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Vitronics Soltec Reflow Oven

We are specialized in buy and sell smd used and new machines, We also making China brands smt machines like reflow, smt printer, pick and place machines, wave, and selective soldering machines.

Reflow ovens have a number of heating zones followed by cooling sections. According to length, there may be five, eight, or twelve zones or even more.

Each zone has a specific thermal set point. This setpoint is in correspondence with the temperature the circuit board should be exposed to while passing through the zone.

The recipe is the program with temperature to all the zones and the belt as well. The profile is the temperature that a board sees as it is processed through Oven.A reflow oven uses nitrogen or forming gas. The oxygen level can be minimum 10ppm in a reflow oven.


Why choose a Vitronic Soltec reflow oven?

In Vitronics Soltec reflow ovens, nitrogen gas is used as protection of the surfaces to be soldered. Because in a few minutes oxygen concentration is minimized in the chambers so surfaces are being protected against oxidation.

Reflow ovens using nitrogen or forming gas are typically equipped with an automatic gas sampling system and an Oxygen Analyzer.

 How does the heating system operate?

There are 3 methods of heat transfer. Conduction, Convection and Radiation. Vitronics soltec reflow ovens use a combination of both convection and radiation.

The ceramic heat element emits heat in radiation form. This heat is first sent to the heat regulator. There a fan is used which blows off the heat in all chambers through Convection. This method ensures the even distribution of heat throughout the chambers.

Vitronics soltec reflow XMP2:

Our Vitronics soltec has set high standards for machine’s performances .Ensuring the best quality performance under best rates. The XMP2 reflow oven has following features.

  • It has lead free processing along with a 20 belt works optimum at 350°C.
  • It also has an over temperature safety system, left to right transport direction with top to bottom convectional heating and cooling and ambient cooling temperature.
  • Vitronics soltec XMP2 having a heavy duty frame along powered hood lifts.

It has individual cell inlet and exhaust. XMP2 is provided with DELL PC, flat panel display, keyboard and a host interface software along windows operating system .It can be customized having 24″ belt conveyor, 22″ edge rail and belt combination .It can be supplied with parking center support conveyor .Rail width can be adjusted with computer. Lubrication is also monitored by computer.

Basic N2 package is given and there is true N2 or air switching. Another feature is multiple Atmosphere sampling ports. Our products have OEM or integrated oxygen analyzer which keep oxygen concentration at lower possible level to prevent oxidation.N2 conservation package and O2 doping is also present. There are integrated exhaust stack filters and SMEMA equipment interface.

 What is Vitronics soltec XMP3?

Vitronics  soltec always amaze their customers by launching something very innovative which sets a benchmark in the field . Vitronics soltec XMP3 product is an upgrade of its predecessor vitronics soltec XMP2. It has robust design and a heat system which is a benchmark for thermal performances .It works best at 350°C optimum temperature. There is a top to bottom conventional cooling flux flow control.

How does vitronics soltec XMP3 WORK?

Blow box:

It is an improved feature with a blow box which allows the heat to circulate from side to side instead of top to bottom .It ensures the better heat transfer as it reduces the slots and improves heat circulation up to 25%.

Heat exchanger:

Heat exchange is improved by controlling primary cell blower speed.

Set point temperature:

Optimum temperature for this machine is 350°C with accuracy +/_ 1. And it takes less than 30 minutes to reach the status of “process ready”.

Controlled cooling:

Each zone of the machine can be set to a temperature according to one’s need. Cooling is done through an active forced mechanism .Which ensures the recirculating in all zones. They are quite easy to clean up as well and are fixed by a drop down hinged panel .There are options for cooling ambient air Nitrogen or combination of both. An optional integrated chiller is also provided.

Flux flow control:

The patented flux flow system is this there is a fan within each temperature unit which provides suction .It also has a filter for removing flux vapors from a reflow oven.

These filters condense the vapors while suspended in the gas stream. These condensed flux form droplets that are trapped by filter .A portion of filtered gas passes through a heat exchanger and gets converted into cool gas.

Conveyor setup:

It has right to left, belt only, edge rail only or the combination of belt and edge rail.  Which has a width of 22″ and speed is 10_75″/ minute.

A dual lane edge rail conveyor package provides transportation of products simultaneously up to 8.5″ width that is maximum width per lane. The motor and hand crank are also provided. 6745 low volume, high mix selective soldering machine is available. It has a selective solder bath and two flux tanks.

It is operated by a pin activated release and a gripper which is adjustable and has a panel size of 4×6″ min to 16×16″ maximum. To make use simple there are alignment pins in the pallet gripper .It facilitates use and there is no need to change the width of the machine even when preexisting wave pallets are available.

Easy teach software:

There is improvement in software as well .User can scan the board instead of putting data .Files can be imported easily. Solder program can be copied to various boards via a mouse click. This tool has options for flux, solder and reference lines at same time.

What makes it the best choice?

To put you on more ease and to make your experience more wonderful this product is configurable. This multi configurability allows you to develop an optimized processing profile with desired conveyor speed. You also have a choice to customize zones. There can be 5 zones up to 12 zones.



Why should you choose vitronics soltec reflow oven?

Vitronics soltec reflow ovens are the best choice as we provide the best possible quality service and performance. Our ovens have low need of maintenance so there is low downtime. This enables you to use the product in a timely manner.

Do we offer any warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on blowers and heaters.

Are vitronics soltec spare parts or tools available?

Yes, we have logistic channels for the vitronics soltec reflow oven like spare parts and tools in China, we sell to USA,Europe and Asian countries. Industrial equipment and components are directly supplied by China.

If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information


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