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CNSMT is known as an international supplier of the SMT Production Line machine. New and used SMT Production Line machines from different brands including pick and place machine of YAMAHA, JUKI, FUJI, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, SONY, and MIRAE, Full auto printer, semi-auto printer, smt reflow oven, heller reflow, wave soldering machine, AOI, SPI, Solder paste mixer, smt conveyor, etc are provided. Usually, the SMT Machine range is from speed 5000CPH To 100000+CPH. We are here to provide you the best electronic and automated business solution based on your different budgets.

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Cnsmt is your best smt production line solution partner, we provide free smt total full line solution, which includes smt soldering screen printer, reflow oven, conveyors, loader and unloader, Aoi, spi. Most of these machines located in Shenzhen of China can be ready for ship within 2-3days

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SMT Reflow Oven is mainly used for solder the printed PCB after the pick and place machine, CNSMT provide many different kinds of reflow oven, such as HELLER 1707EXL, 1808EXL, 1800EXL, 1809EXL, 1809MKIII, 1912EXL, 1913EXL, China brand JT Reflow oven, Japan brand ETC. If your product is a simple PCB, only a few components on the PCB, you can buy a small size reflow oven, maybe 6 or 7zone reflow is ok, If there have many components on the PCB, you must buy large size above 9zone at least.


SMT pick and place machine is the most important processing in the smt production line, on this machine your components can be completely mounted onto the bare PCB, each component placed onto the correct position, few minutes can finish one whole PCB. Its a very convenient and high-speed AI machine.


SMT Stencil Printer is used for printing solder paste onto the bare PCB, this is the first step of SMT production line, CNSMT both have a full auto printer and semi-auto printer machine in stork if you are a small business owner, and budget limit, semi-auto printer machine is a good choice, cause price not very high, most of the customers can afford it. If you request a high quality of your products, then you must choose the full-auto printing machine.

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SMT Production Line

Soldering is the first step in the SMT production line, The paste is “printed” on the PCB boards. Depending on the board’s design, various stainless-steel stencils are used. Also, a 2D paste inspection helps to ensure that it is applied correctly. Finally, the boards are transferred to the SMT production assembly line.

Cnsmt has several types of SMT assembly line machines available. Different models have different prices. However, it is effortless to find the best quality SMD line machineat extraordinarily cheap and discounted rates, but if you come to our company, you will find CNSMT is your best and final option, Cause our engineer can give best design solution for your SMT production line, and do our best give the best price for you, not only cheap price but also long-term cooperation relationship,

At last, we will very much appreciate you can visit can see our SMT production line machine for our company.

smt production line

SMT production line

A product of CNSMT corporation.

Due to the limitation of space and labor, most manufacturers have turned to use SMT production line machines to make and assemble PCB faster and effectively.

The (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, China, (CNSMT ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO., LIMITED) was established in June 2005, produces and sells SMT production line and other peripherals.

The company has 15 years of renowned production success, releasing new gadgets now and then. The SMT production line is made up of a machine that dispenses solder paste, a soldering oven, and an automatic SMT production machine.

Advantages of an SMT production line

The SMT production line reduces the size that surface mount components occupy leading to the production of smaller and lighter gadgets like phones and laptops.

The SMT production line improves the resistance of gadgets against shock and vibration due to small SMD components.

What’s new to the specification of the SMT production line?

The SMT production line is made up of printing machines, pick and place machines, chip mounters, reflow soldering machines, and a connection table.


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The printing machines: prints solder paste on the PCB for the components to be mounted on top. The Table Top Led SMT Stencil Printer PCB Screen Printing Machine,

Product features:

  • A manual printing table made of aluminum thus great for glue or solder printing.
  • Solved the problem of position deviation, of the PCB board and the position of the mesh hole.
  • Allows for manual adjustment to set the mold thickness.

Pick and place machines, one of the best from CNSMT is the YAMAHA YV100XG SMT Pick and Place Machine High-Resolution Multi Vision Digital Cameras.

Product description:

  • Low power consumption and comes in multiple sizes.
  • Ensure the whole placement accuracy is up to ± 50 microns, and the full repeat accuracy is up to ± 30 microns.
  • The machine has Laser Board Warpage detection, that detects any warping and corrects the misalignment.
  • It is efficient for all industrial uses like electrical and automotive manufacturing.
  • Use 2 high-resolution multi-vision digital cameras.

SMT line machine, the CNSMT released the High-Speed SMT Assembly Equipment Panasonic Avk2 Dip Insert Machine CE Approval.

The machine installs taped electronic components automatically on a PCB. The machine works on basic components like inductors, capacitors, and connectors.

Product description;

  • Loaded with a material holder 60 + 60 + JW station component type fixed resistance, capacitor, ceramic capacitor, jumper, and diode.
  • Panasonic AVK2B detailed tracing method of the fully automatic horizontal plug-in machine.
  • Insertion range 26mm bandwidth: 5 -15mm; 52mm, bandwidth: 5-26mm and Jumper bandwidth: 5-26mm

A reflow soldering machine,

The machine solders the surface of components into the PCBs. Two types of soldering ovens exist they include, convection and infrared oven. The PCB travels through a conveyor belt into the Reflow soldering machine and is exposed to varying temperatures.

  • The soldering machines constitute a wide variety of machines that include reflow ovens, SMT/BGA soldering systems, and other SMT production line discrete equipment like hot tweezers and soldering stations.
  • The KIC series offers 6, 9 to 12 channels. KIC Start offers 6 channels
  • JUKI-FX-3L

Why should you buy CNSMT-Manufactured SMT production line?

  • CNSMT SMT production line produces gadgets with minimum propagation delays and low package noise because of the Surface Mount Compounds’ shorter lead lengths.
  • The SMT production line also saves the PCB manufacturing companies from wastage from antique PCB methods and ensure monitored and fast manufacturing.
  • Other pushing factors include reduced board size and number of drilled holes which cut down layer count numbers on the PCB.

Basic FAQ’s

  • Why choose us?

The CNSMT SMT is easy to install and the efficiency of the process can be increased by combining the devices optimally. There is also an increased demand for SMT machines for the automobile, telecom, and healthcare, and CNSMT provides high-level accuracy pcbs. CTSMT gives you a high degree of accuracy and automation.

  • I am purchasing the machine for the first time, is it easy to operate?

CNSMT produces user-friendly machines.

  • How to place an order in your company
  • Visit our website and send an inquiry directly to us, our customer care is right there to answer your queries.
  • Prices: different machines are priced differently according to technology and you can enjoy a massive discount too.
  • Order processing: once a purchase is confirmed, the order shall be placed.
  • Locals can personally collect their packages at the owner’s preference or it will be shipped to you.
  • payment and shipping

International shipping: yes, (depends on your countries trade relations with China).

Payment: pay via Western Union, PayPal. T/T.

  • I am buying locally, how many days would it take to be delivered?

Delivery time: within china – 1 to 2 trading days.

: outside China- (consult customer care for confirmation)

  • Is there a warranty given to the purchased machinery?

Warranty conditions: enjoy a 1-year guaranteed warranty for machines with identifiable problems.

  • Do you have online support available?

Our customer care desk is open for inquiries and instant purchases and more product descriptions.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information

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