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Cnsmt is the most of your reliable smt nozzle manufacturer in china, we not only have china made smt nozzle but also japan made smt nozzle, china made smt nozzle cheaper than japan made, at the meanwhile high-quality and good working condition, so if your budget not enough, china made smt nozzle will be your best choose.

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Samsung CP40 nozzle specifications are all good quality SMT accessories
  Panasonic CM88 placement machine suction nozzle lock mouth handle good quality SMT placement machine accessories
 FUJI Fuji XP241 242 243 Nozzle 7.0 Nozzle Good quality
 FUJI Fuji Mounter Accessories CP6 Mounter Nozzle Fixture SMT Accessories
 JUKI placement machine accessories 558 suction nozzle good quality SMT placement machine suction nozzle
 High quality Panasonic CM86 placement machine suction nozzle handle lock hook
 Hot selling FUJI Fuji XP241 nozzle black material not whitish complete specifications SMT accessories
 Samsung placement machine SM321 421 431 411 481 CN series nozzle original brand new
 Panasonic MMC SMT machine nozzle SMT Feida accessories nozzle
 Panasonic MV Mounter Nozzle Reflector 1.6 3.0 5.5 Complete specifications
 Panasonic NPM placement machine 1003 nozzle KXFX037UA00 good quality SMT accessories
 Panasonic Mounter Accessories Suction Nozzle MPAG3 Nozzle SMT Feida Accessories Good Quality
 Tianlong IPULSE M6 M10 SMT machine nozzle filter cotton cylindrical core SMT accessories
 Mounter accessories Panasonic MPA nozzle filter cotton 1045908018 SMT Feida accessories
1000 nozzle rod red oil maintenance oil special American red oil chip mounter accessories
CF25200 CF14100 CF30250 CF40300 nozzle BF10071 placement machine accessories
CM402/602 nozzle rod head rod N510015533AA KXF0DUPAA02 N510005433AA
E1000 1100 F209 F130 G200 placement machine accessories nozzle rod seal ring head O-ring
FUJI Fuji NXT H01 head nozzle 2.5/ 3.7/ 5.0 / 10.0/ 15.0# SMT nozzle
FUJI Fuji NXT H08 No. S No. M No. Nozzle High-precision SMT Mounter Accessories Nozzle
FUJI Fuji NXT placement machine H12S V12 nozzle rod Z axis rod AA30A03 AA30A05 AA30A02
FUJI Fuji QP132 SMT machine various specifications nozzle SMT placement machine accessories
FUJI Fuji XP241 XP242 243 SMT machine nozzle base SMT accessories nozzle seat
FUJI Fuji mounter NXT H24 head nozzle rod iron ring 2MGKH024200 SMT nozzle accessories
FUJI Fuji mounter NXT3 generation H24 head nozzle rod 2AGTHA004603 nozzle rod SMT accessories
FUJI Fuji mounter parts XP241 242 243 nozzles complete specifications comparable to original
FUJI Fuji mounter parts XPF XP series nozzle back plug GFPN1140 SMT Feida parts
FUJI placement machine accessories Fuji CP4 CP6 CP7 CP8 nozzle spring SMT accessories
FUJI Fuji CP6 placement machine accessories 13ST nozzle switching lever WPQ5075 good quality SMT
FUJI Fuji NXT 08 head nozzle bracket with seat filter AA0AL03 SMT placement machine accessories
FUJI Fuji NXT H01 02 head nozzle plug material number PH00275
FUJI Fuji NXT placement machine 3 generation H24 head H01 head nozzle placement box storage box SMT accessories
FUJI Fuji NXT Mounter 5.0 Nozzle AA8LZ13 Diamond Steel R19-050-155-M SMT Accessories
FUJI Fuji NXT placement machine H01 head long row insertion nozzle AA37G01 three tube 3 tube suction nozzle accessories
FUJI Fuji NXT placement machine H12 head 0.35 nozzle high quality SMT placement machine accessories
FUJI Fuji NXT placement machine HS12 H12HS V12 nozzle rod high precision SMT accessories
FUJI Fuji NXT placement machine accessories placement head correction nozzle J18 J17 high quality SMT precision
FUJI Fuji NXT nozzle filter cotton seat A5188R sealing ring O RING SMT placement machine accessories
FUJI Fuji QP3 series placement machine nozzle 1.8 2.5 3.7 5.0 nozzle quality is good SMT
FUJI Fuji XP142 143 placement machine accessories L type PIN small hoe DNPH1085 nozzle handle SMT accessories
FUJI Fuji XP241 242 243E placement machine 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 3.7 5.0 7.0 nozzle
FUJI Fuji XPF XP142 143 Rotating Head Spring GGPH2284 Nozzle Spring Mounter Accessories
FUJI Fuji XPF tray suction nozzle rubber pad RUBBER DNPN3572 DEPN3540 GFPN3021
FUJI Fuji XPF Rotary Head Label Nozzle Label Sticker GGPH1720 HOLDER Mounter Accessories
FUJI Fuji mounter NXT H01 fixture nozzle adjustable 2AGKNC026800 SMT nozzle accessories
FUJI Fuji mounter NXT second generation II generation 2 generation 36C nozzle cover high-quality SMT nozzle accessories
FUJI Fuji placement machine accessories CP6 to prevent the nozzle from falling off card nozzle anti-shrink pad high quality SMT
FUJI Fuji Mounter Accessories NXT H08M head suction nozzle 0.7 0.8 0.8 1.0 1.3 1.8 nozzle
J7458002A Samsung SM168 320 321 421 431 nozzle filter cotton SMT placement machine accessories
JUKI 2050 20602070 2080 nozzle rod with H0LDER SMT feeder accessories
JUKI 2050 2060 nozzle 500/501/502/503/504/505/506/507/508 nozzle
JUKI 2050/2060 SMT machine nozzle 501 502 503 504 505 506 nozzle is comparable to the original
JUKI 2070 2080 FX-3 placement machine accessories suction nozzle filter cotton core 40046646 soft material SMT
JUKI 500 suction nozzle 40010999 suction nozzle imported material SMT placement machine accessories
JUKI RX-7 PC8 head suction nozzle vacuum filter cotton 40163249 filter SMT placement machine accessories
JUKI placement machine 504 suction nozzle imported material 40001342 comparable to the original SMT placement machine suction nozzle
JUKI placement machine 508 imported material nozzle 40001346 SMT placement machine accessories
JUKI Mounter FX-1 FX-1R nozzle filter cotton yellow L155E42100 high quality SMT accessories
JUKI placement machine NO.1 nozzle oil DEFRIX OIL SMT Feida accessories original brand new
JUKI placement machine RX7 large disk nozzle MF1005R MF0603R MF10071 nozzle SMT accessories
JUKI placement machine accessories 2050 2060 nozzle rod HOLDER connecting rod 40001140SMT
JUKI placement machine accessories 2000 series head nozzle filter cotton original new E3052729000
JUKI SMT machine suction nozzle 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 suction nozzle SMT accessories
JUKI SMT nozzle 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 corpus lute nozzle
JUKI SMT machine suction nozzle 578# 598# nozzle high precision SMT nozzle accessories
JUKI2050 2060 SMT machine nozzle core 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 plastic head
JUKI placement machine 504 505 506 507 nozzle 40001344 imported material SMT placement machine accessories
JUKI placement machine 750 760 nozzle 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 nozzle SMT accessories
JUKI placement machine RX7 large disk nozzle MF12081 MF6020R MF3516R nozzle SMT accessories
JUKI placement machine RX7 small disk nozzle HF12081 HF10071 HF0603R nozzle SMT accessories
JUKI placement machine accessories 502-508 ceramic suction nozzle mouth core spring reflective board plastic head screw high quality and durable
JUKI placement machine accessories 502 nozzle imported material 40001340 comparable to the original SMT
JUKI placement machine accessories KE2070 2080 JX-300 FX-3 nozzle filter cotton 40046646
JUKI placement machine accessories nozzle 2010 2020 2050 2060 2070 2080 nozzle SMT
JUKI placement machine accessories suction nozzle 502-508 suction nozzle suction nozzle core domestic machine universal SMT accessories
JUKI placement machine accessories suction nozzle 719 air clip suction nozzle high precision SMT multi-function suction nozzle
N610113699AANPM placement machine 16 head HOLDER nozzle holder spring claw SMT accessories
Nozzle Panasonic MSR Nozzle L Nozzle SMT Mounter Accessories Good Quality
NXT H12 H08 Fuji mounter accessories SMT nozzle 0.4 0.7 0.8 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5
Panasonic/Panasonic 1.6 3.0 5.0 round hole MV chip machine suction nozzle SMT chip machine suction nozzle
Panasonic/Panasonic MSF head vacuum nozzle rod N513LSAG-B29 SMT placement machine accessories
Panasonic/Panasonic MSR nozzle rod 104671011812 good quality SMT Feida accessories
Panasonic/Panasonic MV nozzle nozzle fiber optic cable good quality SMT placement machine accessories
Panasonic/Panasonic MV2C MV2F MV2VB placement machine nozzle spring SMT Feida accessories
Panasonic/Panasonic MV2F MV2C suction nozzle MV square hole round hole suction nozzle SMT placement machine accessories
Panasonic/Panasonic mounter MSH3 large nozzle, good quality, complete SMT accessories
Panasonic CM402 602 SMT machine nozzle 225 226 225CS 226CS comparable to the original
Panasonic Panasonic MPAV SMT machine nozzle Feida accessories high quality SMT accessories
Panasonic Panasonic placement machine accessories MSH2 nozzle 0402 0805 0603 nozzle SMT
SANYO Sanyo 3000 placement machine accessories 11 21 41 51 71 81 nozzle Tsui SMT high quality
Sanyo 3000 mounter accessories nozzle hook SMT nozzle accessories
SANYO placement machine accessories Sanyo TCM 3000 nozzle rod SMT special high-quality
SANYO placement machine accessories Sanyo TIM5000 MA04 05 06 nozzle SMT Sanyo nozzle
SMT Panasonic Mounter MSR nozzle S VS VVS M L LL 0402 0603 0805 1.6V slot
SMT nozzle JUKI chip mounter accessories 528 529 corpus luteum nozzle good quality
YAMAHA suction nozzle clean silk suction nozzle steel needle KV8-M8883-A01
YAMAHA 71F 72F 73F hexagonal flying nozzle base combination KV8-M71U0-01X
YAMAHA Yamaha KGT-M8895-00X-000 nozzle hole head cleaning cleaning tape
YAMAHA Yamaha YG12 nozzle spring KJK-M112D-00 SMT placement machine accessories
YAMAHA Yamaha YS12 YS24 YG300 placement machine 313A diamond steel nozzle KHY-M7730-A0X
YAMAHA Yamaha YS12 YS24 SMT machine nozzle 305A 316A nozzle SMT accessories
YAMAHA Yamaha YS12 YS24 placement machine 310A nozzle KHY-M77A0-A0 original brand new
YAMAHA Yamaha YV100II XG nozzle rod spring KV8-M7154-00X KV8-M71X2-00X
YAMAHA YV112 machine suction nozzle 51# 52# 53# 54# suction nozzle SMT Feida accessories
YAMAHA Yamaha placement machine KGT-M8895-00X-000 nozzle hole head cleaning cleaning tape
YAMAHA YAMAHA placement machine YG100 nozzle rod Z axis rod high precision and good quality SMT accessories
YAMAHA YAMAHA placement machine YG series nozzle 211F 212F 213F 219F nozzle
YAMAHA YAMAHA placement machine YV88XG series 61F 62F 63F 69F nozzle / Tsui SMT accessories
YAMAHA Yamaha Mounter Accessories YA100X Flying Nozzle 71F/72F/73F/79F Suction nozzle SMT
YAMAHA Yamaha placement machine accessories Tianlong M6 nozzle filter cotton core soft material SMT
YAMAHA Yamaha Mounter Accessories Suction Nozzle 311A ​​312A Original Nozzle SMT Mounter Accessories
YAMAHA Yamaha SMT machine accessories nozzle rod bushing original new nozzle rod shaft
YAMAHA Yamaha SMD machine nozzle rod shrapnel KG7-M7137-A0X clip gasket KG7-M7137-A0X
YAMAHA suction nozzle filter cotton filter core K46-M8527-COX SMT placement machine accessories
YAMAHA nozzle nozzle nozzle KH2-M7819-30X nozzle rubber sleeve SMT placement machine accessories
YG12 YG200 YS12 24 Yamaha SMT machine nozzle accessories high-quality ceramic diamond steel SMT nozzle
YV100II Yamaha SMT machine nozzle SMT accessories 0402 0805 31A 32A 34A 36A 39A
 JUKI 507 suction nozzle 40001345 suction nozzle imported material SMT accessories machine accessories
 Samsung CP40 SMT machine accessories nozzle connector BELLOWS SMT Feida accessories
 Panasonic MPAV nozzle with plastic head SMT feeder accessories
Various specifications of FUJI Fuji mounter nozzle SMT mounter accessories
FUJI Fuji CP4 CP7 CP7 SMT nozzle good quality and complete specifications
JUKI SMT 503 imported material nozzle 40001341 SMT nozzle accessories
Sanyo 3000 placement machine nozzle N11 21 41 51 71 81 SMT placement machine accessories
Sanyo SANYO placement machine accessories 3000 X200 placement machine nozzle rod with HOLDER
Mounter E1000 nozzle retainer thick and thin SMT accessories
Low-cost processing SMT NOZZLE/ original new placement machine 911 nozzle / placement machine accessories
Fuji IP3 SMT nozzle good quality / complete specifications SMT SMT machine accessories
Fuji CP742 CP743 placement machine T-type rod suction nozzle switching rod DGPH3013 SMT Feida accessories
Fuji H12 V12 H24 placement machine accessories NXT nozzle rod disassembly jig high quality easy to use SMT
Fuji NXT H04S head suction nozzle 0.7/0.8/ 1.0/ 1.3/ 1.8 5.0 suction nozzle placement machine accessories
Fuji NXT H12 H08 nozzle 0.4 0.7 0.8 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 nozzle AA20B00
Fuji NXT placement machine H12 head diamond steel nozzle 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 3.7 nozzle AA20B13
Fuji NXT placement machine H24 head 0.3 0.35 0.4 0.7 0.5 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 nozzle
Fuji NXT placement machine accessories H04 nozzle 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 3.7 5.0 10.0GSMT
Fuji NXT placement machine accessories H24 nozzle lever lock spring 2MGTHA044100 2MGKHA024200
Fuji NXT nozzle rod lock ring plus spring PM59561 PZ13360 SPRING COIL chip mounter accessories
Fuji QP341 Mounter 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 3.7 8.0 10.0 15.0G nozzle
Fuji SMT NOZZLE QP341 SMT nozzle SMT accessories complete specifications
Fuji XP141 142 143 XPF placement machine 0.7 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 diamond steel nozzle
Fuji XP141 142 143 XPF SMT machine nozzle 0.7/1.0/1.8/2.5/3.7/5.0 nozzle
Fuji XP141 142 143 SMT machine accessories suction nozzle 0.7 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 SMT nozzle
Fuji XP241 242 243 head nozzle filter cotton H3022T filter H3022TL chip mounter accessories
Fuji XPF chip mounter accessories 2MGGSF000200 head suction nozzle vacuum filter core SMT filter cotton
Fuji Mounter CP6 nozzle 0.7 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5 3.7-5.0 series full nozzle
Fuji Mounter NXT Mounter Accessories H01 04 08 H12 V12 H24 nozzle storage box
Fuji placement machine accessories H24 head NXT nozzle 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.8 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.5
Fuji placement machine accessories NXT III generation /3 generation nozzle box 3 generation H24 head 2UGTML00010
Fuji placement machine accessories XP142 143 141 XPF high-quality ceramic suction nozzle precision does not whitish
Fuji placement machine accessories XP241 242 243 nozzle 0.7/1.0/1.3/1.8/2.5/3.7/5.0
Fuji SMT machine nozzle NXT H04S head wear-resistant ceramic does not blush can be customized SMT accessories high quality
High quality E1000 pick-up nozzle rod 4-722- 489-02 SMT Feida accessories
Massive FUJI Fuji NXT various specifications nozzle black material high quality SMT placement machine accessories
Black wood high quality with lettering KME Panasonic CM402 602 SMT machine nozzle SMT accessories
Black wood high-quality screen printing Samsung SM placement machine nozzle complete specifications,
Stock foot Samsung CP45FV HOLDER rod nozzle connector good quality SMT accessories
Hot selling JUKI 501 suction nozzle imported material suction nozzle 40001339 SMT placement machine accessories
Samsung CP45 SMD flight camera SMT accessories nozzle, belt filter cotton and so on
Samsung CN040 ​​065 140 220 400 750 SMT machine ceramic nozzle is not whitish SMT nozzle accessories
Samsung CN series ceramic suction nozzle CN040 ​​065 CN140 CN220 400 750 nozzle mounting machine
Samsung CP45FV suction nozzle TN040 065 140 220 400 750 suction nozzle SMT placement machine accessories
Samsung cp45fvneo calibration tool calibration nozzle, calibration iron sheet SMT iron sheet machine accessories
Samsung CP45FV placement machine SMT accessories ceramic head without spring nozzle TN040 TN065 TN220
Samsung EXCEN nozzle nozzle VN030 VN040 VN065 VN140/VN220/VN400 placement machine accessories
Samsung SM168 320 321 421 431 SMT machine nozzle filter cotton J7458002A filter rod accessories
Samsung SM411 421 431 471 481 482 321 nozzle rod Z axis rod head rod
Samsung SM481 SMT machine nozzle filter cotton J7458002A filter rod comparable to original SMT accessories
Samsung SM Series CP45NEO Diamond Steel CN030/CN040/CN065/CN140/CN220 nozzle
Samsung placement machine accessories CP45NEO SM series HOLDER rod nozzle connector high quality SMT
Samsung SMT machine nozzle SMT accessories precision ceramic diamond steel strong CN040 ​​065 140 220 400
Sanyo SMT machine suction nozzle 11# 21# 41# 51# 71# 81# Suction nozzle SMT accessories
Panasonic BM221 123 MSF placement machine accessories LL ML M S SX SA suction nozzle S10807GH812AG
Panasonic BM221 nozzle filter 1086289282 SMT filter cotton patch machine accessories
Panasonic CM101 402 602 NPM placement machine accessories 460 special nozzle KXFX03NGA00
Panasonic CM101 402 602NPM placement machine 450 special nozzle KXFX0387A00 KXFX03DPA00
Panasonic CM202 402 602 SMT nozzle 110S/115S/120S/130S/140S nozzle
Panasonic CM402 602 NPM placement machine 160S 161S 162S 163S 185 nozzle nozzle SMT accessories
Panasonic CM402 602 NPM placement machine 225CS 226CS 208S 209S 203CS 256CS nozzle
Panasonic CM402 602 NPM placement machine accessories 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 nozzle SMT
Panasonic CM402 602 NPM placement machine accessories suction nozzle 183C 183CS 185 185CS suction nozzle can be set
Panasonic CM402 602 NPM placement machine accessories nozzle 230CS 235CS 240CS high quality SMT
Panasonic CM402 CM20F suction nozzle 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 suction nozzle chip mounter accessories
Panasonic CM88 nozzle 0402/0603/0805/1206/1608/3216/1005/2125 nozzle accessories
Panasonic CM SMT machine suction nozzle 203 203AS 205 206 208 209AS 205AS 206AS suction nozzle
Panasonic HT121 HT122 head reflector N510000943AA suction nozzle anti-CD chip mounter accessories
Panasonic KME placement machine accessories CM202 402 nozzle buckle-long CLAMP ARM N210062110AA
Panasonic MSF BM SMT machine suction nozzle filter cotton material number 1080729975
Panasonic MSH3 placement machine 0402 0805 0603 1.6 2.2 2.5 nozzle SMT nozzle accessories
Panasonic MSH SMT machine suction nozzle filter cotton 1023710012 good quality SMT accessories
Panasonic MSR nozzle 0402 0603 0805 1206 L M S VS VVS LL high quality SMT
Panasonic MV2F MV2C MSH MPAV detection nozzle optical module 922MII SMT Feida accessories
Panasonic NPM SMT machine nozzle rod 3 8 12 16 high-quality placement rod SMT accessories precision wear-resistant
Panasonic SMT BM Suction nozzle core ceramic head Suction nozzle core SMT Feida accessories
Panasonic Mounter MPAV 6MM Nozzle NOZZLE SMT Feida Accessories Mounter Accessories
Panasonic Mounter MV suction nozzle head filter cotton soft cotton N421PTFBF N421PT filter cotton
Panasonic placement machine SMT accessories AM100 head nozzle filter cotton vacuum filter core soft material promotion
Panasonic placement machine accessories 106 help to identify the nozzle high quality SMT nozzle accessories
Panasonic Mounter Accessories BM221 SA original new suction nozzle 10807GH812AG SMT suction nozzle accessories
Panasonic Mounter Accessories KME CM402 nozzle hook high quality SMT Feida accessories
Panasonic Mounter Accessories KME CM85 nozzle CM86 nozzle SMT Feida accessories
Panasonic SMT machine nozzle SMT accessories CM nozzle 110 110S 115 115S 120S 130S 140S
Panasonic SMD connector MV nozzle filter cotton hard filter part number N421PTFBF SMT Feida accessories
Tianlong SMT machine accessories IPULSE nozzle / Tsui P061/062/P052/053/054/055 SMT accessories
Mounter FUJI Fuji NXT3 generation nozzle box cover 2UGTML00010 separate cover 2MGTML001600
Mounter FUJI Fuji NXT correction nozzle H08 J06 nozzle Tsui AA63T04 SMT nozzle accessories
Mounter accessories Tianlong nozzle tungsten steel black material SMT Feida accessories
Mounter accessories Future MIRAE mounter nozzle A type B type C type D type E high quality nozzle
Mounter accessories E1000 1100 SMT nozzle AF06042 AF10071 AF12080 nozzle
Mounter accessories FUJI Fuji nozzle NXT 12 head 0.4 nozzle SMT Feida accessories
Mounter accessories FUJI Fuji CP6 CP7 nozzle nozzle SMT high-quality size plate is complete
Mounter accessories JUKI 2000 2050 2060 suction nozzle head filter cotton core E3052729000
Mounter accessories Fuji NXT H01 head nozzle 0.7/0.8/ 1.0/ 1.3/ 1.8 nozzle
Mounter accessories Fuji NXTH04S head suction nozzle suction nozzle complete specifications SMT Feida accessories
Mounter accessories Samsung SM321 421 471 481 482 Z axis rod nozzle rod high quality SMT
Mounter accessories Panasonic CM402/602 NPM nozzle rod part number cleaning fixture N610067369AB
Mounter accessories Yamaha YAMAHA through suction nozzle wire KV8-M8883-00X clean fine metal wire
SMT nozzle SMT accessories AF10071 12082 25200 40300 AF06042 ceramic
Suction nozzle rod FUJI Fuji mounter NXT H12 V12 H12S H12HS nozzle rod SMT accessories
Yamaha 74A 34A 304A suction nozzle rubber ring O-ring sealing ring chip mounter accessories
Yamaha SMT accessories YG200 100 placement machine nozzle 201A 202 203 209 212 diamond steel
Yamaha YAMAHA SMT machine suction nozzle pin seal ring SMT nozzle accessories
Yamaha YAMAHA placement machine accessories suction nozzle rod complete set of rods SMT Feida accessories
Yamaha YAMAHA hit 0201 material dedicated 311A ​​nozzle single double hole KHY-M7710-A0-123X nozzle
Yamaha YAMAHA placement machine YS12 YG12 two slots 2 slots nozzle rod Z axis rod KHY-M712S-A02
Yamaha YAMAHA placement machine nozzle rod O-ring 93210-02518 sealing ring 90990-17J003
Yamaha YG YS 307A nozzle is good quality, SMT placement machine accessories
Yamaha YG200 SMT machine nozzle SMT accessories 201A 202A 203A 204 209A 212A ceramics
Yamaha YG300/YS series nozzle 301A/302A/303A/304A/305A/306A/307A/309
Yamaha YG placement machine accessories 201A 202A 203A 204A 209A 212 213 214A nozzle
Yamaha YS series placement machine accessories 90933-02J104 nozzle rod bearing KHY-M7108-00 high quality
YAMAHA YV YG YS SMT machine suction nozzle filter cotton K46-M8527-C0X K46-M8527-C00
Yamaha YV100II Diamond Steel Nozzle 31A/32A/33A/34A/35A36A/39A not brittle and not whitish
Yamaha YV100II SMT machine nozzle 0402 0805 31A 32A 34A 35A 36A 39A nozzle
Yamaha YV100II nozzle rod Z axis rod KM9-M7106-00X SMT machine accessories KM9-M7107-00X
Yamaha YV100X 100XG XE nozzle rod Z axis rod KV8-M7106-00X KV8-M71S0-50X
Yamaha YV100X XG SMT machine nozzle 71A 72A 73A 74A 75A 76A 79A can be customized
Yamaha YV100X/YV100XG/YV100II head nozzle rod R-axis belt KM1-M7138-00X
Yamaha Clean Suction Nozzle Wire KV8-M8883-00X KV8-M8883-A0X KM4-M3810-00X
Yamaha SMT YG100 nozzle 211A/212A/213A/214A/216A/219A nozzle
Yamaha placement machine accessories YG12 long nozzle rod good quality
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Smt nozzle is used for suck smt electric components of smt mounting, small size smt nozzle for picking up small chip components, big size smt nozzle pick up ic or BGA big components, special nozzle for pick special electric components, currently led nozzle is most popular in smt factories, we can customize different kinds of smt led nozzles for you

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Currently, Yamaha nozzle, Juki nozzle, fuji nxt nozzle, Samsung nozzle, Panasonic nozzle, sony nozzle, Mirae nozzle are widely used for smt pick and place machines,

smt Yamaha nozzle models include yv100ii-31A 32A 33A 35A 36A 39A, YV100X-71A 72A 73A 74A 75A 76A 79A, YG200-201A 202A 203A 204A 206A 209A……

Our smt nozzle spring is an import from japan, so quality is high for your production, and the smt nozzle tip is made from ceramics, this material is hard and precision, but a little easy broken, so you must take if carefully while replace or taking it,

Smt nozzle need to be clean monthly, so buy a nozzle cleaning machine is necessary, cnsmt both supply smt nozzle and nozzle clean machine, welcome to inquire us

SMT Nozzle

Manufactured and dealed by CNSMT


Quality Nozzles are important in making sure that SMT equipment functions efficiently and smoothly.

In CNSMT, we manufacture certified quality products of SMT Nozzle at a very affordable price to suit your needs and your budget.

We offer a variety of brands available for SMT nozzles to fit every SMT equipment available in the market.

Our manufactured nozzles are the perfect fit to replace your original SMT nozzles that function equally as smooth as the original replaced part.

We have a wide range of nozzles that you could choose from!


Where do you use these nozzles?

 SMT nozzles are used in numerous ways varying upon the size of the nozzle. Generally, It is used to pick SMT electronic components for SMT mounting.

  • Small SMT nozzles are used for picking up small chip components;
  • Big size SMT nozzles are used to pick up ic or BGA big components;
  • Special nozzle for pick special electric components; and
  • The led nozzle is most popular in smt factories


What brand of SMT Nozzles do you have?

CNSMT provides you multiple brands of nozzles available in our in-house

manufacturing store. We have the following brands in stock;

  • Yamaha Nozzle
  • Juki Nozzle
  • Fuji Nozzle
  • Panasonic Nozzle
  • Samsung Nozzle
  • Sony Nozzle
  • LED Customize Nozzle
  • Clip customize Nozzle

What material did you use in manufacturing the SMT nozzle?

CNSMT ensures that our products are made with high-quality materials. The springs in the nozzle are all internationally imported from Japan to ensure the right durability of the material.

The SMT nozzle tip is made from a high-grade ceramic which makes the nozzle’s excellent hard precision tip.

Why should you choose us for your SMT Nozzle needs?

As a leading manufacturing company, CNSMT is the best company to purchase your specific nozzle needs. Not only do we have a variety of available brands, but we also custom-made nozzles to suit your every needs!




Do you sell machine cleaner for nozzles?


Yes. We also have available nozzle cleaning machines to help you maintain the performance and efficiency of your nozzles. It is important to keep the nozzles clean at all times to ensure smooth functionality in the smd placement machine.

       Basic FAQs

  • My SMT machine is old and there is no more available brand for the nozzle, do you provide me a client-made nozzle?

Yes. CNSMT offers custom made nozzle to make sure that we provide wider customer branding and offers a one-stop-shop deal to clients.

  • If I wanted to Place an order, how would I do it?
  • In placing an order or asking for a quotation, you must send an official request through our company’s email indicating the specific product you want to inquire or order;
  • Once the request is sent, our sales representative will connect with you as soon as the request is received on our side;
  • We are available for negotiations through our sales representative. You can coordinate with them to come up with a suitable discount or for answering any of your product-related inquiries.
  • You may do final negotiation and may clarify questions before finalizing your orders;
  • Once done, a proforma quotation and invoice will be sent by our sales team to your email for your confirmation;
  • Once confirmed, your order will be processed;
  • We follow payment as per stated in the invoice prepared, all payment must be paid prior to the processing of your order;
  • I am buying locally, how many days would it take to be delivered?

For clients ordering locally in China and other nearby locations, delivery will take up to  3- 5 working days.

  • Can I visit your factory before placing an order? 

Yes. We welcome clients to visit the factory for an actual inspection of products available in our manufacturing company. You could do these to ensure that what you will purchase is just the right material that you need.


  • Is there a warranty given to the purchased machinery? 

Yes. there is a warranty. We give a one-year full warranty to all our products as long as it is not due to any other third party defects. In case the machine encounters failure next year, we offer an extended warranty as well.

  • Do you have online support available?

Yes, We have multiple support teams working round the clock to provide an immediate response to all your queries related to our products. Our team of representatives is working 24/7 to respond to all your needs.

  • Do you ship internationally? 

Yes. CNSMT has officially been able to expand its market globally through the shipment of products to various parts of the world. At the moment, we have already built strong export relations with various countries.

  • Do you have a minimum quantity for orders?

 The order should be at least 1 set machine, however, we also welcome mixed types of orders.

 CNSMT supply the follow smt YAMAHA nozzle :

KGS-M7790-A1X YAMAHA 219A nozzle 219A NOZZLE ASSY.YG100 nozzle
KHN-M7720-A1 NOZZLE 302A YG12, YS12, YS24 nozzle 302A nozzle (imitation)
KV8-M7740-A0X YAMAHA 74A nozzle Part nr.: 5322 360 10495
YAMAHA through suction nozzle wire cleaning suction nozzle wire metal wire KV8-M8883-A0X
YAMAHA 79A nozzle KV8-M7790-A0X round mouth YV100XG, YV1180X nozzle (imitation)
YAMAHA 72A nozzle  KV8-M7720-A0X NOZZLE 72A ASSY
KGS-M7710-A1X Yamaha YG100 211A nozzle 0402 nozzle
KV8-M87WK-A0X CIRCLE NOZZLE 7F YAMAHA 79F original nozzle round hole nozzle
YAMAHA 202A nozzle KGT-M7720-A0X 202A ASSY.YG200 nozzle
KV8-M7106-704 SHAFT, NOZZLE KV8-M7106-70X YV100X nozzle rod short rod
YAMAHA imitation nozzle, YAMAHA high imitation nozzle, Yamaha ceramic nozzle, diamond head nozzle
YV100II nozzle rod KM1-M710S-A0X KM9-M710S-00X nozzle rod original
KHN-M7710-A1X 311A ​​new nozzle  white spring F
KU1-M7152-00X WASHER 1 THURUST YAMAHA nozzle rod gasket media hat
KG7-M7169-00X Screw PN: 5322 502 60165 YAMAHA nozzle rod clamp screw
YAMAHA placement machine nozzle customized, YV100XG special-shaped special nozzle, lighting nozzle, socket
KM0-M711A-31X YAMAHA 31A nozzle YV100II 31A nozzle TYPE 31 nozzle original
KHY-M7770-A0X NOZZLE 306A/317A YG12 special nozzle for cylindrical diode
KHY-M7106-00 KHY-M7106-A0 YG12, YS12, YS24 nozzle rod
KHY-M712S-A00 KHY-M7106-00 YG12/YS12 SMT machine nozzle rod   head rod
YAMAHA YS12 YG12 YS24 specializes in MELF diode element nozzle 306A nozzle 317A
Koganei square cylinder KOGANEI BDAS16X20-3B YAMAHA nozzle station exchange station cylinder
YAMAHA YV100XG standard nozzle rod KGB-M712S-A0X complete set with shaft sleeve
YAMAHA original 304A nozzle 315A genuine nozzle KHY-M7550-A0X YS12 YS24 large nozzle
YS24 SMD 310A original nozzle KHY-M77A0-A0 NOZZLE 310A original authentic nozzle
KV8-M8870-00X VG32 nozzle maintenance oil clear oil YAMAHA nozzle grease
KM0-M71MN-A0X CIRCLE NOZZLE 3A 39 YV100II 31 round head nozzle
KHY-M7106-00 KHY-M7106-A0 YAMAHA YG12/YS12/YS24 standard nozzle rod
SAMSUNG Samsung placement machine CP45/SM421 nozzle cylinder J6701029A KOGANEI BDAS6*5
KHY-M7710-A0 KHY-M7710-A2 KHY-M7710-A1 YS24 311A ​​original nozzle
KGR-M71N3-A1X NOZZLE 223F ASSY. YAMAHA YG88 223F nozzle
KHY-M7106-B0 KHY-M7107-A0 YG12 two groove nozzle rod with sleeve
KM8-M712S-A0 YV100II nozzle rod with copper sleeve KM9-M7107-A0X head rod set
90990-08J016 part no: 9498 396 02309 YG12YS24 nozzle rod shrapnel screw
KGS-M713S-A0X KGS-M713S-A0X YG100 SMT machine suction nozzle rod head rod
KGB-M713S-A0X KGB-M712S-A0X YV100XG standard rod  original rod with copper sleeve
KHY-M7106-00 YG12 nozzle rod bushing sleeve two grooved copper sleeve sleeve
LC2-M7720-A0X YAMAHA82A nozzle YT16 nozzle
Samsung CP45 placement machine change nozzle cylinder KOGANEI type BDAS6X5 change nozzle cylinder   edge light cylinder
KHY-M7107-00X BALL SPLNE 2 YG12 nozzle rod 4 slot head rod with shaft sleeve
Samsung nozzle, Samsung new nozzle, Samsung SMT nozzle, Samsung original nozzle, NOOZLE
KHY-M711S-A0 SHAFT 1, SPARE YG12 nozzle rod YS12 nozzle rod KHY-M712S-A0
KHY-M7106-00 KHY-M7107-00 YG12, YS12, YS24 nozzle rod
KJJ-M7140-C0 KJJ-M7141-B0 YS100 standard nozzle rod original authentic
KM0-M711J-A0X YAMAHA YV100II 39A nozzle round hole 0805
LC2-M7120-10X THREEM nozzle rod YT16 head rod LC2-M7120-100
KV7-M71N2-A0X 62F suction nozzle
KG2-M7191-20X YV112 Nozzle No. 52 52# Nozzle 32
YAMAHA YG12 YS12 YS24 nozzle rod bushing   copper bushing KHY-M7107-00
KGB-M71S0-50X YAMAHA nozzle rod   polished rod without bushing
Samsung CN020 nozzle J9055159C  SAMSUNG hit 0201
KV7-M71N6-A0X NOZZLE 66F ASSY YV88XG 66F flight nozzle original authentic
YG100 YS100 nozzle rod bushing  suction rod shaft bushing  copper bushing
KHY-M7106-00 YS12 YG12 two-groove nozzle rod bush sleeve copper sleeve
KHN-M7790-A0X 309A nozzle YG12 YS12 YS24
YAMAHA YV100XG original nozzle rod bushing  copper sleeve sleeve YG200
KV8-M653H-00X SENSOR 5 ASSY 1 E2S flying nozzle sensor
302A new nozzle KHN-M7720-A4X F genuine 302 nozzle
YV88X NOZZLE 63F Assy KV7-M71N3-A1 63F original nozzle
KV7-M87GF-A0X KV7-M71N9-A0X YAMAHA 69F nozzle
KGS-M7730-A1X YG100 213A original nozzle 9498 396 00643
YVL88 nozzle station cylinder BDAS10X5 KM1-M9605-02X KM1-M9605-03X
KH5-M3456-03X SWITCH OPTICAL ASSY yamaha nozzle station light solder signal amplifier
KGS-M7740-A1X NOZZLE 214A nozzle YG100 hit IC nozzle
KHY-M7122-00X 90933-02J104 90990-08J016 YS12 nozzle rod accessories assembly
KV8-M8883-A0X YAMAHA original through suction nozzle special wire   metal wire
KGB-M71S0-50X YAMAHA Yamaha YV100XG placement machine standard nozzle rod original quality
KGT-M77DS-A0X 20DS nozzle YG2000603 nozzle
KM0-M9601-01X YVL88 nozzle holder clip 5322 4661 1132
J70550542D Samsung Hanwha SM411 421 SMD machine nozzle rod WSPFL6-H172 original authentic
KOGANEI BDAS16*20-3B nozzle rod cylinder with light solder sensor KM1-M9611-03X
KG7-M7173-A0X YVL88II head rod Nozzle rod Part nr: 5322 256 92337
312A nozzle new KHY-M7720-A0X Yamaha YS24
KHY-M7108-00 COLLAR, BRG. YS12   YG12 nozzle rod bearing
KHY-M712S-A0 YG12 YS12 YS24 nozzle rod original authentic spot YAMAHA head rod
YAMAHA ITF IC cabinet suction nozzle cylinder solenoid valve combination KV5-M7121-L0X
Part nr.: 5322 360 10198 NOZZLE A (TYPE 31) Original genuine nozzle
YG12 YS12 YS24 nozzle rod bushing bearing KHY-M7108-00 COLLAR, BRG.
5322 130 10062 SENSOR 1-1, NOZZLE nozzle exchange station, light solder + amplifier set
KGB-M7167-00X YV100XG SMT machine nozzle rod R axis pulley black genuine
KM1-M710S-00X KM8-M710S-00X YV100II nozzle rod with shaft sleeve
KV7-M7710-A1X KV7-M7720-A1X YV88XG 61A 62A original nozzle
KGT-M7790-A0X YAMAHA 209A original nozzle YG200 placement machine nozzle NOZZLE
KGB-M713S-A0X YV100XG nozzle rod genuine spot YAMAHA head rod
KV8-M8870-003 YAMAHA original genuine SMT machine nozzle oil oil maintenance kit accessories
YAMAHA original nozzle, nozzle 303A/314A nozzle YG12 nozzle YS24 nozzle
9965 000 11068 Block nozzle + shaft flight nozzle seat pin original
KV4-M8890-00X YAMAHA small ultrasonic nozzle cleaning machine
KH5-M7140-00X KH5-M7130-00X YVL88II nozzle rod with shaft sleeve short rod smooth rod
YAMAHA nozzle cleaning machine small ultrasonic NOZZLE cleaning equipment KV4-M8890-00X
KV7-M71N6-A0X YV88X, YG88, YS88 placement machine 226F original suction nozzle
KLW-M7107-00 YAMAHA  YSM10 nozzle rod 90% new original goods
CM602/NPM nozzle rod N510040355AA N510064708AA Panasonic genuine suction rod
KHY-M7760-A0X NOZZLE 305/316A ASSY YS100 placement machine 305A nozzle
Part nr.: 5322 693 11539 TAPAZ HEAD No. 2-8 Nozzle Rod Genuine
N510068432AA Panasonic nozzle rod suction nozzle Panasonic NPM nozzle rod 16 heads N510058687AA
KGR-M71N2-A0X YG88 placement machine original 222F nozzle  X hole 0805 component nozzle
KLF-M8750-A0 Yamaha YSM40 SMT machine nozzle 504A nozzle 515A nozzle
KLF-M8780-A0 YSM40 507A original nozzle 518A
7RR original suction nozzle U-shaped nozzle head MELF glass diode large 76A nozzle genuine
KLF-M8720-A1 YSM40R nozzle 512A KLF-M8710-A1 511A nozzle
MBDAS10X10 YSM Mounting Machine Nozzle Station Cylinder
LEAF-SPRING HEAD 1 Part nr.: 5322 492 71713 nozzle shrapnel clamp
KLF-M8740-A0 YAMAHA Yamaha 503A nozzle YSM placement machine 514A
YV88X nozzle rod/shaft (SPLINE, INDEX ASSY) KV7-M7170-00X
9965 000 10928 STD.SHAFT1, SPARE nozzle nozzle genuine spot
Samsung Hanwha SLM120S placement machine Mark PIN head nozzle rod reference positioning column J71551891A
90990-09J004  YAMAHA original screw   nozzle rod screw
90990-08J012 YAMAHA suction nozzle original authentic
PHILIPS original nozzle rod set 9965 000 10929   original head rod
90440-10J008 YAMAHA nozzle rod retainer original authentic
KH5-M655A-A0X suction nozzle light solder sensor HPX-A2 amplifier KH5-M655A-A1X
YG100 SMT machine nozzle nozzle head rod KGS-M712S-A0X KGS-M713S-A0X
Yamaha nozzle holder KGR-M71M0-A11 original holder KGR-M71M0-A1X
KLW-M914W-000  YAMAHA nozzle stem shrapnel nozzle stem
KMB-M7730-A0 7203A original suction nozzle YSM40R 0201 component dual-hole nozzle available from stock
KMB-M7770-A0 YSM40R original 7207A nozzle
201A nozzle YAMAHA KGT-M7710-A0X nozzle/nozzle YG200 nozzle/nozzle
KMB-M7750-A0 NOZZLE 7205A ASSY YSM40R nozzle 0603
KV8-M71U0-01X NOZZLE ASSY   flight nozzle combination KV8-M71U0-02X
KMB-M7740-A0 7204AYSM40R nozzle 0603.0402 original genuine nozzle
KV8-M71U5-00X YAMAHA flight nozzle fixed screw KV8-M71U5-001
KV8-M88E1-00X YAMAHA disassembly nozzle rod retainer tool plied into the town shaft meson 0.8 E-RING
KGS-M713S-A0X YG100 nozzle rod   KJJ-M7140-C00 YS100 nozzle rod original full
KHY-M7780-A0X 307A/318A nozzle YAMAHA YS100 YG12
KV8-M7135-A0X SHAFT HEAD ASSY  YAMAHA nozzle rod   standard head rod
YAMAHA31 nozzle YV100II hit 0402 31A nozzle
9498 396 02671 Yamaha Mounter 313A nozzle KHY-M7730-A0X
9498 396 01482 Nozzle, Type 206A original nozzle
90990-25J026 BEARING YS12 YS24 YSM10 nozzle rod rotating small bearing
KGS-M7139-03X 90990-22J024 YG100 nozzle rod sealing ring rubber ring 90990-22J027
YSM40 SMT machine nozzle KLF-M7720-A0 Yamaha 502A nozzle 0603 nozzle
90990-17J082 YAMAHA 305A nozzle sealing circle KGA-M8752-00X
KGT-M712S-A1X suction rod  YG200 original nozzle rod KGT-M713S-A0X head rod genuine
KV8-M653H-A0X YAMAHA sensor on the nozzle rod OMRON E2S-Q12
YAMAHA original syringe oil KV8-M8870-002 clear oil suction nozzle oil KV8-M8870-00X
KV8-M71S0-50X YV100X nozzle rod KV8-M71S0-00 nozzle rod with sleeve
KGB-M7742-00X 90990-17J013 74A nozzle seal ring 5322 530 51373
KM1-M9611-02X CYLINDER U/P nozzle station cylinder KOGANEI BDAS16X20-3B
YAMAHA YSM40R nozzle 7205 nozzle 7203 nozzle 7204A nozzle
KHY-M711S-A0 KHY-M712S-A0 YG12 nozzle rod with bushing KHY-M7107-00
KHN-M7790-A0X NOZZLE 309A YG12 round hole 309A nozzle KHN-M7790-A1X
KMB-M7740-A0 NOZZLE 7204A ASSY YSM40R 7024A nozzle 0402 1005 nozzle
KMB-M7720-A0X YSM40R 7202A nozzle 01005 nozzle  0402 metric original nozzle
KGT-M7760-A0X YAMAHA Yamaha YG200 placement machine 206A suction nozzle diode suction nozzle MELF
YG300 nozzle rod with shaft sleeve  YAMAHA Yamaha YG300 head rod standard rod  MG3 suction rod
YV100X nozzle rod with shaft sleeve  set of original authentic suction rod KV8-M712S-A0X
KLW-M711S-A0X YSM10 nozzle rod KLW-M711S-A0 YSM10 nozzle nozzle
KHW-M7140-B0X KHW-M713S-A0X YG100R nozzle rod standard rod
KHN-M714S-B0X  YG300 nozzle rod  YAMAHA standard nozzle rod  MG3 nozzle rod   head rod
YSM10 nozzle rod head rod suction rod KMG-M711S-A0 KLW-M7107-A1 KLW-M7107-C1
90990-17J081 O-RING YAMAHA 304A nozzle sealing ring 315A nozzle rubber ring
90993-02J104 Yamaha YS12 YG12F YS24 nozzle rod bearing YG12 suction rod top bearing
LC2-M7120-10X Yamaha placement machine YT16 Tianlong M3 nozzle rod LC2-M7106-11X head rod
KV8-M711N-A0X YV100XG nozzle assembly 71F nozzle 72F nozzle 73F flying nozzle
KHW-M7140-B0X YG100R nozzle rod standard nozzle rod KHW-M713S-A0X
KLW-M714W-00 YAMAHA YSM10 nozzle stem shrapnel YSM20 nozzle stem shrapnel
YSM40R nozzle rod KMB-M7006-00 head rod KMB-M7007-A0 LT3SGCS+MST3S+102.8
YG300 nozzle rod with bushing KHN-M714S-A0X YAMAHA nozzle rod head rod disassembly machine used
YSM40 SMT 513A nozzle KLF-M8730-A2 large X hole nozzle YSM40R nozzle
THK shaft rod LT3SGCS+MST3S+102.8LP-A YSM40R RS nozzle rod
YG100 nozzle station light soldering sensor KGS-M655B-00X light soldering wire 9498 396 00731
YS12F placement head YG12F placement head YAMAHA YS12P nozzle rod motor working head
YSM40R Yamaha 503A nozzle YSM placement machine 514A nozzle KLF-M8740-A0
KV8-M71N2-A0X YAMAHA 72F nozzle 72F flight nozzle
KV8-M71N3-A0X NOZZLE 73F ASSY.YAMAHA 73F nozzle 73F flight nozzle
KGR-M71N4-A0X 224F original nozzle 225F nozzle. KGR-M71N5-A0X YG88
YAMAHA original 91A nozzle YV100XG hit 0603 component nozzle TY16 machine nozzle 0402 package
YSM10 placement machine 3010A nozzle 3110A nozzle YSM20R minimum nozzle 310A KHY-M77A0-A0
KLW-M711S-B0 YSM10 nozzle rod  YSM20 head rod two slot suction rod
Emerald shaft nozzle rod 532269311134  YVL88 nozzle rod
JUKI original suction nozzle oil DEFRIX OIL NO.1/ suction nozzle oil / placement machine nozzle
YSM40 chip mounter 510A nozzle KLF-M87A0-A0   original 01005 nozzle YSM40R MU head
KGS-M655A-91 KGS-M655A-40X KGS-M655A-40X Nozzle Station Amplifier
KLW-M711S-A0 YSM20 nozzle rod with shaft sleeve Yamaha YSM20R head rod shaft
KV8-M712N-A0X flying nozzle combination 71F, 79F, 73F nozzle YV100XG flying rod
Yamaha Mounter 73A nozzle KV8-M7730-00X 83A nozzle KV8-M7730-A0X
KV8-M8810-00X Remove the nozzle stem fixing screw wrench Part nr.: 5322 395 10877
KV8-M77WL-A0X NOZZLE 79A ASSY.YV100XG nozzle YAMAHA 79A nozzle
YAMAHA nozzle, nozzle, brand new original, nozzle, 209A nozzle KGT-M7790-A0X round hole
YAMAHA placement machine YV100Xg standard rod KGB-M71S0-50X with shaft sleeve nozzle rod
YAMAHA placement machine nozzle short rod KV8-M7106-70X short shaft, nozzle rod, YV100XG, YV100X
YAMAHA shaped nozzle, brand new original, nozzle, 76A MELF dedicated KV8-M7760-AOX
YAMAHA YV100II 31A nozzle NOZZLE KM0-M711A-31X TYPE31
YAMAHA76# suction nozzle for MELF components, suitable for YV100X, YV100XG machines
YAMAHA nozzle YAMAHA nozzle NOZZLE 301A 312A 302A 201A
YAMAHA nozzle, nozzle, brand new original, nozzle, 74A nozzle KV8-M7740-A0X
YAMAHA placement machine special suction nozzle clear oil VG32 material number KV8-M8870-00X
Yamaha 79A nozzle round hole KV8-M7790-AOX NOZZLE 79A ASSY.


1001 nozzle KXFX037SA00 KXFX03K1001 KXFX03DSA00 KXF03DRA00
1002 nozzle KXFX037TA00 KXFX03DTA00 KXFX03DUA00 KXFX03K1002
1003 nozzle KXFX037UA00 KXFX03DWA00 KXFX03K1003
1004 nozzle KXFX037VA00 KXFX03DYA00
1005 nozzle KXFX037WA00 KXFX03E0A00 for NPM
10483S0011AA HDF nozzle holder
10483S0011AA HDF nozzle holder 1
161 nozzle N610004673AA 101YC0K0161 KXFY008ZA00 161N
185 nozzle PAD N210158627AA N210055331AA KXFB0109A00/
230CSN N610119480AB nozzle 225CSN/226CSN/235CSN/240CSN
BM SA nozzle 10807GH811AG 10807GJ860AF/AE 10807GH811AF
BM S nozzle 10807GH812AG/AF 1080788120AA 10807GJ862AE/AF wholesale supply
CM NPM 115A 115AN nozzle N610099373AA for sale
CM/NPM nozzle N610040853AD N610040853AA/AB
CM110S nozzle N610030517AC N610017371AD N610017371AA
CM402 115A nozzle KXFX037NA00 KXFX04MTA00
CM402 120 nozzle KXFX0384A00 KXFX04MUA00
CM402 130 nozzle KXFX0385A00
CM402 161 nozzle N61004673AA imitation brand new
CM602 110S nozzle product: N610017371AC N610017371AD
CM602 115AS nozzle No.: N610017372AC/AD N610017372AE
CM602 120S nozzle No.: N610017373AC Imitation brand new
CM602 130S nozzle N610017375AC N610017355AD,
KXFB03KPA00 Panasonic CM nozzle screw
N210118720AA Panasonic NPM16 head nozzle rod spring, bargaining
N510015533AA KXF0DUPAA02 N510005433AA Panasonic CM nozzle rod
N510054810AA N510002505AA N510052019AA lightweight nozzle rod
N510055050AA N510068432AA Panasonic NPM 16-head nozzle rod
N510060453AA Panasonic NPM12 head nozzle rod
N510064219AA Panasonic NPM 12-head nozzle rod without bushing
N510064336AA NPM 16 nozzle nozzle rod
N510064708AA N510040355AA Panasonic NPM 8-head nozzle rod
N510069637AA N510054811AA N510028739AA CM12 head nozzle rod
N610015043AA Panasonic CM402 602 NPM 142 nozzle
N610040784AD/AB/AC Panasonic CM/NPM 230C nozzle
N610099373AB Panasonic CM402 602 NPM 8 head 115AN nozzle
N610099374AA Panasonic CM402 602 NPM 8 head 120N nozzle
N610099375AA Panasonic CM402 602 NPM 8 head 130N nozzle
N610119493AA/AB/AC Panasonic CM/NPM 230CN nozzle
N610119859AA Panasonic NPM 3-head nozzle exchange station, bargaining
N610119861AA/N610119759AA Panasonic NPM3 nozzle exchange station, bargaining
NPM 130 130N nozzle N610099375AA for sale KXFX0385A00 133
NPM 16H nozzle rod N510058687AA N510064335AA N510056485AA
NPM8 head nozzle rod N510064708AA E053
NPM nozzle rod N510051262AA N510068462AA
NPM automatic PIN nozzle N610144865AB N610144867AB bargaining
NPM automatic PIN nozzle N610144866AB N610144868AB bargaining
N610144865AB N610144867AA bargaining nozzle for NPM automatic PIN
SA nozzle accessories 1080729975 10817S0022 1081789771 1080708602 bargaining
SMT 1001 nozzle KXFX037SA00 KXFX03K1001 KXFX03DSA00 KXFX03DRA00
SMT 1004N nozzle N610098972AA 1004 KXF under 037VA00
SMT 240CN nozzle N610119499AB for sale 240C N610062681AD
SMT CM NPM nozzle piercing hole needle KXF0DYHUA00 0.15/0.4 specifications
SMT CM NPM special nozzle 230CS N610040788AA /AD225CS 226CS
SMT CM nozzle rod KXF0DTQAA01
SMT N610099374AA 120N nozzle KXFX0384A00 KXFX04MUA00
SMT NPM 16 nozzle exchange station N610087794AA N610074584AA
SMT NPM 2-head nozzle exchange station N610087796AA N610074586AA N610162463AA
SMT Fuji FUJI NXT nozzle box*NE18A 001947*
SMT nozzles 110 120 130 140 184 185
SMT nozzle N610141522AB N610144868AB N610144866AB
SMT KXFX036XA00 nozzle changer
SMT Panasonic 16-head nozzle rod N510068432AA/N510064335AA/N510058687AA
SMT Panasonic BM S nozzle head 104590801406 products, bargaining
SMT Panasonic CM602 12 nozzle nozzle rod N510028739AA for sale
SMT Panasonic NPM 12-head nozzle rod N510060453AA
SMT Panasonic NPM 12-head nozzle rod N510064219AA
SMT Panasonic NPM 16 nozzle exchange station N610087794AA
SMT Panasonic NPM 8-nozzle exchange station N610064585AA N610087795AA
SMT Panasonic NPM 8-nozzle exchange station N610074585AA N610087795AA
SMT Panasonic NPM 8-nozzle exchange station N610087795AA N610162467AA
SMT Panasonic NPM16 head nozzle rod N510064336AA product
SMT Panasonic NPM nozzle exchange station N610087794AA, bargaining
SMT nozzle NPM CM 110S 120S 130S 140S
CM402602 NPM 110S 120S 130S 140S nozzles for bargaining
Samsung ceramic nozzle CP45 CN140 CN065 high quality nozzle
Panasonic nozzle empty needle 0.15 MM KXF0DYHUA00
Panasonic 1004 nozzle PAD aprons KXF07QUAA00
Panasonic 1004 nozzle plastic ring PAD KXF07QUAA00
Panasonic 1005 nozzle aprons KXF07QVAA00 PAD
Panasonic 1005 nozzle plastic ring PADKXF07QVAA00
Panasonic 140 nozzle KXFX0386A00 KXFX03DMA00 wholesale
Panasonic 185 nozzle, nozzle PAD aprons N610070338AB
Panasonic 205A 205 nozzle KXFA1G6AA00 KXFA1G5AA00 100YC0K0205
Panasonic 205A nozzle KXFX03DQA00 KXFX037MA00 KXFW1DLAA00
Panasonic 205A nozzle N610000995AB/AA KXFX04N0A00 KXFX03K205A
Panasonic 206AS 206S nozzle N610030510AD N610030510AC wholesale
Panasonic 235C nozzle N610043814ADN610043814AA, bargaining
Panasonic BM LA nozzle PAD 1040318756/1040318753/1083418753
Panasonic BM SA nozzle 10807GH811AC 10807GH811AG
Panasonic BM123/221 nozzle rod N510024119AA
Panasonic BM nozzle 10807GH811AG, SA, bargaining
Panasonic BM nozzle NOZZLE 10807GC008AA MG-P bargaining
Panasonic BM nozzle S SX SA M MG MG-P ML Bargaining
Panasonic BM nozzle 10807GH820AF CN.R-4, bargaining
Panasonic BM nozzle 10807GJ813AL /G melf, bargaining
Panasonic BM nozzle accessories 104590801406/05/04 nozzle core wholesale bargaining
Panasonic BM nozzle head 104700828403 CN-R8
Panasonic CM 1004 NOZZLE nozzle KXFX037VA00 KXFX03DYA00
Panasonic CM 235CS nozzle N610043815AD/AB/AA bargaining
Panasonic CM 3 head universal head nozzle rod N510037999AAN510015534AA
Panasonic CM NPM 225CS 226CS 230CS 235CS 240CS NOZZLE nozzle
Panasonic CM NPM226C 230C 235C 240C nozzle NOZZLE
Panasonic CM/NPM 199nozzle nozzle N610070079AB N610070079AA
Panasonic CM/NPM 230CS nozzle N610040788AD/AA wholesale
Panasonic CM1003NOZZLE nozzle KXFX037UA00 KXFX03DWA00 KXFX03K1003
Panasonic CM1004/1005 nozzle PAD KXF07QUAA00 KXF07QVAA00
Panasonic CM110S nozzle N610030517AC N610017317AD N610017371AC
Panasonic CM202 nozzle 212 nozzle 402/602 nozzle 110 115 120 130 140 manufacturers
Panasonic CM226CS nozzle N610040787AD/AB/AA bargaining
Panasonic CM230CS nozzle N610040788AD N610040788AA bargaining
Panasonic CM402 602 NPM 133A 133 nozzle
Panasonic CM402 602 nozzle filter cotton N610071334AA
Panasonic CM402 8-head nozzle rod N510015533AA
Panasonic CM402/602 nozzle exchange station cylinder N610028939AA
Panasonic CM402/602 nozzle 110 120 130 140 161 nozzle
Panasonic CM402/602 nozzle 110S 115AS 120S 130S 140S
Panasonic CM402 universal head nozzle 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006
Panasonic CM402 series NOZZLE 1002 nozzle KXFX03DUA00
Panasonic CM602 206A nozzle KXFX05V2A00 N610015533AA
Panasonic CM602 12 nozzle nozzle rod N510069637AA
Panasonic CM602 12-nozzle filter holder N610113210AA/AB
Panasonic MC111 nozzle rod wholesale IPAC MC211
Panasonic MPAVIIB nozzle 104700868001 104700868004
Panasonic MSF nozzle rod 108072906402 108072907103
Panasonic MSR HT VVS nozzle for sale 10468S0009 for sale
Panasonic MSR Nozzle Reflective Plate Part No. 10468S0019 is a penalty of ten
Panasonic NPM 16 head nozzle holder N610113699AA
Panasonic NPM 16-head nozzle rod N510068432AA
Panasonic NPM 8 head / 12 head nozzle holder N610067607AE
Panasonic NPM 8-head nozzle rod N510064708AA
Panasonic NPM 8-head nozzle rod N510064708AA
Panasonic NPM 8-nozzle exchange station N610162467AA N610087795AA N610074585AA
Panasonic NPM CM402 602 240C nozzle 235C N610062681AD/AA/AB/AC
Panasonic NPM16 head nozzle rod spring N210118720AA
Panasonic NPM nozzle exchange station N610162463AA N610087796AA N610074586AA
Panasonic SA nozzle accessories 108070860301 104590800405 nozzle wholesale
Panasonic pan head nozzle rod DT401 N510037999AA N51005534AA/KXF0DYEYA00
Panasonic Mounter CM402/602 nozzle fixture N210027498AA N210027498AB
Panasonic Mounter AM100 235AM nozzle JZSX2469
Panasonic Mounter AM100 nozzle 140M nozzle N61015289AC
Panasonic Mounter AM100 nozzle 240M nozzle N610150988AD
Panasonic Mounter BM accessories M-type nozzle 10807GH813AF
Panasonic Mounter CM140 nozzle plastic head N210158626AA KXFB0106A00
Panasonic Mounter CM402 series NOZZLE 1001 nozzle KXFX03DSA00
CM SMT CM nozzle rod N510054810AA N510002505AA
Panasonic Mounter CM nozzle rod N510054811AA N510028739AA N510069637AA
Panasonic Mounter Accessories CM402 110 nozzle KXFX0383A00
Panasonic Mounter Accessories CM4021002 nozzle KXFX037TA00 KXFX03DUA00
Panasonic Mounter Accessories Nozzle Cleaning Fixture N610067369AA
CNT.R-2 10817GA844AG/F/E/D/C/B BM for Panasonic placement machine
Panasonic nozzle 10817GA844AGCNT.R-2, bargaining
Panasonic suction nozzle filter cotton N610071334AA KXFYG00076 N210048234AA
Panasonic suction nozzle through-hole needle KXF0DYHUA00 high quality 0.15MM/0.4MM
Panasonic special suction nozzle maintenance oil N990PANA-028 fake one pay ten
Tianlong I-PULSE M1/M4 M031 M032 M033 M034 nozzle
Mounter Panasonic accessories CM402 130 nozzle No.: KXFX0385A00
Mounter Panasonic nozzle CM402 120 nozzle No.: KXFX0384A00 KXFX04MUA00

CNSMT Manufactured Machine


CNSMT is a premium seller of SMT Nozzle that is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It sells premium SMT Nozzles for picking up chip components in a most hassle-free way. It can pick up both small ICs and even huge BGA components easily.


With this equipment, you are assured that the components are safe while on the process of picking. This will make the job quicker to finish and easier.


We sell different brands that you can make used depending on your needs. This is why CNSMT will only give you the best experience with their world-class products.


How to choose the best SMT Nozzle?


SMT Nozzle must be efficient and gentle at the same time to ensure that it can perform its task without damaging the chip components.


An SMT Nozzle can pick up the tiniest chip components in the most comfortable way too. As a result, it can quicken up the process of picking.


In CNSMT, we make sure that what we are selling can reach the highest standards of quality that will make the product better. We make sure that our products meet both ends which is beneficial for the business.


What makes our SMT Nozzle the best?


In CNSMT, there are premium and reliable brands that you will be able to encounter that will boost your enthusiasm. It will give better production rates that will surely increase income.


Picking up the smallest chip components is made easier making everything automated. The SMT Nozzle has all the functionalities that will surely never let you down.

The exterior design is exceptional as well because of the great color combination that it has.


Why choose CNSMT?


  • CNSMT is a premium brand in China that sells the best machines for business use. It made a lot of businesses to become more productive in their tasks which resulted in higher profits.


  • All of our products have a warranty that is why you have the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong in case you found some defects on the product.


  • We are happy to give lifetime support in case you have inquiries or questions regarding the product.


  • The SMT Nozzle sold by the CNSMT is one of the most amazing products that you can find in their catalog. It is efficient and at the same time very durable.


  • It has modern features that will make everything automated and at the same time comfortable.


  • If you have questions, we are happy to assist you because we value our customers well.


How reliable is your SMT Nozzle?

Since our SMT Nozzles are made by premium brands, it is an assurance that they will provide you with the best functionalities and will not deteriorate easily even with daily use.


How do you ship SMT Nozzle to our place?

We ship the item with the utmost care to ensure that no damage will be inflicted on it. This is a guarantee that the product will come right in your doorstep completely functioning.


What is the delivery time of SMT Nozzle?

It depends on the location of the buyer. If the buyer’s location is just nearby then most probably, the equipment will arrive in just a few days after you have ordered it.


Do you have spare parts for the SMT Nozzle?

Yes, spare parts are available. This is to ensure that there will be a sufficient supply of parts when you need it. Most especially the machine will be used for commercial purposes meaning the machine runs continuously daily. So when a particular part has broken down, you can replace it quickly.


What spare parts are included in the deal?

It depends on the requests of the buyer. The buyer has the right to request what spare parts does he want to be included in the deal.


How many days we can receive the SMT Nozzle?

The delivery is pretty quick but the time of arrival varies depending on the location of the buyer and some circumstances.


Does it support the English system?

Yes, the machine supports the English system to ensure that international users will be able to use it with ease. This is also beneficial because everyone will understand the manual as well in case there is a need to browse something on it.


How long a SMT Nozzle could last?

The machine can last for many years to come because it is made of high-quality materials that do not deteriorate easily. Just be sure that you maintain the machine from time to time.


Is it easy to maintain an SMT Nozzle?

Just like other types of machinery, SMT Nozzle needs some maintenance too for it to function perfectly. One example is making sure that the SMT Nozzle is clean from time to time. It will prevent clogs up that can cause malfunction.



With our SMT Nozzle, rest assured that you will get the best value for your money. The features and durability that our SMT Nozzles have will give you the productivity and automation that you are looking for in PCB manufacturing

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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