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Cnsmt is one of the biggest smt stencil printer manufacturers in China, we have our factory for producing SMT solder paste printing machine, our factory located Shenzhen city of China which is nearby HongKong.

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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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CNSMT deal with all brands of SMT Stencil Printer machine in China, such as GKG, DESEN, RIGHT, HC, DEK, MPM, EKRA, etc, both used and newly available in our factory

To Be The Next Good Partner With CNSMT Now CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines


The right brand is one of the most famous smt stencil printer machine manufacturers in china, with high quality and strong sale team, Now, Many of China and foreign smt factories are using this brand machine

MPM printer

MPM SMT Stencil Printer is also a popular brand machine all over the world, such as MPMUP2000, MPMMOUMENTUM, MPM125, etc, we have all of these models in stork, and good working condition.

DEK Printer

DEK SMT Stencil Printer machine is a long history brand of printing machine, here we have all models of this brand in stork, such as DEK ELAI, DEK 01X, DEK02, DEK2I, DEK03I, DEK03IX, etc.

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SMT Stencil Printer

Smt PCB stencil printer is the first process of smt line, you must print solder paste onto PCB board first, then mount components next step, or check solder paste height after the smt stencil printer.

It’s necessary to use solder paste inspection in your factory, cause it can reduce many of defective PCB from the last process. Such as missing printing, misalignment, insufficient solder, solder ball,

The automatic SMT PCB stencil printing machine is the most popular for your factory.

It can greatly improve your production if you want to set up full automatic SMT line, you can choose full automatic SMT stencil printer, you can also choose semi-automatic printer machine, but the speed and precision not as good as the full automatic printer, but the price lower than the full-automatic one


We can provide both used and new full automatic PCB stencil printer, china brand and foreign brand solder paste printing machines, a foreign brand like dek elai,  dek 02i,  dek 02ix,  dek03i, dek03ix solder paste printer machine,  DEK 265 Horizon smt printer, DEK Galaxy, DEK Infinity, MPM up2000 hie pcb stencil printer, MPM momentum solder paste printer,mpm125 solder paste printer, MPM Accuflex solder paste printer…

Cnsmt new smt screen stencil printer machine provides 1year warranty, if any solder paste printer machine parts are broken within 1year, we can replace new parts free for you, and all technical support free with 5years.

Stencil automatic position system is added in the automatic Stencil Printer. It has also an Independent cleaning system. The printer has a very easier user interface. It is humanized with English and Chinese.

You can opt for any language of both to operate. Image capture system and PCB transfer and position system are also added in the printer which makes the working of the printer more reliable.

The unique features of the printer are as 2D inspection & SPC, CCD stencil alignment, automatic PCB thickness adjustment, 3 stage conveyor, and the Automatic Solder paste dispenser and Vacuum Feature. These extraordinary features of the printer make it perfect for usage.

The automatic dual-vision alignment system of the printer makes sure the element of accuracy. On the other hand, the linear-guided movements of the printer and vertical stencil separation offer the best ever high precision and repeatability.

You will really love to add the printer to your collection. The ultra-fine-pitch printing capability of the printer for component pitches is down to 0.3 mm (12 mils). You will enjoy quick setup and changeover.


Adjustable power sweep squeegee for printing with single or dual passes of the automatic stencil printer makes it suitable for your usage.

You will really enjoy the magnificent feature of the printer of a dual squeegee for clean and convenient application of solder paste.

If you want to grow up your business with efficiency and accuracy then, you must experience the printer once in your life. You will never even think to replace it with the other one.

CNSMT offers the printer at highly affordable rates. You will not only save your money by adding the printer but will also save your time.

PCB vacuum hold-down the option is the perfect one. The solder paste printer is operated automatically.

You will need not to operate it again and again for further functioning. Its ability to print flex circuits with a vacuum option is the perfect feature.


SMT Stencil Printer

CNSMT Manufactured Machine


CNSMT is a globally renowned creator of SMT Stencil Printer Machines in Shenzhen, China. It has a game-changing SMT Stencil Printer that is the one responsible for efficiently printing stencils on every material.


It can imprint quickly compared to competitor brands and at the same time providing perfectly printed stencil markings.


The machine is released in three (3) exceptional models that you can choose from. By doing so, you will have the ability to know the best SMT Stencil Printer for your needs.


Furthermore, CNSMT will give you only the most excellent SMT Stencil Printer. They are made to perfection to provide the best results possible.


How to choose the best SMT Stencil Printer?


SMT Stencil Printer should have the capacity to put up solder paste on PCB to ensure that electrical links will be functional. The most important thing is it must be done without damaging anything.


After the stencil printing has been done, it must also have the ability to cool the stencils down.


In CNSMT, we guarantee the quality of our products and the benefits that it can give to our clients. We make different types of machinery for every business need.


What makes our SMT Stencil Printer the best?


Our goal is to provide you solutions for your business that will give the best possible outcome. So with our SMT Stencil Printer, it will surely exceed all your expectations.


In CNSMT, we provide several models in our SMT Stencil Printer catalog. They are reliable and made for your specific needs.

  • Right ASE SMT Printer
  • MPM SMT Stencil Printer
  • DEK SMT Stencil Printer
  • GKG SMT Stencil Printer
  • YAMAHA SMT Stencil Printer
  • Panasonic SMT Stencil Printer
  • EKRA SMT Stencil Printer
  • DESEN SMT Stencil Printer

All units are crafted to perfection while very observant of details. We make sure that it will not break down easily nor will give the user any problems.

This ensures that the object will establish an electricity connection smoothly without any problems. Since we are reflowing fragile materials, the temperature and functionalities must be flawless.

The CNSMT Stencil Printer is catered for professional results. It can function perfectly even with tons of workloads.

It is known for its being keen to details in stencil printing on boards. With the right timing and temperature, you’ll surely never go wrong.


Why choose CNSMT?


l CNSMT has been making extraordinary equipment for the past couple of years. It is beneficial in increasing production in various businesses worldwide


l With the company’s passionate team members, excellent products are made. This assures you that we value your money very well.


l We value customer satisfaction because we believe that they are the bread and butter of the enterprise


l The SMT Stencil Printer created by the CNSMT is one of the many and amazing products that we are capable of producing


l Crafted to give the highest quality and quickest result to stencil printing, those 3 models that we’ve talked about a while ago are your best options


For more information and questions, please do not hesitate to ping us!



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