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CNSMT provide you all the models of SMT squeegee and blades in China, we also can customize the different size of SMT printing machine squeegees. Both metal and rubber material SMT squeegee available in our factory.

We make from 200mm-600mm length of SMT squeegees in China, with competitive price and much cheaper and better quality than other suppliers.

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CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Cnsmt is a professional smt squeegee manufacturer in China, we produce all brands of squeegee and blades, such as GKG squeegee, DEK squeegee, MPM squeegee, EKRA squeegee, HC squeegee, PANASONIC squeegee, YAMAHA printer squeegee, etc, we also can customize other different sizes of smt squeegees for you

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CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

DEK ELAI, DEK01, DEK02, DEK02I, DEK03I, DEK03IX 250MM, 300MM, 350MM, 400MM, 450M, 500MM, 600MM, Squeegee all have in the stork


MPM UP2000, MPM Momentum, MPM125, 250MM, 300MM, 350MM, 400MM, 450M, 500MM, 600MM, Squeegee all have in stork


YAMAHA YSP printer squeegee, YAMAHA YCP, and YCP10 printer squeegee, YAMAHA YGP printer squeegee, 250MM, 300MM, 350MM, 400MM, 450M, 500MM, 600MM, Squeegee all have in the stork

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Smt Squeegee

Replacing your smt old solder paste squeegee with a new one as soon as possible.

You need to check many things before buying the perfect SMT solder paste squeegee and blades, such as which manufacturer produces excellent smt squeegee, what features they offer, and is it reasonable enough to not burn a hole in your pocket.

Well, cnsmt is a household name, and most of the smt squeegee market is dependent on it.

Cnsmt have many years of manufacturer smt all brands of solder paste squeegee and blades, such as dek solder paste printer squeegee, MPM screen printing machine squeegee, Yamaha printer machine squeegee, Panasonic printing machine squeegee, GkG printer squeegee, semi-auto printer squeegees for smt,smt solder paste squeegee size from 200mm-600mm for you choose,

Additionally, smt squeegee includes squeegee frame and blades, most of the customers only need to replace the blades, cause blade cost cheaper than full set squeegee,

After you but the SMT squeegee blades, you just need to loose the screw and re-install it on the frame is ok, but must adjust correct direction before installing the new one.

SMT solder paste squeegee is the most important part of the printer machine, if solder pastes too thick or too thin, you must adjust the squeegee to solve the problem.

professional smt printer engineer is necessary, otherwise, it will be many issues while printing PCB.

The creative minds of this era are evidently proving their best roles in the betterment of technological fields through awesome ideas.

They have contributed to the progress of their society via endless innovative technologies.


Solder Paste Squeegee comes under the prosperous advancements which really aim to reduce work problems.

Through various ways, the smartest minds are helping not only the industrialists but they are also producing things that are helpful in everyday life.

Over the decades, Surface Mount Technology has become incredibly sophisticated. So, two prime ways are introduced to apply the Solder Paste Squeegee to a circuit board.

In one way, by using a stencil printer while on the other way squeegee blade printing and enclosed head printing.

This product is highly favorable in pasting your other materials which actually seem impossible to get pasted.

Through the application of SMT Squeegee, you can even get your printed circuit boards pasted by following a certain procedure.

Solder paste squeegee blades are likely available to use for your SMT printers. This highly recommended and suggested paste will definitely not let you down about the decision of trying it.

Solder Paste Squeegee is prepared with the sincere intentions to sort out your problems regarding getting your printers and other things like even machines ready which you might think are too difficult to repair.

However, to increase your knowledge about what we more offer for the betterment and quality of your precious belongings we are mentioning that Solder blades can be one of your required products as well.

You will really love to invest in the machine that is offered at affordable rates by Cnsmt.

The quality material of the machine will make it perfect for long term usage. Enjoy the automatic functions of the machine and save your time and money.


SMT Squeegee

CNSMT Manufactured

CNSMT is a premium manufacturer of SMT Squeegees that is located in Shenzhen, China. It has introduced its brand new models of SMT Squeegees for the printing press that functions perfectly in spreading solder paste evenly over the template area completely.

With this product, you will not have to worry anymore about the fixing mechanism and transmission control system.

The scraper will press the template for them to have contact with the printed circuit board. The scraper will press the solder paste on the template to move while loading the template opening using the solder paste.

It perfectly finishes off by leaving the right thickness of the solder paste on the printed circuit board according to the template.

It has four (4) different models to choose from for you to find the best one for your needs.

This is why CNSMT will only provide the best equipment for many years to come to provide business solutions that will guarantee the growth of your enterprise.


How to choose the best SMT squeegee?


SMT Squeegees must be mobile without sacrificing its functionalities and performance and must reach your desired outcome.

A squeegee should spread the solder paste on a template area that is up to the highest quality of standards.

In CNSMT, we guarantee that our products will provide you with the best experience that can compete with other famous brands. We make sure that we satisfy our customers with the best products possible.


What makes our SMT squeegee the best?

CNSMT can customize all types of smt squeegees and blades, not only stainless steel material but also rubber squeegee and blades for SMT stencil printer machines.

In CNSMT, there are several model units that you can choose from for our SMT squeegee that will give you excellent results. This will make every enterprise grow because of the efficiency that this machine could give.

  • DEK Squeegee
  • MPM Squeegee
  • Yamaha Squeegee
  • GKG Squeegee
  • EKRA Squeegee
  • HC Squeegee
  • Right Squeegee
  • Desen Squeegee
  • Other customize SMT squeegee

Those are only a few of the many squeegees that we are offering. They will make things better and easier for workers. It is made to provide solutions that are crafted to the modern needs of the printing industry.

The CNSMT squeegee has all the modern functionalities that will help you reach the results that you want in the most comfortable way possible.

The design is extraordinary too because of its exceptional looking exterior. The outstanding durability as well will give you the best value for your money.


Why choose CNSMT?


CNSMT is one of the top Chinese brands that build premium equipment worldwide that satisfy our clients at all costs


  • We give a warranty and utmost support on our products to guarantee that people will maximize the whole potential of their business with our products
  • We provide assistance in case our customers have inquiries or need some help on how to operate the equipment that they bought
  • The SMT Squeegee built by the CNSMT is one of the most reliable models that we have right now in the current market
  • It is crafted to give the best functionalities when it comes to spreading solder paste on templates which is beneficial for the printing industry


If you need more information, do not hesitate to message us as we will help you with your concerns.

Here in our company we only provide the best products. This is because we want to ensure that our customers are getting the best experience and value for their money.

We buy and sell SMT equipment and at the same time manufacture some of them. We guarantee that the products have undergone all the necessary measures to give you out excellent products that will satisfy your needs.

Just like this SMT Solder Paste Squeegee and Blades, we offer different brands that will be perfect for every need of your company. It can surely hype up the products that will greatly increase your profit because of heightened productivity.

They are proven to function according to their use giving the best user experience. The good thing is, we only sell SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades that are safe to use. How d we did we say so? This is because we offer lead-free SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades as it is important for us to maintain a safe workplace for your company.

The Benefits of our SMT Solder Paste Squeegee andBlades

There are lots of benefits that you can expect if you will buy this product. In this part, let us try to enumerate them for you to see if this product is the one that you are looking for.

  • The equipment is lightweight: Despite it is given that SMT equipment is mostly heavy, this particular product line that we have is lightweight. This makes everything easy from installation, changing location, and usage truly manageable.
  • Great design: The designs of our SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades are absolutely awesome. It is a great addition to your factory as it will put up style to your workplace.
  • Amazing Built: We ensure that the SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades that we sell has steel spring metal and lots of flexures that do not fail over time. This is a guarantee that the product is highly durable and will not break down easily over time.
  • Precise and Direct to the Point: We guarantee that the joining of components will be lead-free. This ensures that waste materials will not be present in the process.
  • Low Maintenance: There will be no worries at all when it comes to maintenance. This equipment can function with very little maintenance saving you a lot of resources in such things.
  • Superb Accuracy: The 100 percent accuracy of this equipment is unbelievable as it can deliver it great results because of its precise blade referencing that does its best in giving out the setup quality that you are looking for.
  • Always on Top Condition: It can reduce friction that is the one responsible for the wear and tear of SMT equipment. So with this, you can prevent those kinds of scenarios from happening. As a result, the squeegees and stencils will be on its top shape at all times.
  • Great Visual Ergonomics: This will give you the power to classify the materials easily and quickly resulting in better outputs.
  • Adjustable: You can set the thickness of the blade to go along with what you need. The angles can also be adjusted for proper intrusive pasting in your tasks.
  • Permanent Product ID: This indicator will allow you to replicate the excellent processes for you to save a lot of time and effort.
  • Configurable Advanced Holders: It will help you choose your preferred size which can truly make you an efficient worker towards the project.


We’ve talked so much about our SMT squeegee product already.

At this point, we can understand that hundreds of questions are running through your mind regarding our product.

Well, this FAQ section might contain answers to some of your questions. So, please read through!

  1. Why our SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades is the best compared to its competitors?

Answer: This is because we make sure that our products are truly high-quality and will fit your every need. They have undergone every standard check to make sure that it will meet or even exceed all your expectations for that product.

  1. Do you offer English language support for your SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades?

Answer: Yes, because we know that English is the most used language worldwide. So we need to provide English language support so all people from all nations will understand how to operate or maintain this particular machine.

  1. Do you have spare parts available for this SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades?

Answer: Yes, because we believe that there will be a time wherein you will need to purchase spare parts for your SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades. This is because due to daily use, wear and tear on parts are actually unavoidable.

  1. Do you offer a warranty on your SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades?

Answer: Yes, because we believe that the satisfaction of our customers is important in our business. We offer generous warranty terms to ensure that our customers will be protected in case they found some issues with the product.

  1. What will you expect if you buy our SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades?

Answer: There is nothing to expect except for complete satisfaction. With the modern features and high-quality built, you’ll surely be in the right place. This product will surely increase the productivity of your workplace in no time giving you better profits.

  1. For how long will you expect your SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades to last?

Answer: If properly used and taken care of, this particular equipment can last for several years to come. You just need to handle it with care for it to reach or exceed its expected lifespan which is 5 to 10 years.

  1. Does your SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades easy to use?

Answer: Yes, most of them are user-friendly and comes along with a manual so that you can use them with ease without giving you any headaches.

  1. Does your SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades hassle-free to maintain?

Answer: Absolutely yes, because they are not demanding in terms of maintenance and can perform perfectly without requiring much of that.

Q: What Is A smt Squeegee In Screen Printing?

A: Solder Paste Squeegee is a prosperous advancement in screen printing, which helps to reduce work problems.

The SMT squeegee product is very helpful in pasting the materials on PCB or another base, which actually seem impossible earlier.

Q: Is SMT Squeegee Play any Role in Print Quality?

A: Yes, the print quality actually depends upon the quality of SMT Squeegee. The squeegee wear, pressure, and hardness also determine print quality.

So, you should monitor these things very carefully. For best print quality, the edges of Squeegee should be sharp and straight.

At CNSMT, we produce premium quality SMT squeegee of different brands.

Q: What Type of SMT Squeegees I Can Get from You?

A: You can get metal SMT squeegees from us at reasonable prices. The popularity of metal SMT squeegees is high due to the use of finer pitch components.

Plus, our metal squeegees offer a sharp and straight edge for fine quality screen printing. Also, they do not expose paste from apertures and do not wear easily like rubber squeegees.

Q: Can I Get Squeegee and Blade of PANASONIC Brand From You?

A: Yes, you can get SMT Squeegee and blade of PANASONIC brand from CNSMT. Other brands of which we produce Squeegees and blades are as follow:

  • GKG squeegee
  • DEK squeegee
  • MPM squeegee
  • EKRA squeegee
  • HC squeegee
  • YAMAHA printer squeegee and more.

Q: What Is The Life Span of SMT Squeeze Blades?

A: If you use our squeegee blades carefully, then they can last more than the expected life span, which is 5 to 10 years. You can replace metal squeegee blades from us when they get damaged.

The lifespan of poor quality SMT squeegee blades is less as compared to our high-quality metal squeegee blades.

Q: What Sizes of Solder Paste Squeegee You Produce?

We produce or make SMT solder paste squeegee of various sizes ranging from 200mm-600mm. Also, we can customize any other sizes of SMT squeegees according to your requirements.

Q: Do You Also Produce Spare Parts Of Solder Paste Squeegee?

A: Yes, we also produce spare parts like squeegee frame and blades for you. We understand that buying a complete SMT squeegee machine can be expensive for you; in that case, you can purchase only blades from us.

If you think only blades need to replace, then get the solder paste blade of the desired size than a full set of Squeegee.

Q: What Are The Printing Parameters With your SMT Squeeze?

A: In our opinion, the most important parameters of the solder paste squeegee is the choice of the Squeegee and its settings related to pressure, smoothness, and angle.

All our SMT squeegees of different brands offer smooth and desirable settings for screen printing. Plus, you can easily use and adjust our SMT squeegees on your printing machine.

Q: How About Squeegee Edge Shape?

The shape of our SMT squeegee blade is straight and sharp that offers perfect screen printing to you. We specially focus on producing fine Squeegee that helps you with ideal printing without any hassle.

Q: Does the shape of your SMT Squeegee Affect the Ink Deposit?

The squeegee shape, as well as angle, has an impact on your screen printing ink deposit, and we understand this very well.

We produce the Squeegee with an optimal angle that offers a smooth and neutral starting point for printing. Thus, it will not affect the ink deposit.

Q: How to select SMT Solder Paste Squeegee?

A: You need to check the model number of your screen printing machine and brand name before purchasing SMT squeegee.

After this, you can inquire about the SMT squeegee according to your printer from us.  If you are looking for a special Squeegee size, we can customize that for you.

We respect our customers and ready to provide you exact size of squeegee blade according to your requirement. Our skilled engineers are expert in manufacturing quality SMT squeegees for customers.

Q: How Can I Buy Screen Printer Squeegee From You?

A: you can buy a screen printer squeegee by visiting our space or can order online. Here are a few things that you can do to buy SMT squeegee from us:

  • Consult us about the squeegees via mail or phone
  • Ask for required size, price, payment methods, and other terms
  • Send you the invoice and confirm your order
  • Make the payment with the desired method
  • We prepare your order and ensures 100% quality check before shipping

Q: Do You Offer Phone Support for Your SMT Squeegee?

A: Yes, we are available 24/7 to respond to your calls or queries regarding our SMT screen printer squeegee. You can call us any time, we are committed to providing a fast response.

You are always welcome on call for any query, quotes, and complaint regarding our product. Our customer support will answer your queries in the minimum possible time.

Q: Is There Any Warranty on SMT Squeegee That You Sell?

A: Yes, you will get a generous warranty term on our all screen printer squeegees. This will help you change or replace the product if you find any problem with our Squeegee after purchase.

Our customers are a top priority, and we believe that customer satisfaction is important in our business.


Now that you have got the answers to your queries regarding SMT squeegee. So, go ahead and buy the best SMT Solder Paste squeegee from CNSMT.

We offer quality products that make screen printing easy, quick, and hassle-free for you. Further, you will get squeegees of many brands and sizes from us.

Call us now!

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information


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