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SMT FEEDER is a tool that used for smt pick and place machines,there have kinds of brands feeder, such as Yamaha cl mechanic feeder, Yamaha electric feeder, Juki feeder, Samsung feeder, Panasonic feeder, fuji nxt feeder…There are various types and designs feeder for different pick and place machine

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Smt feeder is really important for smt mounting, if you buy high-quality smt feeder, then will be fewer drop components while PCB mounting, otherwise there will be many of drop electric components, so find a reliable supplier of smt feeder is necessary.

Your Reliable SMT Feeder in China

CNSMT Prove the below model machines

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CNSMT has over ten years of experience manufacturer smt feeder, and export thousands of smt feeders per year to oversea, we are your NO1 supplier of smt feeder in china.

Cnsmt also can customize special smt feeder for you, you just need to provide drawing or share us some specification of the feeder, our engineer will make a perfect solution for you.

now commonly smt feeder size is:8*2mm,8*4mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm,44mm,56mm,72mm,88mm, most of electric smt feeder 8*2mm and 8*4mm are same, meaning you can adjust either 8*2mm or 8*4mm on one 8mm feeder.

And electric smt feeder more stable and high-effectively than mechanic smt feeder, the mechanic feeder must be maintained and replace some consumables parts monthly, so you must learn how to repair and maintenance smt mechanic feeder advance.

If you don’t know how to use and repair an smt feeder, we can provide some documents or videos for you, or you can come to our factory to learn for free.

It is made up only for the best cause of customers. It will greatly improve your smt pick and place machine working efficiency as well as production capacity.

If you are willing to expand and improve your business, then change good condition smt feeder is a perfect choice. It will increase the efficiency of working.

It will also you to build your repute in your business. You will be glad to enjoy the extraordinary features of the feeder.




CNSMT is a leading technology-industrial manufacturer that produces and manufactures different spare parts and machines for all your business needs.

One of its many products is the SMT Pick and Place Machine Feeder designed to fit various brands such as Juki and Panasonic.

Our brands of SMT feeders are built with high durability for long term use, efficiently saving your budget while providing you quality service over a long period of time.

As we cater to all your needs, CNSMT manufactures different types and designs of SMT feeders based on your SMT Pick and Place Machine.


What is SMT Feeder?


Generally, SMT feeders are essential spare parts of an SMT Pick and Place machine. Used mostly for labelling products and other items.


What makes our SMT Feeders best?


CNSMT manufactures one of the industry’s leading models in terms of SMT Feeders. Being the number 1 supplier of SMT Feeder in China for more than 10 years, CNSMT has proven its high standard product.

Our SMT Feeders are made in precision quality standard to ensure efficiency and improves business pace.

Moreover, we produce different types and styles of feeders to make sure that we can cover the client’s different feeder type needs.


What types of SMT Feeders do you have?


In CNSMT, we have both Mechanical and Electrical types of SMT feeders so that clients can choose according to their SMT machine and their knowledge and capacity in handling the materials.


What brands of SMT Feeders do you have?


CNSMT has wide selection of SMT Feeders and currently, its manufacturing house has below listed types/ brands of SMT Feeders available for purchase locally and internationally;


  • SMT Feeder, SMT Pick And Place Machine Feeder Manufacturer
  • Juki Feeder, SMT Juki Pick And Place Machine Feeder  Manufacturer
  • Fuji Feeder, SMT FUJI NXT AND XP Pick And Place Machine Feeder
  • Samsung Feeder, SMT Hanhua Pick And Place Machine Feeder Supplier
  • Panasonic Feeder, SMT Panasonic Pick And Place Machine Feeder
  • Asm Feeder, SMT ASM Siplace Surface Mount Machine Feeder
  • Label Feeder, SMT Paper Or Plastic Label Feeder For SMT Machine
  • Yamaha Feeder, SMT YAMAHA Pick And Place Machine Feeder




My machine is not listed in the SMT Feeders available to your store, can I request for a custom made SMT Feeder instead?


Yes. In CSMT, we accept customization of your SMT Feeders to suit your needs. It’s very simple, as we only need exact specifications or even a drawing of the machine or design you have and we can make it for you!

Our team of highly skilled engineers will provide you the best fitted SMT Feeder to solve your needs.


I do not have enough knowledge in repairing and maintenance of SMT Feeders, what type of SMT Feeder would you recommend?


Essentially, the two types of SMT Feeders serve for two purposes. If you are not well knowledgeable in conducting proper maintenance and repair for your SMT Feeder,

we recommend you to purchase the electric type of SMT feeder as it is more stable and does not require too much maintenance compared to the mechanic type of feeder.


If I have questions regarding your products and I am not living in China, where can I contact your company?


Our company provides a 24/7 response team to ensure that we can immediately attend to all your queries related to our products.


If you visit our website, there is a quick tool to send us messages that will directly be sent to our company email. We would be sure to revert to your questions the soonest time possible.


Do we get extended product warranty in case we encounter problems in the coming years?


Yes, we provide extended warranty as long as it is solely due to machine damage and is not caused by mishandling or other third party related incidents.

We are pleased to assist you and extend our help whenever needed as our commitment to serve the clients continuously.


Do you have any available documents or manuals for your SMT Feeders in case I need to review the maintenance guide?


Yes. In our dedication to continue providing you the best service, our team could send you video guides and manuals to guide you with the proper use of our Feeders.

Not only to the SMT Feeders, but as well as to other products manufactured by our company.


Do you allow site visitation for checking your product before purchase confirmation?

smt-feeder spare parts

Yes. We are welcoming clients to our physical manufacturing site in Shenzhen, China where you are free to check our product and speak with our team of highly-capable engineers to help you with your purchase.


CNSMT is a premium brand of SMT Feeder that is located in Shenzhen, China. It sells the latest models of SMT Feeders for easier mounting reducing the chances of drop components while the process of mounting is ongoing.


With this equipment, you will not have any problems with the mounting process. The machine will mount the PCB without dropping any components making everything safe. It will mount the PCB carefully and with a high-accuracy to ensure that everything will be fine.


We sell various brands that you can choose from that are perfect for your needs. This is why CNSMT will only bring you the best products right now and for many more years to come.


How to choose the best SMT Feeder?


SMT Feeder must be gentle and accurate to ensure that there will be no problems in the mounting phase. Since PCB is very fragile, it must be handled with care.

An SMT Feeder should mount the PCB perfectly without having a hard time. It must function according to its promise to provide quality results.

In CNSMT, we make sure that our products will reach your utmost standards that will make the experience promising. We see to it that we only sell the best equipment to ensure that nothing will go wrong.

What makes our SMT Feeder the best?

In CNSMT, there are amazing brands that you can select from our SMT Feeder line that will give all the functionalities that you need. It will increase your production because of the automation that it gives.

Mounting of PCB will become easier than ever with our SMT Feeder. You just have to choose the perfect brand and model that applies to your current need.

The SMT Feeder has all the modern features both basic and complex that will smoothen out the process.

The design is pretty great as its exterior has a combination of simple yet exquisite design. It is also durable and will surely last for extended periods.


Why choose CNSMT?


  • CNSMT is a trusted brand in China that sells useful machines that makes our clients worldwide competitive on their business making their process more automated and secured.
  • We offer warranty to ensure that you have the confidence in case you experience some problems with the product.
  • We provide with our customers with endless support if they have inquiries. We are happy to assist them with all of our abilities.
  • The SMT Feeders sold by the CNSMT is one of the best brands right now in the market that will surely satisfy all your needs.
  • It has modern features that will surely make your workplace more efficient because of the automation that it can give.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to message us as we are happy to assist you with that.

How reliable is your SMT Feeder?

Since our SMT Feeders are made by top brands, it is a guarantee that they will function according to your expectations. You also have the assurance that they will not deteriorate easily.

How do you ship SMT Feeder to our place?

First, before we ship the item, we see to it that it is sealed and is placed in a safe packaging. In this way, there is a guarantee that no damages will be inflicted while the SMT Feeder is in transit.

What is the delivery time of SMT Feeder?

It depends on the location but most of the time orders arrive in less than a week. It could be earlier if there are no disturbances while the SMT Feeder is getting delivered.

Do you have spare parts for the SMT Feeder?

Yes, we do have a lot of spare parts available. This is because we want to make sure that you have a good source of spare parts in case you need them. This will result in an uninterrupted use of the SMT Feeder.

What spare parts are included in the deal?

It depends on the buyer whether what kind of spare parts they want to include in the deal. They are the ones who know what parts are always in need of replacement.

How many days we can receive the SMT Feeder?

Depending on the circumstance but most orders arrive less than a week after it has been ordered.

Does it support the English system?

Yes, English is integrated both in the machine and the manuals to ensure that international users will not have a hard time using the SMT Feeder.

How long a SMT Feeder could last?

If the machine is well-maintained and does not have any issues at all then it can last for many years. As long as you take good care of it by performing proper maintenance on it then you’ll not have to worry.

Is it easy to maintain an SMT Feeder?

Yes, you just have to perform regular cleaning on it, and some needed maintenance that is all written in the manual. Once you have done all those necessary maintenance rest assured that the SMT Feeder will function without any problems.

Is it easy to use this type of machine?

Yes, this machine is super user-friendly that is why it will not give it users difficulties in using it making everything comfortable and effortless for the user.


You will surely never go wrong with our SMT Feeder. It has all the features that you need to carry out your tasks well. It is affordable and at the same time durable and will not easily breakdown even on daily use.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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