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CNSMT is a professional manufacturer of Solder Paste Warm-up Machine, with good quality and low price. Effectively control the solder paste reheat time to ensure solder paste activity,we provide different types of Solder Paste Warm-up Machine, and customize the special size for you.

This machine will greatly save your time, it can finish solder paste recovery within few minutes after you take it from the refrigerator, even you are using solder paste or red glue, Our warm-up machine both can warm them. we have 4slots and 8slots in stork, also can customize all other kinds of solder paste warm-up machine for you depends on your requirement



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Solder Paste Warm-up Machine

Product name: solder paste reheating machine/solder paste warm-up machine
Material: hot steel spray
Origin: China
Product size: L500 * W300 * H230 (mm)
Product weight: Net weight 15KG, plus packaging weight 20KG
Power:220v/110v 50HZ
Air pressure:0.4Mpa
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Solder paste warm-up machine is used for reheating solder paste, in the smt line production processing, you must warm up the solder paste before use it, so in order to improve effectively and save time, we developed this machine for you.

Your Reliable solder paste warm up machine in China

CNSMT Prove the bellow model machines

Solder Paste Warm-up Machine

solder paste warm-up machine is used for warm-up the cold solder paste to regular temperature, and CNSMT is an expert of producing this machine, we have 4 slots/8slots option, 4slots solder paste warm-up machine can capacity total 4nos tin of solder paste one time, and 8 slots can support 8 nos tin of solder paste one time

Solder Paste Warm-up Machine

Red glue warm-up machine is a kit that warm-up red glue within a short time if you need the red glue urgently, then this machine will help you solve the problem, it will help you recovery the red glue temperature within few minutes

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In the field of electronic device processing, if the solder paste is not used up on the same day, it is generally necessary to store it under refrigeration at 2 to 10 degrees Celsius to prevent it from losing its effectiveness,

but the solder must be used at normal temperature, then you need to The solder is taken out of the refrigerator and placed at room temperature for several hours for reheating.

In practical applications, the operator often rushes to use, resulting in insufficient reheating of the solder paste, which leads to quality problems.

Therefore, how to provide a solder paste reheating machine that can effectively control the solder paste reheating time is a technical problem to be urgently solved by those skilled in the art



Solder paste regular temperature warm-up machine, one machine with multiple slots, can simultaneously return to the temperature of multiple bottles of solder paste, intelligent temperature warm-up, effective control of solder paste temperature recovery time, ensure solder paste activity, paint appearance, smooth and tidy surface, neat and beautiful

  •  Use the famous brand of electrical components for the solder paste warm-up machine;
  •  Each tin paste placement tank has an independent time control. After the set time, the solder paste tank will automatically sink, and the solder paste will pop up automatically when it returns to temperature;
  •  Can reheat multiple cans of 500G solder paste per can at the same time;

Note: In the case of sudden power failure, if the set time is not reached, the solder paste bottle will pop up automatically


 Product performance and features:


  • Use imported electrical components for assembly production.
  • Each tin paste placement tank has independent time control. Put the refrigerated solder paste or red glue into the solder paste warm-up machine tank manually, the indicator light is green, and the solder paste tank or red glue bottle will automatically sink after the set time. The temperature will automatically pop up, the red alarm will flash and there will be a audible alarm.
  • This reheater can warm up 4 cans of tin paste at the same time, 500g of solder paste per can, need to increase the number of multiple stations can be customized according to customer requirements, please contact our online customer service.
  •  In the case of sudden power failure of this solder paste warm-up machine, if the set time is not reached, the solder paste bottle will pop up automatically. (Note: If it is required that the solder paste bottle does not pop up after power failure, continue to return to temperature, you can contact the sales staff to add another device.)


The use and requirements of solder paste:

Before using solder paste, when removing solder paste from the refrigerator, its temperature will be much lower than room temperature. If the bottle cap is opened without reheating, it is easy to condense the water vapor in the air and attach it to the tin paste.

After printing with this kind of solder paste, when passing through the reflow furnace (temperature exceeds 200 ℃), the moisture quickly vaporizes due to strong heat, resulting in “burst tin” phenomenon, which leads to tin beads and even damages the components.

In order to match the welding process in production, such as printing performance, anti-collapse performance, mold release performance, etc., the solder paste needs to be reheated before use.

At present, most factories use manual methods to manage the temperature of solder paste: place the solder paste to be used on the table at the front of the printing machine, and the operator manually records the temperature recovery time.

This method is not only inefficient and wastes a lot of production time, but it often happens that the operator uses solder paste that has not been fully warmed up because of the pursuit of output. Or, due to different operators, the same product sometimes uses solder paste with different temperature recovery time, resulting in different soldering effects.

Some operators take the solder paste out of the refrigerator and stir it immediately. They think that the temperature will come up after the stirring, and then it will be used online. In this way, after reflow soldering, sometimes there is no effect.

It may not be a problem to use the solder paste without direct warming up and direct stirring, but there will be a difference between the natural paste after warming up and the direct stirring of the solder paste without warming. Direct stirring can play a certain role in warming, but it is not complete.

It may look different to the naked eye, but the effect of reflow is not different, but under x-ray, you can find that there will be many bubbles, or even under the 3D microscopy, the natural paste and the paste returned to the paste, you can also See a lot of difference.

 The advantages of using solder paste reheating machine:


After the blender stirs, the viscosity will change and there will be no change in printing, so many people think it will be ok. However, regaining the temperature is the proper temperature for flux activity.

There is a difference between the two. Of course, there will be a certain temperature increase in stirring, but the required temperature is not reached. Also, when you carefully observe the bubbles in the chip and BGA, you will find that the void rate is different.

  • The use of solder paste warm-up machine can better solve the problem of natural temperature recovery, and can effectively help control the production plan and improve production efficiency.
  •  Only in all aspects of the production process are strictly controlled in order to ensure the stability of product quality.
  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information
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