speed, the size and position of the suction nozzle, etc. These parameters are adjusted according to the size, shape and assembly requirements of the components and PCB.

Calibration: Calibrate the feeder to ensure the accuracy of each parameter. This includes the positioning of the suction nozzle, the accuracy of the electric device and the calibration of the control system.


Placement operation: Place the components to be placed in the feeder of the feeder and start the feeder. The feeder will automatically identify the position of the component, and use the suction nozzle to pick up the component, and then place it precisely on the predetermined position on the PCB.

Soldering: Once the component is mounted on the PCB, a soldering process may be required next to ensure the electrical connection between the component and the PCB. This can be done with traditional wave soldering or surface mount techniques such as hot air or reflow ovens.

Inspection and quality control: After SMT placement, quality inspection is usually required to ensure the quality of welding and the accuracy of component installation. This can include methods such as visual inspection, x-ray inspection, automated optical inspection and functional testing.


Note that the exact method of use of the Feeder may vary by device model, brand and manufacturer. Therefore, before using the feeder, please be sure to refer to the operation manual of the equipment and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for SMT placement.


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