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SMT Equipment and THT Equipment through-hole technology are two different technologies in a similar way.

CNSMT presents both of these technologies in our manufacturing. The through hole technology is different from smt. In THT the components having tails are drilled in the PCB. The components which are dilled in the PCB are termed as through-board components. For fixing these leads or components into the PCB, solder paste is used inside the holes to get them attached to the PCB.


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This is done through a wave solder process or through the hand. The development has been made in this process as well which includes plain drilled holes that have been changed to plated holes in the PCB. This is the new way in which the solder paste is applied inside the hole.

After the application of solder paste, the components with tails are then inserted through the solder filled hole. This makes the bond stronger and keeps the components fixed on the PCB.

After this, the pin-in-paste soldering is performed. For a reflow of the solder paste, the PCB is heated which is known as the pin-in-paste soldering process. This process helps in fixing both of the components on the PCB including surface mount and through-hole components. This is a two in one process that helps in saving your time and effort as well.

Due to the reliability of through-hole mounting, the mechanical bonds are stronger on a PCB. On the other hand, surface mounting may have different issues. This technique is highly trusted by the technical industries which makes it demandable in the market.

CNSMT presents this technology for its users for providing them lifelong solutions to their PCBs. Although, due to the complexity of printing on both sides, this technique can be a little expensive but durable.

Whereas the Surface Mount Technology is different in this way that it is taken up for assembling electronic circuits on a board or magazine. In this technology, the components are mounted on the surface of a PCB directly.

There are no holes in the electronic magazine for this technology. In this technology, the components are like flat leads that are easily placed on the surface.

In this, the solder paste is being applied with the help of stencils for complete coverage of the given area. After the application of solder paste on a flat surface, the components are placed which are later on heated to flow them over the board. This process is often done by types of machinery.

Although, the SMT Equipment is cheaper than the THT Equipment hole through mounting the former technique is advanced in technology as compared to the hole through mounting technique. These techniques are highly needed by the technical industries which are why we provide the best types of machinery for both of these technologies. You will really love to make the SMT Equipment part of your collection for the more efficient work. Invest in the SMT Placement Equipment to save time along with money.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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