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YAMAHA Pick and place machine is a famous japan brand smt machine, It widely used for electronic industry, such as Phone, Car, Led screen,driver..we have several different price Yamaha machines in stork, especially YS12 and YSM10 are selling very well-currently, As they are using electric feeder, this type of feeder works more stable than mechanic one.


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SPEED OPTION1-5000CPH5000-10000CPH10000-20000CPH
CM201CM402 CM602CM202CM301MC20FNPM
FUJI :QP341ECP642CP643MECP743CP733CP732CP8
YV100XYV100XGYG100YG100R YG200YG300YS12
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Your N0. 1 YAMAHA Pick And Place Machine Supplier

CNSMT deal all models of smt Yamaha pick and place machines, such as yv100x yv100xg yg100,yg200,ys12,ys24 ysm10 ysm20,ysm40r, etc. We provide refurbish service for these used machines so that it looks like new, CNSMT not only deal Yamaha pick and place machines, but also develop these machine spare parts, like Yamaha feeders, nozzles, belts, valves, cylinders, and most of these parts give you a very competitive rate.

To Be The Next Good Partner With CNSMT Now CNSMT Prove the Bellow Model Machines


YAMAHA YG12 is old version of ys12, except feeder base different with ys12, others all same specification with it, YG12 with 10nos mounting heads, minimum component is 01005 size, so it is a very high precision smt machine, If you want to mount larger size components, then must install a fix camera, This camera can handle QFN, BGA, these fine pitch components.


YG12F machine mainly used for mount big smt components, like big IC, BGA, QFN, etc, usually installed after yg200,ys12,yg12,ys24 these high-end machines, they are perfect partner as a full smt line, YG12F has 5nos nozzle heads, most of this machine can install ATS automatic tray behind it, also can use manual tray if you have not too much IC tray.


YAMAHA YG200 surface mount machine is a high-speed pick and place machine, It has total 24nos nozzle heads,4nos tables for double feeder side, speed is 45000/hour, and price not too high, Yamaha yg200 smt machine use mechanic feeder, if you don’t like use mechanic feeder, we can change it to electric feeder base for you, after replaced the feeder base. It same with the ys12 and ys24 feeder base, it will greatly improve your production effectiveness.

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YAMAHA Pick And Place Machine

Cnsmt is your most professional Yamaha pick and place machine supplier in china, we buy and sell used and new smt Yamaha pick and place machine, over 15years experience in Yamaha pick and place machine field, know all technic knowledge of Yamaha pick and place machine

We are proud of gain over 500 customers trust buy our Yamaha pick and place machine, now we have many Yamaha pick and place machine models in our factory, include Yamaha ys12 pick and place machine,

Yamaha ys24 pick and place machine, Yamaha ysm10 pick and place machine, Yamaha ysm20 pick and place machine, Yamaha ysm40r pick and place machine, Yamaha yv100ii pick and place machine,

Yamaha yv100x pick and place machine,yv100xg pick, and place machine,yg100 pick and place machine,yg200 pick and place machine,yg300 pick and place machine,yg12 pick and place machine,yv180x,yv180xg Yamaha m20 pick and place machine….every machine in good working condition, vacuum level all about 200+,

Yamaha pick and place machine is the most popular brand in the world, it’s more stable than any other brands, so most of our customer choose Yamaha pick and place machine in his electronics factory, cause Yamaha pick and place machine system is very friendly and easy operate, you can operate it well after learning 2-3days, language also can be changed to English easily,

Generally speaking, 8heads Yamaha pick and place machine is the mid-speed model, 10heads like yg12 ys12 model is higher speed, and ysm10,ysm20,ysm40r are the high-end models, higher speed, more costly price, you can choose any model accordingly

Our used Yamaha pick and place machine all refurbished before shipment, which it looks as new as original, clean all the machine parts for you, you just need place order, Leave the rest to us


YAMAHA Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component placement systems are commonly called YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machines or P&Ps. These are Robot controlled machines used to place Surface Mount Devices (SMD) onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).


They are used mainly for Quick and high precision placing of a broad range of electronic components. These machines are used in various fields of work.

Advantages of Yamaha Pick and Place Machine

  • YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine offers great stability and performance even if there’s shaking or vibration.
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) crafted with YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine provides better circuit speed that too in a compact form.
  • This is a highly efficient combination of technologically advanced components that serves multiple purposes.
  • SMT components are versatile and can be placed both ends of the circuit board.
  • Its compact power package and lower head induction provide amazing EMC capabilities.

Usage of YAMAHA Pick and Place Machine

  • YAMAHA Pick and Place Machines or Surface Mount Technology is used widely for the production of almost all electronic circuits nowadays.
  • Yamaha Pick and Place Machines are smaller in size. That’s why it provides a better level of performance. It removes the need for conventional manual invention in the assembly process.
  • Wired components are difficult to join automatically because they are needed to be pre-formed to fit into drilled holes. And it solves this issue.
  • SMT is mainly used for electronic components. Its usage in home construction is increasing day by day.
  • The Yamaha SMT components offer higher savings to manufacturers. This is why they have been implemented widely.YAMAHA-YSM10

How to choose the Best YAMAHA Pick and Place?

Production facilities depend on maximum product output within the shortest time frame. So they work consistently to maintain the trend as look for maximum efficiency.

Clearly, the maximum production under minimum time is the main goal of the leading companies. So they need advanced YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine with high speed, accuracy, precision, and a high repetition rate.

Yamaha Pick and Place Machines

YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine has developed one of the best Surface Mount Technology component placement system available in today’s market. This YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine  can work with higher speed and accuracy for the placement of electronic components like resistors, capacitors on Printed Circuit Boards.

There are several factors where Yamaha has shown sheer brilliance to beat alternative brands. Let’s find them out.

Things to consider before owning a yamaha Pick and Place Machine

  • Higher CPH:

Placement speed is the most important thing about a YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine. The speed is directly proportionate to the production volume. The speed is measured in Components per hour (CPH). It is also known as PPH or parts per hour.

The CPH or PPH indicates the rate at which the P&P machines pick up components, inspect and place them on PCB.


Yamaha P&P machines provide a higher rate of CPH or PPH. This factor helps it contending for the best available machine in the market.

  • Feeder Capacity:

The number of 8mm tape feeder that can be loaded in your YAMAHA P&P machine at the same time is a crucial factor. For larger parts or components, larger feeders will be required. You can get several sizes of tape feeders such as 12mm, 16mm and above depending on your machine.

You might need tubes and trays YAMAHA FEEDER. In that case, you always know first about the capacity of feeders. The tubes and trays FEEDER occupy tons of space. That could cause a lack of functionality.

  • Size of Parts:

The size of the parts varies a lot in YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine. Many P&P machines come with the capacity to place different size components. For this feature, the machines need to come with different alignment systems.

One thing is clear that YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine with fixed alignments, work much faster and more accurately. Machines with multiple alignment systems are riskier as you may end up with defective large components.

  • Lead Pitch:

We suggest the standard sized fine pitch for your YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine. A lot of bad vendors might fool you in this matter. But we are here to guide you with honesty.

Bad vendors deceive you by referring to the motor accuracy or specs. But keep this in mind that the efficiency of the YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine and the motor accuracy is not related. Machines’ to pick, inspect or place has nothing to do with specifications either.


  • Feeder Rack:

Make sure that your yamaha P&P machine’s board size isn’t based upon the specs of a single feeder rack installed on the machine.

Always investigate properly and ask questions before getting one of these installed. It tends to reduce the available panel area on your YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine. You face issues with Feeder loading due to this reason.

  • Accuracy and Repeatability:

Our recommendation is to buy a YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine that has an accuracy of 0.0001 with the finest pitch lead of standard size repeatedly.

We have the best sets of machines with such accuracy and fine pitch. Our YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine also come with a computer and software. They handle Component Placement Repetition.

Yamaha’s range of Pick and Place or SMT machines simply outwork all the other alternatives with these sets of features. At the same time, we believe in honesty and we are offering the best value for your bucks.YAMAHA-pick-and-place-machine

Our USP – Yamaha Pick & Place

Our designs are made for flexibility. Our SMT yamaha pick and place robot can adapt to every change your business need without sacrificing output or quality. Our products are highly capable and sustainable.

Many other brands are using some methods to trick customers. Those are mainly like adding up smart feeders to their YAMAHA  Pick and Place Machine. Apparently, it’s worthless.

They can’t claim their Yamaha pick and place machine machines to be flexible just by adding that extra part. Our products are flexible from the outside. We provide maximum productivity in daily performance.

YAMAHA Pick & Place machinery from YAMAHA is an excellent option for your assembly line. Get it proper the very first time – opt for YAMAHA SMT Choose and Area equipment.

A newly created -ultra-slim- feeder System with an electrical smart feeder makes it possible for the YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine to carry up to 120 feeding positions enabling substantial adaptability for giant mix and minimal changeover environments with substantial responsible get prices.

The power of dealing with a considerable number of goods with an exceedingly wide range of components and solution complexity, the YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine is actually long run evidence able device making sure that the output abilities will keep ahead of the fast evolution of electronic elements and packaging answers.

With a space productiveness of 20k elements for each hour (cph) per square meter, the YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine will be the most productive chip shooter available on the market.

With its size of simply 1.25 meters, its 10 inline heads, coupled with a new recognition system, the YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine achieves a speed of 36k cph. Performance is guaranteed with the advanced optic scanning digital and built-in facet-watch digital camera.

Simultaneous measuring on the X- and Y-sides in the element offers essentially the most optimum accuracy and mounts trustworthiness.

Capabilities Yamaha pick and place machine decide and area device

  • This compact plat typestyle (frontviewbreadth1,2S4mm) assure an adaptable line arrangement in your internet site.
  • Equally new designed 10 inline multi-heads and new recognition method ensure 36,000CPH (0.1sec/CHIPEquivalent: optimumcondition).
  • Most feeder ability 120lanes.
  • Applicable to big size PCB (L510mmx W460mm).
  • Crafted-in tape cutter is readily available as an alternative.
  • Conformity with the two Machinery directive and EMC directiveas our concentrate on is to offer planet-class products; we target outstanding high quality and aggressive Price tags to all consumers.

Each producing approach is nicely institutionalized and geared up with remarkably precise test devices to control products of good quality.

Each ingredient is currently being screened totally at all degrees to make certain 100% high-quality.

The YSM10 Yamaha pick and place machine is recently developed depending on the 3 “Types” principle and supplies one) a combination of a mounting pace that is certainly primary in its course, two) a one particular-head-Resolution that doesn’t have to have an alternative, and three) an integration of 3 types on the YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine variety into one particular System.

Even though in pursuit of The perfect notion – a 1-head Remedy with versatility from little chips to big components, the world’s fastest velocity in its course, and with no need to have for head substitute – the new model also has a superior-velocity standard-function head much like that used in the Z: LEX YSM20 Yamaha pick and place machine, and a new technology servo process and many others. Making a higher-class product with the newest technological innovation.

Concurrently, the specifications of all a few latest types in the YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine series are actually built-in into a single System showcasing the flexibleness and mobility from the compact superior-pace modular YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine; the partly simplified Edition of the compact financial state-modular YS12P, along with the very-versatile compact modular YS12F Yamaha pick and place machine.

Also, Yamaha pick and place machine pick up and recognition problems are suppressed together with lessened reduction in machine stoppage thanks The combination of the prevalent functionalities of the two superior stage machines,

the Z: TA-R YSM40R Yamaha pick and place machine plus the Z: LEX YSM20 Yamaha pick and place machine with their e-Vision for quickly generating and tracking part info,

Good Recognition for simply making ingredient info from complicated designs, and Pickup MACS system for automated correction from the part pick up place.

Recently, miniaturization, significant-densification, high features, and diversification and shortened item cycles are accelerated for a variety of items for instance domestic appliances, personal computer systems, and cellular phones.

During the Yamaha pick and place machine mounting procedure for the above sorts of Digital products, more than and previously mentioned the mass manufacture of only one product more than a very long time-frame,

There may be now a need for adaptability to be able to effectively accommodate assorted generation together with mass output on the same line.

Meanwhile, digitalization and networking of goods will swiftly grow due to the distribution of IT in cars, the enlargement of IoT, etcetera.

The SMT mounting field is expected to further grow with new electronic circuit boards becoming created and lots of businesses aiming for entry in to the assembly market.

Inside of these surroundings, the business’s line-up in the tiny modular YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine, YS12, as well as the YS12F Yamaha, pick and place machine which can be at the entrance-machine level end, are relatively quick to speculate in, remaining acceptable priced, and well known because of their compactness but large-functionality and performance.

This is a mass-output product that may turn into the very best revenue device inside our floor mounter assortment.

The integration of your a few YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine types consolidated into a single platform presents the exact same substantial-speed general-reason head as upper designs.

The YSM10 Yamaha pick and place machine has been formulated to carry additional advancements in both equally pace and flexibility together with investment decision efficiency to be a compact, substantial-speed modular entry product to the YSM series.

The corporate will take advantage of its whole line-up of surface area mounters, solder paste printing machines, dispensers, screening systems, etcetera.

To realize improvements in generation high quality and performance in all creation formats through overall line options.


YAMAHA YSM10 pick and place machine

YAMAHA SMT YSM10 pick and place machine is an inline high-speed compact pick and place machine. We are happy to announce that the compact mounted YSM10 Yamaha pick and place machine modular boosts speed of 25 % or more when compared to conventional styles.

It is a versatile unit resulting from scalability to adjust generation website prerequisites and with enhanced features to provide for desk production.

Aside from this YSM10 chip shooter we also convey you the YSM20 pick and place machine, as well as the YSM40 Yamaha, pick and place machine.


  • the 1-head Resolution
  • the mounting speed which makes it No. one in its class
  • One Platform combing with Innovative function as YS12 and YS12F
  • The versatile reaction for different generation configurations
  • Functions that guarantee secure creation
  • How to choose the Best Yamaha Pick and Place Machine in ChinaProduct DescriptionSMT (Surface-mount technology) part placement techniques, usually named choose-and-put devices or P P Equipment, Yamaha YV100-x is robotic devices for 1200mmwhich are used to put surface-mount products (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB).They can be utilized for top speed, significant precision placing of wide selection of Digital components, like capacitors, resistors, built-in circuits on to the PCBs that happen to be in turn Utilized in desktops, buyer electronics as well as industrial, health care, automotive, military and telecommunications products.Specifications of Yamaha YV100-X Automatic Smt  Pick and Place Machine :
    • MC Kind: YV100X
    • PCB dimension: L460 x W445 mm (Max.), L50 x W50 mm (Min.)or L460 x W335 mm
    • Precision: +-0.one mm(Chips), +-0.08 mm(QFP)
    • Mounting Speed: 0.198 sec/chips, one.7 sec/QFP
    • Mounting angle: +-a hundred and eighty°, per0.01°
    • Room for cassettes: 100 of eight mmTape, and 80 trays with YTF. (Possibility)
    • Offered feeders: 8-fifty six mmTapes, Sticks, Bulks, Trays
    • Accessible Factors: From 0.6 mmX0.three mm to 32mmX100mm, Greatest component peak 6.five mm
    • Optimum mounting facts: 10000 mounting line/ 1 output info, Maximum five hundred production facts within the tricky disk.
    • Device sizing: L1,655XW1, 408XH1, 850 mm
    • Electrical power Source: 3-Section AC 200/208/220/240/380/four hundred/416 V +1-ten% fifty/60Hz
    • Air provide: Resource 0.55 MPa or even more,(4 to 6 Bar) in clean up, dry states
    • Device pounds: 1,450 kg

    Advantage of Yamaha pick and place machine machines

    The typical YS100 comes along with computer software and hardware capabilities to enhance item high-quality, enhance production performance, shorten NPI and changeover instances and reduce servicing, such as:

    • Clever electrical feeders
    • Z-Servo controlled placement heads for exact anxiety-no cost part mounting
    • Automatic board width and thickness adjustment for rapidly changeover
    • Automatic nozzle cleansing station
    • Automatic temperature opinions to compensate for temperature variations
    • Fiducial Restoration function that gets rid of the necessity to get rid of and clean the PCB
    • Feeder indicators that facilitate quick setup and cut down feeder setup
    • Double board guidance method for cutting down board transfer time
    • Tape cutters

    Why choose yamaha pick and place machine?

    • Superior-velocity mounting capability managing
    • 25,000CPH(0.14sec/CHIP Equal : optimum affliction)
    • +/-50μm(CHIP),
    • +/-thirtyμm(QFP)mounting
    • absolute precision in full time operation
    • Handles a variety of elements from 0402 chips to W45xL100mm or less parts and with long connectors
    • Able to managing 15mm peak factors
    • Applicable to substantial dimension PCB(L510mm x W460mm)
    • Designed-in tape cutter accessible as an alternative
    • Conformity with both Equipment directive and EMC directive

    What is Yamaha pick and place machine?

    A YAMAHA pick and put device smt are noted for It really is power to spot a wide array of chip factors with P&P Nozzles – even the tiny factors. Surface area Mount Technological know-how Element Placement Units are commonly often known as a SMT choose & area machine.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of yamaha pick and place machine

    • Extremely-Significant-Speed Modular YAMAHA Placement Procedure
    • Achieves groundbreaking productivity of two hundred,000 CPH* giving it the earth’s quickest velocity on the compact System
    • Different head solutions to pick from, to suit buyer requirement.
    • Maximum productivity on this planet.
    • Flexible response for various manufacturing configurations.
    • Superior tech to help superior mounting top quality & a superior machine functioning price.YAMAHA-pick-and-place-machine-3

    Types of Yamaha pick and place machine machines and spare parts

    1. YSM40 R Yamaha pick and place machine
    2. YSM20 R Yamaha pick and place machine
    3. YSM10 Yamaha pick and place machine
    4. YS24 Yamaha pick and place machine
    5. YS12 Yamaha pick and place machine
    6. YS12F Yamaha pick and place machine
    7. YG12 Yamaha pick and place machine
    8. YG12F Yamaha pick and place machine
    9. YS100 Yamaha pick and place machine
    10. YG200 Yamaha pick and place machine
    11. YG100R Yamaha pick and place machine
    12. YG300 Yamaha pick and place machine
    13. YV100XG Yamaha pick and place machine
    14. YV100XGP Yamaha pick and place machine
    15. YV100X Yamaha pick and place machine
    16. YV100II Yamaha pick and place machine
    17. YV88X Yamaha pick and place machine
    18. YV88XG Yamaha pick and place machine
    19. YV100XT Yamaha pick and place machine
    20. YV100XTG Yamaha pick and place machine
    21. YV180X Yamaha pick and place machine
    22. YV180XG Yamaha pick and place machinE
    23. YAMAHA Feeder cart
    25. YAMAHA multi stick feeder

    Our everyday operations is predicated within the sustainable system of innovation, And that’s why we aim to obtain the greatest concentrations of information from product style and design and manufacturing to produce chain and logistics.

    Our incredibly economical and crew of producing professionals is supported While using the help of Highly developed specialized facilities and top quality tests laboratories, exactly where we amalgamate technological know-how and innovation With all the evolving prerequisites of the Yamaha pick and place machine market.


    We’ve been a number one Manufacturer of Yamaha pick and place machine select and put device-yv100-x (refurbished), decide on and location equipment-yv100x and high pace smt decide on and spot SMT YAMAHA equipment from China

    We’ve been furnishing a rewarding selection of most effective at Yamaha pick and place machine machines that includes some great benefits of substantial-end productiveness, user-friendliness, extended services lifetime and optimum precision.

    Our intention would be to administer quite possibly the most significant vary of apparatus; we, thus, are accountable to render Expert Yamaha pick and place machine and services for installation and servicing.

    How to learn this machine

    Our Yamaha pick and place machine solutions have received significant acceptance on the market, owing to their excellent running efficiency, very long practical everyday living, excellent ending and sturdy design factors.

    On top of this, we will also be providing a notebook and Pc restoring solutions. Our made available providers are very well appreciated in the market for their inexpensive and dependable fixing services with the peace of mind of your time bound completion.


    Our presented companies are well appreciated in the Yamaha pick and place machine marketplace for their economical and trusted repairing expert services with the assurance of your time bound completion.

    Also, With all the utilization of proficient personnel and Highly developed strategies and applications, we can provide several esteemed buyers.


    Owing to our person and focused small business system We now have also become accredited sellers of widely regarded healthcare devices brand names Philips, Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Zevatech, Panasonic, Siemens, Sanyo, UIC Common, Dynapert, DEK, Ekra. We intend to supply our merchandise to nations around the world including Thailand, China, Korea and United states of America.

    Yamaha Pick and Place Machine Supplier In China


    CNSMT is a premium seller of Yamaha Pick and Place machines located in Shenzhen, China. It is offering Pick and Place machines for highly precised placing of electronic items.


    With this product you will no longer face any difficulty in pick and placement of components like resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits that will then be used in computers, electronic systems, medical, military and, telecommunication equipment.


    This Yamaha Pick and Place Machine can be easily used for industrial purposes without any risk of damaging. We are selling a variety of pick and place machines that will help you to choose the one you need. By choosing the best product you will be satisfied with its quality and working.


    How to choose the best Yamaha Pick and Place Machine?

    Some points should be kept in mind while you are about to buy a Pick and Place Machine.

    • First of all, it should be durable with efficiency in handling heavy workload.
    • It should bear the tremendous weight of different items and should not collapse even after daily use.
    • The quality of the machine should be outstanding from outside and inside.
    • It should place material with high precision, speed and accuracy.


    By keeping these points we are suggesting Yamaha Pick and Place machine for you because it has all the mentioned qualities and it will not allow any mishap to occur while picking and placing process.

    What makes Yamaha Pick and place Machine the best?

    With the progress of technology, SMT products support new trends, systems and software for better results. Following qualities makes Yamaha SMT machine the best:

    • Low cost with vision system
    • Durability
    • User-friendly
    • Easy operative system
    • Compact structure
    • High motion precision
    • Placement accuracy
    • YSM10/20 has transformed from early low speed mechanical placement of PCBs to the high speed multi functioning speed, module development and precise placement.
    • Conveyor belt is present in the middle of the machine along which blank PCB travels. While PCB is clamped, nozzles pick-up the components, rotate them to desired positions and then place them to pads on PCB with high precision.
    • New software in machine allows robotic heads to work for each other to increase output.

    Yamaha SMT machine have all the specifications that can lead your company to new heights.

    Why choose CNSMT?

    • CNSMT is one of the tremendous selling electronic brands in China that manufacture and sells its products all around the world
    • We provide several warranty policies for our products, so that money you spent on our products should not be wasted.
    • The Yamaha SMT Pick and Place machine is among one of the finest products of CNSMT due to its high quality and improved version.
    • CNSMT is very cautious of its quality and all the products are introduced to the public after several quality checks.
    • Our price is very affordable as compared to other Pick and Place machines.
    • Our product Yamaha SMT Machine will make it easier for your workers to pick and place components to the PCB line.



    How does the Yamaha SMT Pick and Place Machine work?

    The placement of equipment is overall a large part of a machine that performs many programmed steps to create PCB assembly. Many subsystems work together to pick and place several components correctly on to the PCB.

    Nozzles, suction cups and clamps are used in this system. Cups are able to rotate in three dimensions and nozzles can be rotated independently, for precise results.

    What are the parts of SMT YAMAHA pick and place machine?

    The machine consists of a neat frame. It has a motion mechanism ball screw, linear guide, drive motor, a placement head, component feeder, PCB carrier mechanism, alignment detecting device, and a computer control system.

    Do we offer any warranty for Yamaha SMT machines?

    Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty of this product because your satisfaction is our main concern. We are always here to provide support in case of any mishap.

    1.    What are the specifications of Yamaha SMT Machine?

    1. It is applicable to odd shaped parts
    2. Yamaha SMT Machine has a head. Gentry and 6 or 8 or 10
    3. It can place PCB with accuracy due to its precised correcting system.
    4. It is applicable to maximum of 740 length x 460 width or above
    5. Electrically driven feeders has enhanced and improved its productivity and quality
    6. Its optimum placement rate is from 10,000CPH to 100000+
    7. Yamaha SMT machine has Board Dimension in (mm)):50(Length)*40(Width)~460(Length)*400(Width) or above option
    8. The thickness of PCB is 0.38mm~4.2mm
    9. It has a very good external Dimension in (mm) that is 1650(L)*1680(D)*1530(H)
    10. It is used in left to right or right to left as per PCB Standard direction of transport.

    Does the product have English language support?

    Yes, the product and manual both are in English language, because we sell our products globally. And English language helps our international clients to better understand the product.

    What we can do for you if you want a SMT Factory Setup?

    We provide full SMT solution, core technology with our equipment and tech service.

    Moreover, we can respond to queries and solve any issue related to SMT setup.

    Do we sell spare parts for this machine?

    Yes, we sell spare parts in case there is any damage to the parts of the machine. For client’s ease, spare parts of this product are available.

    How long will the Yamaha SMT Machine be delivered after ordering?

    Usually, it takes a week for the delivery of product. But it depends on the location of the buyer, weather and current situation of the country. For worldwide delivery it takes almost a month in normal working days. We make sure that the package is properly packed so no damage to the product occurs.

    How long will SMT Pick and Place Machine Lasts?

    It lasts for almost 5 years but, it mainly depends on how you handle and take care of it. A proper cleaning and maintenance is needed for a better and longer life of the machine.

    Do you perform quality checks on your products?

    Yes, like all other products we perform all quality checks to ensure that our products meet all the quality standards.

  • If you can’t find the device you want on our website, please email or contact us online for more information
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